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  1. How exactly should Latter-day Saints argue for the existence of God? I've become interested in the more philosophical arguments for God. However, many of the philosophical arguments hinge on defining God is an uncreated unmoved mover that is the first of cause of everything. Latter-day Saints, on the other hand, have a much different view of God. We view God as essentially one of us but in a higher plain of existence. IMO we view our relationship with God as being more important that any ontological understanding of God. I don't have a problem with this but I think it makes arguing for God's existence more difficult.
  2. I think it is worth pointing out that LGBT individuals are accepted by society more than ever these days. I think this true even from Latter-day Saints.
  3. Rivers

    Matthew 2 & Luke 2

    I am glad there is a thread on this. I have a question. When exactly did Mary and Joseph get married. I noticed in Luke 2 that she is still an “espoused wife.”
  4. Rivers

    The Latter-day Saint view of God

    That’s depressing to think that we will never get to the point where there are no ites.
  5. We could say "people with whom respectfully express disagreements with us" as opposed to "big jerks that need to get a life."
  6. I've never really liked the term anti-mormon. I prefer the term "critics of the church."
  7. Random thought. I am reading through the Book of Mormon right now and I am always struck by how easily the Lamanites are stirred up with hatred against the Nephites. The Nephite dissenters are always going over to the Lamanites and inciting them to go to war. The Lamanites just want to live their lives but they keep giving in. It really bugs me. Why didn’t the Lamanites have more of a backbone and say, “No. We’re tired of fighting the Nephites. Leave us alone!” They let those dissenters have way too much power over them. I have to wonder what kinds of specific things they were told. There’s a timely lesson here I think.
  8. I'm talking about Dr. Jordan Peterson. Not Dr. Daniel C. Peterson. He's become a controversial figure over the last couple of years. I am assuming some of you are familiar with him. I am curious if anybody here is familiar with his Bible lectures. He's done some rather long lectures on the major stories of the Book of Genesis and one about Christ. He looks at all the Bible stories from a psychological and archetypal perspective. I've listened to most of them and I found them to absolutely fascinating. Much of what he says fits nicely into the Latter-day Saint worldview IMO. https://jordanbpeterson.com/bible-series/
  9. Rivers

    How was two hour church?

    I am a nursery leader. And having nursery kids for only one hour was wonderful. Especially with rambunctious three year olds having moved on to Primary. Having that ten minutes shaved off of sacrament meeting was also good.
  10. Ben Shapiro has helped me come to believe that common moral values might be more important than theological differences. So I don't see the need to Bible bash with other Christians. Its more productive to have civil discussions about our commonalities as well as differences.
  11. Rivers

    Last Movie You Watched

    The Edge with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin. Those were some intense bear scenes.
  12. I am partial to the catalyst theory since it is consistent with the way Joseph translated both the Book of Mormon and Bible.
  13. Textual criticism of the Old Testament throws a huge wrench into a lot of things.
  14. I had this argument with somebody the other day. In the church we often refer to a former bishop with the title "Bishop." So a Bishop Smith is still referred to as and called Bishop Smith after being released. I argued this was cultural and not something we really are supposed to do. But I'm not sure. Can somebody help me out on this one.
  15. Rivers

    Merry Smithmas Everyone!

    I thoroughly I enjoyed our Christmas centered sacrament meeting yesterday. There was no mention of Joseph Smith. It was fully focused on the Savior and filled with beautiful uplifting Christmas music. I wish more sacrament meetings were like this. It helped me forget about the mumbo jumbo that gets talked about on these message boards. Sure I appreciate Joseph Smith but I don’t need Smithmas. Merry Christmas everyone!
  16. Rivers


    It’s a medical procedure that wasn’t covered by our insurance.
  17. Rivers

    Once a Bishop. Always a Bishop.

    Thanks. Is it the same thing with a stake president?
  18. Before you know it, the sisters and the elders will be completely indistinguishable.
  19. Rivers

    That Deadpool Poster

    People getting outraged over this poster is only bringing more attention to it. IMO it is best to turn the other cheek in these kinds of circumstances.
  20. Rivers

    That Deadpool Poster

    It’s a she. And is a medium sized dog.
  21. Rivers

    That Deadpool Poster

    That looks like a beagle dog behind Deadpool. That's the kind of dog I have.
  22. I sure hope I never am called into the bishopric.
  23. It’s a reasonable question. What’s a good response to this one? The Salt Lake Temple has a cameo.
  24. Rivers

    How much should religion cost?

    This reminds me of the story about the starfish on the beach.
  25. Here’s a hypothetical situation. Let’s say we got the Gold Plates back from Moroni. And then we found a Reformed Egyptian Rosetta Stone. A dozen or so scholars learned to read and translate Reformed Egyptian. And then they undertake a completely naturalistic academic translation of the Gold Plates into modern English. No seer stones involved. No revelation. What would that translation look like? How recognizable would it be to the BOM we currently have? Would it be a completely different book? Or would it be pretty much the same thing we already have?