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  1. BYU Honor Code Review

    This is a surprising take on the BYU honor code controversy. The author's perspective is unique: former BYU professor, non-LDS. I tend to agree with him that BYU needs to drop the "collusion" between the Title IX office and the Honor Code Office; but dropping the Honor Code altogether? I don't think so.
  2. BYU Honor Code Review

    No worries. :)
  3. OK...Let's see: "Build the temple", somehow does not contradict with "Don't build the temple." Right.
  4. BYU Honor Code Review

    Did you post the right link--this one seems to be about the football player protest over racism at the University of Missouri last year?
  5. Have you thought this statement through at all? Being right 100% of the time seems like something only a perfect person could be. The only perfect person who has ever lived--and I think you probably would agree--is the Lord Jesus Christ. But even so, how does this square with Nathan the Prophet having to reverse his advice to King David--first telling David to build a House of the Lord; and then having to turn around and tell him that the Lord had not asked him to build a House? (see 2 Samuel 7)
  6. Elder Holland: 10+ new stakes every week!

    Yes, I'm just guessing here--but my guess is tied to the video you linked in the beginning. It's obvious that the topics the Brethren discuss in their Thursday meetings include things like ward, stake and mission creation--activity rates being one of the most important pieces of data that goes into their decision making. I have an idea for you, Rockpond: you should apply to become the analyst for the Council of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve.
  7. I loved my BYU astronomy classes. I would invariably emerge from them feeling as if I had somehow just come from the Temple.
  8. Elder Holland: 10+ new stakes every week!

    My guess: they discuss it every Thursday in the SL Temple.
  9. Elder Holland: 10+ new stakes every week!

    That isn't actually what he said or emphasized. In fact, it was just the opposite: "the rates of membership and congregational growth were the most similar since 1998. As a result, the average number of members per congregation in the worldwide church barely increased from 519 to 521." His point is that while actual membership growth has slowed, the number of congregations has increased. For him (and I see his point) this "suggests" that retention and activity have increased.
  10. Elder Holland: 10+ new stakes every week!

    Well, if Matt Martinich is to be trusted, this (courtesy of Stemelbow on the other thread) would tend to support Elder Cook's statement: "...the Church reported the most commensurate membership and congregational growth since 1998. In other words, the rates of membership and congregational growth were the most similar since 1998. As a result, the average number of members per congregation in the worldwide church barely increased from 519 to 521. Third, the Church has sustained steady increases in the number of stakes within the past five years (approximately 50-60), whereas the Church reported smaller net increases in the number of stakes in the 2000s (approximately 30-40). In conclusion, the results of the 2015 Annual Statistical Report suggests that the Church has achieved good improvements in convert retention and local leadership development at the expense of fewer converts baptized. Greater "real growth" has appeared to occur that emphasizes quality instead of quantity - otherwise we would expect to see similar declines in LDS statistical measurements that reflect member activity rates (e.g. stakes and congregations). Rapid LDS growth in several African nations, where higher convert retention and member activity rates occur, have also likely affected LDS growth trends in the worldwide Church and may explain some of these improvements."
  11. Elder Holland: 10+ new stakes every week!

    I really dislike the 4-ward buildings too. Regarding the smaller stake approach, I'm not sure if that's what's happening or not. I think it's a real possibility. Matt Martinich seems to have more of a grasp on these things than anyone. I could have missed it, but I haven't seen him suggesting that that's what's happening yet.
  12. Elder Holland: 10+ new stakes every week!

    One point you left out (or perhaps you missed): Elder Holland referred to the "Thursday meeting." What is the Thursday meeting? My guess is he's referring to the weekly meeting of the "Council of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve" which is held in the Salt Lake Temple. My understanding is that all ward, stake and mission creation is discussed and approved during this meeting. So when Elder Holland says, "We created 12 new stakes last week", he's referring to the approvals that have been given during the weekly Thursday meeting. The precise date for the actual new stake creations has to be worked out and often comes quite a bit later. He indicates that he had missed the last meeting, because he was there in Texas and could not attend. So Elder Holland has given us a rare glimpse into that meeting; and his statements reflect the fact that they (the council) are approving more (probably in "unprecedented" numbers since he became an apostle in 1994) new stakes these days. I think he considers it "staggering" and "overwhelming" because the chief responsibility of creating those new stakes and training those new stake presidencies falls on his (and the rest of members of the Council's) shoulders. As has already been noted, the data do indicate a fairly significant uptick in the numbers of new stakes in 2015--and now a further uptick into the first part of 2016.
  13. re polygamy

    You might be thinking of this. "The research also revealed that while polygamous men had dozens of children, the practice of having multiple wives (and thus sexual partners) had the opposite effect on women: For every wife added to the fold, the average number of children per wife dropped by one. The more wives a woman's husband has, the fewer children she is going to have personally," study author Michael Wade, a biologist at Indiana University Bloomington, told LiveScience. "That's interesting, and evolutionary biologists would say then that polygamy is good for males and maybe not so good for females."
  14. Yes, that's true. We don't know. What we do know is that Matt Martinich (who spends a lot of time studying the little data we do have) has said: the data "suggests" a higher retention and activity rate.