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  1. D&C section 2

    You can make rude and snide comments about LDS teenagers all you want, (which continues to give us insight into your true motivations for posting here). The fact of the matter is this is more than just a novel interpretation Joseph made up on the fly. It is based off of experiences both he and Oliver Cowdery had with John the Baptist and Peter James and John in answer to prayer and a desire to know how to be obedient and faithful to God's will, as recorded in Joseph Smith history.
  2. D&C section 2

    This is a good point. From the very beginning of the ancient Christian church there were bishops, deacons, presbyters etc. In fact I believe new Catholic priests are ordained by the laying on of hands and Melchizedek is mentioned but I will need to study this more. Furthermore as any Catholic apologist could tell you the ancient church had a priesthood hierarchy. The burden of proof is on Evangelicals to prove that the early Church was without a priesthood or church hierarchy and was a priesthood of believers (as Luther argued). As the Cardinal John Henry Newman said to go back in history is to cease to be Protestant.
  3. Two treats from the Maxwell Institute

    Thanks, listening right now and am enjoying it highly!
  4. 500

    I can respect their questioning, longing, and desires to know the truth. I can't say I agree with the outcome. I don't know how much you read from an Eastern Orthodox Christian perspective but there's a blog called "Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy" that has been doing a series of commentaries this month on the pros and cons of the Reformation. I enjoyed it and found that it mirrors my own thoughts on it. Here's the link: https://blogs.ancientfaith.com/orthodoxyandheterodoxy/
  5. Why argue the bible is infallible?

    Though I admire that Bluebell is trying to create a dialogue, I think we all have to accept that we aren't going to agree (or in some cases even agree to disagree) and this in turn will always lead to a level of contention that will perhaps only be solved when Christ sorts everything out in the end. I know that as an active Latter Day Saint I believe the Bible and have found immense joy from reading it and living it. I recall one of the most spiritual times in my life was when I was on my mission in Iowa and was living in the town of Belle Plain. I was reading the Four Gospels and the Book of Mormon intensely. What came of that is a deep love for the Savior. As Mfbukowski said much better than myself many LDS on this board have sincerely read and prayed and called on the Father and Son for mercy and believe he has answered. When a fundamentalist of any stripe comes on this board (or in real life) and demeans that experience it only alienates and causes us to disregard the critic. That's the heart of the matter, and why these discussions are ultimately fruitless most of the time. Call me a pessimist but I've seen and been through enough of these discussions that I have my doubts about their efficacy.
  6. Why argue the bible is infallible?

    So basically be grateful God allowed one person to be deceived who prayed for help? Am I reading this right?
  7. Thanks Robert, were those three experiences yours out of curiosity?
  8. Sorry that's not true, unless I'm misunderstanding what you're saying, if you are saying there are no experiences of people having demons cast out by priesthood holders in the church. There have been many demons cast out by priesthood holders in the name ofJesus Christ. In fact it's been argued the first miracle of the church was an exorcism performed by Joseph Smith on Newell Knight. In fact some D&C sections (such as section 52) were given in response to situations involving deceiving spirits. A good reference is Gifts of the Spirit by Matthew Brown. I work in the mental health field and am somewhat sympathetic to your opinions, and agree that mental illness can certainly look like possession in certain situations. However evil spirits exist and they can take over bodies of individuals. This is a very scriptural principle.
  9. I wonder how aware this individual is of how the Saints were treated at Haun's mill and would share the same outrage over that. Or how the Puritans behaved towards Indians, Quakers and religious dissenters. It sounds like a hate filled bigot who is ghoulishly using a tragedy to get points on a religious group he despises over something that happened ages ago and hasn't been done by Latter Day Saints since. Some people listen to their father the devil and like to spread contention I guess....
  10. Temple Predictions

    It looks like no new temples being announced this conference unless they predict any the final session
  11. A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief

    The church has always been very vocal about helping the less fortunate, and the last couple of years has been vocal about immigrants (see recent conference talks by President Uchtdorf). Though Mormons are often about as conservative as they come, there seems to be more tolerance for immigrants then other conservative groups in my experience.
  12. Establishing Boundaries within the LDS Church

    I think the temple recommend questions are a good example of boundaries that are set up in the church to determine who's in good standing and who isn't. If a person feels they can't answer the questions in the affirmative and don't want to get to the point of answering them in the affirmative then perhaps they need to think about their membership.
  13. RIP Anti Mormon Literature

    On the one hand the Church is less confrontational with other denominations than in the past but I doubt it will back away from the concept of Apostasy
  14. RIP Anti Mormon Literature

    Interesting if you have a link I'd love to read it
  15. I live in West Central Utah (Delta area) and know of one person who has left the church over this. It's been mentioned in passing as a concern in Stake Conference but other than that nothing else.