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  1. Thanks for the update. It is under investigation by the church.
  2. Where did the Book of Mormon come from?

    Thank you for revealing the truth. To draw a parallel with Joseph is, at best, very deceptive.
  3. Really, and you know this... how? I think this is a fantasy of someone who is very ill. You are spreading gossip and that is a fact.
  4. Perhaps already asked, but has this audio been authenticated? There are some things here that simply do not ring true
  5. Where did the Book of Mormon come from?

    We are examining the logic of an argument. If the supernatural is not a valid argument, then you are in the wrong forum. Examining the possibility of the supernatural is within the bounds of the forum, but a logical fallacy is not. If logical fallacies are acceptable as valid arguments, then I am in the wrong forum. "They both have the name Smith, therefore..... He lived in the proximity ... therefore....."
  6. Where did the Book of Mormon come from?

    How old was Joseph Smith when he left his many years of studies at Dartmouth and extensively exploring the library to move to Palmyra? I assume you can document JS studies in these languages -- his acquaintances would certainly mention his expertise in these languages. What was the profession and financial status of the father of this Smith who learned these languages to allow him the time to gain fluency in multiple languages -- rather than selling refreshments and manual labour. When you say "teenager", how old was this Smith person when he was knowledgeable in multiple languages? Did this also include EmodE? The devil is in the details, as they say.
  7. Where did the Book of Mormon come from?

    Linguistics was a major topic of discussion among the farmers of upstate NY in 1820's, and he made a concentrated effort to impress them. The library at Palmyra obviously had an international reputation to have all of those books that the critics claim that he had read. When did he have time to do his treasure digging with reading all those books?
  8. Is Mormonism Dying?

    The ward clerk refused to order it since she was not in the ward. I called the membership dept and suggested they look at the problem.
  9. Is Mormonism Dying?

    It gets worse. I know the address of an inactive member, and told the ward clerk. But we did not have her record and he had no way to report the new address to the church. The only way is to transfer the ward's record to the new ward.
  10. Is Mormonism Dying?

    I was going to post this, but I suspect that many of you would misunderstand. So I didn't.
  11. Where did the Book of Mormon come from?

    Sin cd you are calling yourself as a witness, tell us your experience in reading and studying the Book of Mormon. How often have you read and studied the entire book. Have you found anything that was special to you personally -- specific verses or chapters Are there any verses that you have memorized to guide you in your life, or was your experience totally devoid of any spiritual meaning. Have you had a conversation with God -- has He spoken to you through he Spirit, or anything that you could call a relationship with Heavenly Father in any specific circumstances -- in church, with personal prayer, etc. Perhaps your opinion is based on a personal issue, rather than with the book itself.
  12. For someone just starting a business from concept, see he latest episode on shedwool.com
  13. What Other Message Boards Do You Like?

    I'm pretty sure it was someone at FairMormon who told me about it.
  14. What Other Message Boards Do You Like?

    I understand that there is an organization affiliated with the church that sponsors the infrastructure for LDS boards -- hardware, software.