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  1. I am not understanding all the questioning on this...handbook or not...whatever..you do what is right!!!
  2. Congrats to Mr. Christopherson.
  3. Date-onomics

    Any two people who can bring out the best in each other...wins! Values and character doesn't hold a candle to a degree in anything IMO.
  4. Just sayin..I don't blame God for any of this. PR??? Why should PR even be a part of any church? I will wait and see..I would love to see ACTION rather than words..let's rescind the 2015 policy...apologize..and move on. Then I will listen to the words from the leaders of the church.
  5. You know..I get what you and others are saying..but I spent 3/4 of my life "following the Prophet"...different ones..is there truth there or not? Even if we follow the spirit and study with different conclusions, we are asked to follow the Prophet.
  6. Thank you. This is kind of how I live my life.
  7. Date-onomics

    I understand what you are saying. I waited a long time it seems for my kids to get on with it...and yet..when they call and say.."I need..or can you"..It seems to save me. My own spirituality and that selfishness doesn't work together very well. So...when I talk to God..I ask him to help the people I love and tell him I am okay. I so admire you. It is hard..you think and have conversations with yourself...and good day there is no one to tell..and why would you even tell??? Best to you Nehor..with your humor and love for others..you are being who you are supposed to be.
  8. Just one question..and I apologize if this doesn't co-op with the OP...but we have been told that Prophets and apostles make mistakes..that they are just men..so why would anyone stake their entire life..I mean ENTIRE life..and monies..time ..and complete obedience to words of just men? ( And some disagree with each other..not to mention that certain doctrines that were supposed to be relatively eternal..have changed)
  9. Date-onomics

    Nebor ..this last paragraph speaks volumes. I look back and think of the little squabbles my husband and I had..and I just think...gees..we were so stupid. I don't want to really get married..and yet..I am just so alone! Edited to add: I am not a college graduate..I work at Walmart for heck's sakes..but see..things like that don't even matter to me anymore..that is silly stuff and college has nothing to do with life experience and character.
  10. Date-onomics

    I was thinking the same thing..wouldn't that be something???
  11. I agree..If one thinks about it..every primary, Sunday school, and testimony meetings are centered on the teachings of this book.
  12. Building mortal into God

    An awful lot of strong women have left the church..of course..that makes them weak?? In my opinion, if humility is sufficient..greatness will cease to exist.
  13. So agree...I read a fiction novel once that was all about killing us off because they couldn't afford our social security..??!!
  14. Songs that Best Represent an Era

    Wow..you are so loved and admired...you rock...my graduation was kind of like "good riddance and good luck"..
  15. Nehor...I kind of feel bad that you lump us baby boomers as such pain in the butts.. Just sayin'...