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  1. Jeanne

    Prayer request for my dear wife, need prayers please!

    Many prayers Papa...having just had my 41st anniversary....I can understand the living of 43 years with love how much care and genuine friendship that goes with that. Prayers...keep us posted...and hoping God hears your blessings!!
  2. Jeanne

    Poster Missing

    I don't post a lot myself...so...I d on't think you are close to forgettable....!!!
  3. just posting because I am loving this change!
  4. Jeanne

    Left Hand

    Oh My Gosh..14 pages...does God really care???
  5. Ney...he jumped out of that boat when he left mormonism.
  6. Jeanne

    "Why some people leave the Church"

    I loved this Thank you!! Sometimes I get so tired of the why did you leave question. One day...I was asked and just said I offended everybody....😄
  7. Jeanne

    Poster Missing

    wow... a lot of people missing here.
  8. Jeanne

    Poster Missing

    I haven't seen Smac around for awhile. Is he okay? Just curious. Thanks..Jeanne
  9. Equal promotions...equal credit status..😁
  10. I am baffled in a way...when I was going through my own faith crisis, I was told that the answers were always there but I just did not look for it hard enough..did not study deep enough.
  11. 😂 Yeah...I was going to say...finally!!
  12. Jeanne

    Anybody remember seeing this?

    curious...but i don't know. it is beautiful and looks/reminds me of my western belt buckles from my c'girl days!
  13. When will I get to rep you again?? I agree with Teancum also.
  14. Jeanne

    Left Hand

    And for some reason that was the "itchiest" Sunday ever...I felt like was walking cloth of starch...the bonnet too!!😄
  15. Jeanne

    Dating/marrying non-LDS

    The bottom line is that love of spouse and family should always trump religion. Should one fall in love with someone outside the religion or should the faith in any time change, there is way to make it work when love of family is triumph over all. Core values and goodness is key and the loving parenting is between two who are diverse and respectful can be a gift to children.