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    O Love

    I had intended to include some information about the poet (George Matheson). From Widipedia: "O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go" was written on the evening of Matheson’s sister’s marriage. Years before, he had been engaged, until his fiancée learned that he was going blind—that there was nothing the doctors could do—and she told him that she could not go through life with a blind man. He went blind while studying for the ministry, and his sister had been the one to care for him through the years, but now she was gone. He was now 40, and his sister’s marriage brought a fresh reminder of his own heartbreak. It was in the midst of this circumstance and intense sadness that the Lord gave Matheson this hymn, which he said was written in five minutes.“ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Matheson
  2. Okrahomer

    O Love

    A comfort through a sleepless night...
  3. I'm working in Reno these days. We've already seen snow in the Sierra twice with a skiff clear down to the valley floor. Folks here are telling me it's definitely early here too.
  4. Is this earlier than normal for Winnipeg?
  5. LDS membership actually increased in the South, at least according to Wikipedia: South Carolina Increase Alabama Increase Arkansas Increase 1974 - 1977 10,755 7,800 5,355 1980 17,012 37% 14,000 44% 9,878 46% 1990 23,731 28% 20,000 30% 13,753 28% 2000 27,399 13% 27,680 28% 20,077 31% Georgia Mississippi Tennessee 1974 - 1977 14,360 6,527 6,500 1980 27,210 47% 10,403 37% 15,839 59% 1990 41,595 35% 13,000 20% 23,007 31% 2000 57,857 28% 17,578 26% 31,104 26% Florida Louisiana Texas 1974 - 1977 30,000 12,000 50,000 1980 54,674 45% 16,000 25% 120,000 58% 1990 82,413 34% 22,000 27% 154,000 22% 2000 108,955 24% 24,143 9% 210,892 27%
  6. I love this hymn, and it's not just because Joel Hills Johnson is my 4th Great Grandfather.
  7. I was a member of Ron Staheli's first choir at BYU. What a privilege! He is, and always will be "my" choir director.
  8. It might be a reference to this, per wikipedia: "A moral waiver is an action by United States armed forces officials to accept, for induction into one of the military services, a recruit who is in one or more of a list of otherwise disqualifying situations...The Group W bench, a key element of Arlo Guthrie's 1967 folk song and extended monologue "Alice's Restaurant", is a reference to the moral waiver provision―the W stands for "waiver."
  9. Haha! I’m sure BYU would welcome you back, so you can finish what you started. I’m trying to make the most of this “alone time.” It’s not something I was expecting to confront at this stage of life. These unexpected turns and curves and dips and dives make this journey we’re all on endlessly interesting, don’t you think?
  10. That’s the sort of invaluable insight a parent would have, and I think you should not disregard it. As I said, I’ll wager his choice will be a good one, because of how you’ve raised and counseled him. It strikes me as extremely foolish for anyone to criticize a person’s decision to seek higher education — any education, anywhere — is a good thing.
  11. I’m 100% with you on that. I lost my job — of more than 20 years — back in January. It took 7 long months to find a new one. Only problem: it’s more than 7 hours away from home. With cell phones and the like, I talk with my wife every day. Sometimes more than once. And I talk with the kids too, but a lot less frequently. The odd thing is that direct verbal communication may actually have increased. But of course it’s not the same. Sorry for the detail...as well as the derail.
  12. Yes. That darned autocorrect! I paid too much for my BYU education to ever make that error on my own.
  13. Thank you. I’m missing family today and a bit homesick. I come here, because it feels a bit like “home.” Unfortunately, my thought processes aren’t fully operational. I appreciate the reminder to be kind — to assume good intent. Also, it gave me a chance to remove that horrendous “you’re” where I meant to type “your”. 🙄
  14. Thanks. I apologize for being exasperated. I guess I’m in a bit of “mood” today. I’ll retract...and retreat.
  15. Sorry for my earlier petulant response. If you’ve raised your son well, he’ll make a good decision. If that ends up being BYU, I’ll wager it’ll be a good choice for him. It certainly was for me.
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