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  1. How does one decide between viewing naturally occurring events as a sign that God is in favor of their worldview or against it?
  2. CA Steve

    Good for you Pres. Nelson!

    Evidently He was leading the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints but He was not leading the Mormon Church. This does raise an important question. Is the directive to wear only one earring from the Mormon God or from the COJCOLDS God?
  3. CA Steve

    President Nelson and AoF 10

    Maybe we literally no longer mean literal.
  4. CA Steve

    D-News Reports 63,500 Missionaries Are Serving

    If what is going on now is a result of raising the bar, I wonder what lowering the bar would look like?
  5. CA Steve

    Hollow Earth Theory

    The best parodies are the ones where initially people take them seriously. It sort of like the best kind of jokes are the ones that make you think. I taught my grandson a joke that on cue he will repeat when I ask him. I ask him to tell it to adults. He doesn't understand it but likes to tell it anyways and I like to watch the facial expressions on the adults hearing it and trying to work it out. The joke is: "How do you get down from a camel? (after the listeners says they don't know) "You don't, you get down from a duck." Wait for it.
  6. CA Steve

    Hollow Earth Theory

    Given that we don't know everything about the interior of the earth, it is impossible to rule out the possibility that some day we may find evidence of the lost ten tribes there. Since we don't really know what an artifact from those lost ten tribe would look like after they have been underground for so long, it is entirely possible that every time we witness a volcanic eruption we are seeing ancient Israeli artifacts in molten form.
  7. CA Steve

    The Name of the Church

    Does this mean we have to start calling them Anti-Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? That's going to mess up some people's tag line. 😎
  8. CA Steve

    The Name of the Church

    Does that mean this board will change its name to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Dialogue and Discussion Board?
  9. CA Steve

    The State of Mormon Apologetics

    Well wouldn't such a affirmation have been evident through peer review? What feedback did they get from the review?
  10. CA Steve

    Horses in the Book of Mormon

    The problem here is you keep claiming that it is "the critic argument" that horses did not exist during BoM times, and while this may be exactly what some critics are saying, it is also exactly what pretty much the scientific consensus is also saying. This isn't "the critics' argument as you are trying to paint it. It is everybody's belief (outside of a LDS belief) that there were none. I wonder what reaction you would get from a Meso-american anthropologist when you told him that since Curly horses were there in the early 1800's that must mean they were there all along, even though there is no physical evidence for them before Columbus, especially after you told him they were a known breed in Europe?
  11. CA Steve

    Horses in the Book of Mormon

    Wouldn't the claim that they were native to the Americas also mean that the same unique genetic trait developed independently in two different locations, continents apart?
  12. CA Steve

    Exaggeration & Honesty

    Maybe your grandmother and her daughter were frustrated by an exhausting drive to the wedding. Perhaps they took a wrong turn down a street that looked right because it had multiple new stake houses on it. They might have run into a motorcycle gang who turned out to be long lost relatives and Mormons to boot and were able to give them directions to the right place. All and all they were probably worn out from such a trip and the loud music was too much. That type of experience would certainly justify a slight exaggeration to get the music turned down, wouldn't it?
  13. CA Steve

    Is Facebook taking the place of ministry?

    Thanks, but I think I would prefer to find out by the person(s) assigned telling me.
  14. CA Steve

    Is Facebook taking the place of ministry?

    Since the ministering program was instituted I have no idea who is my current minister.
  15. CA Steve

    The State of Mormon Apologetics

    That's the kicker here. AFAIK neither Skousen nor Carmak have ever stated that the existence of EMOD in the Book of Mormon is proof of divine intervention. What we see instead is others citing their work and then acting as if that is the only possible or even the most probable interpretation that it is there. As if EMOD in the Book of Mormon could not be there for any other reason.