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  1. Infidelity is not always the same thing as having an affair. But regardless, when he married his wife he made a covenant in a three-way relationship. The third point of the triangle was with God. The highest degree of the Celestial Kingdom requires a husband/wife partnership. This entails being worthy and trustworthy enough to be allowed to invite intelligences to become their spirit children and to proceed with the next Eternal Round for implementing the Plan of Happiness. Bro. Smart not only slimed his wife he also turned against God. He has failed the test.
  2. If the man is healthy but the wife had a stroke?
  3. That was an awesome piece you wrote (and the video was very touching). It made me think of my cousin in Orem who is around 90 years old and still takes care of her hubby and maintains her home. To comment further on your piece. I believe this "Second Act" (or the Second Estate) is actually what I would call the "Third Act". The pre-existence would be the Second Act where we were spirit children of HF. The First Act is that timeless place where we were intelligences before being invited to become spirit children. That is why it is so urgent that as many of us qualify for the Celestial Kingdom so more of the intelligences can be invited to become spirit children in the next "Eternal Rounds".
  4. Fancy uniforms for the Bolsheviks. Drab peasant clothing and moldy bread for the proletariats.
  5. Hop on the bus, Gus. I knew several people from the Provo and Orem areas that were able to take the bus all the way to downtown SLC (this was back in the 70s/80s before my move to Denver). Don't know if that service is still available? You would only need at most one transfer? Does Salt Lake City have good public transportation? Public Transportation. Salt Lake City has a robust public transportationsystem that utilizes commuter trains, buses, and light-rail to provide you withaccess from the airport all the way up to the ski resorts. ... Downtown Salt Lake provides a great transfer point as all the lines run through downtown. Salt Lake City Public Transportation | Trains & Buses https://www.visitsaltlake.com/plan-your-trip/getting-around/public-transportation/
  6. What an amazing and beautiful account of East German communist authorities giving local leader mission President Burkhardt expedited approvals for building the temple. From the link: "Even though it served just a small group of Saints, the temple was very busy. It was the only temple at the time “where one makes an appointment to participate in an endowment session,” noted President Thomas S. Monson, now a counselor in the First Presidency. “It is the only temple I know of where stake presidents say, ‘What can we do? Our home teaching is somewhat down because everyone is in the temple!’ When I heard that comment, I thought, ‘Not bad—not bad at all!”
  7. As well as some degree of indentured servitude. It was a means of bringing debtors and criminals from Europe to the Americas and to Australia. This was also practised in Ancient Israel. The Lord mercifully provided guidelines for putting a limit on the duration of servitude. See Leviticus 25:39-55.
  8. then /T͟Hen/ adverb 1. at that time; at the time in question. "I was living in Cairo then" synonyms: at that time, at that point, in those days; More 2. after that; next; afterward. "she won the first and then the second game" synonyms: next, after that, afterwards, subsequently, later "she won the first and then the second game" than /T͟Han,T͟Hən/ conjunction & preposition 1. introducing the second element in a comparison. "he was much smaller than his son" 2. used in expressions introducing an exception or contrast. "he claims not to own anything other than his home"
  9. The Caliphate began after the death of Muhammad in 632 CE. The first successor to Muhammad was Caliph Abu Bakr. Today, historians call the first Caliphate the Rashidun Caliphate. Taliban destroyed Bamiyan Buddha statues in 2001 - The Washington Post. This footage, released by NATO, shows the moment that the Buddhas were exploded by the Taliban in March 2001. Before they were destroyed, the statues were the world's largest standing Buddhas.Jul 29, 2015. 2001 - 632 AD = 1369 year interval.
  10. Wade Englund, where have you gone?
  11. They are both students. It is wonderful that young people can start an enterprise and not have to be a massive presence (having actual work experience goes a LONG way to helping them choose education courses in a more focused way). It appears they were (or still are) members of YAF (Young Americans for Freedom), advocacy group found in many universities across the country. They are performing a essential service to counter the overwhelming dominance of the radical left that saturate many liberal arts departments. They know the track record of various left leaning subversive groups such as ACLU and SPLC etc, so it is a very prudent thing to anticipate and to counteract regulations sneaked in by deep state operatives. This hearkens back to the Fairness Doctrine controversy: https://www.heritage.org/government-regulation/report/why-the-fairness-doctrine-anything-fair
  12. Seems the government bureaucrats were the ones that mandated the replacement of asbestos content of the o-rings to something more politically correct. As a result the hot gasses vented outward between the booster rocket segments, causing the flames to ignite the big liquid fuel container. The asbestos o-ring did perform properly in previous shuttle launches. So the Kingstons were merely intermediaries between the manufacturers and NASA?
  13. Oh? Excuse me. But you do work for Deseret News? Do you have any insights on the latest with Gospel Library?
  14. Is there a philosophical difference between lost and befuddled?
  15. Why necromancy when you could still use your position as a newspaper reporter to find out if there is an actual General Authority set of scriptures. Can you survey them and see what they like to use? ETA: I am willing to bet there is a project in the works to greatly expand the footnotes and the indexes/references. It would not be a problem since they can easily be handled electronically. ETA 2: And also combine all the indexes into one (i.e. blending Topical Guide and Bible Dictionary and all into an harmonious whole). Each entry will be tagged with the BD or TG symbol. Each entry can be limited to only 3 lines. If there are more to be seen, simply tap the "more" button. That way, the index can be scrolled in a more comprehensive manner.
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