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  1. Mmmm... just come in your best. If you have the capability to get into what is considered typical, do it, otherwise, don't worry about it. What we care most about is that you are here =). We apologize if someone makes a rude remark to you. If I was there next to you, I'd probably have a little talking with the person who did it =p. All the same, thanks for coming =D. The Lord wants to bless you, and coming to church really helps with that =).
  2. Inquiring, perhaps the vow was not to be with another woman... in other words... if he's covenanted not to be with another woman, and the Lord doesn't command him otherwise, and he goes and does it, he has committed adultery. Dunno if that's the interpretation, but it's quite possible, nah?
  3. Nah, questions are fine, don't you worry about it =). You come off perfectly friendly =D. Mmm... I don't know why you didn't hear about any of it. It probably is because they interpret the verse differently than we do, but not sure. They didn't know that Jesus was Jehovah... but we know he is through modern revelation, and perhaps, the Bible as well (you'd have to ask someone who's more knowledgeable on that one). The Jews knew that there were originally, but much like mainstream Christianity, switched to a more strictly monotheistic interpretation over time, as far as I know. Again, it'd probably be better to ask someone who knows a bit more. No idea about Genesis 11:7, but it reads somewhat the same way as the first chapter of Genesis in text, so I'm guessing it may have been referring to more than one personage. But not sure at all. Better to ask someone who knows a bit more again XD. I don't think I helped too much =p. Sorryz.
  4. Mmm... I'll explain it according to what I understand. Basically, there are two names (and several sub-names) in the Hebrew version of the Bible which translate to God, both referring to two different beings. One refers to God the Father (El Elyon or Eloheim), and the other refers to Jesus Christ (Jehovah). The proper translation of the first verse of the Bible says, "The head one of the Gods brought forth the Gods"... the head one of the Gods is referring to God the Father. However, the Old Testament mostly uses Jehovah - meaning Jesus Christ. As they both are 'God' in one sense or the other, this can create some confusion in the English version, which doesn't show that it is referring to two different people. But the Hebrew version shows it appropriately.
  5. Ellen, is the issue you are having trouble with the idea that Jehovah was the God of the Old Testament?
  6. Hehe, the mission actually includes parts of Wyoming and Nebraska as well as some of Colorado. I've heard it's very much of a 'four season' place, which should be a bit different than Cali (one or two season climate). I look forward to going though. It's going to be wonderful! Hehe... I miss the people on the board a ton. Not so much the disagreements that go on (who misses those?), but the people I miss, definitely =). Thanks! And yeah, as much as it hurts, it's the right thing to do. And it's helped me grow a lot. I know I have come back a better son and brother than I left, and will come back in 21 months to be even better than that. In a sense, I think it's going to help our family grow closer, which is really wonderful. And service really is the medicine for most spiritual ailments, it is truly great to be able to do so much of it! Tanks! (no, not thanks, tanks) ;-). Tanks again! Mmm... I don't know how old it is... but it does seem to be rather new. I know other Aspie's who went who never went through trial, but I also have heard of serveral other cases from the Stake President. But supposedly it is rather rare, as I had never heard about it before it was suggested. Haha, I have LOTS of stories. LOTS and LOTS and LOTS. I shall write some stories in a future post (it might be a bit later in the day though). The Lord really does teach you a lot on your mission. It's not easy, but it's sure worth it. Oh yes! We love visiting members! I have to say that was one of my favorite parts of the trial mission... members are awesome! So it is wonderful that you are being able to meet with them. Yeah, part of our duties as missionaries is to assist the members, and actually teach them lessons. So don't worry about it... chances are they are very happy they found somebody they can visit. I've heard that the referral only type missions are difficult, but it's slowly helping the work to move forward. I know in our mission we still did door-to-dooring (with some success), but I have a feeling it will be changing sometime in the future. I know they were getting Facebook and I-Pads (for planning and organization) sometime soon. In any case, yeah, members are great. Sometime this week I will tell you about one Sister who was my favorite person to visit on the mission (she was a Less-Active). Thanks everyone!
  7. I have completed my trial mission in Ventura California honorably, and will be leaving for Fort Collins Colorado on a full time mission on the 22nd. Just wanted to let you all know!
  8. Well, I'm off to the mission tomorrow! Best of luck to everyone here! It's been awesome knowing you =).
  9. Let me tell you something. There was a time when I was a member of the church, but I couldn't partake of or pass the sacrament. Don't ask me why, but it was so. I thought it was going to be horrible. But it worked out very very well. Occasionally, someone would come up, and ask me if I could pass. I told them I couldn't. I don't think they judged me further. The people who know of the incident didn't judge me further. They didn't come up and ask me why. They simply let it be, trusting that I was working fine on my own journey back to where I needed to be. They didn't know what my issue was, or why I was having it. They simply let it be as it was. And eventually, I made my way back to where I needed to be, and I was able to participate once more. I won't make a choice for you. But as you said, I think it's a good idea to avoid showing warts to people. If you don't get the recommend, then you don't get the recommend. But you don't necessarily need to tell them why. Even more than that, still attend the temple with them. While I can't predict their reaction, I know many in my ward would not judge you if you were here. We'd simply wish you well, hoping you'd get through your trials, and be at peace with that. I may have mentioned it before, but my Dad is not a member. Whenever my family goes to the temple, he comes with us. He sometimes stays outside, and sometimes goes into the first room where you don't need a TR. I think it's been a blessing to him, and I'm happy that he came regardless of the fact that he isn't a member and doesn't have a TR. While I can't guarantee your situation will be the same, I have found that the temple is a good place for TR holders and non-TR holders alike. So visit anyways. When you feel the spirit of God, things begin to go right again. You gain strength when you go there. So go there, regardless, I would suggest. It may be hard; it's always hard to risk having people judge you. But it's worth the blessings you will get for obeying the Lord. So go. And do. =) I'm on a mission tomorrow, so I probably won't be able to respond, but I wish you the best of luck, -TAO
  10. Thanks! I hope so too! Gotta work on some stuff before I go, but hey, who doesn't? =). Don't disclude yourself. Service makes you who you are too =). Ah man, that's cool! I've had a lot of friends who have had very unusual instances where things happen to put them in contact with distant unknown family members. It's pretty awesome. In any case, if you don't have a calling, and you have the time, you might try serving at the Bishop's Storehouse. I have found that the Bishop's storehouse is one of the coolest places you can serve. And they love getting help, so don't be afraid to just 'drop in'. =)
  11. Nope, not yet. Monday. I'm trying to get in the Spirit though. And it's weird, because I know God is helping me do it. There's things I used to enjoy which were somewhat a waste of time that I don't enjoy doing now. God's really doing his best to get me ready. =D I think your right; I don't know anybody who knows everything quite yet. We all still have things we are working on and working towards, and things we struggle with. And we slowly hustle our ways towards our goal, sometimes getting sidetracked, sometimes not. I don't want people to think the church is for perfect people; it isn't. It's full of normal fallible humans who make mistakes and don't get things right. And yet, for normal fallible humans, what a marvelous church it is. I've met so many wonderful people in it. It brings out the best that people have =). I'm glad though, that they gave you that calling and responsibility. There's something special about getting one. It really makes a difference in your life, and in the lives of others. I know what you mean about having difficulties attending the meetings... part of the reason I go to Sunday School is because of the wonderful teachers I have. Without them, I doubt I would have reactivated and stayed attending church. There's something about being around other people who are wonderful that helps. And serving them in the ways that you can helps even more. =) And yeah, it's very easy to complain about going to church. I did it for a while. And stopped attending for a while. But I have to admit, once you get into it, it's totally worth it. It may be hard to get up that early, and get dressed, and spend 3 hours of your day (or more) doing things. It may be boring, listen to people speak about things that have already been spoken before. It may even be hard when people say things you may disagree with. But it is so totally worth it so you can feel that Spirit, and feel the joy of living the vision, and of being the person who lives the lifestyle which makes you happy. In any case, I'm very glad you are helping this boy. You probably know I have Asperger's, and when I was young, I might have been that boy. So thank you. And thank you for attending church. Regardless of your doubts, you make a wonderful person and member, contributing to your ward. And perhaps the time will come, that through your service, things that may have bothered you will leave you, and you will have peace in your heart, and not worry. I wish you the best of luck in life and the life to come =). -TAO
  12. Haha, the funny thing is, I've had a similar experience, while growing closer to the church. I've learned not to obey the authority that people always insist on when they believe they are right, and others are wrong, and instead listen to the Spirit. Some people think that makes me kinda wierd, because ultimately it means I occasionally doubt a lot of things other people trust. But ultimately I've figured out what I truly valued, and that is the accompaniment of the Spirit and the capability to participate in the wonderful vision for the future that I see that our God has. I love that vision. More than anything else that the World has to offer. So in a sense, I'm willing to sacrifice other things that might be valuable for that vision. For the ability to participate in it. It's not always the easiest thing, but I know it will be worth it in the end. And it makes me happier than I could be anywhere else.
  13. Haha, that's good. One of the biggest lessons I've learned from God is that taking offense doesn't help situations, it just makes them worse, and makes you not as happy as you might have been had you just let it pass. I've had too many experiences where I've wanted to get angry, but I have to remind myself, contention and revelation are not compatible (something my stake patriarch said once). Ultimately, I've just found that happiness and argument don't fit together. That doesn't mean you can't disagree with people, but to argue doesn't' really bring many blessings to you or to the lives of others. So I'm glad you let those things go =).
  14. Haha, I don't follow the news much, so I don't really know which town it is, but I'll trust you on that description. Yep! And a good thing too. Mmm... we have different experiences then. Perhaps it just depends on the ward. Good! I don't see where the problem is then, to be honest. My Dad is a non-member, and he attends church with my mom. I hope he'll join eventually, but he hasn't really shown a ton of interest. I have no problem with him attending. Similarly, I would have no problem with you attending either. In fact, I'd prefer you attend because people's hearts change. And there may be a day when you will wish to believe again. Or maybe not. But yeah, I can't see why people would not want you to attend =p. Attending brings blessings, some physical, some spiritual.
  15. I sure hope people haven't used that to describe you. As you said, apostate implies bitter will. I don't see bitterness in you. So sorry if people have done that.