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  1. A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief

    The church has always been very vocal about helping the less fortunate, and the last couple of years has been vocal about immigrants (see recent conference talks by President Uchtdorf). Though Mormons are often about as conservative as they come, there seems to be more tolerance for immigrants then other conservative groups in my experience.
  2. Establishing Boundaries within the LDS Church

    I think the temple recommend questions are a good example of boundaries that are set up in the church to determine who's in good standing and who isn't. If a person feels they can't answer the questions in the affirmative and don't want to get to the point of answering them in the affirmative then perhaps they need to think about their membership.
  3. RIP Anti Mormon Literature

    On the one hand the Church is less confrontational with other denominations than in the past but I doubt it will back away from the concept of Apostasy
  4. RIP Anti Mormon Literature

    Interesting if you have a link I'd love to read it
  5. I live in West Central Utah (Delta area) and know of one person who has left the church over this. It's been mentioned in passing as a concern in Stake Conference but other than that nothing else.
  6. Question for Catholic posters

    I'm pretty dense sometimes!
  7. Out of curiosity what's the usual time frame of conference talks being transcribed.
  8. Question for Catholic posters

    I'm picking up what you're putting down and I never thought of the temple that way. One of the reasons I put this topic up is because along with seeing other viewpoints, I've become more and more skeptical over the years of certain LDS making the cross seem irrelevant to the atonement and focusing exclusively on the garden.
  9. Question for Catholic posters

    Thank you!
  10. So I'm currently working through the early Church Fathers and am reading Justin Martyr's Dialogue with Trypho. I know he mentions the importance of the crucifixion of Christ. I was wondering what role if any the suffering in the Garden played in Catholic theology of Atonement. I noticed a while ago that the LDS seem to focus more on the garden than other denominations. I did read somewhere that Catholics consider it a divine mystery, but don't know what role it plays in their worship and theology. Furthermore I was wondering if any of the early Church Fathers commented on Gethsemane. Thanks in advance for any responses.
  11. Visitors from behind the Veil?

    That's a good question. I feel a bit frustrated at times with the mentality of keeping things sacred. I understand why but I think if we don't hear from time to time the fruits of the gospel church can just turn into a weekly three hour set of meetings telling you all the things you have to do. I hate it when church becomes that. I think we need to hear about sacred things from time to time to let us know what our worship is all pointing towards. I'll stop ranting now.
  12. Visitors from behind the Veil?

    They seem to be talked about much less then even 10-20 years ago imho. I think this would be a great topic for discussion.
  13. To a point I agree with you, but I don't know if it's a direct causation. I think geography plays a role too, in that because Evangelicals are much bigger and more spread out and are more quickly exposed to various faith challenges and so forth, whereas because we are smaller and more focused in the less populated American West certain issues aren't as commonly dealt with (I do understand that communication technology has changed this drastically over the last few decades though). I think it's similar to Europe and the U.S. it seems we deal with things about twenty or thirty years after Europe seems to in regards to demographic and sociological trends. So we definitely don't take marching orders from Evangelicals, but we do end up having to face the same things due to similar moral and cultural positions
  14. I understood it just fine, however I was focusing on other aspects of the article that stuck out to me, that being changing attitudes towards certain moral viewpoints. That's where I feel LDS and Evangelicals share similar challenges...
  15. Though Schadenfreude is delicious, I fully believe the same forces that undermine Evangelicals will also affect LDS as we share mostly identical moral positions. Theological differences aside, LDS are just as, if not more Conservative at least when looking at voting patterns. Time will tell I guess.