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  1. I can’t imagine what it must be like to hide your sexual orientation for so long. I really wish people didn’t feel the need to hide it.
  2. I wonder if President Nelson ever drinks caffeine. Or has.
  3. The more I read and hear about people going through faith crisis, I the more lucky I feel to have gone though my own relatively early in life. It sucks to have your whole paradigm turned upside down but getting to the other side of the faith struggle feels great. I imagine a faith crisis becomes more difficult the longer one has been in the church.
  4. The church doesn’t separate us from God. We separate us from God. “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”
  5. I find it very unfortunate that being gay is something that people feel they need to hide. I wish we could have a society in which more people could just be open and honest about their sexual orientation. If you find yourself attracted to your own gender, no need to keep it a secret. Especially if somebody wants to date you or set you up on a date. Its just a really important piece of information people should know about you. That's why Facebook profiles includes a spot to say who you are "interested" in. I think the stigma and need to hide sexual orientation is what's causing all the distress. And once people are open about their gayness they can start making real decisions on how they want to live their lives. And if you disagree with the Church's teaching on homosexuality, you are free to think that way find the path that makes you happy. Let God do the judging. Simple as that.
  6. Legitimizing same-sex marriage would be way more radical than the discontinuation of polygamy. Polygamy was still a male/female union and it also had a biblical precedent.
  7. I often hear talk about how the Church needs to be more inclusive rather than exclusive. And I am all for inclusiveness. Jesus was all about being inclusive to everybody. We, as the body of Christ, can always do better. But when it comes to our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, things get complicated. According to our theology, sexual relations are forbidden outside marriage. We also believe that marriage, by definition, is the union of male and female. Thus homosexual relations are always wrong. That is a rule members of the Church must follow. It's part of the buy-in to be a Latter-day Saint. And you can argue that it is a stupid and unfair rule. Regardless its the rule and its not changing. So given that fact that the theology is what it is and it isn't changing, is there anything more we can do policy-wise to be more inclusive? I'm all ears. I know that we can start by simply not being jerks. But are there any policy changes that could help?
  8. I was using hyperbole in comparing us to the Catholics. I don’t actually think we’re cold blooded killers.
  9. Does anybody here think that polygamy, even when consensual, is an inherently immoral thing?
  10. This is an issue in which I have some holy envy for the Catholics. For them a life is a life as soon as sperm meets egg. Intentionally killing it is bad even in cases of rape and incest no matter how early in development. I used to think that this was an absurdly extreme stance but now I have a lot of respect for such and intense and unfaltering reverence for human life. They make us look like cold-blooded killers with our more nuanced stance on abortion. As to the OP's question, it is clearly a moral and philosophical issue. Everybody who's been taught the birds and the bees knows that sperm + egg =baby. The big disagreement is whether the mother or the government has jurisdiction over the unborn baby.
  11. The time loop stuff I have trouble with originates with T1.
  12. Cyclical time is the most confusing for me. Those Terminator movies give me a real headache.
  13. The idea is that the source of the first cause is uncreated. Thus not contingent on anything. It simply is. This is how many theists answer the question of God’s origin. God is uncreated and therefore ontologically different than everything else which is created. So either there is some kind of uncreated thing that started the domino effect. Or it’s just one long line of dominos with no beginning. Even if you look at the cyclical time theory, the cycle either had a beginning or it did not. Both options are difficult to fathom.
  14. mashed potatoes using
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