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  1. The Pope will declare that a Nazirite vow specific to the Mormon Order -- with Moroni pins or Moroni medallions on necklaces identifying members of the MO. Dr Nelson, MO, as Patriarch of the West. Just as the Bishop of Rome, is Pope Francis, SJ.
  2. The archeological evidence is very strong -- Thor Heyerdahl, American Indians in the Pacific (1952), online at https://archive.org/details/AmericanIndiansPacificHeyerdahl/page/n5 , but there is also DNA evidence of some kind of connection: Michael Le Page, “Indigenous peoples in the Amazon and Australia share some ancestry,” NewScientist, Nov 8, 2018, online at https://www.newscientist.com/article/2184840-indigenous-peoples-in-the-amazon-and-australia-share-some-ancestry/ , Charles Q. Choi (LiveScience), “Scientists find genetic link between Native Americans and Pacific Islanders,” Christian Science Monitor, July 22, 2015, online at https://www.csmonitor.com/Science/2015/0722/Scientists-find-genetic-link-between-Native-Americans-and-Pacific-Islanders , Pontus Skoglund, et al., “Genetic evidence for two founding populations of the Americas,” Nature, 525 (Sept 3, 2015):104-108, online at https://www.nature.com/articles/nature14895 . Laura Geggel, “These First Americans Vanished Without a Trace — But Hints of Them Linger,” LiveScience, June 6, 2019, online at https://www.livescience.com/65649-paleo-american-genes-survive-today.html ,
  3. I did not say that you take a negative position. I merely asked a question. But, on second thought, I'll just eliminate it. Sorry, Tacenda.
  4. There are even different printings of the 1611 KJV in 1611, and they can be distinguished by different readings.
  5. We'll put you up for next year's Hugo Science Fiction Award.
  6. The same sort of computer comparison of all phrase sizes was done at UC Berkeley in the 1970s by the late John Hilton. I had the benefit of that computer printout as I edited the first edition of the FARMS Book of Mormon Critical Text. However, most parallels at the 3-word level were mundane, quotidian, and useless. Only significant parallels were useful/useable to me as editor -- all of which I inserted into the Critical Text..
  7. Yes, this would be applicable to the Inspired Revision of the Bible, for which a Phinney Bible was used.
  8. The reason for this research is to see whether your or someone else's theory is correct. Research is not a reason for hard feelings.
  9. The elements and molecules are completely interchangeable and therefore irrelevant. They even change throughout our lives. After death, others will have bodies using the very same elements and molecules which were already used and reused. All the resurrected need is a collection of elements which have been glorified, whatever that means. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
  10. Wrong. The "wild scenario" is your deep-seated belief (with religious fervor) that Joseph must have had an EModE dialect as a youth. That is not a position taken by any scholars of whom I am aware. In fact, if that silly assumption were true, there would surely be some evidence for it -- at least in Joseph's early personal writings -- and there is not. None. It is irresponsible to posit a theory for which there is not a shred of evidence. This is clearly your fairy faith. You believe it so strongly that it just must be true. A true blue believer in Joseph's early life as a hobbit who spoke EModE. Since linguistics is a "soft" science (if it is even science at all), we can fantasize any sort of scenario we wish. Doesn't really matter, right? Just "word usage." Nothing about syntax and grammar. Why even bother to understand it?
  11. So anyone who makes any sort of highly moral statement is automatically suspect of being a hypocrite, including Jesus Christ himself? So Jesus Christ is really no different than Satan?
  12. This world has been at major crossroads before, and sometimes very bad choices were made by nation-states. Things may quickly be coming to a head right now, and he may be warning us to exercise care in our decision-making.
  13. In other words, you are attributing to him ignoble motives by making claims that he did not make.
  14. Was that part of his message? Or is that your fantasy?
  15. Yes, but what is the "crossroad" of which he spoke? Is he alluding to some very crucial change in the offing? And why is he including the nations of the earth? He said that he was delivering a "warning." Sounds ominous to me.
  16. Language is like a stream which changes as it flows through time. The only way it can be standardized is by descriptions of formal grammarians, and they must work with raw data. Until the Oxford English Dictionary was assembled in the 20th century most of that raw data did not exist. Now that thousands of old books have been digitized, linguists can find specific characteristics of grammar and syntax. You are confusing prescription with description. EModE was not standardized. Grammarians merely describe it based on real world phenomena -- which include many different characteristics. What Carmack did was to provide us with statistical rates of occurrence of those characteristics, which you choose to ignore. I did not say that there are no systematic studies of dialects in New England, only that I am not aware of any. And I sent you to Carmack to answer that question. You ignored that fact. It really doesn't matter whether Carmack has done the spadework before others pitch in to take a closer look. The fact is he has provided large quantities of very specific data and has cited his sources. That is how science proceeds, not by imagining all manner of wild scenarios. He didn't formulate a theory, but merely reported the hard data of his research. The facts speak for themselves. What they mean in a larger sense is another matter entirely. History is not facts, but the interpretation of facts. Thus far, you seem unable to provide a coherent and meaningful interpretation.
  17. I don't know of any, and am not a linguistics expert. Your question should go to someone like Dr Stanford Carmack (champatsch) who actually knows linguistics. However, in my own search for sources which came out at the time Joseph Smith published the BofM, there are clearly local dialects, I haven't seen a reference work such as you seek.. Mark Twain does employ dialect in some of his books during a slightly later era, and that dialect appears to be authentic. Linguists from a more recent era have gone into the rural backwaters of America to discover and record local dialects. If EModE existed somewhere in America or Canada, I would expect the experts to say so. They have not. The problem with EModE is that it was not a rural dialect of yokels, but rather (ca 1540) it was the language of the literary elite and well-educated. Why would the language of the upper crust end up being spoken by country bumpkins in North America? And, if that was the case, for whatever reason, why don't we have any record of it?
  18. As I have already said: It is illegal for churches to preach or fundraise on behalf of particular candidates. It is also illegal for them to oppose a particular candidate.. They may freely push policies and legislation which they see as good from their POV. The IRS has in fact gone after some churches and church schools for inappropriate political activity. https://www.nytimes.com/2006/02/25/us/irs-finds-sharp-increase-in-illegal-political-activity.html .
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