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  1. Wow...Papa, I have always thought that sign language was so beautiful and promised myself that I would learn one day. In my early days of loss hearing, it wasn't so noticable...I just knew that I had to sit in front of class in school to understand better. Reading lips...I have a hard time with podcasts without the video now...even with cc's. i was teased alot about the sounds of "ch" and "sh"...I would practice and practice at supper time with the family...but every body just ended up laughing. I had sever nerve damage that only got worse. Your hearing is probably more related to age and there are wonderful things out there. Remember...the songs are in your head and so hum your little heart out. When you don't want to hear someone....say...oh, I am sorry I didn't hear you....(this might work with the little errands around the house)😂 By the way...just because we have a hard time hearing....doesn't mean we don't listen. I hope people in your life will remember that.
  2. Bishop has dementia to some extent...but he remembers key and relevant things..which doesn't change what he has done. Also...dementia has become rather convenient for many.
  3. To the OP...the keystone of your religion is a mess...other wise this board would cease to exist and all would be well in Zion.
  4. It took me a long time to realize that friendships had not so much to do with the religion...than the personalities...this is where you find who your true friends are.
  5. Just to the OP...love them...remember they are still the same person other than a faith...set boundaries if you want but with kindness. Let their children feel your acceptance. In all, on both sides, think before you speak...because church or no church...family is more important.
  6. I do understand how you feel because I get it from another side...that being said, she should be able to rant and rave on facebook or wherever. With you, as family, she might want to be more respectful and gracious.
  7. I do agree that both sides can do better...but when I am putting in an effort..the conversations are shifted and it is a "shut up" moment.
  8. I know life isn't fair...but what would a sentence look like if this had not been a mormon? This has to do with the law...standards and values of a state. It has nothing to do with repentance and forgiveness...until it does.
  9. I haven't read anything here on this thread yet...I don't think...but I will try and do that. My biggest hope is that a new Bishop who stands at the pulpit for the first time will truithfully and admit that though he will try and do his very best for the ward and families...he does not have a power of discernment any more than the head of any household. That he will do his best to advise and look into matters...that he does not have a direct line to to know who lies and who is good or evil. That his biggest assingment is to listen, share and help in whatever capacity he can.
  10. Oh!!! Welcome to my world!! I hear you here...where others may not!😊 Hearing loss makes you quiet and sometimes invisible..let me know how this works out. Maybe you and I can help each other somehow on a personal level. Hugs Papa!
  11. Just curious...does everyone here still think that the Papyrus is really a Book of Abraham translated?
  12. This op is all I have read...but LDS or not....I am counting on hearing again. I will take magic...whatever!!😊 I am hoping all people who are disabled can walk, see and be whole. I dunno...but I am countin' on it. People probably don't want to talk about it because they are countin' on it too. If not...do not raise me from dead...
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