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  1. CA Steve

    How many black members do we have?

    The link is still working for me.
  2. CA Steve

    How many black members do we have?

    In case you are still wondering, I was referring to this which is not from the church. https://www.mormon-newsroom.org/article/president-nelson-meets-with-NAACP-offers-apology-for-history-of-racism/
  3. CA Steve

    How many black members do we have?

    Shouldn't she she also get feedback from black people who are not members, who are familiar with Mormons? I suspect she might find their point of view very interesting also.
  4. I am not sure we disagree. I am fine with those who see evidence from different sources than I do. My objection was to fitting that what evidence we use to our beliefs, not the other way around. By the way I think both "raise the question" or "begs the question" works here, depending on how you phrased your answer. I could be question begging if I am assuming something about the evidence that is not necessarily true, or you could be raising the question about how much weight we give the evidence.
  5. CA Steve

    How many black members do we have?

    Thanks for all the responses. Yes I realize there is a problem with defining who is and isn't black, a problem that led to the 1978 announcement in my opinion. No I don't have a better answer for who qualifies and who does not, nor was my question intended to debate or even raise that issue. When I said I don't know any, I meant personally, obviously I know of some members locally who may consider themselves black, I just don't know them and therefore have no way to ask one how they felt about the hoax. And finally if we have 3% in the US as the PEW poll indicates that is many more than I would have expected.
  6. The hoax today has led to some interesting online reactions. One comment I have seen a few times is people lamenting the fact that our black members had their hopes raised and then dashed. (Not my words.) So my first thought was, "I don't actually know any black members. I am not saying there aren't any or even that they are rare, I just don't happen to know any. It led me to asking myself if there is any information on how many black members we actually have. No, I do not have a handle on who would qualify and who would not, nor do I actually think the church even has that kind of information but I am curious if others might have even a guess on how many black members there are. Thanks
  7. CA Steve

    New 4 volume history "transparent, honest, faithful"

    Can church history be "transparent and honest" without being "faithful"?
  8. Sorry Rongo but this is just a fancy way of saying it's your own fault if you don't believe. I know too many people who agonized over their loss of faith (our very own Runtu comes to mind) for whom staying in would have been the easier decision. So this is not just an observation on your part, no matter how much you want it to be, it is a value judgement. Those that struggle and do not hold on :"just didn't want to believe" strongly enough. You find them lacking in how much they wanted to believe. Also for what it is worth, I think we should decide what to believe based on what evidence we see, not based on what we want.
  9. Cinepro, I believe you may be misunderstanding who the intended audience here is. This is Meridian Magazine, hardly known for its serious apologetic work. Instead this article makes perfect sense when you consider it is aimed at readers who will congratulate themselves for being part of that group who is able to "turn his doubts into honest questions."
  10. CA Steve

    Fashion Question

    If this were a 100 years ago, we would be discussing prophetic statements on exposed female ankles.
  11. So if Tina Louise walked into your deli asking what herbs you sell, you would have to say: "Sorry Ginger, we don't sell ginger to gingers."
  12. That would be similar to defining evolution as humans evolving from rocks while getting your flu shot.
  13. Maybe it's just me, but I always see a lot of irony when someone criticizes the scientific community and its advancements using a computer on the internet.
  14. Regardless of the reasoning behind why the Church is distancing itself from Scouting, I agree strongly with your assessment here. The Church I grew up in had a variety of programs that were interesting to young men of all ages and belief levels. Without the scouting program to tie together our group I think our activity rate would have been half what it was. Another big loss, in my opinion, was how much more attention the church paid to competitive church wide (in the USA at least) sporting activities. We bonded together as a group through both the scouting activities and sports competition, bond that have remained strong for decades, even with those who no longer believe and or attend Church. I do not believe this is a good decision in an age where we are struggling to keep young males in the Church after high school. We need to find ways keep programs that are interesting to our youth, not get rid of them.
  15. CA Steve

    Guns at church

    Having sat through countless high council speakers who took 30 minutes more to finish a talk after saying "let me wrap up with this", I think it is a bad idea to have guns at church. 😠