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  1. Just checking in long enough to respond to randy's post. Thank you..for being so honest, sincere and loving. I wish you this confidence of feelings and in your truth a life that brings great joy. Best to you.
  2. I didn't get the pictures of money (presidents) kind of masked...did I miss something? Unique!! But some beautiful art there. I can't draw a stick house so this is amazing to me!
  3. Oh these are beautiful in every art form. I like the take on the ward house with all the ward together...it is true!! They look like my ward and yours! Loved also the one with Jesus and the lambs. Some are very unique..Lorenzo though..why he takes the cone!!
  4. Wow...I love your experience written here.
  5. Good Topic CB!! Memories, The ones that included making Christmas bulbs for the ward Christmas trees..Gold and Green Balls, Roadshows..and the many ward parties that brought community together. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity the church gave me in expanding talents and being creative. There are things in life that I can do because I participated in the many good things the church offered. Forever grateful for geneology (sp) and the many stories I have of ancestors. Good friendships still remain. The very thought that I may see my loved ones again is more than a blessing and I still hold dear the Heavenly Mother that I want to believe in. I have learned service and the joy of giving and better still, how to receive with a grateful heart.
  6. The thread about the trust gap. I know Juliann and I had some words and I planned on fixing that...but couldn't get in. Other than that, I was just interested in the comments of others and the new developments and links on the subject. Thanks Bluebell.
  7. I am not LDS...perhaps that is the only reason..or I just don't add much substance to any posts. I am sad and afraid to be here. Thanks for your support.
  8. Thanks...I was suspended for 3 days on a thread where my last post said.."This is Jeanne..slowly and quietly leaving the thread"...afraid to post anymore.
  9. Hey...I wasn't going to post anymore on the thread anyway; but just puzzled as to why I was banned? Does anyone know...I can't get in. Thanks..! Though I wasn't posting on it anymore, I was very interested and learning from the comments of others. Is there a reason why I was singled out? This was from the thread about trust gap.
  10. Of course!!! It is just that you are so unusual.
  11. Oh..I guess I may be too optimistic...but any change directed to victims to get some help should be a good thing. If at least they can go to police first without the whole world knowing their story I guess it will take time to know if there has been success. I am grateful that BYU has made some changes to policies but you are right...this is a problem that belongs to the whole of this country.
  12. Just wanted to say that I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during this discussion, Love that you are having these kinds of discussions..you're brave and thoughtful man!! By thoughtful..I mean you are really thinking about it without using the standard replys. Personally, for me, it is easier to KNOW Jesus than to know the Father.
  13. Thank goodness this has been brought to awareness and fixed in and outside the church. It hasn't been a year yet but it is nice to know that fear for young women reporting rapes or any sexual harassment has been removed. The worry of losing school and church discipline kept many silent.