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  1. Help with supplemental insurance to Medicare

    My wife is a Home Health and Hospice administrator. She says the AARP website is a good idea. Medicare Part A covers hospitalizations and Home Health Care--it doesn't cover doctor visits or medications. Part B Medicare would cover some of the gap, but only with a co-pay. She says there are probably better Medicare gap options than Part B--BlueCross/BlueShield and Optum/AARP are two you might want to consider.
  2. Ancestry.com DNA results

    Fascinating results, VGJ. Did they give you a list of potential family connections as well? I have quite a list of potential cousins with varying levels of "confidence". If they've provided that for you, then you should be getting a glimpse into the unknown part of your heritage. I've been thinking I might take GingerRed's advice (above) and do the GEDmatch kit process. It sounds like that system goes even further in terms of linking you to actual people.
  3. In Defense of BYU's Honor Code

    I cited the article too, back on 29 April, but alas my post elicited not a single reply.
  4. Great news!

    ...just in case you missed this.
  5. Bob Bennett: Peggy Fletcher Stack Tribute

    Here's the DB link. Also, I had not realized his wife Joyce is the grand-daughter of David O. McKay.
  6. Peggy Fletcher Stack wrote a very nice tribute to her uncle, former Utah Senator Bob Bennett today.
  7. My wife and I served a Church service mission a few years ago. We served as hosts at the Conference Center. Since our shift was on Sunday, we could not attend our home ward. So we began attending Sacrament meetings with the sisters and Senior missionaries in the Salt Lake Temple Square Mission. It was wonderful--both rubbing shoulders with the missionaries, as well as hosting people who wanted to see the Conference Center. We had some really great experiences with the folks who came to the Conference Center...seeking. These experiences revived our spirits and deepened our testimonies. We also discovered that there are hidden treasures all around Temple Square. Have you ever noticed that huge Ceders of Lebanon tree just inside the east gate? Beautiful tree!
  8. If I was your Bishop, and you indicated this to me, I'd make sure you had a calling that kept you involved with the missionaries.
  9. Teaching in the Savior's Way

    I realize (now) that since I'm a teacher (Primary) I actually received an e-mail directly from the Church about this new manual! But because I'm so "awesome," I only glanced at it before deleting it. The Deseret News is reporting about it as well. See here. As noted in the article, the Church made a video introducing the new manual--here. (I haven't watched it yet, so maybe it makes clear whether it will be available in print form or not.)
  10. Teaching in the Savior's Way

    Wow! The information I provided was for a completely different item. My apologies, Flameburns.
  11. Teaching in the Savior's Way

    I found a link to the PDF version here: (https://www.lds.org/youth/bc/youth/content/english/learn/guidebook/pdf/10454_000_YCGuidebook.pdf?lang=eng) It's not showing as a printed item on Store.LDS.org (http://store.lds.org/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/AjaxCatalogSearchResultView?storeId=715839595&catalogId=10557&langId=-1&itemsPerPage=10&pageIndex=0&searchTerm=Teaching+the+Savior%27s+Way&submit) And it's not showing on Deseret Book either (https://deseretbook.com/products?utf8=%E2%9C%93&keywords=Teaching+the+Savior%27s+Way&x=0&y=0) If anyone can find it, though, it'll be Calm. :)
  12. Hi, Jim I get your meaning, and I admit that I do have a few books with pictures in them; however, those are actually reserved for those all-too rare moments when my grandchildren want to read with papa. When my grandkids are helping, I seem to do OK with reading comprehension; but since I'm flying solo here on this board, it's entirely possible I've responded to one or two posts ignorantly. Ultimately, if--whether by lack of comprehension or otherwise--I've provoked you to anger then I sincerely apologize.
  13. BYU Honor Code Review

    This is a surprising take on the BYU honor code controversy. The author's perspective is unique: former BYU professor, non-LDS. I tend to agree with him that BYU needs to drop the "collusion" between the Title IX office and the Honor Code Office; but dropping the Honor Code altogether? I don't think so.
  14. BYU Honor Code Review

    No worries. :)