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  1. I believe one of the brethren indicated (during the televised news conference) that they’d be meeting in a designated area of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. My wife and I served a Church Hosting mission at the JSMB several years ago, and were aware of an area on the east side of the top floor of the building that was reserved for regular general authority meetings and was off limits to our tours. Perhaps they’ll utilize that space, or maybe they’ll meet in some other area of the building.
  2. Yes. I agree with you. But I also appreciate the symbolism of the Temple as a beacon of light and righteousness—visible to anyone in the world with “eyes to see.”
  3. The walls around Temple Square are coming down—or at least a big portion of the walls along North Temple and South Temple. It will make it possible to see the Temple from both directions. It should help Temple Square feel much more inviting and less fortress-like.
  4. The Radisson Hotel is on South Temple, and the Sheraton is on 500 South ("5th South" in Utah parlance); so the Radisson is five city blocks north of the conference hotel. The Radisson is also about a block further west than the Sheraton, so you'll have to walk 6 blocks. Salt Lake City blocks are bigger than normal though (660 feet per side and exactly 10 acres per block), so that's right at three quarters of a mile. Depending on your pace, 15 - 20 minutes should work. The terrain is fairly flat, so you won't have to worry about any drastic changes in elevation. Downtown Salt Lake City is safe; although, like any metro area, it does have some problem areas you will want to avoid. The immediate area around the Radisson is very safe. The hotel is adjacent to the Salt Palace Convention Center. Just a block to the west is Vivint Home Arena (where the NBA Utah Jazz play). The Gateway area is just one block further west. The Gateway area used to be a very popular shopping area and houses the Olympic Legacy Plaza--from the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. There are some restaurants in that area, but it is in a state of transition right now, and I'm not sure how interesting it is anymore. I think if I were walking in Salt Lake City at night, I'd head east. To the east of the Radisson is Abravenel Hall, home of the Utah Symphony. It's a gorgeous concert hall, but unfortunately it doesn't look like the symphony performs until later in June this year. Just east of Abravenel Hall is City Creek Mall, which is often maligned on this board, but is in fact a very safe and pleasant place to stroll, people watch, and window shop. In the summer, there is a small splash pad where kids play and a nice fountain that "dances" to music. There's a creek (City Creek) that runs through the middle of the mall, and one can see trout swimming in the clear water. There are several Church sites in the area to the north of the mall: Temple Square, the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, the Church Conference Center, the Family History Center, the Church History Museum, and and several other Church sites. Finally, you should know that the Sheraton is a couple of blocks east of the most "notorious" illicit drug area in the city--Pioneer Park. Salt Lake City and the State of Utah have made a concerted and combined effort to clean it up in recent years, and it seems they are having some success; however, my impression is that the process is still a work in progress, and I would not walk there at night.
  5. I loved Elder Gong’s message and his gentle and intelligent manner. When he spoke about the One True Shepherd and Lamb of God, I felt the truth of it.
  6. The music...the choir...superb
  7. Sister Eubank comparing those who do not “fit in” to Zacchaeus: Christ sees you in your tree.
  8. Elder Holland: if the ox is in the mire every week, we strongly advise you to sell the ox and fill the mire.
  9. If Bluebell’s son is singing with that BYU group today—what a blessing! Jesus Once of Humble Birth was amazing.
  10. Was that a new arrangement of “Dearest Children”? Beautiful.
  11. Having dealt with some unexpected difficult and disappointing issues recently, I felt myself particularly moved and uplifted by Elder Hales talk.
  12. Yes, you're right. I appreciated her discussion about the "gray areas" as well, and I agree that was much more the focus of her article.
  13. It would have been more perceptive (to me at least) had she at least attempted to clarify what we actually know about the causes of teen suicide in the state of Utah. From her article: "This policy change was met with widespread public backlash, with 1,500 Mormons renouncing their church membership in a publicized protest. Since then, many -- including Ellen DeGeneres-- have argued that there is an apparent correlation between the policy change and rising youth suicide rates in Utah." That she did not reference Michael Staley’s statements is unfortunate. I don't know how to link from another thread, but Calm has previously pointed toward his research on behalf of the Utah Medical Examiner’s Office about this “apparent correlation”: ”There’s no data to show that, period,”… While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in 2016 that LGBT youth die by suicide at double the rate of their non-LGBT peers, Staley says data specific to Utah so far doesn’t validate the sexuality-religion narrative. “The people who are driving that narrative are going to be disappointed,” Staley says, while at the same time recognizing that “theoretically, it makes sense.” … Staley, an openly gay man, adds that in a nutshell, LGBT suicide with the LDS church as a factor “is not this overwhelming tidal wave.” https://qsaltlake.com/news/2018/12/06/utah-research-on-faith-related-suicide/
  14. Here's a piece that has always stirred my soul. It's from Robert Cun****'s The Redeemer oratorio. The text comes from the Book of Mormon: Moroni 7: 41, 48.
  15. You're welcome! There's nothing quite like discovering a great piece of music!
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