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  1. You might try this source which Is available in Google Books here. The essay on page 225-242 (Touring Sacred History: The Latter-day Saints and their Historical Sites) includes some estimates.
  2. Thanks for the link, Strappinglad! It's a very interesting article. According to her bio, she got her undergraduate degree from Utah State Univeristy.
  3. Over on the "Rainbow flag..." thread, Five Solas included a link to his church's website. The website includes an interesting discussion about "dead or dying" evangelical congregations in Seattle and how it is basically impossible to revive such congregations. There is an implicit invitation then to forget about your "dead or dying" congregation and come join the new and exciting one. I guess this is known as "church planting" in EV parlance? Whatever it's called, it strikes me as a house of cards: What prevents the "church du jour" from becoming the "church d'hier"? It seems like a popularity contest in which smaller EV congregations get swallowed-up by the latest iteration of the mega church. Perhaps it works for some folks, but I prefer the orderly way it works under the tent of Zion.
  4. Thanks for the tip! We're always looking for good things to read with our grandkids.
  5. We saw "The BFG" this evening and were thoroughly entertained. There is some flatulence humor, and some may not care for it; but, I'm not too ashamed to say that both of us laughed--right out loud. The special effects are amazing, and it's a very nice kind of "lonely child" story.
  6. Why are there 5 syllables in the word "monosyllabic"?
  7. I wanna make a joke about sodium, but Na..
  8. Ha! Thank you, Calm!
  9. These scriptures might help: "God...Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son...Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person..." Hebrews 1:1-3 "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me...he that hath seen me hath seen the Father..." John 14:6,9
  10. The roundest knight at King Arthur's round table was Sir Cumference.
  11. Dang! I'm out of rep points but thanks for the chuckle, Rivers!
  12. Nothing was quite as distressing to me as having my own dear little sister go through a severe bout of manic depression. Since she lives 1,200 miles away, the only thing I could do for her was to pray and to talk to her on the phone--so that's what I did. We talked for hours and hours over the course of a few months. My goal was to reminisce to help her recall that there had been times when she had been happy, and then to try to get her to remember why she had been happy. Eventually, we got to the point where we could remember things/events that had been funny and hilarious to us as children and in fact still are hilarious. So, we started laughing together--we laughed a lot. I don't know if ultimately all our talking served any kind of therapeutic purpose or not. She was also under medical care and took strong medications. It was very difficult to find the right ones and to find the right doses. But eventually things started to even out for her. And after a while, she was able to begin tapering off the meds. She's been completely off now for over 2 years. It's such a blessing to have her kind, loving and laughing spirit in my life. I remember feeling that I would do anything to have her healthy again. Those were intense prayers. I will add you and your sister to my prayers.
  13. I did a google search of LDS meetinghouses in Las Vegas--there are several; however, I see what you mean. It's kind of a black hole right in the center. Las Vegas is an interesting place. One of my LDS cousins raised his family there. I also have some very close LDS friends from Oklahoma who live there. These people absolutely love it there. They say they seldom, if ever, go downtown or anywhere near the strip. Perhaps that explains the black hole?
  14. I do appreciate the candor of the DCC prospectus, and it was interesting to read. I also agree that this topic is worth exploring. I don't however see a problem with the LDS worldview where families are concerned. Smac has pointed toward fairly concrete data that shows that families of all kinds (not just LDS families) find it easier/better to raise their families outside the city. The result is that almost 50% of the population of metro Seattle is single. Since LDS folks tend to marry and have more children than other people, it stands to reason that one will find more of them outside the city than in. When the perception changes and folks begin to see the city as offering more of the things they want for their children, then I think you'll see a shift in where people are living. A more interesting question about the Church's response to urbanization should probably focus on how we serve and fellowship all those single adults who increasingly dominate the urban landscape. One cannot avoid the fact that many of these people have to work very hard to feel welcome and valued in the LDS setting, and far too many of them have given up.
  15. My brother and sister-in-law were also heavily involved in this effort in Madagascar where they served a humanitarian mission. The experience has changed them. They were already some of the best people I have ever known, but there is a new depth of spirituality in them now that was not there before.