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  1. I read this today too I am very impressed that all groups are coming together like this. Sounds like this is a good step and taken seriously by the State and the people who live here. Good News!!
  2. New First Presidency

    Wow..this is sad. If one cannot ask questions or infer a difference of opinion, this makes a member a robot...IMO.
  3. Who Am I to judge?

    I know that is what I should be doing!!
  4. Okay..but limited understanding (IMO) comes close to something that may not be true. Why would God do that? Why reveal anything just part way...we still have a choice.
  5. To say that there is limited understanding in a church that says they receive revelation...just doesn't work.
  6. Who Am I to judge?

    Your honesty speaks volumes for your empathy of others. I admire that.
  7. Has anyone noticed

    Might work for counselors too.
  8. New Beginnings

    This is what I remember too...
  9. Sometimes change in Utah is a bit like pulling teeth..
  10. Forgetting to much, and falling to much!

    good one...sure made me smile...Papa...I am getting old with ya here...hang in there!!
  11. I don't think the word apology is in the church's vocabulary...
  12. Thomas S Monson cars

    This whole post has nothing to do with me.
  13. "Special invitation" , Pres. Nelson

    I can only imagine that perhaps Pres. Nelson is just offering assurances.
  14. I would just like to say that if Tacenda and I could meet in person...that I would feel comfortable having my margarita and offering her a diet coke or something and our conversation would remain the same...to me, this is all silly stuff.