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  1. To a point I agree with you, but I don't know if it's a direct causation. I think geography plays a role too, in that because Evangelicals are much bigger and more spread out and are more quickly exposed to various faith challenges and so forth, whereas because we are smaller and more focused in the less populated American West certain issues aren't as commonly dealt with (I do understand that communication technology has changed this drastically over the last few decades though). I think it's similar to Europe and the U.S. it seems we deal with things about twenty or thirty years after Europe seems to in regards to demographic and sociological trends. So we definitely don't take marching orders from Evangelicals, but we do end up having to face the same things due to similar moral and cultural positions
  2. I understood it just fine, however I was focusing on other aspects of the article that stuck out to me, that being changing attitudes towards certain moral viewpoints. That's where I feel LDS and Evangelicals share similar challenges...
  3. Though Schadenfreude is delicious, I fully believe the same forces that undermine Evangelicals will also affect LDS as we share mostly identical moral positions. Theological differences aside, LDS are just as, if not more Conservative at least when looking at voting patterns. Time will tell I guess.
  4. I think I see where you're coming from. My observation is that we LDS believe the supernatural still, but only to a point these days. The supernatural is something that can't be neatly fit into a box, as it is such a subjective thing to the person experiencing it. Furthermore supernatural experiences can be strange and hard to interpret. For this reason I think LDS aren't as open to it if it doesn't fit certain expectations (which it could be argued isn't all bad as discernment is important). Of course there is also a growing number of members who intellectually talk themselves out of the possibility of miracles as well.
  5. http://religionnews.com/2017/07/11/rip-anti-mormon-literature/ Jana Riess wrote an interesting article about the sharp decline in Anti Mormon literature being published. Her theories are that with Mormonism's slowing growth, declining Evangelical concerns about "right theology" and other factors. Others pointed out that in the U.S. Evangelicals are declining as well. It's an interesting article and would love to hear others thoughts.
  6. Fascinating thanks!
  7. I remember hearing about this but thought it was Pope Benedict. That's interesting.
  8. Right, I must have confused that with the movie Windtalkers
  9. So I was wondering if any popes have ever made statements about Mormonism?
  10. So I don't know how much more I could add, but here are a few: 1. The Windtalker- based off of a book by Mormon author Blaine Yorgason it's about an old Indian who has lost his son to the Crow Indians and how he regains his family before he dies. Made in 1980 I believe. 2. The Phone Call- an old BYU movie about this really awkward kid who is trying to call up a girl to get a date. It's both wildly dated but also very relatable. 3. Mafia and Mormons- a mafioso is put in the witness protection program in Utah and is befriended by some LDS but also has to deal with some judgmental LDS. A look at the good and bad aspects of LDS Utah culture. Even though these have already been mentioned, I want to also highly recommend 17 miracles, Cokeville and Ephraim's rescue
  11. I think I'd need more knowledge to definitively answer that, but the second part is what I believe
  12. So I'm by no means a neurologist, but we are physical beings so when Divinity works within us some part of the brain will be activated. I know some have taken studies such as these as proof against God but I think studies like this show simply what parts of the brain are activated in spiritual experience.
  13. Never heard of that school of philosophy, I'll have to check them out.
  14. Awesome! Thanks for the book recommendations!
  15. Thanks for all the great responses! I was curious though if anyone saw some affinities to the Book of Mormon antichrist Korihor, as Korihor's insistence on relying on Christ seemed foolish, which it seems like Nietzsche wasn't too keen on either.