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  1. You are so predictable. And so is my response. Does the Bible, or any other book, make such a claim, that God Himself will testify that it is His word. The game changer is Moroni 10:4-5 It would be nice if we could put the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments on display and authenticate them How about the Ark of he Covenant, Noah's Ark, Moses staff that changes into a serpent, for example.
  2. Thank you. have had several instances where my family have been protected == twice from tornados, drowning, and now earthquake.
  3. Amazing. Inconceivable. Almost the entire state of Florida moved north to Georgia. And Mexico City! After the earthquake, my daughter's entire apartment building was among many others that had to be evacuated -- alot of people have nowhere to go. She is unable to communicate with the school where she works. I assume that the church buildings are in good shape, since they are built to earthquake standards.
  4. "I like to look for rainbows" says it all. It appears she is certainly getting her wish. She'll hang out in the church for awhile, trying to infect the youth with her rainbows, until she steps over the line. She will hold a press conference following the "court of love". Yawn
  5. They have a paid ministry, I suppose they pass the plate like other Protestant churches, they lost members back when they made those major changes, so I suppose the Kirtland temple is next.
  6. For the church, it's as though we now have the Holy Grail of church artifacts. The COC, I understand, has financial issues, so that will help them. I think it is a good deal for both. Of course the haters will beat their drum, but it's not as sexy as building the mall, and "Let's go shopping" so it will quickly dissipate.
  7. She was clearly using this as an opportunity to make a declaration, to "come out of the closet". It was not a testimony but a declaration couched as if a testimony. To seal the deal, so to speak, she had her own special audience attending to cheer her on, and someone videotaping her for the public which found its way onto youtube. She was a featured participant in the Gay Pride parade. It was a propaganda stunt.
  8. Moses had a staff that turned into a snake. BUT so did the magicians of Pharaoh.
  9. No, it is ignorance and lack of interest in church history.
  10. For me, the object was likely to determine why people leave the church. Regarding leadership positions we have had several bishops leave the church, including area authorities, who are active antiMormons, as well as concerns about the apostate groups. I have a Master's thesis in the social sciences, and sounds like pretty standard stuff, the key question being whether you think you will in the church in the next five years.
  11. Again this is directed at Emma, so the reference to 10 wives probably refers to the number of wives that JS had at the time of the revelation.
  12. As one scholar pointed out, section 132 was explicitly addressed to Emma, not to JS or the church in general. Also it was published without his editorial changes, as was in the other revelations. It is based on the assumption that he is practicing polygamy and addressing the Law of Sarah with Emma.
  13. Can she give a specific example where a doctrine was changed? She is confused.