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  1. ksfisher

    Temple Recommend Questions

    You really don't seem to like members of the church very much.
  2. ksfisher

    Temple Recommend Questions

    Jesus was the source of the law, the great high priest, and thus the ultimate authority on what was sin or wasn't. You're welcome to your opinions. I would imagine that all of us could be more kind and loving towards all, but I don't find your blanket judgement of the church or its leaders justified. The church is led by revelation from God. It is He to whom are leaders are answerable and whose example they follow. We are always learning and growing, but again, I don't see your blanket condemnation of church leadership as justified.
  3. ksfisher

    Temple Recommend Questions

    You can engage with people while still protecting yourself form the evils of the world. Christ is an example of this. He dinned with sinners, but He did not participate in any sinful activity. He also took time away from teaching the masses to spend time with and privately teach His apostles. He also took time to be alone and pray. Likewise, we live in a secular world. We spend all day working around people who are not of our faith. We send missionaries to teach the gospel to all who will hear them, regardless of what sins they may or may not have committed in their lives. We organize branches of the church in prisons and that serve homeless shelters. We engage with all, but we do not participate in sinful activity. Spiritual strength gained from standing in holy places, such as our homes, meeting houses, as well as temples helps us be "in the world, but not of the world." We do need to keep ourselves and our families safe, but nowhere is it taught that we should hide from the world.
  4. ksfisher

    Words of Joseph Smith

    You understand that this is from notes written by someone else and not written by Joseph Smith.
  5. How so? I would use the words almost interchangeably.
  6. I believe that worthiness is the main qualifier to be a witness of Christ. Do they need to be good at working with people, yes. Capable administrators qualified to run a global church, yes. But first and foremost they need to be examples of righteous living.
  7. ksfisher

    Utah Highest Sex Abuse Rate

    I don't think that is really an issue. More of a problem to me is in a worthiness interview that a youth may be inclined to say what they think their parents want to hear rather that what they should say.
  8. ksfisher

    Temple Recommend Questions

    That's not what I was meaning. Joseph was unaware of the necessary ordinances as they had not yet been revealed to him. Later revelation.
  9. I'm not sure I understand what you're meaning.
  10. ksfisher

    Temple Recommend Questions

    A vision need not necessarily be in the "now." Section 138 of the Doctrine & Covenants relates Joseph F Smith seeing the Savior organized the teaching of the dead in between the time of his crucifixion and resurrection. Both John and Nephi were given visions of things that would happen.
  11. ksfisher

    Temple Recommend Questions

    Agreed that God works in the lives of all his children. However, the necessary priesthood authority necessary to act in the name of God for the salvation of those children is invested only the in Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That is the purpose of the church.
  12. ksfisher

    Temple Recommend Questions

    I recognize that that is the reality of the situation as far as those who are not members of the church are concerned. However, a person who is a member of the church and is seeking entrance into the house of the Lord to participate in some of the most sacred aspect of the gospel should have a different point of view. For that person not recognize the universality of the priesthood would be a fundamental misunderstanding of the power and authority of God given to his servants on earth.
  13. ksfisher

    Elder Oaks

    These questions and more are discussed with Dr. Brian Simmons in this episode of the Ask a Mormon Lesbian Podcast Perhaps in the future general conference will include a rebuttal time after each apostle speaks.
  14. ksfisher

    Temple Recommend Questions

    I think that it would misunderstanding of priesthood keys, and the very nature of the priesthood itself, to imagine that they only function within one church.
  15. ksfisher

    Temple Recommend Questions

    The priesthood keys necessary to govern the church are jointly held by the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. The president of the church is the only one authorized to exercise those keys. Upon the death of the president the First Presidency is dissolved, but the keys are not lost, as they are held by the apostles. When a new president is set apart he is then authorized the exercise those keys. There is no record of precisely which, is any, priesthood keys were held by the Nephite disciples or even how they functioned. Comparing the global church of today with that of 2000 years ago is not possible.