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  1. Yeah...I was thinking..but why?? Why would you be looking for this story??
  2. I will reread what Scott actually said. Thank you Bobbieware.
  3. Hey...I agree But the scripture quote in a reply to an above post suggested that she had sinned.
  4. How in the world do you know anybody as sinned that gets up and bears a testimony? How do either of us know? So..we assume the good in people.
  5. Huh..this story would have all been so different and good had the husband at least got up to hold the darn broom...together..we clean up messes.
  6. She has not sinned. I think you may have misunderstood..although I love the scripture. If all those down the line from prophets, stake presidents and bishops could only heed to this..verbally she was not condemned but by their actions.
  7. How about just acknowledging Savannah? Not her parents..not whoever did the video..but to her..that she is valued and what she says matters...though they disagree. She knows what a testimony is..this is hers...none of his have the same testimonies ever..but acknowledge this child of God. My heck..what would Jesus do? Shut up Savannah..just shut up??
  8. What is sad in all the pros and cons of this whole situation is..that first, no real response from the authorities of the church..and two..it doesn't matter..no one is listening.
  9. I try to be hopeful...just sometimes overwhelmed by the world Right now I am hoping you will always be my friend..and that my friend is doing well.
  10. Ouch...this kind of light makes my eyes see spots..and when that happens..I do everything I can to keep from getting a migraine.
  11. I so love this..so impressed! This is what it is all about...a different kind of mission going on here. Thanks..gives me a hope that i didn't have this morning.
  12. The catholics that I know talk to me about their feelings about their own church. I think they do what a lot of us do They take the good things and try to apply them. However, my friends have also recognized and admit that their church has made huge mistakes. All we can do as Christians is to love God..and love our neighbors and hope that it shines enough that evil can be only an opposition..not the only option. There is good and there is evil..but for those who struggle..there is this inbetween area where we are trying to find that light in our own ways.
  13. Me too! Would actually like to eat the doughnuts I make every day!!
  14. Thirty years or more for me. Growing up in a small mormon community ..I realized that they still hold on to some old thoughts on Catholics. I had a good friend that was catholic in high school but was not allowed to bring her home. I was so hoping that had been done away with.