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  1. Back to the subject: Elder Oaks stated, "deductions encourage donations to church and other charities." Is this his point? Is this why the church wants donations to be deductable? Because they encourage donations to church other other charities? This reminds me of a couple of years ago when Utah was planning on a flat tax. The Church was all for a uniform flat tax without all the numerous deductions except for tithing. Tithing needed to be a deduction from the flat tax. The Church is very involved in the politics of Utah and the federal government. If there is a tax then it should be flat, uniform, and without any deductions. If people want to be charitable then good for them! It should be their choice based on their desire to serve God, and their brothers and sisters, and not because of the deductions they get come tax time.
  2. How close are we to finding the historical Adam? Noah? Moses? Abraham? What do we know so far?
  3. Then I call into question your question: When the Holy Ghost obtains a body will It cease to be the Holy Ghost?
  4. When did Joseph Smith imply this belief? That's what my question is referring to. This institute teacher made the claim that Joseph Smith said the Holy Ghost was a calling.
  5. I wonder if that's what the teacher was talking about? Interesting! Would this be similar to hero worship, or prophet worship?
  6. When I got home I tried to look up the claim but haven't found anything. I've never actually heard this claim before. It is very interesting and would explain a lot - I believe. My next questions would be who holds the calling? Who is this personage? Or is there more than one holding the calling?
  7. Last night I was in institute class and the teacher said that "there is one Heavenly Father, and one Son, but the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost is a calling - so says Joseph Smith Jr." Really? Is this true? I have never ever heard anything like this before. I won't be able to get feedback from this teacher until next Thursday so any help in this would be very helpful!
  8. Has anything been said that leads you to believe that members of this discussion believe otherwise?
  9. I've been reading some discussions/arguments/debates about scriptural context and it has caused me to wonder: How does a student of Scripture [like me!] learn the context behind the scripture an author wrote? Should I learn the history, language, politics, and culture of the author? Would that do or is there more? Does it really matter? Also, how does current understanding of Scripture differ from those in Adam's time, or Moses', or Christ's, or Lehi's, or Joseph Smith's? Can someone, anyone, point me in the right direction?
  10. Vicariously or to actually guide us. I liken much of this to the temple workers who guide me through the halls and rooms because I have this lost look on my face. They know the process very well because they have experienced it first-hand for themselves and help others along in the experience. Me, I might be experiencing it for the first time.
  11. Couldn't the seasonal cycles of a linear year be considered a round? Couldn't it also mean an eternal round is like seasonal cycles with post-mortals/immortals/gods working with a new generation of pre-mortals, develop into their mortal existence/world, develop into their post-mortal existence/world? These post-mortal graduates then continue the cycle? In a way we would experience the pre-mortal, mortal, and post-mortal existence each time there's a generation of children.
  12. Does that mean that I'll experience everything from my pre-mortal life, to my mortal life, to my post-mortal (immortal) life, all over again - but slightly different because of agency? Why?
  13. Your response is exactly why I limited my post to what it currently is. I agree with you. I guess I and my friends when we were young were the exception. Starting from high school I and my friends studied the context of Gospel principles. Funny but we would even study the context of historical events that took place in America.
  14. What priorities? The spiritual, faith-promoting, aspect of our religion versus the historical context of the principle? Why is "all truth not useful"? "And not all facts are truth." Really!? Why?
  15. Seriously? The link provided was from the Urantia website? It looked so interesting! And convincing! My understanding is this particular faith started in the early 1900's. Do those who founded the belief in Urantia or who still might practice this religion have any relations with early-LDS? LDSFAQS - Is any of "that stuff" not true?