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  1. ksfisher

    And now, Gina Colvin faces a Disciplinary Council.

    It's seems to be a pretty good summary of everything I've ever read of hers. I'm not sure why I read it, but I'm also the kind of person who slows down for a car crash.
  2. ksfisher

    And now, Gina Colvin faces a Disciplinary Council.

    New post on patheos by Colvin dated yesterday. https://www.patheos.com/blogs/kiwimormon/2018/12/when-the-lds-church-disciplines-a-woman/ Interesting paragraph here: "I have certainly made no secret of the fact that I have never had a testimony of Church Presidents or General Authorities or the hierarchy, or the patriarchy, or the corporate operations of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that is as bright or lovely as my testimony and love for Jesus Christ. In fact, I’ve spent years arguing against spiritual abuse as seen in the power-posturing; The idolatry of Presidents; The authoritarianism; The whitewashing; The gagging; The expectations of blind obedience to poor policy; The American cultural imperialism; The Patriarchy or my antipathy for poor leaders who weigh the people down spiritually."
  3. The Tribune does go out of it's way to promote stories that cast the church in a negative light. Right now 3 of the 6 headline stories on it's webpage concern the church in one way or another. All are critical in one way or another. In my observation this is in no way uncommon and typical of how the Tribune sells itself. You can pretty much be guaranteed of reading something critical of the church every day in the Trib. However, the current story linked to from the Trib home page is shorter than the story you link to from the Deseret News and lists only one resource, rather than the four in the Deseret News article, available to students. Even more minimalist than the Deseret News minimalist article.
  4. I'm not sure how you can say the reporting is a "nothing to see here approach." Right after noting how tragic the event was the report spends the next third of the article writing about 4 different ways that students can get help.
  5. ksfisher

    Is the Bible self-authenticating?

    You see, this is where you go all wrong. Charles Batchelor, for example, was a Batchelor both befoe and after he married Rosanna Donohue. I haven’t done the research, but I expect that something similar could also be said for his father James. https://www.ancestry.com/genealogy/records/charles-batchelor_60667761
  6. ksfisher

    That Deadpool Poster

    Imitation is the sincerest form...and all that.
  7. ksfisher

    Appropriate music for Sacrament mtg

    Silent Night is what you're looking for then (with an emphasis on the silent).
  8. ksfisher

    Appropriate music for Sacrament mtg

    What's your instrument? If it's the accordion O Holy Night would seem appropriate. (and appropriate for violin as well)
  9. That's a strange phrase to use. Members of the high council participating in a council are neither prosecutors or defenders. While half of the high council is “to stand up in behalf of the accused, and prevent insult and injustice” (D&C 102:17) they are not charged with acting in defense of the accused.
  10. ksfisher

    In case it turns out you are wrong...

    To who?
  11. ksfisher

    In case it turns out you are wrong...

    It's not controversial, it's just that the hypothetical is so far out of the realm of mortal human experience that I don't think anyone could really say how they would or would not react.
  12. It's not without past precedent, but I think calling it a council rather than a court is more helpful in understanding it's function and purpose. From what I scanned of it the information is still good. I imagine that whenever the manual is redone it will be changed. True However in this case terminology has changed and for the better in my opinion. However, to make a probably unnecessary point, we don't use the 1830 version of the Book of Mormon any more. Where errors made by the printer or in transcription have been found and deemed necessary to change the text has been changed. The title of the book was even change to The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ to better help us understand the purpose of the book.
  13. Because they are called disciplinary councils in Handbook 1. Your first link is from a 1981 manual. Your second from a 1975 article.
  14. Nehor is correct. This is a council, not a court. The members of the council counsel together as to the proper course which should be taken. The purpose of church disciplinary councils are threefold: 1) To save the souls of transgressors 2) To protect the innocent 3) To safeguard the integrity of the church It could be argued that all three come into play in this case. Members of the church, especially endowed members of the church, have made covenants with God. These covenants, which members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe to be eternal in nature, are taken seriously both by God and by the church. In many cases it is merciful to release an individual from the conditions of these covenants through excommunication. If a member of the church is as dissatisfied with the church as Bill Reel seems to be, it would seem best that he be released from the covenants he has made.