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  1. Spiritual hubris

    I have a firm testimony that, just as we are asked to sustain our leaders, that the Lord sustains them also. I know that the Lord inspires my wards bishop. I've seen it happen. I don't think you can know the answer to your question until you've walked in the shoes of that person.
  2. I'm not saying that members don't have concerns. I'm saying that if the teacher in that class made the priesthood ban the subject of the lesson then the purpose of the lesson was not fulfilled.
  3. What you've said is great is the purpose of the lesson was to learn about the priesthood ban. However, it was not. The purpose was "To show class members that the Lord continues to guide the church through revelation to latter-day prophets, seers, and revelators."
  4. This seems like an apples to oranges comparison. Especially since you're comparing current LDS policies with 19th century American culture. I have a grandfather who was baptized in 1908 a few days before his 8th birthday. I have a great-grandmother who was married in Indiana around the same time at the age of 15. There were no Mormons or shotguns at the wedding. Times change. You cannot compare current church policies with 19th century culture.
  5. You can trust someone without believing they are infallible. I've always trusted my parents to have my best interests in mind when they've given me advice, but I recognize that they don't know everything.
  6. The purpose of the lesson was not to dispel false notions. The stated purpose was " To show class members that the Lord continues to guide the Church through revelation to latter-day prophets, seers, and revelators." https://www.lds.org/manual/doctrine-and-covenants-and-church-history-gospel-doctrine-teachers-manual/lesson-42-continuing-revelation-to-latter-day-prophets?lang=eng
  7. It appears, from the pictures, that a little more than material from the essays was used.
  8. As I wasn't there I can make no judgement as to what was or what wasn't appropriate for that particular lesson in that particular class. In general though, I have seen teachers re-purpose lessons to teach what they want to teach. We are all probably guilty of this to a greater or lessor extent in lessons we've taught in the past. But when we do that we run the risk of loosing focus on what should be taught. As I said earlier, if faith was not increased and the doctrine of the kingdom was not taught then the lesson did not fulfill it's purpose.
  9. I said "if." As I don't know the specifics of that particular class I was speaking in general terms.
  10. History is a basis for many church lessons. It should, however, not be the focus. And yes, I do think that when history is being taught that it should be as accurate as possible. But if obtaining that accuracy overshadows other aspects of the lesson then I think we have lost focus. The stated purpose of the lesson in question was "To show class members that the Lord continues to guide the church through revelation to latter-day prophets, seers, and revelators." (I'm assuming it was gospel doctrine lesson 42 being taught.) While some background into the priesthood ban would be helpful, if that history becomes the dominant feature of the lesson then focus on the purpose of the lesson has been lost.
  11. According to the church these are the two purposes of Sunday School 1. Strengthen individuals’ and families’ faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through teaching, learning, and fellowshipping. 2. Help Church members “teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom” (D&C 88:77) at church and at home. https://www.lds.org/handbook/handbook-2-administering-the-church/sunday-school?lang=eng I would ask if a lesson such as this would accomplish those goals. Was faith increased? Was "the doctrine of the kingdom" taught. If not then the Sunday School hour just turns into a history lesson (at best).
  12. Baptism ceasing? NT Scholars

    Whether it’s a “real” ox or the reflection of an ox in a mirror it’s still the same thing. Your eye sees 12 oxen.
  13. Spiritual self reliance

    The counsel to rely on ones self, then family, and then the church has not changed. "When Church members are doing all they can to provide for themselves but cannot meet their basic needs, generally they should first turn to their families for help. When this is not sufficient or feasible, the Church stands ready to help." (Handbook 2 6.1.1) https://www.lds.org/handbook/handbook-2-administering-the-church/welfare-principles-and-leadership?lang=eng
  14. CH1 Now online for all membership

    It is birth control, I didn’t mean to imply it wasn’t. But it is a form that, after the proceedure, takes away your options. Other forms of birth control allow the couple to decide, to have a child at a later point. That is the difference.