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  1. Sine Saw Square

    The Ongoing Restoration

    Every day is leg day.
  2. Sine Saw Square

    Half way between conferences

    Before the unification EQ sat in a large circle in the gym. Now the group is too large and another ward has claimed use of the gym for their meeting. We now sit spread throughout in the chapel. Seemed the discussion was easier to facilitate before. It's difficult to make 50+ men participate in a room designed for sermons. The new EQ president (prev a HP) is a great guy and very effective leader. Easy to talk to and considers everyone's input.
  3. Sine Saw Square

    Jesus Christ

    Here are some of the earliest depictions of Jesus from the Roman Christian catacombs. Pretty interesting. https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-earliest-known-depiction-of-Jesus