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  1. Forgiveness has a lot to do with what you learn from the pain..and what you do with it.
  2. Former Mormon Becomes PM of New Zealand

    And for some, it is just the opposite...wherre leaving the church can be detriment to keeping and sustaining a job...of course that is a Utah thing I think...my opinion.
  3. Modesty standards

    For all eternity, I would love to be in my gym clothes...comfort is everything!! I wonder if the all white in the heavens is spandex???
  4. Well...I hope that he found some enjoyment and cultural love for his mission. I think this is terrible though...
  5. I had to smile at this...that all being said....it is in my opinion that this is the wrong way to get a young person to go on a mission....a promise of paid education...ugh..not good...that is not good for the soul.
  6. Hi...my name is Vickie Duncan. Jeanne was my sister's name.
  7. Wow...on this thread and the other one...I thought we were al communicating as adults with concern...for each other.
  8. BYU rape case defendant aquitted

    Thank you...
  9. This will surely beat the 60's telephone book calls...my cousin did this in California..grab a phone book and make calls..it was disheartening.
  10. Just wanted to shout out that my daughter's supervisors gave the gentleman the benefit of the doubt..but kept an eye on him. In their observation they understood my daughter's concerns and he was fired. IN my heart..I am grateful that she is safe and know that she did the right thing...I am also grateful, however, that this man did not have a family to support. The world is often sad...we all need help.
  11. Changes to visiting teaching messages

    Well...I think this is a better idea...each sister has different problems and it would help that they know they can receive and/or ask for personal help rather than receiving messages that have been given before. The key is to establish a relationship where they can feel secure, honest and open..with a promise of some confidenciality (sp) if necessary. Edited to add: This may make a big difference for sisters that don't like visiting teaching. It will make them feel more useful and service more relevant. I had such a hard time getting sisters to go...and harder still to find anything I wanted to discuss with my own visiting teachers.
  12. Thanks for opening up and sharing...
  13. Oooo..I agree...that is just so not right..heebie jeebies!!