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  1. Someone correct me if I am mistaken, but I think gender re-assignment (surgery) is a possible cause for excommunication.
  2. Hel 12: starting with verse 7. Note how it implies the agency of man is compa\red with that of the dust, otherwise it does not make sense. Abraham 4:10 makes it very clear that it is an intelligence, making a conscious choice. Also the earth mourns for the sins of mankind. I nrealize you may disagree with my interpretation, but there it is.
  3. She went beyond expressing her views, and clearly belittled the church and its doctrines with inappropriate commentary and analogies. As a member she is free to do so, but as an employee, she went beyond her freedom of expression by trash talking the church. She remains a member, but she needs to find another employer who tolerates such unprofessional comments in a public forum.
  4. This thread is dangerously close to being an episode of "The Office". I think you have summed it all up.
  5. A short story to show how antiMormonism is becoming part of our culture. An individual related a story when he was seated next to an older lady on a long airplane flight. They had a very nice discussion and the lady was obviously impressed on how polite and kind he was. Now she suddenly asked him about his underwear. He was flabbergasted that they had been talking on several pleasant subjets and now she is showing an interest in what kind of underwear he is wearing. Of course we can recognize that she was trying to see if this very kind, polite man was a Mormon.
  6. AntiMormonism is alive and doing very well on youtube. Who reads books anymore, especially when videos are much more persuasive and entertaining. The trend seems to be exMormons, including former bishops, who jump on the youtube channels. They can be vey persuasive, speaking from past experience.
  7. I like the way you put it. The major feature of the world of QM is that it is so different from our own reality, and that is why I think there is some link. it is almost like a dream world with its own rules, and utterly beyond comprehension (so far). You have to start SOMEWHERE, and why not the world of intelligences. We know nothing about them, and vey little about QM, so it seems an interesting match -- possibly the spiritual world is touching our reality thu QM. Instantaneous movement thru Infinite distances and possibly past, present and future time.
  8. It will be interesting what insights you may have in 10-20 years.
  9. You are mistaken. When he lost possession of the plates, he was unable to translate, so the physical possession of the plates, even if they were hidden away, were necessary for the translation process. I do not have physial possession of the server hosting this forum, but I can still "use" it.
  10. In LDS doctrine, you can go to heaven (terrestrial kingdom) without baptism.
  11. It's called "a teaching moment", which is important for new members, especially residing in a District.
  12. The point I was making is that the intelligence is ROOTED in the quantum world. It is the medium of the operation of intelligence itself (a river), and how we are able to observe that intelligence in operation. Unfortunately, I am getting on in years, so I don't have the time left to figure it out. I am certain there is something to this, so I am hoping someone will think about it.
  13. Huh? The pre-existent intelligences were based on biochemical reactions? A rather novel view of the pre-existence.
  14. An example from the First Presidency. As you know, they are responsible for approval of restoring temple endowments, granting temple divorces, restoration of membership in special cases, etc. There are many such requests and is very time consuming. The paperwork is handled and passed onto them for their approal. In some obvious cases, it is merely a matter of routine, and it was suggested that the staff could handle those routine requests -- to get the necessary signatures and process the request in order to free up their time. But the Presidency decided that they would continue to make those decisions even though they were routine and took up valuable time. Not very efficient, indicated they did not "trust" the staff, but they thought it was necessary.
  15. If any interest is generated by this thread, I have another crazy idea.