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  1. Any hints here on any big announcements? "Press Forward Saints" is suggestive..... it's gonna be a rough ride.
  2. .....Sigh.... more trash talk from the uninformed Service missionaries do not proselyte. I did family search indexing assignments but had a name tag, mission leader, etc. Some of them are full time and live in special housing in SLC. Be more careful when calling out the church leaders as liars. "Support the church leaders even when (you think) they are wrong."
  3. With US imposed sanctions, things are rather tense between our two countries, and this serves as a warning. Thus, the video.
  4. A more interesting question is -->> have any of you died in Hawaii? Tell us about it.
  5. A stunning insight at so many levels. I need to dig about this for awhile to understand the implications. Connect the dots, so to speak. I cannot let you have have last word on this. It will take awhile.
  6. I made a prediction that this theory would be ignored until the missing scroll theory eventually crashed and burned. I figured about in about 50 years.. The key to the theory is that otherwise annoying EAG.
  7. You must be very young. Don't worry, you will grow out of it when you become a lawyer.
  8. First assume that it is NOT the user name but the password, so put in user name and click to reset the password. Be careful of cap lock key Make sure it is connected to the internet.
  9. Pretty sure from the same source where he said that people dressed like quakers lived on the moon. Will be published in Vol 11 of Joseph Smith Papers project "Faith Promoting Rumours". Chapter 3, titled "If he didn't say it, he should have."
  10. "Non Biblical" Can you be specific. Consider this as a CFR. thx
  11. So, they went over into Mexico so that they could secretly cross the border into America? 👀
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