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  1. According to the US Census Bureau, Utah's population crossed the 3 million threshold last year. It also became the fastest growing US state.
  2. Thanks, Duncan. I will.
  3. Yes...I'm fine. I started direct Proton-beam radiation Monday. So far, so good.
  4. Great news! Thanks for sharing it with us. Knowing you won't have to bear this burden somehow makes bearing mine a bit easier.
  5. I really like It is Well with My Soul. The words to this hymn were written by Horatio Spafford. Spafford and his wife Anna had planned to travel in Europe with their 4 daughters, but some last minute business required mother and daughters to sail ahead. A few days into their Atlantic voyage, the ship collided with another ship and was so terribly damaged that it sank in less 15 minutes. Several days later, Horatio received a telegram from his wife: "Saved alone, what shall I do?" Horatio quickly made arrangements to join his grieving wife. He wrote this poem as his ship was passing the location where his daughters had died. The Spaffords eventually had 4 more children and ended up in Jerusalem where they established a kind of religious community known as the American Colony.
  6. Many of us love the personality that comes across in your posts. Count me among them. You're already in my prayers, dear brother.
  7. One of my favorite people in the world is Flemish--i.e., about as "Dutch" as one can be, without actually being Dutch. A wonderful Catholic lady who speaks three languages fluently (Flemish, French and English). I feel like she actually speaks English better than I do! She is prone to "extravagant" nationalism: "French Fries are actually Flemish fries!" And she often makes generalizations like these when she wants us to understand how things "work" in Europe: The English are the most consistent for business. The French are all about their culture. The Finns are just 5 million people in a big forest; and "de Dutch: de Dutch just don't give a damn!" She is also quite tall.
  8. A few years ago, I was traveling by train from Brussels to Amsterdam and struck up an interesting conversation with a college professor from the Netherlands. I had just read an article about the Dutch having the tallest youth in the world. The professor mentioned several theories as to the "cause", but government-sponsored hormonal supplementation was not among them. This Huffington article pretty much mirrors what he told me.
  9. Sorry! I left the pun out! Why did Star Wars episodes 4, 5, 6 come before 1, 2, 3? Because in charge of planning, Yoda was.
  10. If folks are dealing with anything like this, it's no wonder they would need support. I wonder how many alcoholics these people have created with their "Liquor 101" classes?
  11. I don't know if they're taking requests at the moment, Duncan, but I could submit yours and see what happens? "Spiritual homesickness" is an imperfect attempt to describe what defies description--words completely fail us. I agree with Mfbukowski: language cannot convey the experience; nevertheless, I will "say" that for me, the experience has everything to do with Love.
  12. In addition to what Maidservant and Calm have already said, please note the correct spelling is "fulness"--with a single "l". The word "fulness" (with a single "l") does not have the same meaning as the word "fullness" (with two.) Please take a look at this article to gain a better understanding of LDS teaching on this subject.
  13. C.S. Lewis talked a lot about spiritual longing too: "Apparently, then, our lifelong nostalgia, our longing to be reunited with something in the universe from which we now feel cut off, to be on the inside of some door which we have always seen from the outside, is no mere neurotic fancy, but the truest index of our real situation. And to be at last summoned inside would be both glory and honour beyond all our merits and also the healing of that old ache.”