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  1. There is a difference between people who have human tribalistic foibles in their nature and those who have racist ideologies.
  2. Jim Crow laws and slavery are certainly examples of institutionalized racism. But this kind of institutionalized racism no longer exists in the United States. We’ve thankfully moved beyond it. Are there still racist people? Of course there are. But we should all be grateful for in the free society we live at this time. We all must take advantage of that freedom and make the best of whatever circumstances we are born into. And as John Adams once said, a free society works best when there is a moral and religious people (I’ll need to find the exact quote later).
  3. I never said I don’t believe it’s historicity. But it takes more of a leap of faith for me.
  4. I like that one too. In fact we are studying the second half as a church right now.
  5. The Book of Mormon is a strange phenomenon. On one hand there are legitimate problems. Namely, the anachronisms and lack of hard archaeological proof. On the other hand we have the complexity and intricacy of the text itself, the historical record of its production, and the testimonies of all the witnesses. It’s all very impressive. And of course there is the spiritual witness received by myself along with millions of others. I believe it’s inspired but saying it’s historical is still a leap for me. A strange book indeed.
  6. I want respond to a comment on the Reddit board in one of the links. The commenter referenced Jesus’ council to not hide your candle under a bushel. But I think it’s worth noting that Jesus, in the same sermon, also said not to throw pearls before swine. There’s a time and place for everything.
  7. I am all for equality of opportunity for all individuals. Equal outcome is another thing entirely. We are children of God with our own unique strengths and weaknesses. It’s dangerous to assume inequality of outcome is automatically the result of a collective group being oppressed.
  8. I thought it was a good article. That’s because the topic of objective morality has fascinated me for a long time. Can anything be intrinsically good or bad without God?
  9. It made sense to me. Terrible for PR but I saw the rationale for it.
  10. The way I see it, the biggest problem with unmarried people having sex is babies being born to unwed parents and being raised without fathers. Pornography isn’t good but if it reduces unplanned pregnancies than...yeah it’s kind of a win. It’s the lesser of two evils I guess.
  11. What’s going to happen with the Mormon Channel?
  12. I'm on the fourth or fifth episode. So far the most interesting part of the discussion IMO was the conversation about the Book of Mormon. I loved the way that Jim made the case for the credibility of the Book of Mormon witnesses. Bill seemed to mostly concede to arguments in favor of the witnesses and even gave him a win for that episode. I think this is significant. The witnesses to the Gold Plates are to Mormonism what Christ's apostles are to Christianity. Christianity stands or falls on the testimony of the apostles that Christ was resurrected. Similarly, the truthfulness of the Restored Gospel depends on the reality of the translation of the Gold Plates. Thus if Jim won that particular argument, he was victorious overall. Its kind of like catching the golden snitch in a game of Quidditch.
  13. I hope they announce an end to dry council Sunday.
  14. We live in one of the most free and tolerant societies on the planet here in the United States. So I will grant that the Church could seem discriminatory to women compared to the rest of society.
  15. Watched Peter Rabbit on Netflix. I recommend it to anyone who appreciates British humor.
  16. Sounds like the title of a YouTube clip. Bill Reel EVISCERATES Jim Bennett! I finished the first episode and I feel Bennett gives very good responses to all the questions. And considering that Bennett has the more difficult job, I find him more impressive than Bill. I always enjoy hearing faithful members tackle all the difficult issues.
  17. I’m on the first episode. So far it sounds like the kind of long interviews I used to loved listening to on Mormon Stories. So far I really like Jim Bennett’s answers.
  18. And it was Russel M. Nelson that saved Pres. Kimball’s life.
  19. This is one of the big paradoxes for Latter-day Saints. On one hand, we believe that prophets are authorized representatives of God. On the other hand, we realize that they are ordinary fallible humans that put their pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us. There's no simple formula for separating the divine from the human. Its complicated. But we do our best to abide by their council out of love and respect for them. I don't always agree with everything my wife says or does but I still love and respect her enough to do what she tells me to do much of the time. I don't blindly follow her but I have to humor her once in a while to have a healthy relationship. We likewise should have a a healthy relationship with our church leaders.
  20. Patrick Mason has an interesting take on this song: “But if I could change the Primary songbook, I would start by tweaking one tiny little thing—and all it would take would be one capital letter. Rather than droning on about how they should follow the prophet because ‘he knows the way,’ I wish my kids—and all our Primary kids—would sing about following the prophet because ‘he knows the Way.’ I don’t follow the prophets because they know the way. I follow the prophets because—and insofar as—they know the Way. Human prophets are only worth following when they point toward the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I follow them as apostles—messengers and witnesses—of the Lord Jesus Christ. I follow their lead, because they lead me to God. In actuality, it’s not really the prophets at all that I am following. I am responding to Christ’s invitation to follow him, and doing so in the company of fellow disciples, some of whom have been specially called by him to help lead the pack in our collective journey.” https://rationalfaiths.com/follow-the-prophet-redux/
  21. I was under the impression that women already have equal rights in the United States. Why do we need an amendment?
  22. I would say the good news is right there in John 3:16. But I think the first part of the verse is the most important. “For God so loved the world.” The totality of Christ’s birth, life, and death sends the message to us that God loves us. We are valuable and precious enough to God that He sacrificed His Son for us.
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