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  1. My observation is that there are posters who are prone to give out opinions as though they were facts. In such cases it would seem appropriate to ask for a CFR. We should be careful to differentiate in our post when we are stating fact and when we are giving our opinion.
  2. Thinking about it, that would take a lot of work getting that much cement inside a building. Even mixing it in the font.
  3. I don’t know. What’s the life of a tablet? 5 years maybe? How often would a hymn book be updated. I wouldn’t think more than once every 10-15 years.
  4. Absolutely it can be taken away if the law is changed. It can't be taken away in a way that discriminates based on the organizations viewpoints. Hopefully we'll never get to a point when the government is taking the donations I give the the United Way or The Church or whomever.
  5. As well as donations to the Catholic Church, the Audubon Society, the United Way, the Libertarian Party, the Kidney Foundation, etc, etc, etc. So?
  6. Cheaper to print hymn books.
  7. There is nothing in the constitution that prohibits religious organizations from engaging in public discourse. Religious and charitable organizations have traditionally been valued for their positive contributions to society. Holding a tax exempt status allows those organizations to concentrate on their mission, rather than earning money to pay taxes. I support this. Charitable organizations are financed by free will donations. If you were, for example, to donate to United Way, Catholic charities, or the fast offering fund would you want a portion of that donation to go to the government?
  8. Wasn't saying you couldn't. Just interested It can. The government has chosen not to tax religious organizations. I would not, personally, call this a subsidy. Why? Why should religion not have a voice in the public sphere?
  9. Why? Why are you singling out religion and not other tax-exempt organizations?
  10. You would then place limits on churches constitutional rights?
  11. I'm not sure I understand what you're saying here. Churches are free to speak and preach as they want, you say, but you don't want them playing politics. How would you define playing politics? Would you prohibit a church from speaking on a political issue that affects the members of that church?
  12. Why is it wrong for a religious organization to get involved in politics? Corporations can. Why should religious organizations be punished for exercising their constitutional rights? As long as a religious organization does not support specific candidates it can exercise it's right to free, political speech and remain tax exempt.
  13. But they can support, promote, or oppose political ideas. A church can engage in free, political speech.
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