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  1. But that is the whole point Robert, facts, as we understand them, things like time, space, even the very laws of physics that seem so immutable to us, don't really apply before the big bang. Maybe Hawkings is just playing at a cosmic routine of the old Abbot & Costello bit "Who's on First." Maybe the word 'nothing' has a bit of a different meaning to him, as in "nothing we would understand". I don't know (third base.)
  2. Here is the problem as I see it, from my uninformed view. The conditions that existed before the big bang are not describable using our physical brains and comparable to anything in our current physical universe. In other words, at best we can label it "nothing" because it does not fit into any other description we are capable of understanding or against which we can compare it. And, yes, I understand that allows for rampant speculation. I suspect that Hawking's speculation in this matter might be based on just a bit more scientific understanding than us normal folk. Maybe a better way of putting it would be that the universe came from something we are incapable of understanding into something we can describe.
  3. In other news, Tour has recently announced he will destroy the theory of gravity. His followers are rushing to buy lead weights for their shoes.
  4. Horrible news. He was one of my favorite posters here and truly a gentleman.
  5. Dan Vogel has responded to Dr. Gee's review here. I am copying and pasting it in what I hope was the intended order. Dan Vogel had to break up his response due to the length limits on posts.
  6. The direction of dependence between the KEP and the text of the Book of Abraham is of critical importance to those who advocate a missing scroll containing our current Book of Abraham. In simple terms, if the text of Abraham chapters 1 & 2 are dependent on the GAEL, and the GAEL is derived from extant papyri, there is no missing scroll on which the Book of Abraham might be found because then we would have the papyri that Joseph was using to produce the Book of Abraham. The crux of the disagreement here is that one group is advocating a catalyst theory and another is arguing for a missing scroll. Not surprisingly we see the people who are focusing on the 19th century textual development of the Book of Abraham advocating for the former, and those with degrees in Egyptology promoting the latter.
  7. Brother Jensen, First off thanks for taking the time to weigh in here. We are a in a bit of the small corner of the Mormon world here so remarks like this are greatly appreciated regardless of where we may fall in this discussion. I wonder if you would care to comment regarding another issue that has been raised in a review by Jeff Lindsay here? Again thanks for taking to time to respond here.
  8. Robert, Forgive me for being persistent here, but I hope you can see how your last response does not illustrate what I am asking. Let's start here. Maybe you can take a copy of the 'charactors' document and highlight somehow those symbols that are Hieratic. That might be a good place to start for those of us who are less informed. If you get motivated maybe you could then highlight those same characters in a graph like you provided above?
  9. This is really disappointing. I was thinking that I might be able to pick up some Mormon.org domain names for cheap for resale when they came back in vogue with the next prophet. 😉
  10. So the other day when I was at the range at the invitation of my best friend who is a gun collector of sorts, I got to shoot his AR-15 and that was a lot of fun. Man that was loud! Me, I prefer to collect books. I just pick up a 1835 copy of Josephus that I think is amazing.
  11. Even worse, what if the Bishop is Brother Anderson? 😮 Like I said, no system is perfect, and I should add neither is any Bishop.
  12. I do not ever seem to have any luck at Scribd org. My 30 day trail was used long ago. So maybe instead of providing any meaning for those character you ( or others) say are Hieratic, can you briefly explain why they are thought to be Hieratic and which ones if possible? Thanks
  13. No solution is perfect and training obviously helps. And I have already acknowledged that not all LEO are equal regardless of their training. I did not ask him why he felt uncomfortable, but if I were to infer what he meant, it would be that he did not trust the average gun owner to be as responsible as some here suggest they are. Perhaps he has had some experience in that area. When phrased like this, I lean a bit more toward agreeing, but unfortunately I think this is a No True Scottsman fallacy in that everyone is a responsible gun owner until the gun is used incorrectly. I am fine with people owning guns, I am not trying to take away that right. I also feel like I should have the right to decide under what circumstances I and my family have to be around someone who is carrying a gun. Edited to add. I did like the suggestion a few pages back where the Bishop would select a few people approved to have a weapon in church. I have no problem with that either, but frankly I don't want to sit down in church next to Brother John "I have a Bomb shelter in my back yard" Anderson and have to worry about if he is carrying that Glock he is always bragging about.
  14. Well while I appreciate the vote of confidence, the reality is you have no idea who I am and what my capabilities are, especially under fire. So while you may be comfortable that the stranger next to you is carrying a concealed weapon or even one openly, without knowing anything about him/her, I most definitely am not. My ex-home teacher is retired LEO who recently moved to Coeur d'Alene Idaho. I ran into him the other day at his daughters wedding reception and asked him how he liked it up there. He responded he was moving back and one of the primary reasons he cited was because he was very uncomfortable with so many people carrying guns. I would be interested in what anyone here who is current or ex law enforcement thinks of allowing members to carry guns at church who are not LEO. And I would be even more interested in hearing the opinions of someone who has actually faced gunfire in combat or LEO, what they feel about increasing the number of guns in church. I honestly don't think most of us would react with the calmness and precision we think we would.
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