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  1. I think that the missionaries in some locations have already been tasked in a focus on activation of inactive members. The measure of success will focus on the increase in sacrament meeting attendance.
  2. Has anyone noticed

    This revelation would only come to the presiding official of the church, after At the death of the prophet. “As the presiding officer of the Church, the President of the Twelve has the prerogative to receive revelation regarding when to reorganize the First Presidency."
  3. New First Presidency

    Does anyone care what I think? Anyway, it was time for him to go back to being an ordinary member of the Q12. Perhaps his very popularity had the seeds of personal destruction. This was for his own benefit. That is what I think.
  4. Looking for Quote

    Nehor, Are you telling me that a wife of a prophet is not meeting your standards of fine tuned rhetorical perfection? Methinks just another modern day Pharasee. Every night I get on my knees and thank God for these people whilst others spend their efforts to pick away at their imperfections. How sad. Knock off the personal insults. ~Mods
  5. Looking for Quote

    Perhaps this will help to open your mind. https://www.mormontabernaclechoir.org/articles/if-the-savior-stood-beside-me.html She is speaking of something which is factually true, whether at this very moment or sometime in the future. Are you so caught up in counting the number of angels that can stand on the head of a pin that you miss the lesson that she is trying to teach. She is speaking to reality, now or in the future, and where you you or I be when that day comes. What would I do if the Saviour stood beside me? How sad, how petty to belittle her message.
  6. They used a device called the universal translator similar to Dr Who's TARDIS, and the Babel fish. I thought everybody knew that.
  7. "Special invitation" , Pres. Nelson

    Why don't you .call him Mister? Or use his first name. How very sad. But you WIN, so go to the front counter and claim your prize. You earned it,
  8. "Special invitation" , Pres. Nelson

    I have personally heard it in multiple stakes, including Utah and GA. It is probably a convention, not a canonized doctrine. Let me ask you a question. You see your former SP in your class == when you greet him, do you call him Bro Smith or President Smith? I intend to use YOU as as part of the CFR. He will never again be addressed as "Brother" but as "President". BTW in southern Utah, I was visiting a ward where everyone was addressed as Mr. or Mrs.
  9. Acts 17:28 Question

    Trinity is a general term referring to the three members of the Godhead, while Triune is a subset where the three members are one substance. LDS believe on the Trinity but not the Triune Godhead. Just a point of clarification
  10. "What does survival without technology look like?" James Burke
  11. Acts 17:28 Question

    The correct term is "Triune".
  12. "Special invitation" , Pres. Nelson

    I know that the titles President (stake) and Bishop remain even after they are released. It becomes a permanent title. Interesting question.
  13. The NYT using biased sources and creating fake news? I am shocked, stunned at the accusation.