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  1. Well...you can spin it that way I guess. Whatever works for you. Quite a circle of events here that you personally believe.
  2. Playing with people's lives and then move on..this is sad.
  3. I should not even be in this conversation. To me, there was no angel. It was pure manipulation.
  4. One of your best and most understanding post I have ever seen. Empathy and understanding for others is so huge here. Thanks,Calm.
  5. Probably what you need JulieM is an angel with a flaming sword! That is called revelation! It sounds like a woman who did not participate in polygamy back then was a failure to her children.
  6. I don't have any big info..as I stated it was just my observation. Over six months ago, an elderly man killed his wife and then himself. He knew that no one would be around to take care of her..both with some health problems. In Tooele County there was an incident that was about the same. It is just not something that we are in constant awareness of. The Cache family were strong in the faith. Sorry. Perhaps all it means is that we are not actively seeking to understand the despair that older people are going through.
  7. I just know that you are honest and open with your wife..would you do it any other way on any promise or disagreement worries? IMO, there is no justification for omitting a truth to a spouse. I have lived it and it made a good and strong marriage even in the hardest times. Joseph LIED to Emma..you can't fix that. No one can.
  8. And understanding.
  9. Thank you. It is just that if it is supposed to see how pioneers really trekked..the rules would be out. I like it that the kids are being watched over..but pioneers didn't have emt's ad a turkey or two would feed them. I am jesting..I imagine there is a strengthening and better understanding of the past on this trek. Is it a requirement or is it voluntary? Thanks so much for the info. When I was young it was just girl''s camp.
  10. What is the purpose of the trek? I have never really understood this.
  11. You know..this is not a statistic or anything..just a general observation from one who lives in Cache County Utah. It is not just the youth suicides..there have been elderly suicides too. Just something that I have noticed in the past few years in other counties as well. Sad..no matter rhyme or reason..it is sad. Hard to pin down what causes there are.
  12. Well it is...it is all our fault!!
  13. This link seems to be on target. Just a few months ago, I noticed that rx mormon had a top thread that showed that they were even surprsied at the total increase. Quite a few former bishops/stake presidents and even missionaries in the field have inquired to the sight to ask questions or to share their fears. Quite a few..to my surprise, are the young people on there complaining about the answers they are getting in seminary.
  14. Okay. But notice the smiley. I wasn't serious. But thanks for the info!!
  15. I forgot about that...kind of like owning a bar