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  1. A 27-year old LDS serviceman has been killed in Afghanistan. Aaron Butler served an LDS mission to Ghana.
  2. What do you think about loud eaters?

    You may have misophonia. ETA: But the examples in your video clip would drive just about anyone nuts!
  3. Church Statement - LBGTQ concert - is this sincere?

  4. http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/church-statement-love-loud-festival
  5. SL Trib article on co-worker interactions

    I don't eat lunch--I run. I have been invited to lunch by male and female colleagues at work, but I almost never accept. Declining has nothing to do with my fears about being alone with someone of the opposite sex; rather, it has to do with my desire to maintain my health and my sanity (i.e., clarity of thought.) If all the important deal-making is going on over lunch, I'm in deep trouble.
  6. Edit: I do too [think this is really neat--not that I work with immunoassay equipment], but I can't claim to understand how it will work. Maybe you can help? So, they've 3-D printed this "device"--i.e., a chip that is able to channel tiny amounts of fluid (like human blood)--which could then be analyzed very quickly (and inexpensively) to determine the presence of various diseases and conditions. My question is: Where will the actual analysis take place? 1. The physician working out in some extremely remote area of the earth takes a very small sample of blood from a patient. 2. The sample is placed onto this device and the blood flows through the various channels. 3. Does the physician then insert the chip into another device (like an iPhone) where the results will be displayed?
  7. I'll keep eyes peeled (and I'll toss in some prayer) for that, Kenngo! Edit to add: Seems like they're getting close!
  8. BYU researchers have created a 3-D printed Microfluidic Device that is effective at less than 100 micrometers (also reported here.) This is quite a significant break-through, as Microfluidics is an emerging technology with very exciting possibilities. Other researchers have previously created microfluidic devices using 3-D printers; however, they have never been effective at such a small scale (less than 100 micrometers.) BYU's success depended in part on the development of a custom resin--the fruit of their freshman team member's long research into available options. The focus of the BYU team has been to advance the potential of the "Lab-on-a-chip" concept--i.e., making sophisticated medical tests affordable, fast, and available where currently no medical laboratory services exist. From Wiki: "Lab-on-a-chip technology may soon become an important part of efforts to improve global health,[17] particularly through the development of point-of-care testing devices.[18] In countries with few healthcare resources, infectious diseases that would be treatable in a developed nation are often deadly. In some cases, poor healthcare clinics have the drugs to treat a certain illness but lack the diagnostic tools to identify patients who should receive the drugs. Many researchers believe that LOC technology may be the key to powerful new diagnostic instruments. The goal of these researchers is to create microfluidic chips that will allow healthcare providers in poorly equipped clinics to perform diagnostic tests such as immunoassays and nucleic acid assays with no laboratory support." P.S. Apologies for my lack of scientific and/or technological sophistication. I'm reporting on it only because it "sounds" quite exciting. :-)
  9. Why strong Mormon Women Stay in the Church

    Sorry, Glenn. I found your cap several years ago all dusty from lack of use. I gave it a good scrubbing. I don't think I could give it back though, I need it far more often than you. Finders keepers.
  10. Songs that Best Represent an Era

    I think my folks felt some ambivalence about the movie too. In the end they took all of us to see it at the hometown theater--the Ritz. I recall feeling my shoes stick to the floor as we made our way to our seats. Yeeuck!
  11. I agree with you. Based on experience, I think most folks do make their feelings known. Faith (to me) is a living thing--it can wane, and it can wax. But I would rather have a brother or sister whose faith has waned struggling in the midst of the Saints than outside. Otherwise, helping them and/or receiving help becomes a lot more difficult. I definitely lean toward the "help thou mine unbelief" side of things, because I have seen firsthand folks' unbelief change.
  12. Why strong Mormon Women Stay in the Church

    Oh, my!!!! This is hilarious!!!
  13. Why strong Mormon Women Stay in the Church

    Speaking of "greatness" and "Forest Gump": I loved that movie! I have even taken to heart some of the ideas it expresses in terms of allowing myself to be "led"--even into situations that are uncomfortable--and not to agonize over things I cannot control. I think the Lord uses these situations to teach us and unlock our individual potential to be "great." Drawing on Dr. Witesman, it's an opportunity for Him to say "yes" to us.