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  1. Millions of people also believe that there is no God. Does that doctrine have "root in truth" as well?
  2. That's a lot of hypotheticals. It would mean the rejection of this scripture: 1 In the acelestial glory there are three bheavens or degrees; 2 And in order to obtain the ahighest, a man must enter into this border of the cpriesthood [meaning the dnew and everlasting covenant of emarriage]; 3 And if he does not, he cannot obtain it. 4 He may enter into the other, but that is the end of his kingdom; he cannot have an aincrease. (D&C 131)
  3. “For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?“ Luke 14:28 🙂
  4. So you're saying that our leaders are pretending to be led by God? If that's what you're saying that sounds like a pretty serious charge to be leveling by one who wasn't a participant or witness to the events.
  5. No, there is not. What we do is near the end of the mission (a few months) the parents will usually get with a clerk or a member of the bishopric and determine how much "extra" there is in that missionaries account. The parents will then adjust there last few donations based on this.
  6. That may be an incentive not to take it
  7. I don't think the church has said how long the seeking will take. Some may find immediately. For others it may be the journey of a lifetime (or beyond).
  8. Satan is doing a great job of separating youth from those who can help them.
  9. The first place to start looking is at your assumptions.
  10. The solution then would seem to be to break aware from the priesthood organization that the Lord has established and chart our own course.
  11. A counselor in the bishopric presides in the bishops absence. Someone who doesn't hold a priesthood office could not do this. A non priesthood office holder could not set apart anyone for a calling. This would put more upon the bishop and the other counselor. These are the first two things I can think of off the top of my head.
  12. I understand that information is important. If there is special information that any ward leader comes upon it should be communicated to the bishop, he shouldn't have to ask for it. In my experience: Bishops do consult with other ward leaders when specific questions arise. Others may not be aware of all communication. Bishops are generally more aware of what is going on in the lives of members of the ward than organization presidents.
  13. But the relief society president has no stewardship for those callings. The bishop has stewardship for everyone in the ward. While he may consult another ward leader in some cases, I don't see why a discussion of a calling in YW would need to involve the RS.
  14. In general I think that practice of limiting the discussion to those who have the appropriate stewardship is wise. There may be times when specific conversations with another leader is appropriate, and I have seen bishops do this.
  15. Are you talking about, for example, relief society callings being made without a recommendation from the relief society president?
  16. You're turning it into a power thing? I guess you're ok with the young men blessing the sacrament for the young women. How about passing it to them?
  17. It's not easy to see at first, but if you stare at it for a few hours you start seeing things.
  18. Groomed is starting to be one of those words that is used far too often. If a word gets used to much people start tuning it out. Jana Riess has her own agenda which is very evident in her writing.
  19. How do you know they didn't?
  20. It's very tempting to assign something from general conference to the next speaker. There are many things taught that are worth repeating and not everyone that is in the pews on Sunday watches conference. It has to be a good speaker thought, or they just end up reading the talk.
  21. The original speaker usually gives the talk much better than the person recapping recaps it. Might as well just watch the original again
  22. The length of church is policy. I don't think anyone would argue that policy has changed and will continue to change. Not sure how the change in the length of time we spend in church on Sunday could signify changes in doctrines such as priesthood ordination. ?
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