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  1. Jeanne

    Mission calls and Monday nights

    Wow...thanks for your response. Very interesting..I just can't imagine kind of having office politics on top of all the responsibility. Thanks! I am glad you got out of that.
  2. Jeanne

    Mission calls and Monday nights

    I know this is off the wall and not part of the convo; but I have always thought that being in dispatch would be such a scary job...how was it for you? I think you and I are from the same county and my cousin used to work there too..as well as my foster sister..so must wondering..thanks in advance.
  3. Not really..but if you met with an apostle..would you not disclose those thing that most concern you...?
  4. I would think so...wouldn't you??? Bluebell,,I love and respect you so much..but sometimes common sense can be your friend!!☺️
  5. All I want to know is if she met with Pres. Monson many moons ago...why are we and why is she...still dealing with all of this?
  6. I am sure you badge is for life...no matter what.😌
  7. Jeanne

    The Spirit Of Discernment

    I have never really met someone like you..your trust is immense. I respect that.
  8. Jeanne

    The Spirit Of Discernment

    How many mistakes does your God let his leader make before he does something?? But hey, I don't blame God and I don't think Larsen does either..the thing is, in the mormon gospel...if a leader makes a mistake (and we all do)...he is not in tune to make any more "discerning" decisions..unless he recognizes his mistakes...he does not have that spirit of discernment...so Bishop..he gets promoted and promoted again...amazing..and it is probably making your God very disappointed.
  9. Jeanne

    The Spirit Of Discernment

    And more...leaders can only get gut feelings if they know someone real well..other than that..in leadership, calling and interviews...it is a guess
  10. Jeanne

    The Spirit Of Discernment

    In my personal experience, I have often found it odd that some would disregard my gut feelings..as if that was not always the way to go....but have such regard for discernment. To me..it is somewhat one and the same.
  11. We will know more about all these questions soon. I am sure that Consig has been in touch with the victim.
  12. Consig just had a daughter come home from her mission...to think that he would not care is so wrong. There are probably very good reasons why he cannot release names.
  13. I like Consig..actually he is to me anyway an honest man and very knowledgeable. He seeks truth and so like you, I feel he has no reason to misrepresent. He is full of facts...and conclusions can't be made without them. If ego is any where represented..it is because we need the facts. Facts are not harmful because we need them..so ..it might be even scary if they are helpful. Thanks, Jeanne
  14. I agree with you Calm. Ego or not...the facts are needed for correct conclusions. Consig strives for accuracy..we need that. I don't think YOU are scared..you are more observant and secure in your own knowledge. You have answers ready for whatever the conclusion will be.