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  1. The BoM provides an amazing array of perspectives on the Biblical account of what transpired in the Garden of Eden. Many insights can be derived: Two commandments given by God both of which could not be obeyed (mutually exclusive, only one or the other could be kept). One is to keep away from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (do not even touch it). The other is to be fruitful and multiply. God needed to remove Himself from undue influence that would cause Adam/Eve to favor one choice over the other. Why would God create a pristine Garden of Eden that was a place of no death and functioned like Utopia? Why would God place both trees that could cause problems? Did not God have the power of creating obedient and wise beings that would have childlike purity without a hint of malice? Most of the christian world believe that humans born into the world began their existence in the mother's womb (both body and spirit). The BoM teach that we were spirit beings before the Creation. This is a major distinction that helps us to understand the purpose of the Garden of Eden and how it was structured. The BoM gives us the "Big Picture" in describing the Plan of Happiness. It describes what transpired in the Pre-Existence and how the War in Heaven started. The importance of the Fall and the necessity for a Savior to provide the Atonement that enables the Plan of Happiness to be put into operation. Many more can be listed - - -
  2. Jonah was a wet-behind-the-ears prophet. He was disobedient in trying to escape to Tarshish. He was uncharitable in expecting Nineveh to be destroyed despite the great outpouring of repentance by its inhabitants. Imagine yourself being in a ward (hypothetically speaking) at that time raising your hand in sustaining the leaders of the church. When Jonah's name comes up what will you do? Are we sustaining God's Purpose in calling this particular person or are we judging the competence of the person?
  3. From: https://speeches.byu.edu/talks/truman-g-madsen_olive-press/ ". . . On that hill was a garden-orchard. More properly the word is vineyard. A vineyard of olive trees? Yes, precisely that same word is used in the parable or allegory in the book of Jacob, of the tame and wild olive tree. The lord of the vineyard, Dr. Sidney B. Sperry believed, was the Father of us all. The servant in the vineyard was the Messiah. The task, the weightiest in all history. It is called Gethsemane. Geth or gat means press, and shemen in Hebrew means oil. The place of the olive press. You can see presses still in Israel, for, after the processes of salt and vinegar and pressure, the olives are gathered, placed in a bag, and then with a huge crushing rock—to push it usually requires an animal—crushed until the oil flows. “The place of the olive press.” Gethsemane: "The Bitter Cup" caused Jesus to be subjected to the weight of all the sins, all the worldly tribulations, agony of accidents, loss and every grief for all of time (and all the many worlds currently in mortal state). It was unimaginably crushing. I believe every cell was close to being pulverized and His very Spirit may have been on fire (or some kind of excruciating pain). The angel of the Lord had to minister to Jesus before He could walk down to where He was arrested.
  4. This thread is about coercion . . . which the LEFT is really big on. I suppose if you are not so concerned about a professor getting out on the campus and physically punishing people for wearing red caps or for not following politically correct rules and denying the people's First Amendment Rights then maybe we should wait for something more drastic than that. Oh wait! There was one at the baseball practice field. From the wikipedia: "On June 14, 2017, during a practice session for the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity in Alexandria, Virginia, James Hodgkinson shot U.S. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, U.S. Capitol Police officer Crystal Griner, congressional aide Zack Barth, and lobbyist Matt Mika. A ten-minute shootout took place between Hodgkinson and officers from the Capitol and Alexandria Police before officers fatally shot Hodgkinson, who died from his wounds later that day at the George Washington University Hospital. Scalise and Mika were taken to nearby hospitals where they underwent surgery. "Hodgkinson was a left-wing activist from Belleville, Illinois, while Scalise was a Republican member of Congress. The Virginia Attorney General concluded Hodgkinson's attack was "an act of terrorism...fueled by rage against Republican legislators". Scalise was the first sitting member of Congress to have been shot since Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot in 2011." I seriously doubt that. I have been doing that for many decades. From when I was a young boy. I have read many history books. I love Rose and Milton Friedman's book: "Free to Choose" (a real classic). I have read several of Ezra Taft Benson's books (a real tour de force on America's political history). When I was a teenager I was deeply enthralled by Arthur C. Clarke's book: "2001 A Space Odyssey" which caused me to ponder for many year what the conditions might have been in the pre-existence (beginnings of beginnings). I am not such a simpleton that you try make me out to be. Your entire post is chock full of ad hominem insinuations. You just really can't help yourself!
  5. I have the same problem with using the search function on many websites. Even lds.org do not always return the results I expect. I have had much better luck going to Google and using the site command. Try a variation of the following: site:http://www.mormondialogue.org/* Amulek+California
  6. Is this your way of implying I am the problem? Your premise being conservatism is not worth pondering over? The fact that I have presented a comprehensive overview of the issues happening around the country and well documented by ALL media is NOT going to be addressed by you? Yet another example of you engaging in more ad hominem attacks (this one indirect) without honestly responding to my points.
  7. A very tragic situation where the Supreme Court took away the right of states to debate and resolve the abortion question with greater input from people across the country (Roe v. Wade in 1973). Because SCOTUS legislated from the bench, the country instead has undergone greater and greater polarization ever since.
  8. All true and very excellently presented with contrasting points of view from different players. How they contradict themselves. Very informative. For you to stoop to calling Ben a propagandist reveals yet again your mindless default to ad hominem attacks. Without explaining how he is a propagandist (implying his use of falsehoods) with at least a few examples from his written works. Many of the stories are about the sheer intolerance and violence displayed by campus radicals, Antifas, angry bolshevik professors, etc that come against Ben when he is invited by YAF (Young Americans for Freedom), Young Republicans and other conservative student groups who have paid for lecture hall reservations. You know very well there are hundreds and thousands of college agitators that refuse conservatives their First Amendment Rights to Free Speech and will commit havoc to prevent appearances by Ben, Charlie Kirkland, Candace Owens, Dinesh Sousa, Ann Coulter and many other conservatives. You have yet to condemn Eric Clanton, an actual college professor, who has brazenly gone around swinging bike locks on the heads of conservative demonstrators.
  9. All evidence of men's tendency to add more layers of complexity and skirting the Constitution. This is a form of legalistic priestcraft. Which must be rejected. What is your legal philosophy concerning advocacy for the unborn? As an actual person? Have you seen the movie: "Unplanned"?
  10. So you have an objection to Ben Shapiro as a person? This appears to be another of your habitual ad hominem attack. Too bad for you. His book is really excellent.
  11. While it can be agreed that privacy is implicit in the Constitution, it is NOT determined by penumbra. Penumbra is a word totally fabricated by activist judges and NOT found in the Constitution. It was done to do end runs around the original intent of the Founders. Privacy is implicit because it and the Constitution were derived from natural laws/natural rights. The Founders studied John Locke, Cicero, classical Greek reasoning/logic AND the Judeo-Christian enlightenment. I just finished reading Ben Shapiro's book: "The Right Side of History". A fascinating overview of how monasteries in the middle ages contributed to record keeping and scholasticism (forerunner of universities) and the Renaissance and technological advancements of Western Civilization. Ben also describes how atheistic philosophy developed through the centuries (which resulted in horrific crimes in the French Revolution and the totalitarian nightmares of the 20th century that butchered hundreds of millions of lives. This is a typical example of the new "social justice" put forth by atheistic engineers. It is one thing to have access to birth control. But a whole different matter for the engineers to deny the personhood of the infant in the womb. It is NOT simply a mass of tissue. It has its own DNA distinct from BOTH the mother and the father. It is viable from mid-term to delivery. It is unconscionable for people to murder the child in the 3rd trimester. Abhorrent for live birth. It is utterly ridiculous for judges to give mothers the right to butcher an "inconvenient" child and at the same time deny the right of the new PERSON in the womb to life. The pregnancy of the mother is her responsibility. The circumstance around the child is NOT its fault. Anijen is totally incorrect in saying that the court has the power to "introduce laws" or to "invent new words". Those powers belong to the people and their elected Legislative representatives.
  12. No need for assumptions. There are hundreds of radicals, stealth workers and subversives most of whom you are already familiar with such as Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dorhn, Noam Chomsky . . . https://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individuals/bill-ayers https://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individuals/bernardine-dohrn/ https://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individuals/noam-chomsky https://www.discoverthenetworks.org/organizations/american-civil-liberties-union-aclu Following the hundreds that are prominent are many thousands more that work just as diligently to "fundamentally transform" America and the world.
  13. Those people that sued Masterpiece Cakeshop (Colorado) probably were not regular customers. I read somewhere they had gone to several bakeries seeking businesses that fit their profiles of "haters" so they can haul them into court and seriously bankrupt them (to make public examples of them). This kind of thing has happened in several places including Seattle. Whoever is doing this has been at it for a long time in so many areas. Since they could not get people to go along with passing the "appropriate" laws in the Legislature, they have gone to the next easier way which is to put their allies (radical judges) into various levels of courts systems. Now they have frequently "created" new laws from the bench arguing about "penumbras" and other twisted reasonings. All to bring about a new Collectivist Utopia.
  14. Sometimes it helps to pantomime. I am hard of hearing myself (85 db loss). Sign for please uses the flat hand rotating around the heart. Sign for keys involve twisting thumb and forefinger against the other hand. Sign for horse is a motion wagging the the two fingers (cub scouts) over the ear. Sign for hoarse requires the hand in the cupping shape going up and down the throat. Here is more:
  15. If the archeology was advanced enough to discern traces of the supernatural effects of that location, the investigator could recreate what transpired. Or if scientists could understand enough of the multiple dimensions to the degree of being able to build devices that will allow us to peer into that time and place. In any case I am confident in the next stage we will be able to review the histories in a very real manner so that we will know without a doubt what actually did happen.
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