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  1. A Three Word Story.

    a mountaineering baker
  2. Thank you for posting this. The entire blog is fascinating. I couldn't help but react to this particular bit from Mr. O'Reily's explanation of his Guild: "With Members in forty-six countries, every major equestrian explorer alive today belongs to the Guild, including Hadji Shamsuddin of Afghanistan, who recently rode a thousand miles through that war-zone, Jean-Louis Gouraud of France, who rode 3,000 miles from Paris to Moscow, Tim Cope of Australia, who rode 6,000 miles from Mongolia to Hungary, Claudia Gottet of Switzerland, who rode 8,000 miles from Arabia to the Alps, Adnan Azzam of Syria, who rode 10,000 miles from Madrid to Mecca, and Vladimir Fissenko of Russia, who rode 19,000 miles from Patagonia to Alaska." Good heavens!!! These Long Riders obviously have a lot tougher "derrieres" than I do!
  3. Part member families

    You have a great and honest heart, Jeanne.
  4. Update: Air Force ROTC to stay at BYU

    They seem to share the Wells ROTC building at BYU: https://marriottschool.byu.edu/army/about/contact-us/ and https://www.afrotcdet855.org/faculty/
  5. Update: Air Force ROTC to stay at BYU

    Oops! Thanks for correcting me. I'm not always such a dufus.
  6. Update: Air Force ROTC to stay at BYU

    Oops! You're right.
  7. Update: Air Force ROTC to stay at BYU

    Sorry for opening an old thread, but this tidbit caught my eye this morning, and I thought some might still be interested. After all the scuttlebutt, it seems like things have calmed considerably. I can't imagine BYU would have received this sort of recognition without the commander playing a significant role in it. Maybe the commander and BYU have learned to exist together peacefully.
  8. Inspirational music thread

    Wow! That’s some mighty fine voices all in one family!
  9. Prayers requested

    There is nothing quite like confronting a difficult disease/diagnosis. The diagnosis itself can be debilitating. I'm adding my prayers to yours, your family's and others here who love you too. But in addition, I would suggest asking family and friends to fast with you. When I went through my health challenges last year, we asked our family to join us in a fast. I also visited with my Bishop to alert him to my situation. He asked if we would mind having the Ward fast with us. We agreed. At the end of the fast, I asked my son and son-in-law to bless me. It's difficult to say for sure whether I have been physically healed. I hope that I am. And I do feel like I am healthier than I was a year ago. But in terms of spiritual and mental well being: there is no question that I am in a better place now.
  10. Conference

    Thanks to you JAHS and The Nehor for answering my question! My only excuse for misremembering is that I was out of the country for each of the last two Solemn Assemblies. I was surprised and overcome this morning by how impressive and spiritually uplifting the Assembly was. It was a blessing to be able to participate.
  11. Conference

    Am I mistaken? It seems like that’s the first time the sisters have been included as groups in the Solemn Assembly?
  12. Haha!!! Not far from the truth!
  13. unlikely songs the MoTab worked on

    Well, you sure had me fooled! I nominate the following for your list: Imagine Dragons: “Believer” and “Thunder” The Killers: “Rut” and “Some kind of Love” And then there’s always Neon Trees...
  14. Is the Holy Ghost legitimate?

    I love Mfbukowski!
  15. General Conference MoTab music list

    Wait...what???! “The Reason” by Hoobastank...the indie rock band?