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  1. When my Dad was beating my mom...this is in the 60's...she did not call the cops..she called the Bishop...again...and again...and again.
  2. SR..so sorry for your loss but value your testimony of free agency...of service..of love..and all those things that made the child yours. Should God measure people by their pain, you are a good man. I believe as you do...that there has to be reasons..and that life after death is not only a hope..but is real and your son knows you and who you have become because of him.
  3. I raised my kids in a military town in Utah...I had every race, religion and non religion at birthday parties!! My kids are better for it.
  4. I would have given anything to just have something that would settle my father down..and just get some rest. The more loss of sleep...the more deranged his life became.
  5. I agree. It is hard to take criticisms seriously from one who hasn't bothered to listen to it. Just doesn't make sense. Scott....just do it parts..take a couple of days..then get back to us. Consig did a great job for a first timer. He wanted clarification and called her out on things that needed that. In my own journey, when I have been wrong about the church, Consig has called me out and straightened me up on doctrines that i had misunderstood.
  6. Jeanne

    Just wanted to explain my username

    Welcome...I am just that one lady that lives at the one place and affiliates with no one in particular and everyone in general.😍
  7. Jeanne

    Attending Church

    How about every other week? Then at least every 3 months or so...she spends a Sunday with you?
  8. I know who he is...and one thing he really is...is my friend. Has helped me through so many bad times. Took the time to write and help me understand things. He is a good person. I know his name...and I know that he is fair.
  9. Are you talking about consig's name and identity?
  10. Tacenda...you don't get to get up up and think of ways to off yourself...You call me...anytime any day or night. I love you....! I will give you my number on FB. You little stinker...!!!
  11. Jeanne

    The Problem of Indifference

    Just sayin...I have never met a perfect parent.😋 i just know that there were some days where I wanted a T-shirt that said...."My name is not Mom"..