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  1. Bluebeam will compare large .pdf files against each other. The third file it produces will show all agreements in black, original version in red and newer version in green. It makes it very easy to spot changes in large documents.
  2. Well according to one 19th century reviewer: A Campbell 1831
  3. While I very much agree with what you say here, I wonder how we can claim a restoration without actually knowing what the original authors intended when they wrote a text?
  4. The answer is simple. For members of the Mormon Church, the story is figurative. For members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it is taken literally.
  5. Robert, In my very limited view, formal theological training, especially in the area of Biblical studies, would raise some serious challenges to some of our most fundamental beliefs. While I agree with your suggestion that GA's should have more theological training. I also think it runs the risk of affecting the Church much the same way the RLDS was affected. We only need to look at Dr. Bokovoy's own recent experience to see how his training was viewed quite suspiciously by BYU scholars and how it has affected his own views of scripture. Do you think that such formal training of GA's would result in a more liberal view at leadership levels within the Church (I know that's vague but I hope you get my intent) of scriptural interpretation and/or literal scriptural history?
  6. Put 50 Biblical scholars in a room and you would get the same 5 opinions with 40 of them agreeing on one.
  7. Perhaps we all read into it what we want to see, that is, after all the nature of scripture. But when it comes to discerning what the original intent was of the passages quoted, I'll take what Dr. Bokovoy says, hands down, over what Elder Callister says. I also like what Albert Switzer had to say about a similar subject. Parenthesis mine. I don't believe the Biblical prophets had any awareness of the Nephites or were making any predictions about them, and I believe Elder Callister is just trying to project his own views into a Biblical story that knows nothing about Book of Mormon peoples
  8. I have found that many times the definition of "anti-Mormon literature" is not based on whether or not it is accurate, but based on whether or not it threatens how the person using the term views the church. For example I have had close friends and family members tell me that the Joseph Smith Papers Project was "anti-Mormon" or the church essays or even Rough Stone Rolling. So maybe next time you hear one of these accounts you might want to ask the person telling it, if he/she actually read the offered literature and what was "anti-Mormon" about it. Oh, as a side note, don't we need to start calling it "Anti-Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint literature"? 🙄
  9. Honestly it's been so long I am not even sure when or where I heard it, so I would have no idea where to search for it. Along with that was how some people would only bath parts of their bodies while leaving their garments of the other half then reversing the process so as to never be totally without their garments. There were other claims about never seeing their spouse naked for their entire married lives that I remember but can not actually source. So I am happy to retract any of it if someone wants a CFR. 50 year old memories are quite suspect.
  10. I think I remember Mark E Peterson talking about never taking off your garments even during sex but that was a long time ago.
  11. I noticed that too but that is the outlier. In nearly all other questions, the Gen X & Millennials expressed more willingness to remove them. So I could see this as being an accommodation for them as some of the other recent changes seem to be. I see current leadership making changes to make being Mormon easier and I do not believe that portends well for our unique identity or even our membership numbers, in the long run.
  12. While there is a large grain of truth in your quip here, the argument that might hold sway is that it would be an accommodation that would appeal even more to younger generations.
  13. I like what Armand Mauss has to say in his 'Mormon Scholars Testify" about certainty of belief. Armand L. Mauss in Mormon Scholars Testify.
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