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  1. Interesting thought. But if cureloms are actually alpacas, llamas or vicunas (and yes they are different from each other) wouldn't the translation have stated those names, even if JS didn't know the differences?
  2. I agree with every point you have made in this discussion. Apparently there are those who think gender dydphoria as a mental illness. I agree with your thought that God (church leaders/authorities) missed the whole issue when appointing and confirming this woman as a church bishop and stake president. I remember (way back when) a boy on our hockey team was suddenly redefined at puberty as a girl. It all came down to his/her being born with the outward appearances for being male and the inner plumbing to be a girl. The issue in those days was that our hockey league refused to provide facilities for a girl (changeroom and toilets) on the team and he/she was therefore cut from the team. He/she was still the best right winger we had, with a mean right handed shot. He/she wasn't confused about gender, society was/is, the church was/is. Doctrine says gender is black and white. Reality has many shades in between.
  3. Yes it is.......if you say the contract is between one man and one woman, one woman, one woman, one woman, one woman...ad infinitum
  4. 700 Mormons or 700 unassigned loyalties?
  5. I read the article but it didn't give examples of the questioned asked. The questions in a poll determine the outcome. The fact that the study was carried out by a Belgium Catholic college may have influenced the questions (sort of like when cigarette companies did "scientific studies" into the dangers of cigarette smoking.) As a former TBM, now defining myself as somewhere between atheist and agnostic, I am not a good measure of "openmindedness". My former beliefs weigh too heavily into my decision making. But please, give some examples of their type of questions that permitted them to assign "openmindedness!"
  6. I would love to weigh the evidence. I agree, evidence counts. I can't prove the non-existence of cureloms or cumelons, or cumons. But if there is evidence out there, let's hear it. In ancient egyptian the hieroglyph for hippopotamus was an actual drawing of a hippo, pronounced "db". The Greeks, well, they chose a word that English has passed along as water horse, but a water horse somehow misses the mark. Modern photos do, however, demonstrate what a hippo looks like. If and when you can provide evidence of what a curelom looks like and which animal it corresponds to in English, I'm all ears. Until such time, no evidence is exactly that, no evidence.
  7. In Scandanavia, yes. A donor accepts the legal and financial support for any child that results from a sperm donation. As to the relationship with the woman (women) that accept sperm donation, there is none. If American law follows such strict defintions, I have no idea.
  8. I support same sex marriage for the same reasons that I support any couple committing loyalty and love to each other. "to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health," I can find nothing in the pledges stated above that limit the pledges by gender.
  9. As a Canadian, living in Europe, I can sit on the sideline and just enjoy the show. Too often, though, the chuckle sticks in my throat because Trump is in command of the most powerful military in the world. He obviously wants to spend more money to increase the military than to increase the well-being of the lower 75% of American citizens. His mix of cluelessness and knee jerk policies is frightening. Good luck America.
  10. Does every comment need a point? You commented on the circular stairwells at some of the taller temples. I merely referenced to the excitingly enhancing and beautiful spital staircases at the L Sagara Familia,maybe not common knowledge to the Utahn brothers and sisters. Beauty is not only found in Mormon temples and Gaudi referenced his 40 year work as his dedication to creating a timeless temple for viewers of all ages, creeds and cultures. MY reference is one of beauty. If that offends, sorry.
  11. Or you can Google "La Sagrada Familia spiral staircase" or do the same search in Pinterest and you´ll find hundreds of pictures of the spiral staircases designed by Gaudi and how he used snailshells for his inspiration. The genius of Gaudi´s architectural fantasy can be viewed at leisure of his "temple" to faith he created in Barcelona, a temple for the people, by the people.
  12. Let me see if I understand you correctly. You mean number of followers is proof of truth (or divinity)? When the balance of the number of believers tips in favour of Islam, what does that mean? Or exactly how do number of followers play into the numbers of believers in Joseph Smith? But if I haven't counted incorrectly, the number of believers in the Old Testament prophets far outnumber the believer in Christ (as the son of God). IMO number of believers is not a competent measure of holiness.
  13. Tell that to the followers of Osama bin Laden. Or the followers of Marshall Applewhite of "Heaven's Gate".
  14. Excellent article, thanks
  15. No, I agree. I am quite rude to assume that Emma did not need meet JS needs. I only judge JS by his actions. He married may women, some of teenage years. Who am I to judge his libido? JS seduced, married, sealed a number of women. Apprently some of these women he put under the threat, that God himself was watching over their actions. If I was a believer, and under God's threat. I do believe I would have submitted. wouldn't you? Between the choice of submitting to God¨s will, or choosing a logical alternative, I do thinkI would have chosen to submit. What would you have done?