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  1. I understand and will even edit out of consideration of the offensive nature of the word fornicate, thank you for bring this to my attention!
  2. I agree as well we cannot choose who we are attracted, to and attraction is not a sin. Everyone is attracted to people for various reasons, but what we can choose is to have sexual relations outside of a marriage. That is a choice that we can all make regardless of sexual attraction, I can choose to have relations outside my marriage, there is nothing that will make me do this, only I can choose to engage in sexual acts, no attraction can make me or any other person engage in a sexual act. Whether gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, single or married, engaging in sexual acts is always a choice and never forced upon anyone.
  3. It isn't kept secret at all like you said the talks are published in the Ensign and Liahona the following month, and the video can be viewed on demand the following day at http://lds.org/general-conference?lang=eng I do not know why the leadership decides to not have a live broadcast for priesthood session, but I think it has something to do with the desire of the leadership to get the Priesthood Quorums together at the meetinghouses to view the broadcast together.
  4. I know that you are very angry and that your are a victim at the hands of your in laws, but stooping to there level isn't the answer. There is no insults nor revenge you should seek, especially if you seek to try and prevent them from receiving proxy temple ordinances after they pass on. If it doubtful that with there attitude in life they will ever receive eternal life in the celestial kingdom, but also realize it is a commandment of the Lord to forgive everyone that harms us and to show love and compassion towards our enemies. This act of revenge you contemplate will not hurt them any more than there wicked lives have already hurt them, but it will limit if not prevent your ability to enter the celestial kingdom also. If we do not perform these ordinances for our deceased relatives we cannot receive salvation ourselves, we need to perform this work for them to also be saved, we are all saved together or not at all. This is the Spirit of Elijah, we must turn our hearts to our deceased fathers (and father in laws) and them turn there heart to us or we all are doomed. As I see the pain and hurt your wife and you feel, I think of the savior, he suffered this terrible affliction already. He wants to comfort and uplift you in this time of pain and not to resort to contention. Only the devil wants us to feel contention toward our fellow man, we know that contention is from the devil (See D&C 10:63). I think the following article from this the March 2011 Ensign would help you during this time of your life. http://lds.org/ensign/2011/03/learning-to-forgive?lang=eng The article is called learning to forgive, it is the powerful testimony of an fellow saint who through the power of the atonement found the strength and courage to forgive parents who sexually abused her in her youth. She even did there temple work for them after they passed away. It is a powerful and difficult thing to do at times, but unless we always forgive those who hurt us, Heavenly Father will not forgive us. (See 3 Nephi 13:15) So as one Saint to another, I would beg you to have faith in the atonement and not seek to get revenge for those who have wronged you. Seek the savior and pray for those who do evil against you, if they seek your cloak give them your coat also. LTo love one's enemies is to find the peace that contention can never bring!
  5. But it isn't a wise use if the money is gained from stealing, and lying about your income to the government to avoid taxes is stealing. It isn't your money anyway it is the US Treasury's money, so why lie about how much you made in order to keep a few extra dollars?
  6. Obedience means obedient all the time, not just when it is popular or easy to do so. Christ paid his taxes, why should we make excuses to not pay our own taxes?
  7. We are told to give unto Caesar what is Caesar's and to give unto God what is God's, to cheat on your taxes is just as sinful as it is to cheat on your spouse, or cheat your business partner of of his fair share. You owe taxes to the government you don't have to agree with the way those taxes are spent or collected, but as long as they are due you have an moral obligation to pay them honestly and fully. To knowingly, willingly, and unrepentantly cheat on your taxes, makes one unworthy to hold a temple recommend, IMO.
  8. Congratulations on your re-baptism, let me be the first to welcome you back into the Church on this forum! Good luck with your work to get your Priesthood Blessings restored!
  9. No cause caffeine can be absorbed through the skin, and apparently some soap and shampoo manufactures use caffeine in there products (I am guessing to increase repeat sales through the addictive nature of caffeine).
  10. Welcome to the forum, Messenger! It is always good to see a new person on the forum, the more opinions the better!
  11. Also according to wikipedia there is some findings (though disputed) that consuming 200ml or more of caffeine (about two cups of coffee) can double the rate of miscarriage!
  12. Because Heavenly Father allows such things to help us grow, he know his children and knows that while we cannot see the good from our limited and mortal understanding that is infinite and eternal understanding has provided a way for this tragic event to allow his children to grow closer to each other and closer to there Father in Heaven.