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  1. Start with the percentage of the Book of Mormon that is verbatim KJV, and work up.
  2. Thanks. From just this example, it appears there are interesting marks and edits on the original transcribed document that must be useful for analyzing EmodE. Correct? And also critically important to understanding the process of plates --> spoken word --> written pages. This document was, literally, in the room where it happened (?). Is such an analysis published or otherwise available on line?
  3. Why only the four pages published?
  4. Are any EModE phrases or words found in the extant portions?
  5. I guess what I was asking for, without knowing what to ask for, is a reproduction of the original manuscript - or that portion that survives. Is it available anywhere?
  6. is there a public (free) site that one can view and navigate (all or part of) the original (pre-published) Book of Mormon narrative as it was dictated from Joseph's mouth?
  7. Incorrect. Here's an example of a writing from Joseph's time that consciously used biblical language: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Late_War_between_the_United_States_and_Great_Britain
  8. They are the same thing. A "presence" isn't legitimate unless it is "present" at a particular time, in a particular location. That makes anyone's speculation of possibilities legitimate. But it doesn't make them credible. For credibility, you take your remote sensing data (LiDAR) and you use it as a tool to help interpret what is found on and in the ground. You fine tune the descriptions down to the type of seeds found in their diet, and the names of the gods they worshiped. There has to be a basis for believing your speculations, by using commonly understood artifacts and discoveries.
  9. I read the article and the links before making my comments. This "stuff" resides in a realm of speculative connections, devoid of scholarly analysis. I won't waste my time going line by line pointing out the absurdities. Suffice it to say that there is a very good reason the church cannot and will not touch Book of Mormon geography; links like the one you provide show that there is no sound archaeological claim for the book, and that arguments in support of a Mesoamerican setting are the purview of amateurs and armchair scholars. Do you think you could haul this "stuff" to the University of Texas and their Mayan studies program and make a sound case for a Hebrew presence in Mesoamerica? If not, you might reconsider joining yourself to statements like this: It's absurd and only serves to undercut any credibility you seek (or think you might have). Disavowing the words in the Book of Mormon is not a good strategy for convincing people that the Book of Mormon has historic credibility.
  10. The link said: The Maya had a complex economy based on agriculture and trade. Ditto the economy described in the Book of Mormon 4 Nephi 1:46 The 4 Nephi reference (my bold) says: 46 And it came to pass that the robbers of Gadianton did spread over all the face of the land; and there were none that were righteous save it were the disciples of Jesus. And gold and silver did they lay up in store in abundance, and did traffic in all manner of traffic.
  11. Who's opinions? Sort of a vague statement. Another vague statement, "... cast significant light on the Book of Mormon." I don't let people who work for me use the word "significant" unless they can show significance criteria; otherwise the word is meaningless. Sorry, not impressed. The LiDar info shows features on a large-scale. The details of these Mayan cultures don't jibe with the Book of Mormon. For example, you want to draw a conclusion that Book of Mormon trade correlates with Mayan trade because the BoM talks about gold and silver. However, the Mayan were more interested in trade associated with shells and jade (and more jade), not gold and silver. The conclusions touted in the link are strained and incorrect. Sorry.
  12. It's a fantastic show. Even today, I saw an announcement of a discovered cave system at Chichen Itza (ca 1000 AD) with intact pottery and other artifacts. Interesting that the more we learn about the Maya and MesoAmerica, the less we learn about the people and culture of the Book of Mormon. Just sayin'.
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