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  1. Have to love medical advice by anecdote substituting for real scientific evidence. My cousins brothers nephew is a much better source. CBD and medical marijuana have about as much medical efficacy as your standard MLM miracle substance like the fruit of the Noni or essential oils. Marijuana has a mild analgesic effect and that is about it. Doesn't solve or replace use of opioids. Not the answer to other more effective solutions. Read the book by Alex Barenson, a former NYT Times writer for a fuller explanation. The whole medical marijuana exercise is really just a way to get recreational use legalized. So called medical use of marijuana drops dramatically once recreational is legalized. Youth usage in states where it has been legalized has skyrocketed and psychotic episodes associated with use are very concerning to health professionals. Just waiting for the next Utah Valley MLM to ramp up to sell this miracle cure.
  2. I see background checks as being very ineffective, based on my own experience in large institutions. The background check's primary value is to mitigate an institutions legal liability, not to prevent criminal activity. This phenomenon is the same with sexual harassment training and other such things. Institutions point to the fact that they provided training and therefore it isn't their fault. Identifying potential perpetrators is unlikely. Spending tens of thousands of dollars per congregation per year for a very ineffective report would be a colossal waste of resources. Jb
  3. Keep in mind that DNA tests are Euro -centric in nature due to the fact that the databases are dominated by European DNA samples. Therefore the African ancestry estimates are a bit less precise than others. Found my African ancestry hidden in my genealogy first and then confirmed with DNA. African ancestry in an old-line LDS family was a bit problematic to talk about until recently. My mom still doesn't want to acknowledge it, unfortunately. I think it is both cool and troubling. Jb
  4. Note that I qualified my comment. ...and others... Don't want to exclude anyone based on political beliefs. 🙂
  5. Gotta love the comment used above: "The Church could help by subsidizing or subventing (sic) higher education for members, establishing daycare systems, or the like. Otherwise the decline will continue unabated." Love the arrogance of the Left and others, arguing that if only the government (or the Church in this case) would subsidize child care, make education free or something else, then birthrates will rebound. Fighting the drop in birthrates is like fighting the ocean's tides. Not going to work, as we have seen time and time again in other countries. Many different countries have tried the strategies to increase or just maintain fertility rates that you have suggested to no avail. The Left's favorite countries in Norway, Sweden and Denmark have been pursuing these policies for years with no real impact on the decline in birthrates. All of these countries have birthrates well below replacement rates. Singapore has been pursuing other strategies, including paying direct subsidies per child to parents to no avail as birthrates are still very low. Same with Japan (with a population in general decline). China is panicking as their birthrates are now well below replacement and worries about having enough workers to support industry and pension systems loom in the next decade or so. Replacement fertility rate is 2.1 to keep the population even. The US average is about 1.8. Only reason population in US is growing is because of immigration. Utah's fertility rate is about 2.3, barely above replacement rate. Church growth will slow accordingly (I would guess active LDS fertility rate is higher than 2.3 as the non-LDS population probably mirrors the US average of 1.8, but still much lower than in the past). But, you say, what about Latin America membership? Doesn't Donald Trump say the hordes are coming from Latin America? Latin America's birth rates have also dropped precipitously as well over the past decade and are below 3.0 and closing in on 2.1. Growth there will drop as well from Church members and new member recruitment. The only places with high birth rates left in the world are in the MIddle East and Africa. Birthrates there will eventually drop as urbanization increases, government programs replace parents reliance on their children to take care of them and infant mortality drops. Demographic trends show that Church growth will slow along with general population growth, unless some awesome missionary program increases productivity of the proselyting effort (which is unlikely in my opinion). Demographics will drive the future of the world and the Church. Just my opinion. jb
  6. This has been happening for many years. Only difference is this event was noticed by the press. Russian police routinely shake down missionaries for bribes. If not paid, the police shut down meeting places for 'fire code' violations or detain the missionaries and confiscate passports for some technical reason. In this case someone probably was not paid off properly. Abandoning the good people (and members) of Russia because of harassment is not a solution to this problem.
  7. When I was a kid our chapel podium had a red and yellow light controlled by a switch on the Bishops chairs armrest. Yellow: finish up. Red: Stop! Wish we had one of those now.
  8. I get a chuckle out of assertions that Joseph wasn't a polygamist by the Snufferites (followers of Denver Snuffer). They follow the claims of Joseph Smith III and the Reorganites that Joseph was a committed monogamist (CoC now agrees Joseph was not a monogamist as I understand it now). Denouncing Brigham Young and the following prophets as being apostate is the Snufferites bread and butter. The reason I find this so funny is that the Snufferites are former/current members of the mainstream LDS Church and claim their priesthood authority from the same line. They claim Brigham and the Church were fallen and wrong but still claim Brigham and the Church had the authority to bestow the priesthood and temple ordinances upon them and their ancestors until some magical recent time (the excommunication date of Denver Snuffer, as I understand it). Snufferites tend to favor numerology (citing 100 years or 25 years or whatever from some event to tie to a current event to show the hand of the Lord) and like to cite their descent from the prophet Joseph or Hyrum as part of their credentials. The OP sure sounds like one of Snuffer's acolytes that I know who is a descendant of Hyrum Smith.
  9. Cause and effect with an eight year delay? Protests didn't occur in mid 1970's so I don't know that this event had any impact at all, IMO. Not that I supported the ban or support the reasons given right now as to why it was in place. Mostly due to racism embedded within the Church.
  10. Sounds like you folks haven't been to the Conference Center in a while. Metal detectors and bag searches have been going on for years at every major meeting or event in the Conference Center. Only change this year from prior years is reducing the allowed bag size, disallowing food other than water and not holding bags in storage during the meetings. I have a good friend who is a service missionary and participates in the searches. They usually find at least one or two concealed handguns in addition to quite a few knives at every general conference during the searches. My favorite story he told about finding interesting things was when he found a handgun on a lady in a wheelchair at general conference (yes, they search people in wheelchairs). Most of the offending parties forget they have the weapon and accidentally carry into the meeting.
  11. Find it rather interesting that someone who has made it clear that they don't believe in God (or anything supernatural) believes we should annoint a pop singer as a prophet. Can one not believe in God but believe in prophecy, as it is usually defined in this forum?
  12. Dan Reynold's is a prophet? Is that because he is scratching your itchy ears? Dan loves to roll out the 'returned missionary' and active/devout Mormon tag in the many different interviews he has given since before and after the documentary was released at Sundance (sort of like the former Bishop hunger striker likes to do). Let's take a look at his devoutness in his own actions: Dan has mentioned several times in interviews promoting his documentary how he was 'shamed' by the Church and BYU for having premarital sex with his girlfriend. He was apparently suspended from going to BYU for a while as a result. He specifically points how how wrong this action was and how natural and beautiful sexual relations are between two heterosexual people, even if they are unmarried. Haven't heard any prophets promoting the dismantling of the law of chastity while at the same time announcing their new enlightenment for the ignorant Mormon masses. But perhaps Dan is part of a 'new wave' of prophets? Here is one of the quotes mentioning this (from the 'Ellen' Show): Apparently feeling shame or guilt over sin is so passe now with the enlightened prophet Dan Reynolds. These are Dan's own words folks, not mine. I've been accused elsewhere of being uncharitable for bringing up these quotes, apparently because I don't agree with Dan's prophesies like his followers. Do whatever you want as long as a pop star approves. Yep, the secret to lasting happiness. People who claim to have a great vision of what others should do will have their own words examined for consistency with their claimed adherence to a belief system. jb
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