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  1. CA Steve

    The Name of the Church

    Does this mean we have to start calling them Anti-Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? That's going to mess up some people's tag line. 😎
  2. CA Steve

    The Name of the Church

    Does that mean this board will change its name to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Dialogue and Discussion Board?
  3. CA Steve

    The State of Mormon Apologetics

    Well wouldn't such a affirmation have been evident through peer review? What feedback did they get from the review?
  4. CA Steve

    Horses in the Book of Mormon

    The problem here is you keep claiming that it is "the critic argument" that horses did not exist during BoM times, and while this may be exactly what some critics are saying, it is also exactly what pretty much the scientific consensus is also saying. This isn't "the critics' argument as you are trying to paint it. It is everybody's belief (outside of a LDS belief) that there were none. I wonder what reaction you would get from a Meso-american anthropologist when you told him that since Curly horses were there in the early 1800's that must mean they were there all along, even though there is no physical evidence for them before Columbus, especially after you told him they were a known breed in Europe?
  5. CA Steve

    Horses in the Book of Mormon

    Wouldn't the claim that they were native to the Americas also mean that the same unique genetic trait developed independently in two different locations, continents apart?
  6. CA Steve

    Exaggeration & Honesty

    Maybe your grandmother and her daughter were frustrated by an exhausting drive to the wedding. Perhaps they took a wrong turn down a street that looked right because it had multiple new stake houses on it. They might have run into a motorcycle gang who turned out to be long lost relatives and Mormons to boot and were able to give them directions to the right place. All and all they were probably worn out from such a trip and the loud music was too much. That type of experience would certainly justify a slight exaggeration to get the music turned down, wouldn't it?
  7. CA Steve

    Is Facebook taking the place of ministry?

    Thanks, but I think I would prefer to find out by the person(s) assigned telling me.
  8. CA Steve

    Is Facebook taking the place of ministry?

    Since the ministering program was instituted I have no idea who is my current minister.
  9. CA Steve

    The State of Mormon Apologetics

    That's the kicker here. AFAIK neither Skousen nor Carmak have ever stated that the existence of EMOD in the Book of Mormon is proof of divine intervention. What we see instead is others citing their work and then acting as if that is the only possible or even the most probable interpretation that it is there. As if EMOD in the Book of Mormon could not be there for any other reason.
  10. CA Steve

    Replacing Mormonism with . . . ?

    Until one steps out of the box it is impossible to see the opportunities that lie outside the box.
  11. I think that is a very interesting question. I don't know the answer, but I would guess it also coincides with a change in how the church counsels families about birth control and family planning.
  12. Because he is on limited status. IOW he has run afoul of moderation and been placed on a status that limits the number of posts he can makes and does not allow others to grant him rep points and, I think, he cannot give rep points either, nor can he start threads.
  13. I lost track here. Are you asking him about Bill's comments or Elder Holland's?
  14. The fact the church can only go so far does not mean it has to take that step.. Additionally in the case both of dessent in a church and cheating at a university, people are punished or even tolerated (in the case of a church) without expulsion. We don't have to do this. Kicking someone out for having "tone" problems is a public act that on its face looks worse than the case itself. Having codified apostasy as including disobedience to direction is part of the problem. If we are going to excommunicate people for publicly expressing opinions, they should be given the chance to defend that opinion in a formal setting. Someone who is accused of cheating at a university would be given that same chance, not thrown out for failing to obey directions. The current system does not provide any accountability to membership at large for those making these life changing decisions for others.
  15. So it is okay to point out errors, just not the serious ones? And if you want to talk about big differences, there is a huge difference between committing adultery or murder and refusing to stop blogging about church issues, but the penalty from the church is the same.