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  1. Jeanne

    Where books go to die

    In the past, I have found a lot of used books at Deseret Ind. There is a good place to put them. Up here in Logan, there are a couple of book stores that have all kinds of books from people in town....they sell!!
  2. Her choice...her covenants with God...what to do with free agency??? If she serves the church and values anything of it...it is her choice. Leave it to God.
  3. I think she knows it is not all about her...as she speaks of family and ties...it is just the opposite IMO....it is all about the church.....the excommunication is all about what they want...at any cost.
  4. Jeanne

    Mary, the Mother of Christ

    I didn't even think of this at all in my very early years of the church. It was brought up in Seminary (1974)...and I was swayed the other way...that is that there was sex...because of divine law and nature. So which is it in the Church?
  5. I have had such awful experiences with therapists...especially my last one. Ugh...I paid a $100 for talking to myself.
  6. I know many people will disagree with me and I expect that; but many times with doubts or questions...the ball has been put in the church's court...and with no answers...it ends up in the church's court.
  7. Jeanne

    That Deadpool Poster

    Obviously. the angels in deadpool have no talent...if you can play a horn...laugh!
  8. Jeanne

    Another Crazy Thread From Cdowis

    I have never heard that before...but what if it is true in the phrase above that says..."I know that God will tell people the Book of Mormon is true" This statement seems to take a way a mediator..
  9. Jeanne

    Appropriate music for Sacrament mtg

    I have played "Oh Holy Night" many times in Sacrament Meeting. My sister and I did piano/organ duet and also as prelude music. I have never heard anyone complain. Something like this song..different from hymns does something to the spirit. Personally, I think it is one of the best songs to do...!
  10. It did discredit her in my view...doesn't mean I don't believe her...but I know that it makes her so desperate when it was unnecessary to do so. They caught up...I realize that ...but going along with NNN is a huge mistake. This is where she left a certain path for a voice of fame....unfortunate. I believe anyone who connects with NNN soon regrets it.
  11. Jeanne

    In case it turns out you are wrong...

    Will you let me know somehow how that goes? If it is personal I understand ...but reach out on facebook if you can. Hugs..Jeanne
  12. Jeanne

    Diagnosed with cancer on Tuesday

    Just wondering how you are feeling...and wanted you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers.
  13. I react the same way as well as others who are postmo the way I do here. It is better if he stays out of things...I and many others on the other board disliike what he did in that ward with Denson...it made her look worse. I don't like what he did in Temples and so many agree...there are tasteful ways to make points or a better understanding. I don't hate the man..I understand anger...but what he does creates the biggest divides for some of us that are trying to make things work in two worlds.
  14. I agree. The truth is..he does not represent us very well...he is a detriment to our findiing a path that works for us and our LDS families.
  15. I know that a lot of the ex mormon community would rather him stay away....not impressed. There are civil boundaries to always be considered in order to make even the smallest point or argument relevant.