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  1. Okrahomer

    Where Can I Turn for Peace

    The Deseret News reports that a 19-year old BYU student attempted suicide by jumping from the 4th floor of the Tanner Building yesterday. Apparently, there were many horrified students who saw it happen. It has caused a lot of sorrow and soul-searching throughout campus. During his devotional address at BYU today, Elder Bednar indicated that had had been thinking "ceaslessly" since yesterday about this young woman. He quoted from "Where Can I Turn for Peace?"
  2. Okrahomer

    Where Can I Turn for Peace

  3. Okrahomer


    “It’s time for guillotines...We’re sorry, but you at the top all have to die.” Words to live by!
  4. Are you possibly thinking of this David Haglund article in Slate? According Haglund, it was Steve Benson (not Quinn) who supposedly received this information from Elder Oaks (apparently with Elder Maxwell present as well.) "While Packer’s precise involvement remains a matter of dispute, what little is known hints at his interference. After Paul Toscano was excommunicated, Steve Benson, grandson of the then Mormon prophet, met privately with the apostles Dallin H. Oaks and Neal A. Maxwell, and asked them about—among many other things—the rumor that Packer had something to do with it. Oaks said Packer had met with Toscano’s stake president, and acknowledged that this was a mistake. When Benson asked why no one had stopped him, Oaks allegedly replied, “You can’t stage manage a grizzly bear.”
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    Really nice! I don’t know what he’s singing about, but it “feels” soulful and is...at least to me...moving.
  6. Okrahomer


    Some of you may enjoy this delightful rendition of an old Lutheran children’s “morning song.” It’s performed by a German group called “The Payfords”. They use authentic early instruments to embellish their modern take. It has entranced me. “Arise dear little children, the morning star shines brightly, appearing like a hero and illuminating the entire world....ye children should in this star recognize Christ our Lord., Mary’s son, the true refuge, who enlightens us through his word....”
  7. Okrahomer

    The Ongoing Restoration

    I’m not familiar with this, but there is this more recent statement from Elder Ballard: “Remember, the Restoration is not an event, but it continues to unfold.”
  8. Since the article deals with the perils of logical fallacy, why does it cause such a strong negative reaction? How is it not a good thing to be made more aware that such fallacies can be used to manipulate people?
  9. Okrahomer

    LDS Personal Faith Crisis- 2013 study

    Some relevant comments here from a BYU English professor: “Saints” is also created for a worldwide audience. Crowe said he was told the writers were trying to strike about an eighth-grade reading level, which means the book will be an easy read for good readers while remaining accessible to readers in countries with developing literacy.” “Harper said the book is “intensely readable” and will have an “exponentially larger readership than any church history we’ve ever had before”; however, he also recognized there’s a demographic of church members who will never pick it up, and he said how much the book holds readers’ attention is up to them.”
  10. Tad Walch of the Deseret News has been reporting on President Nelson’s tour of South America. His most recent report concerns President Nelson’s interview with Sergio Rubin, Pope Francis’ Argentine- Italian biographer. Some of President Nelson’s statements are highly interesting: “Rubin asked him how he managed to cope with reports of violence: "That is incomprehensible," President Nelson said. "Hatred, violence, murder: All are against the teachings of the Lord." He also called mass shootings "a great offense to God." “He also said that Muslims unfairly suffer discrimination for the bad actions of radicalized Muslims. "They are our brothers and sisters," President Nelson said, "and we don’t like adversarial proceedings between them or us." “On immigration, President Nelson said, "We teach that we should build projects of cooperation instead of fences of opposition," adding, "I don't like fences." ”Rubin asked whether the U.S. Supreme Court might reverse abortion laws, but President Nelson said it appears to be settled law. "I don't see that as a very likely possibility," he said, "but nonetheless we teach our people to have respect for human life from conception to the grave. It's a sacred matter and people offend the Creator when they interfere with his plans, so we strongly support the sacredness of the body. Unfortunately, we're a minority, so... ."
  11. Okrahomer

    Scaling back Church pageants

    BYU Religious Studies: “Pageants also come under the direction of the Missionary Department. The Hill Cumorah, Nauvoo, Manti, Castle Valley, Clarkston, Mesa, and other large pageants receive financial aid for staging, costumes, and support.”
  12. Okrahomer

    Results: 10 day social media fast

    I saw this report on NBC about Colorado teens who have formed a group called “Offline October”. The group formed following 2 consecutive suicides at their school. According to their website, they are encouraging teens to “Don’t Post a Story, Live one” It’s interesting that this idea of taking a break is catching on in other contexts.
  13. You’re in good company: “A fine story this morning in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette by Charlie Frago (sorry, pay wall) about a four-year-old Mormon child denied admission to the private Little Rock Christian Academy because of his religion. Mormon doctrine doesn't align with doctrine of the school, founded by the Bible Church. The parents promised their four-year-old wouldn't proselytize but that didn't bring down the barrier. Carla Emanuel, a school board member, put it rather pungently. She said it was "sneaky" for kids to come in at early ages when children are susceptible to influence.”
  14. Okrahomer

    Muslim crime families in Germany

    The source cited in the article is ARD, one of Germany's oldest and largest broadcasters. Edit to add: ARD's data was updated in this article from Welt in November 2017. The article indicates that SPD crossover vote was actually 500,000;; but more surprising is that 40,000 Green Party members also crossed over to AfD. 2nd Edit to add: Perhaps encouraging is the second graphic in the updated report: 55% of AfD members do not believe AfD has done enough to distance itself from extreme right positions. What I'm getting from all of this is that a majority of AfD voters are somewhat soft in their allegiance. They are currently voting for AfD out of pure protest. If we saw AfD careening further into the extreme right, I think we'd see a massive exit back toward the establishment.
  15. Okrahomer

    Muslim crime families in Germany

    According to this analysis of last year's elections, AfD gained 1.05 million former CDU voters; another 470,000 from the SPD; another 400,000 from the Leftists; and 40,000 from FDP. "Unter den Parteien verlor die CDU mit 1,05 Millionen Stimmen die meisten Wähler an die AfD. Von der SPD wanderten rund 470.000 Stimmen zur AfD, von der Linken rund 400.000 und von der FDP rund 40.000 Menschen."