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  1. This tactic works great in dealing with my wife. Highly recommend.
  2. If Masonic legends of tokens and signs going back to antiquity are considered myths created by more modern Masons, what are we to make of statements from early church leaders that the Masons took their signs from the ancient ceremony. That latter narrative seems to accept the antiquity myths as at least party true.
  3. I venture to say the relationship would undoubtedly change (between us and Jesus, and us and the Father) over time. Like the difference between a child (young kid) and his Father, and that same kid as an adult/father and his father.
  4. or the cool mysterious one that no one know anything about but everyone swoons over and wants as their constant companion.
  5. Thanks for the link! Of note in it on this subject is this... "President Joseph Fielding Smith stated emphatically that Jesus Christ was “a God before he was born into this world.” [7] He was like His Father. Analogous to family organization and family roles described in Old Testament culture, we might say that as the Firstborn, Jesus possessed all the rights, interests, and inheritance of the Father. He was the Birthright Son. He was in premortality the inheritor and rightful heir of all the Father possessed. He was the Father’s agent and executor, the “Word,” or “messenger of salvation” (D&C 93:8)." This idea seems to indicated that Jesus is a "special case" in that he was the firstborn spirit and things might go a little differently for firstborns... and later in the article hinting around the the idea that perhaps the intelligences that organized into the spirit child Jesus played a part in why he was firstborn, so it wasn't just a luck-of-the-draw in that being first made Jesus get the birthright.
  6. Is there any information out there on how Jesus could progress to his elevated (even exalted?) state to be considered "God" in the pre-mortal realm, under the assumption that He did not experience a mortal existence yet? Seems counter to Plan of Salvation as needed for the rest of God's spirit children. Can one progress that far pre-mortally and in the presence of the Father that it makes mortality an afterthought? (sort of like the folklore that kids who die before 8 were so righteous in the pre-mortal world that they just needed to come to Earth to get a body). Thanks.
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