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  1. Such a tragic story. I would love to have attended this.
  2. Okrahomer

    Utah's favorite cookie

    Kindred spirits!
  3. Okrahomer

    Utah's favorite cookie

    One of the few “big” things in the town where I grew up was a VA hospital. In the days before there were any LDS Stakes in Oklahoma, my Dad served as Branch President. Because of that, sometimes my folks would welcome visiting members of the Church into our home whose spouses were being treated at the VA. I will always remember “Sister Carter” who stayed with us for a few weeks while her husband was being treated at the end of his life. Sister Carter was a kind grandmotherly Latter-day Saint, and we were kind of buddies. Sister Carter made Snickerdoodles, and I thought I had never tasted anything so good. Although I might have had a moment or two in the years since when I found chocolate-chipism extremely appealing; deep down, Sister Carter won me over forever. I am a true blue snickerdoodle-ite.
  4. Okrahomer

    Is ldsliving denying Woodruff's journal?

    I see what you did there you northern loyalist you.
  5. Okrahomer

    Why Not Engage the Evidence for Historicity?

    I for one very much appreciate your contributions--especially with respect to your legal insights.
  6. Okrahomer

    LDS Membership Numbers

    My LDS Ward here in northern Utah County is full of recently "out-migrated" Californians; although, the population growth in Utah seems to come from everywhere--i.e., our direct next-door neighbors are from Virginia (LDS) and Georgia (non-LDS) respectively; and from Texas and California directly across the street. But according to this analysis California would be seeing a decline in population were it not for international immigration: "Over the past 20 years, California has experienced its slowest rates of growth ever recorded and an unprecedented migration of residents to other states. From 2006 to 2016, California’s population grew by 9%, which was low for the state and barely higher than the rest of the nation (8%). International migration to California has remained strong over the past 10 years: the state experienced a net inflow of 1.6 million. But about 1.2 million more people left California for other states than came to California from other states. Natural increase—more births than deaths—added 2.8 million residents. Overall, California gained 3.1 million residents over the past 10 years.
  7. Okrahomer

    Father's day

    Happy Father’s Day!
  8. Okrahomer

    The DNA Issue again.

    I wonder if Don Bradley would be someone who at one time rejected historicity; and then later came back to it? I just re-watched this presentation of his at the FairMormon Conference from a couple of years ago. His reasearch into the content and significance of the lost 116 pages changed my thinking about the earliest LDS concepts of temple worship. It seems those concepts did not originate in Nauvoo, but much earlier.
  9. I agree with Orrin Hatch as reported in the Deseret News today: "Civility starts with the words we use," he said. "Whether in person or online, we can be softer in our language, kinder in our actions and stronger in our love. We can combat coarseness with compassion, choosing empathy instead of anger."
  10. You might try the BYU Corpora -- Early English Books Online (EEOB.) It yields 33 instances of the exact phrase “because of the flesh” between 1535 and 1658; and there are 6 instances of the phrase “dwelleth in flesh” between 1566 and 1685. It seems like Google results are much more "proximate" than exact. For example, Google yields references to Adam Clark's 1811 Bible Commentary for "because of the flesh"; however, the phrase is not at all exact (see below): "suffered for us in the flesh, a. u.c. cir.8i3. arm yourse]ves likewise with the mind : for b he that hath suffered in the ... in a state of suffering, the mind loses its relish for the sins of the flesh, and because they are embittered to him through ..."
  11. Thank you! I love that his style is so different from the LDS norm!
  12. Okrahomer

    My one rant about Utah

    Yeah. We've noticed the same thing; however, if your date night is on a Friday, then the Church History Museum is actually open until 9 pm. (Church History Museum Hours: Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.; Saturday 10 am - 5 pm; Closed Sunday.) MoHo