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  1. It's a delicious mix of flour, butter and cinnamon-sugar--and little bit of cream of tartar for good measure.
  2. Wow! That's good to know. If someone offers me Snickerdoodles, I just take the cookies and vanish. They don't even have to say anything. Maybe I'm partly Albertan.
  3. Sorry? What's with Alberta and cookies??? I'm so confused.
  4. Your concern then is that by having to "click" 3 times, instead of just once, the potential positive impact on the Church will be greatly reduced. Does the 3-click rule no longer apply? Edit: Oops! That's 4-clicks. Got it.
  5. Yes, I definitely agree with you on this as well.
  6. I'm probably not understanding the issue--if not, my apologies; however, one can get to it quite easily from the main page: its under "Family and Individuals"; then "Understanding Life's Challenges"; then "Hope and Help"; and then "Mormon and Gay."
  7. Fair enough.
  8. How about both: Spirit and Scholar?
  9. No doubt. I share that experience with you then. Even so, I do not count Biblical Scholars among the prophets, nor do I believe their scholarship is scripture.
  10. I have no disagreement with the idea of increasing our understanding of scripture. Biblical scholarship is fine and useful--as far as it goes. But what I think is wrong, is for any of us to sit in judgement of the "regular" folk of the Church and think down upon them. My experience with the scriptures and with the Holy Ghost is not inferior to anyone's experience. When I allow Him to teach me, my learning is tailor-made by God; and I will not trade my spirit-filled insight with anything academia has to offer.
  11. Yes, I agree with both you about this: it's probably correct to say that as a group ("general members") are probably not "up to date on the best Biblical scholarship." And this may mean that sometimes some of us miss some important insights because of it; however, I'm unconvinced that the latest Biblical scholarship offers me any insights more important than those I receive when I'm prayerfully reading my KJV and seeking the guidance of the Holy Ghost.
  12. I suppose you did not intend to offend "general members" (like me) by making us sound like we are all backward folk who abhor modern conveniences, but that's how your comment comes across. Even so, one wonders whether it's more important for the "general members" of the LDS Church to be up-to-date on the very latest insights offered by biblical scholarship; or if it's actually more important that as a group we are familiar with the Bible at all. Against your criticism, it's difficult to argue with the fact that as a group, we actually do seem to know more about the Bible than others do: see here.
  13. This article describes a "flash flood" of LDS support for the Lutheran Immigration and Support Services organization, and it seems we have the General Relief Society Presidency to thank. It inspires me to contribute more significantly as well. 37,000 posts with #iwasastranger is not insignificant.
  14. I highly recommend The Queen of Katwe. Wonderful film about a young woman chess prodigy from the slums of Kampala, Uganda. There is so much here to admire and inspire,
  15. Quite the scoop!