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  1. Ugh....what is a tax refund?? Haven't had one for years.....this State is killing me!
  2. What can I say...to young people that pass me on a sidewalk..I am invisible. Feeling other than all of a sudden. That is okay. Looking back there are some do overs I would like to have of course, but no...I am okay and don't want to be a teenager....the mom of little ones that I worried so much about...the new widow....just me. I am okay. There are things that I really used to care about...like cute shoes..now I just want comfortable shoes...gym to get healthy??? Or just get shorter??? Tech?? I miss the good old days...I want people to TALK to me. After all is said and done..this older boomer generation gets a big taboo from everybody...we seem to suck the life out of SS and everything...plots to even kill us all!! πŸ˜‰
  3. Yeah.....!!! This is what ministering is all about...and no doubt you have done much for others. Keep us posted on your eye situation okay? Prayers with you! This is from the 63 year old widow in a cool but partly cloudy mountains of Cache Valley....😊
  4. This is wonderful of course...but where is that Holy Spirit when you need comfort just a spiritual hug to keep from quiting? This is where people play an important part..yes, even an atheist..when we give support, empathy..and love to eachother...as parents, teachers an communities. Other than that...you wait...and wait...and wait...trust God. There has to be acknowledgement of success an encouragement.
  5. Are you rich???😊 I am sure many donate a certain tithes to many causes. My point is, it matters to God just the same no matter what. Other important causes does not affect one's temple worthiness or salvation.
  6. In someways this post reminds me of mother. Please..please..for all the expectations of others and expectations of your self, don't let this take away your worth. You are worthy to love and to receive it.
  7. I have the biggest hug for you....I hope you will accept it.
  8. Sorry if I have missed or forgotten these points made before. Perhaps it is the way bluebell put it out there that makes the difference. It was a compliment.
  9. Craig speaks for so many...eloquently. I have lost another friend over this over the weekend. Pres. Nelson's talk did not help. Repentance...??? You can come back after we have kicked you out?? Your divorce and loss of children do not matter...oops..we changed out minds...but repent. All the words that Pres. Nelson said I applied to the 12 and presidency behind him. Yes, those men who do not apologize nor follow even the first rules of repentance. Shame on those that think this is okay...ruined lives and dead ones...repent?? I am sorry??? I appologize? Who would ever come back to a church that does NOT speak for the God I know of.!!
  10. bluebell, I admire that you are aware of such differences and that your proof is not always based on feelings. You are the first that I am aware of to admit that as a stalwart member. Thank you,
  11. Just a shout out to home town Tooele. The county is growing all over the place. On the other hand...when I get some thoughts together...I had problems with Pres. Nelson's talk in some big ways.
  12. I have to leave now because my daughter needs me to help find a new apartment...wish me luck...she has pets..hard to find. I will check in hopefully the last hour of today's afternoon conference. Give me E for effort okay?? Hugs...Jeanne...your local ex mormon signing off.
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