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  1. If the church is really opposing, I really sick at heart...I thought they had gone past this somehow.
  2. I agree...what a waste of monies that could be used for other things. It should be okay for some Utahns to travel alittle...it is called sacrifice.
  3. IMO....this conversation...and conversation with your wife is so.o.o. sad.
  4. Oh that is wonderful....nothing more special than that...so allow her to enter a circle of priesthood holders to bless her child. DuH!! I am sure you are a father...so????
  5. I am just saying...if they are going to allow children/young adults to witness...why sure the women can...is there anything that seems "special" for the woman?? It is kind of...well if we let the children do it....we will have to let the adult women do it....there is nothing special "for her" in all of this (IMO). I am not saying that as a church this is not some kind of progress...but don't you want something special that is just for you??? At least something that might prove more respective as a mother of a 12 year old that can do the same thing?
  6. To what I have learned here on this thread and listening to conference this morning....I am hoping the doors will open for my female friends and relatives to be a part of the blessing in the circle for naming of babies. I have seen positive things happening...but still not understanding them To jump and down for joy on witnessing of baptisms when children can also participate seems in many ways embarrassing. May all of you have a wonderful Sunday.
  7. I think it is sad that a mother fears to bless her own child. Do you even see that there is something wrong with this kind of fear?
  8. I watched this documentary too..it was eery on so many levels to me.
  9. I have never looked at it this way..but how true.
  10. So sorry to hear of this. Much love and condolences to friends and family. The world has lost knowledge and a very decent human being.
  11. Adminstering with youth...how convenient.
  12. Jeanne


    Speak your own truth.
  13. How about a little of both?? 😀
  14. Good one...humor at its best...surely a mistake.😄
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