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  1. cdowis

    Statement on Book of Mormon geography

    Have you actually gone to mesoamerica and traveled around, or are you simply looking at a map. You cannot go southward -- the Lamanites, you know.
  2. cdowis

    Review of Dehlin's "Truth Claims" Essays

    Someone compaing abt your Spelling erors?? I am vurious if she knows how to spell "anal_retentive"
  3. cdowis

    Poster Missing

    I feel the rule against politics somewhat restraining, since our religion gives a unique view of political issues. It is difficult to know where to draw the line. Religion and politics are very intertwined and provide interesting topics for discussion. Give us a separate room. Finally I personally dislike the restrictions on new members posting new threads -- to prevent trolling. Hells bells, let them come in and do their best, within limits, of course. Let's create a youtube channel and have videos on some our discussions and invite viewers to continue the discussion. Invite guest such as Jeff Durben (no ExMomons, please).
  4. cdowis

    LDSSA kicked-Off U of Iowa campus

    UPDATE 1/23/2019
  5. cdowis

    LDSSA kicked-Off U of Iowa campus

    Actually going to court to defend your rights under the Constitution against the infringement by institutions is not only a learning experience but also an excellent use of their time. 'Bloomberg the administration has better use of their time than to deny the students their basic rights under the Constitution. You will also learn that bullies do not always win by trash talking the other side.
  6. My response in Youtube forum for antiMormon video, citing Rev 22:18-19
  7. >>Happy to be free of Mormonism.'' You remind me of a first class passenger on the cruise ship Titanic.
  8. >>we are not to add to the word of God. You telling God that He must keep silent? Cannot add to His own word? Good luck telling him that.
  9. This is an extremely sensitive issue considering our relations and agreement with Israel. It is not a laughing matter because the enemies of the church will use this as propaganda. Please delete!
  10. I have seen prophecies fulfilled in my lifetime in very unexpected ways -- e.g. the building of smaller temples throughout the world.
  11. cdowis

    Statement on Book of Mormon geography

    Look at a map of mesoamerica, and make note of the expansion to the "land northward". For the Nephites it coulod be considered "nearly" an island. I don't think the Book of Mormon mentions "the sea northward".
  12. Dan Vogel has proven that he himself is a remarkable story teller, as he fills in the "details" of his naturalistic narrative of Joseph Smith and the production of the Book of Mormon. He abandons his role as a scholar and, weaving fiction with a few facts, becomes the author of a novel. While he is known for his scholarship, his imagination often trumps his ability as a scholar.
  13. cdowis

    Statement on Book of Mormon geography

    The early Nephites may have, with their limited view, seen mesoamerica as an "island", but I cannot agree to use that term with our expanded view of their location as being part of a continent. Anyway, Lehi and his family landed in the Americas. This is my view and I'm sticking with it. And you have given us a plausible confirmation on my theory on the connection regarding "Moroni" and "Cumorah". So, option 1.
  14. cdowis

    Statement on Book of Mormon geography

    It also could fit the Ten Lost Tribes narrative.