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  1. I can see I'll have to dig up Nibley's quotes regarding the Mandeans, and as I recall, his associating them with his Rekhabite concept . . . . as time permits.
  2. But again, and as I recall, Nibley also identified the Mandeans as being in a class he called, Rechabites . . . . a group separate from the Lehite group. And I think he coined the term after the actual Rechabites mentioned in the OT. He has even quoted from some of the Mandean scriptures, which are quite remarkable. I would have to dig it out of his books to give you an exact source. But it's there . . . even if I've conflated the topic somewhat.
  3. As I recall, Hugh Nibley made a connection between the Mandeans living in the southern Iraq marsh provinces with 'Rekhabite' Jews who also fled Jerusalem around the time of the Lehiite out-migration.
  4. Thank heaven for that. You also get varied reactions to one thing or another among different members of the same family that can be surprising.
  5. Actually, I first perceived my experiences I'm alluding to from a phenomenological point of view. Some have been in a religious context. Others not. But they all point to operations outside of the 'natural'. I'm certainly not surprised that you have had similar experiences, and actually believe most people have them to one degree or another. But for those of my experiences that were in a 'religious' context, making the connection to my religion was unavoidable and powerful. Why you would not have the same, being as I assume you are from an LDS background, is a mystery to me.
  6. But I don't think the final word is in about everything that may be encompassed by "natural law". Then you have the concept and apparent reality of 'non-localized space', which has essentially been proven by the experimental results disproving Bell's inequality derived from Bell's Theorem. Finally, you have the utter mystery and enigma of consciousness itself, and the degree that it may partake of what is called the Quantum enigma.
  7. Well, maybe not "way beyond". I was being a tad hyperbolic. But still unusual enough to elevate the stone above the commonplace/ordinary . . . for people such as myself (geology/science background). BTW, the silver ring looks like the front of a clothes drier. They may want to rethink how they display their meteoric rock, as more of the Muslim world advances into modernity. Here is an example of a rock with liesegang banding:
  8. And I can certainly say my unbidden encounter w/the 'numinous' was existentially reorienting for me, as well. I don't know why I have been a recipient of these types of experiences, and others, apparently including you, have not.
  9. Ordinary stone!! Now that really tweaks my geological/mineralogical sensibilities 😉 But you're right, if the two 'devices' God prepared and gave to the Brother of Jared to be used as interpreters were actually " crystalline virtual-state transducers with . . light emitting diode (LED)displays, i.e., semiconductors which emit visible electromagnetic radiation in reponse to simulating voltage", His calling them stones is OK with me. Who am I to argue with God? That being said, I find the seer stone used by Joseph Smith to actually be rather special because it appears to exhibit 'liesegang banding', which elevates it way beyond being a common, everyday stone.
  10. Not quite. It's an element, though it does have impurites added to enhance it's semi-conductor properties. You may be thinking of silica, which is quartz . . . . a mineral and a total or partial composition of many 'stones'.
  11. I was more fortunate. Having direct, unbidden experiences with the supernatural was a major contributing factor in ramping up my faith on the way to full activity in the church. Joseph's seer stones were and are, totally irrelevant to these experiences.
  12. Excellent and thank you. I'm working on something with someone else who may want to contact Don Bradley. Perhaps you could PM me on this info, if you have it.
  13. But if the meaning of 'Gaz-a' means stone, then the ambiguity remains . . . . it could be both. Provided I've read your quote accurately. But even if you were says 'Gaz' means "a stone", this wouldn't change. You could then interpet Gaz+Alaim to mean God as a revelator by means of a stone . . . . which is in keeping with 2 stones being given to the Brother of Jared in order to 'interpret' the unkown writing he was told to write then hide up. Then if you look at the saying that Jesus is the rock or stone of Israel, and the interpretation of the idea that "rock" in Mathew 16:18 has been interpreted as meaning 'the rock of revelation' ( "18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it"), then you add more credence to Gazelem meaning both a person who wielded revelation and the rock by means of how the revelation came . . . . a double meaning. So, how fitting that a code name used by Joseph or the designation given him by the Lord, could mean the 'stone of revelation' . . . . Joseph being preeminently, a 'revelator'.
  14. No. Mere speculation. But if the king Mosiah mentioned in Ether 4:1 is indeed Mosiah 1, the case is strengthened. A Mosiah apparently did get ahold of the secret writings, but which one? Another sub-loose-thread or ambiguity. Still another would be the meaning of Gazelem . . . even in the face of the apparent fact that Gazelem was an early code name used by Joseph Smith . . . . But then, isn't the name 'Morianton Moriancumr' (sp?) supposed to be the actual name of the Brother of Jared??
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