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  1. I begged my parents to divorce. Their marriage was destroying everything around them.
  2. All of this is so sad..and in retrospect so much pain unnecessary..these stories are what keeps me partial in the world of mormonism.
  3. Yes...to your first question...for some people..the thinking has been done and will do what is said...which is fine..but then they judge others for their own agency..
  4. Time for religion to grow up. Free agency. Sure, some things are good for you and some are not. Your choice. But you get to make it. Don't let a religion tell you what to do all the times...gees, use science if you want and make intelligent decisions for yourself. But whether one vapes or not...doesn't matter to God in the whole picture...if that were true, we should take away potato chips!!
  5. I don't know if they still do this...but it is demeaning to a woman to have to have permission to serve. I remember my bishop asking if I would like to be a Den mother many years ago...He said he had already talked to my husband. My husband said...ask her!! She gets to decide!😊
  6. This brought tears to my eyes...not only actual words from your great grandmother which is a treasure...but her delightful way of using her words to describe the day...never ..ever...not listen to a mother's voice of heaven and intuition. I love this. I wish that my own grandma had written things down. I tried to get her to do that..but she thought her life was boring...wish she could have wrote you a book!
  7. I keep contact with Tacenda and my sister's grandkids...that is the only purpose I have for it.
  8. I can't thank you enough....every day is an SS day on the phone/mail and has aboslutely no substance at all to it.
  9. Then He isn't God...ultimately ...this is what a loving Heavenly Father would do. He is waiting...even for you...and me!
  10. It shouldn't be a thing...I haven't been out of Utah so my experience has nothing to compare to. Love and friendship should never be divided by any religion.
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