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  1. Rivers

    The Name of the Church

    Do we need to change the name of this discussion board to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Dislogue and Discussion Board?
  2. Rivers

    The State of Mormon Apologetics

    Would it be appropriate to label the philosophic types like the Givens and Adam Miller as apologists?
  3. Rivers

    Woman Denied Temple Recommend for ...

    I think this story is an example of childishness across the board. Both parties are being ridiculous.
  4. Rivers

    Preoccupation with the Afterlife

    I guess I must be a pragmatist.
  5. I don't come to this board as often as I used to but there's but this subject has been on my mind a lot. I have been paying some attention to a couple of prominent religious Jewish thinkers. Jews don't focus much on the afterlife. Their view of the afterlife is quite vague compared to that of mainstream Christianity and especially Mormonism. Jews put more emphasis on creating a moral society in the here and now. This is a viewpoint for which I have come to have a lot of respect. I really don't like the idea of suffering through this life while putting all your eggs the afterlife basket. While life is always going to be hard, our goal should be creating Heaven here on earth the best we can. I believe this is what Jesus means when he says that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. This should especially be the case for gay and lesbian members of the church. I hate for them to be in the mindset that they just need to suffer through a celibate life or mixed-orientation marriage in hopes of everything being set right in the world to come. Nor am I saying that they all need to leave the church in order to find happiness. I want them and everybody else to find happiness here in this life whether inside or outside the church. I don't suffer through boring sacrament meetings so I can earn a spot in the Celestial Kingdom. I go because I find joy in fellowship with my ward family and getting my much needed spiritual boost for the coming week. We don't need to wait for the afterlife to be "filled with the love of God" as spoken by King Benjamin and sharing that love with others. This is what we should all be striving for. I'm not saying that a belief in an afterlife isn't important. I believe an afterlife must logically exist if there is a benevolent God. But preoccupation with the afterlife shouldn't come at the expense of what matters here in mortality. This is why I sometimes struggle with the church's practice of work for the dead. Do we spend too much time thinking about the afterlife in the LDS church?
  6. Rivers

    Is King David Limited to the Telestial Kingdom?

    I’m in the universalist camp on this one. Eternal progression is truly eternal. Even for David.
  7. Rivers

    Half way between conferences

    I’ve been in nursery so I’ve been pretty out of the loop with a lot of things.
  8. This is why I don’t really see racism in The Book of Mormon. Everybody is accepted into the fold of God based on individual righteousness regardless of whether they are Nephite or Lamanite. Racism is the belief that one is inherently inferior or superior based on race. However The Book of Mormon, IMO, does teach that a culture can be inferior to another.
  9. Historically, Lehi’s party and the Mulekites wouldn’t have been Caucasian right? They wouldn’t have looked like Matthew McCaugnehey. I assume the Lamanites were given a darker tan and the Nephites only looked light in comparison.
  10. Rivers

    Dehlin Taking Things out of Context

    I haven’t listened to a John Dehlin podcast in a long time. I used to be one of his fans. I’ve changed a bit in the last few years.
  11. Rivers

    Dehlin Taking Things out of Context

    It is has been my observation that people like to read their own social/political views into Jesus’ teachings. Whether you’re right or left, you can interpret Jesus’ views as your own. BTW I read somewhere there will be a Bill and Ted 3.
  12. I’ve been reading through the Book of Mormon lately. There’s much to love in the book. It lifts me up and brings me closer to God. But I fail to wrap my head around the parts that talk about people receiving darker skin for wickedness and turning white when they become righteous. I’m familiar with the theory that it’s all metaphorical but I’m not sold on it. I wouldn’t even necessarily call it racist. I just think the whole thing is weird. It’s a big distraction in an otherwise great book. Its like watching a really good movie but having one particular annoying character or bad subplot diminish the experience. Or like walking around in comfortable shoes but with a pebble inside. Is there a way to frame this aspect of the B.O.M. in a more positive light?
  13. Rivers

    A Three Word Story.

    Doughnuts are a