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  1. What is so special about your shoes that makes you so brilliant? Reminds me of some of the criticisms about the church == e.g. the "change" in the name of the church. "They tried this years ago. It didn't work then and won't work now." 👀
  2. cdowis

    Another Crazy Thread From Cdowis

    Is that the royal "we"? I think we need another thread on that subject.
  3. cdowis

    Another Crazy Thread From Cdowis

    What if there is no bias at all, and I speak from personal experience. In fact I am one of a group of individuals who knew nothing about Joseph Smith nor the Book of Mormon, who did not pray for truth but was confronted in no uncertain terms that it was true after having an unexpected, unanticipated personal spiritual experience. https://youtu.be/d96c3dzZBmA
  4. cdowis

    Silk in Ancient MesoAmerica

    No problem. I agree that Nephites lived in the land northward. Too bad the Book of Mormon makes little mention of them. Not even a footnote about the famous warrior Zelph. 👀
  5. cdowis

    Silk in Ancient MesoAmerica

    1. "chinese ocean voyages " 2. Circa 3000 BCE -- Silk cloth produced in China
  6. cdowis

    Silk in Ancient MesoAmerica

    ok, I have heard of that, but that falls under the category of a horse is not a horse. I was looking at a really interesting possibility.. What if ....... our assumptions are incorrect..
  7. Silk -- any suggestions? 😎
  8. cdowis

    Another Crazy Thread From Cdowis

    >>If course all languages evolve You missed my point, didn't you. You know that and I know that .....but......are you are admitting that there is an unexpected, unexplained level of complexity and sophistication in the "book delivered by an angel"== linguistics? Really?? Did you listen to the video?
  9. cdowis

    Another Crazy Thread From Cdowis

    You have just proven my point. YOUR assumption is based on some country hick who wrote the BOM, so it would be very simplistic in its narrative. Jews from Jerusalem..... Hebrew, of course. You country hick assumption excludes the possibility of a very intricate narrative that over the centuries, their language evolved, with the influence of the language of their neighbors. A unique language unknown to the rest of the world. It excludes the use of authentic ancient Egyptian names.which impressed a noted Egyptologist. Spend some times here and re-examine your assumptions.
  10. cdowis

    Another Crazy Thread From Cdowis

    1. Outside review of a book "delivered by an angel" "All the tools of the academy for evaluating history" Please give us the names of outside reviewers who accept the possibility of the existence of angels and their appearance outside of the Biblical record. Those who have done an extensive examination of the text of the Book of Mormon for what would be acceptable for such evidence. For example, how would you identify an authentic Nephite jade necklace? Who would decide the unclear issues on such evidence == e.g. "linguistic" -- what language does he BOM claim was the vernacular of the Nephites, geographical location, etc 2. Peer review== Are you serious. And who would you suggest to be the members of such a review board== certainly those those who are intimately familiar with the text of the BOM and have the appropriate scientific credentials. I assume you have such a list available of those acceptable to the "outsiders". 3. "anthropological" Give us a list of extant written records from the Pre-classical era to give us a broad perspective of their society. ++Just start with the issue of identification as a beginning++
  11. cdowis

    Another Crazy Thread From Cdowis

    Be patient ==>> Hint #1 It's not "just a feeling"
  12. How do you answer this question from a viewer? Street Epistemology: Elder Macedone | I know the Book of Mormon is true