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  1. Ideally church members should be welcome to all of God’s children. It’s too bad there are still plenty of jerks in the church. Unfortunately people suck. Also there is the reality that the values espoused by the church just make it difficult for some people to fit in apart from how they’re treated by individual church members.
  2. IIRC the church was already allowing gays before this change just as long as they weren’t acting on it.
  3. Thanks for the correction . I don’t know why I keep forgetting there’s no “i” in there.
  4. I now have a testimony of President Nielsen. 😊
  5. It seems that even most politically conservative aren’t talking about gay marriage much anymore. Ever since the Supreme Court decision, it’s not something worth fighting against right now.
  6. I support the right of gays to marry as much as I support the right of people to smoke, drink, have extra-marital sex, and burn the American flag. I can be against something and still support the legality of it.
  7. Rivers

    Brigham Young quote

    “He who takes offense when no offense is intended is a fool, and he who takes offense when offense is intended is a greater fool.” I really like this quote from BY. I find it to be very relevant for our day when people get worked up over really stupid things. But is there a definitive source for this quote?
  8. Rivers

    Guns at church

    Churches are very vulnerable places for an active shooter. We need good people with guns to protect the flock. I don’t agree with this part of the handbook.
  9. Rivers

    The Demise of Scouting

    If the church really does break its ties with Boy Scouts of America, I can see Pres. Nelson being the one to do it. The church could then do its own program for young men at a lower cost.
  10. I’m fine with them being killed off. Those characters weren’t that interesting to me. Except the blind guy.
  11. I probably read too much into it.
  12. And then Rey and Kylo could fight him together and then rule the galaxy as husband and wife. And they will have lots of Skywalker/Kenobi babies. Because of course it will be revealed that Rey is Obi Wan’s grand-daughter.
  13. JJ will probably just copy Return of the Jedi. Copying other things is all he’s good at.
  14. Darth Pumba? Are you referring to Kylo Ren? He’s actually a really interesting villain IMO. He is growing from a Vader wannabe to his own man. He’s going on a villain’s journey as opposed to a hero’s journey. It’s now up to episode 9 to make the whole thing work well. Its interesting that you reference The Lion King. I’ve noticed a lot of similarities between Lion King and Last Jedi. Luke and Simba have very similar character archs. They both feel guilty about something and go into exile. They both are needed to save the day while the bad guys take over. They are both visited in exile by a female character and refuse the call to action. They are both visited by an old wise mentor character who hit them with a stick and tell them to learn from the past. And finallt they both show up to save the day when all hope seems lost.
  15. You must be a member of the Reylo fan club.