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  1. Rivers

    Elder Oaks

    Its a monumental task that Pres. Nelson is expecting of us. The word "Mormon" has been part of the lexicon for a long time. Its going to be really hard to shake it; especially after the "I'm a Mormon Campaign." But I'll do my best. BTW, how did a thread on Pres. Oaks turn into a discussion on how refer to the Church and its members?
  2. Rivers

    And they came to pass...the sacrament?

    Dr. Daniel Peterson talked about this in his blog: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/danpeterson/2018/10/in-which-i-endorse-the-ordination-of-women.html He makes the point that passing the sacrament is not even a priestly ordinance. Only the blessing of the bread and water is.
  3. The Laws and Ordinances are stated in the next Article of Faith.
  4. Rivers

    Which talks inspired you?

    When does Elder Holland not have an amazing talk?
  5. Rivers

    Elder Oaks

    This whole thing kind of reminds me of the PC crowd insisting we have to use certain terminology for everything. And I hate the policing of language. So I’m not exactly having a party with it. But I will do my best to comply with the prophet’s wishes. 🎶I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ....🎶
  6. Rivers

    Elder Oaks

    Then people need to educated on the biblical use of the word “saint.”
  7. The word “saved” has many meanings and is the source of a lot of confusion. Then when you add in terms like eternal life and exaltation, things get even murkier.
  8. Rivers

    Elder Oaks

    By that logic, we can also refer to ourselves as Christians since that is the term used in the Book of Mormon in referring to members of the church. If we are supposed to drop LDS and Mormon, Latter-day Saint is the next best way to refer ourselves and it’s kosher to use according to the Church’s press release.
  9. The third Article of Faith ”We believe that through the [A]tonement of Christ, all mankind may be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel.” This is probably where baptists would disagree with us the most. It’s not the atonement itself but how we access the the atonement’s saving power.
  10. How about Latter-day Saint Dialogue and Discussion?
  11. Can we not use the term Latter-day Saints to refer to members of the church? President Nelson wants us to use the name of the Church as revealed in the Doctrine and Covenants. Is Latter-day Saints not then the revealed title for its members? We can drop the term Mormon and the acronym LDS. But I don’t see a problem with using Latter-day Saint once in a while as a shorter way of saying member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Am I right? Edit: I found the answer to my question in the church’s official statement. I’m right.
  12. Rivers

    Which talks inspired you?

    Elder Uchdorf as usual. “Believe, love, do” was the motto if I remember correctly. Elder Renlund gave a great talk on spiritual maturity. I loved the analogy of God wanting us to join the family business rather than be an obedient family pet. Renlund is becoming one of my favorites. Bednar was also great. He also spoke of spiritual maturity as opposed to having a Pharisee-like checklist. Holland gave a great forgiveness talk. We could all benefit from the healing balm of forgiveness. Very good conference. I need to go back and read some of them once the texts are available.
  13. Over on the Pres. Oaks thread, I mentioned that I had change of perspective on the topic of homosexuality. I at one time really struggled with the church’s stance on the issue. My way of thinking about it has evolved to place where I can appreciate and support the totality of the principles taught in the Proclamation on the Family while still trusting that God is benevolent and will judge everyone fairly. I support the doctrine while also respecting everyone’s right to choose to live in whatever way that brings them happiness. Has anybody else had a significant change of heart regarding any gospel-related topic?
  14. Rivers

    The use of "Mormon" in academic settings

    President Nelson did acknowledge that this whole thing will be difficult.
  15. Rivers

    Elder Oaks

    How does one belong to an organization and fundamentally disagree with it on hugely important issues? I used to be in the camp of people who vehemently opposed the church on the issues of which Oaks spoke about. Its a very difficult road to walk.