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  1. Looks like this is an old post, but i still hope you and others can see what I'm about to say. To be honest I'm was shocked by your response about the dead coming to people in their dreams. I hope you're not gonna be a judge with such a closed mind. I wanted to tell you a few stories. About a year ago a friend passed then about two or three months later my great grand daughter was in my small bathroom with the door open...her mom and i were in the kitchen i could get the child talking but didn't pay alot of attention.. i looked at her mom said what is she say.. then my gdaughter blurted out Noni, Tara said she comes and See's you at night. We had not even been talking about her death or nothing. Second, my grandson was about 2.5 and woke up wanting his papaw who lived in the sky. My son ask him questions and this child answered them this CHD was 9 months old when papaw died. Next morning my son got out a bunch of pictures mixed them up ask the child do you see that man who lives in the sky? Child pointed out his picture. Another friend passed 3 years ago one night she came said I'll see you Sunday. I started to walk off turned said this Sunday or the next Sunday. She replied next Sunday. Well that next Sunday my son passed of a sudden heart attack March 11, 2018. I've been kinda waiting for my son to reach out but hadn't so far. This morning i woke and said a prayer.. father i would really like to know if my son is ok, you took him can you give me a sign plz. Went back to sleep and my son came hugged me very tightly he felt so real, smiling. So I'm wish for you today that you could have such a connection that you know 100% it's real. That you can open you mind into the possibility of connections from our love ones. I just think ppl close themselves off because they're afraid of something either hear or there. I don't know you but I'm not lying. I still hope you're not so delusional that you think you're to good to have such or think father would use you to judge ppl. I don't mean to sound mean, but I'd hate to be judged by you. 

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