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    The Book of Romans

    I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of good commentaries on the Book of Romans. I am finding that book a bit hard to understand and follow at times!
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    The Book of Romans

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    Reorganization of the Melchizedek Priesthood

    It's not just your ward.....
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    My New Mormonism

    Thanks for the thoughtful post Meerkat. There are several people that attend my ward who wear jeans and they aren’t looked down on by anyone.
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    My New Mormonism

    Hi Rory, I just wanted to let you know that in spite of any differences you have with us as LDS I always enjoy hearing what you have to say and always add meaningful layers to any discussion we have. You strike me as a very kind person. Anyways to respond to your OP, I think it’s important to remember that those who post here and on other discussion boards in my opinion don’t really reflect the mainstream church. I am involved in several Facebook groups that are LDS. One is called “Millenial Mormonism” where millennials such as myself discuss the faith. I find that it’s there, with the rising generation so to speak, that one will most likely find attitudes similar to your concept of New Mormonism. Call it increased interaction with secularism, more exposure to information, or just a new generation trying to figure things out but that’s my observation. I know plenty of people still that would fit criteria for what you were used to in the past.