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  1. ksfisher

    Left Hand

    I’m not sure how this relates to a member of the congregation wearing gloves while partaking of the sacrament.
  2. ksfisher

    Left Hand

    Really? I’ll ask the person who is the better speaker to go second, regardless of whether they are male or female.
  3. ksfisher

    Left Hand

    Was it polite to take off hats and gloves in the chapel? Cleanliness? How often were gloves washed? I imagine understanding more of the etiquette of the time would be helpful.
  4. He said that research was not "the" answer. He didn't say that research wasn't a answer (among others), or part of the answer, just that it wasn't "the" answer.
  5. ksfisher

    New Study leaving social media makes you happier

    Those who can't do teach.
  6. Thank you for the summary. I doubt I’ll read the entire thing as my tastes usually run toward non-fiction.
  7. ksfisher


    Elder Bednar was ordained an apostle when he was 52. President Oaks was 52. President Nelson 62. Elder Holland was called to the 1st Quorum of the 70 at 49.
  8. ksfisher

    the word "Missionary" origin?

    Origin of missionary From the New Latin word missiōnārius, dating back to 1635–45. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/missionary
  9. ksfisher


    Which programs are being discontinued? And were those programs central to the mission of the church? I've been to maybe 2 pageants in my life. They were nice, but I can't say they've had any impact in my life.
  10. ksfisher


    They receive a stipend. Otherwise they could not afford to leave their jobs and homes behind and dedicate themselves to serving full time. I guess it could be looked at as pay, but the point of the money is to allow the person to serve the Lord full time and not have to continue working in the private sector.
  11. ksfisher

    Shrinking pains

    I think that for some people this is the only time in the month when they have people that listen to them and they can feel a sense of importance. This can be especially true, I've noticed, for people who live alone. I don't mind them taking some time. I don't, however, like the whispering in children's ears. The handbook rightly points out that primary is the place for children to learn to share their testimonies.
  12. ksfisher


    The majority of a wards expenses do not come out of the ward budget. Consider who pays for the following: Electricity Heating in the winter AC in the summer Parking lot snow removal Grounds maintenance (lawn, trimming trees, etc) Cleaning supplies Building maintenance (interior things like plumbing, exterior paint, rain gutters, etc) Computer equipment Televisions, copiers and the maintenance for them Graffiti removal (about every other month we seem to get some) Elevator maintenance (our went down on a Saturday once, it was fixed that day and ready for Sunday, how much do elevator repairmen charge on a Saturday?) I'm sure there are other costs that I've missed. The point being that much, much more of individual members tithing flows back to the ward than just what we see in the ward budget
  13. ksfisher


    From Handbook 2, 13.2.8 “Stake and ward budget funds should be used to pay for all activities, programs, and supplies. Members should not pay fees to participate. Nor should they provide materials, supplies, rental or admission fees, or long-distance transportation at their own expense. Activities in which members provide food may be held if doing so does not place undue burdens on them.” The section does go on to lost some exceptions, namely scout and girls camps, for which members may be asked to pay out of pocket.
  14. ksfisher

    Recording meetings and Sunday school

    Why is your ward doing this?
  15. ksfisher

    What is love?

    I like Ryan O'Neill's response to Barbra Streisand when she says that line to him in "What's Up Doc?" "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard."