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  1. Here’s an interesting quote I found. Can’t vouch for the author, the veracity, or implication of it, but it’s interesting. ”Judas Iscariot, chosen by Jesus as treasurer, appears to be the only disciple who struggled continually with financial insecurity.” https://www.allaboutjesuschrist.org/occupations-of-the-12-disciples-faq.htm
  2. The double command - don't eat

    There is realizing something and realizing the significance of it. An young child can run around naked and not care.
  3. Science sometimes contradicts the Gospel

    One up for this point.
  4. The double command - don't eat

    I wonder if it is significant that a woman, and women mature sexually earlier than men, was the first to partake of the fruit.
  5. This is your opinion of bishops?
  6. How was freedom of religion used to justify the holocaust?
  7. Elder Uchtdorf: Progressive?

    "Many questions in life, however, including some related to same-gender attractions, must await a future answer, even in the next life," Uchtdorf said. "Until then, the truth is, God loves all his children, and because he loves us, we can trust him and keep his commandments." The bolded above seems pretty plainly stated.
  8. It does not seem unreasonable to expect that if two adults were to sit down and have a conversation, and one wanted to record the conversation, that that person would ask for the consent of the other. It would seem both proper and polite.
  9. This would seem to be an a priori assumption on your part. One which is not shared by the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
  10. As part of the post-conference process, all general conference talks go through correlation. There may have been a few suggestions made by the correlation committee that President Packer chose to incorporate into the printed version of his talk.
  11. Handbook 2 20.1.1 Participation in Ordinances and Blessings Only brethren who hold the necessary priesthood and are worthy may perform an ordinance or blessing or stand in the circle. https://www.lds.org/handbook/handbook-2-administering-the-church/priesthood-ordinances-and-blessings?lang=eng Nothing is mentioned in the handbook about how one would demonstrate that one is worthy to stand in the circle and that one holds the appropriate priesthood. Other than the person acting as voice I've never seen anyone ask the other brethren for recommends.
  12. Handbook 2 20.1.3 Performing an Ordinance or Blessing in Another Ward To act as voice when naming and blessing a child, baptizing or confirming a person, ordaining a person to a priesthood office, or dedicating a grave, a priesthood holder who is outside his own ward should show the presiding officer a current temple recommend or a Recommend to Perform an Ordinance form that is signed by a member of his bishopric. https://www.lds.org/handbook/handbook-2-administering-the-church/priesthood-ordinances-and-blessings?lang=eng#20.1.3 Handbook 1 is the exact same wording.
  13. Priesthood Superpower

    This seems like a pretty good definition: The priesthood is the eternal power and authority of God. Through the priesthood God created and governs the heav- ens and the earth. Through this power He redeems and exalts His children, bringing to pass “the immortality and eternal life of man” (Moses 1:39). https://www.lds.org/bc/content/shared/content/english/pdf/language-materials/36863_eng.pdf
  14. No more missionary splits?

    Because you went out of your way to criticize President Nelson when the thread has nothing to do with him.
  15. No more missionary splits?

    Was there really any need to put down the prophet?