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  1. Rivers

    How much should religion cost?

    This reminds me of the story about the starfish on the beach.
  2. They'd be shocked if they tried to pry open the sealed portion.
  3. Rivers

    Stirred up with Hatred

    No problem. I was just under the impression that politics are a taboo on this board. I personally don’t have a problem with politics once in a while. But I also don’t want to break any rules. I try to be good 😇
  4. Not just that. He also wants the church itself to answer these questions rather than Latter-day Saint scholars. He expects all the GA’s to be experts on these things.
  5. Here’s a hypothetical situation. Let’s say we got the Gold Plates back from Moroni. And then we found a Reformed Egyptian Rosetta Stone. A dozen or so scholars learned to read and translate Reformed Egyptian. And then they undertake a completely naturalistic academic translation of the Gold Plates into modern English. No seer stones involved. No revelation. What would that translation look like? How recognizable would it be to the BOM we currently have? Would it be a completely different book? Or would it be pretty much the same thing we already have?
  6. Rivers

    Skousen & Carmack Lecture Take Aways

    Has anybody produced any theory as to why The Book of Mormon would be translated into Early Modern English?
  7. Rivers

    Stirred up with Hatred

    I really didn’t intend for this thread to become so overtly political.
  8. Interesting. So how exactly did Bro. Reel come to believe that this is not the right book?
  9. Do you have a reference for this clarification?
  10. Looks like you just started one. My #1 question about Calvinism is this: How do you square “Limited Atonement” with “God is Love?”
  11. Rivers

    Last Movie You Watched

    Ebenezer Scrooge was also kind of a jerk. Geoge Bailey was more complex of a character. But like Scrooge, he became a better person at the end of the story. His story demonstrates that people can be jerks and still have a positive influence in the world.
  12. It’s a reasonable question. What’s a good response to this one? The Salt Lake Temple has a cameo.
  13. “Latter-day Saints” has been deemed an appropriate term for church members.
  14. Rivers

    Last Movie You Watched

    I watched the classic Christmas film It’s a Winderful Life.