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  1. Okrahomer

    Nehor Rants About Online Dating

    My niece met her now husband on Mutual as well. They were both attending BYU, but Mutual seemed to work better for them than the typical in-ward dating approach.
  2. If my post about the doctrine of “eternal security” contributed to your disappointment, please accept my apologies. People like me (with faulty reading and reasoning skills) should probably avoid commenting. For what it’s worth, I was not trying to provoke or otherwise engender negative feelings. I thought Bluebell was wanting to explore such doctrinal differences. I haven’t read the entire thread, but it seems I was probably wrong about that. Unfortunately, such miscomprehension is not all that unusual an occurrence with me these days. If you’ve ever experienced “brain fog” born of chemo therapy, you’ll understand where I’m coming from.
  3. Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but another area where our beliefs about the Atonement of Jesus Christ would probably not align well with our Baptist friends would be with respect to their belief in "eternal security" Here's a snipet from the linked article: "According to Mark 10:45, Christ gave his life as a ransom for many. Jesus bore God’s wrath we deserved so he could buy us back from the curse of the law. If a ransomed one can be finally lost, doesn’t that then mean that the ransom price paid was not enough to actually purchase its intended product—the eternal salvation of God’s people? Final apostasy also seems to undermine the substitutionary nature of the atonement, since Christ was condemned in the place of his people. This view would seem to indicate that due to an exercise of their free will some of God’s people have once again fallen under condemnation with their sins no longer covered by the sacrifice of the substitute—even though they were once covered through the blood of Christ."
  4. We had a great time...surrounded by friendly Wildcat fans. When BYU took control of the game in the 3rd quarter, the woman next to me asked: “Do you live here in Tucson?” When I told her we had come down from Utah, she said: “There sure are a lot of you here.” I told her that I thought the majority of the BYU fans in attendance were probably local.
  5. Okrahomer

    LDSSA kicked-Off U of Iowa campus

    I’m wondering how the idea of marriage can be extended to this case in a more general sense. If a marriage is two people choosing to commit to be faithful and loyal to each other, what happens when one of them refuses or otherwise cannot keep the commitment? The answer is that one or both will choose to end the marriage, and they would be well within their rights to do so. People in such decaying marriages often say things like: We just wanted different things. We had nothing in common. We stopped loving each other. We grew apart. Etc. How is this different from a group of like-minded university students who choose to affiliate in an on-campus club? These clubs are all predicated on common interests and membership comes with certain commitments. Not unlike a marriage. If one of the members decides that he/she can no longer keep the commitments, why should the group not be allowed to sever ties with him/her or otherwise limit participation (as it was in this case)? Why should the university have the authority to dictate to the group what those commitments are? One gets the impression that the University of Iowa was caught off guard here. It seems to me that the university had an obligation to protect the rights of both the gay students as well as the religious; and in the end what the university did was to protect only the gay student, while actually harming the religious.
  6. I see what you did there! 🙂
  7. Okrahomer

    Missions are not boring!

    Ja! Ich spreche gerne Deutsch! Bloss, kommt's jetzt nicht so fliessend her.
  8. Okrahomer

    The Name of the Church

  9. Okrahomer

    Missions are not boring!

    I dished it up and served it to everyone, so I was really embarrassed when the other missionaries started "reacting." In the end though, there was a great deal of laughter--i.e., once we figured out what I had done. Rest assured, I never made that mistake again! I think Germany went through something similar following WWI. It's difficult to imagine surviving such an environment.
  10. Okrahomer

    Missions are not boring!

    Restaurants....???!!! Germany was simply too expensive for us to afford restaurants. The closest I ever got was McDonald’s after one zone conference. A companion and i also splurged once and ate at a Schnellimbiss (German-style fast food) once. I did make it a point to purchase currywurst and frites each time we’d wander anywhere near the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market.). But speaking of missions and food, I was not capable of boiling water let alone preparing any sort of nutritious meal when I first arrived. My first attempt to cook anything was “dessert” for our district of 8 missionaries. We had purchased strawberries and heavy cream, and my companion (the DL) asked me to take care of it. I did pretty well getting the strawberries ready, but it all ended in complete disaster when I confused the little packets of baking soda with the little packets of “vanilla sugar.” Baking soda does not taste very good in whipped cream—even on strawberries.
  11. I agree. Arizona has a new coaching staff and their offensive line is very young. Arizona’s main weapon is Heisman candidate Khalil Tate. Maybe a more experienced BYU defense gets the upper hand against the young Arizona offense and shuts Tate down. If that happens, I think the Cougars have a good chance to win this one. We are actually headed down for the game. I’m excited...and nervous...and hopeful. Go Cougs!
  12. Folks in Utah should not be too shocked by this; after all, the long-running "Saturday's Voyeur" has lampooned Temple garments on-stage for years. Some lass active LDS friends of mine invited me to attend a performance several years ago when I was fresh out of BYU. I'll admit that I found a lot to laugh about--until this particular scene. Not only did it deeply offend me, I felt my friends (who knew exactly what was coming) had completely blindsided me; and were actually more interested in my reaction to this scene than they were in the play itself. I don't accept this sort of invitation from these sorts of friends without doing a bit of research any more.
  13. Okrahomer

    The reasons for the flood

    My Dad has an amazingly high emotional IQ (not sure if that’s a scientific term.). He senses when “things” are off and people around him are experiencing dissonance of any kind. Invariably, he will ask in a good natured and non-invasive way: “Is everything copacetic?”
  14. Okrahomer

    The reasons for the flood

    Would this be called “coping”?
  15. Okrahomer

    Is there room?

    I still don’t fully understand how he did what he did. His service first to his parents and now to the Church have refined him and in my opinion prepared him for eternal life in ways I will never understand.