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  1. Xander left very angry. Could have had a much more beneficial discussion otherwise.
  2. I thought it was the face and teeth of a braying burro.
  3. Spencer (smac97) is still around and posts his usual long posts sometimes.
  4. Yes, he lived up in Logan, with his wife and new baby. Used to see him once in awhile, but now not for years. Very well read.
  5. Yes, I dealt with the other half of Fac 2:7 in a recent thread: http://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/71715-church-announces-bofa-to-be-removed-from-canon/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-1209896419 . As soon as you mentioned "daemon," above, I had to complete my thought (taken from my Book of Abraham Commentary. 1975 draft).
  6. Perhaps I should have been more bullish on the power of the Holy Spirit, which is really the best defense against the P T Barnum nonsense which the millennials must daily face in our time. However, if the youth don't study hard in elementary and secondary school they will not have the skills to understand the texts and the Word which you speak of. Dr Jordan Peterson, you'll notice, is constantly citing great literature as an object lesson of this or that important principle. Those ignorant of Western Civilization and the precise use of language will not make it through the coming big SAT. How else will they understand Prof Adam Miller when he says:
  7. Is he referring to J.C.? Jiminy Cricket? Facsimile 2:7 of the Book of Abraham is described in part as showing the sign of the Holy Ghost unto Abraham, in the form of a dove. Modern Egyptology describes such figures as being an ithyphallic legged-bird-serpent (anguipede) called in Egyptian Neheb-K3(w), carrying a wd3t-eye and offering it to the seated figure. The late Morton Smith said that the anguipede has strong magical connections, and when falcon-headed can be called the 'agathos daimon, "good spirit."* In other words, bird-headed and snake-bodied deities can be connected to the Holy Spirit. In coffin texts actually contemporary with Abraham, one finds the Nhb-k3w (1) as a n‘w-serpent who is a bestower and taker away of powers, with authority from the Divine Council/Great Ennead of Atum, or (2) as seven uraei exalted and identified with the Bull of the Ennead/ Tribunal.** Miriam Lichtheim, who has regularly defined k3 as "vital force, personality," sees the Nehebkau as "a divinity in serpent form who is in the retinue of Re and serves as a guardian."# In fact only one term in Egyptian is translated "ghost," namely k3 (Edfu, IV, 266, 7; Shipwreck, 114),## and the plural k3w represent the "powers" of God in spirit form.+ We ought also compare the Hellenistic paredros daimon, "accompanying spirit" (often in Greco-Roman magical formulae), with the early Christian "Shepherd of Hermas," who is a male guardian "angel of conversion" (angelos tes metanoias), and who dictates the commandments (Mandates) to Hermas. * M. Smith, Jesus the Magician, 73, 185, citing Philo -- cf. "Quod Omnis Probus Liber Sit," VI §39; "De Gigantibus," II §6, IV §16; "De Somnis, Liber I," XXII §§140-142; "Quis Rerum Divinarum Heres," XLVIII §§230,234. ** R.O. Faulkner, Ancient Egyptian Coffin Texts, 85-88 [II, 51-54]; cf. Coffin Text 84 [II, 49]; A. W. Shorter, Journal of Egyptian Archeology, 21:41. # Lichtheim, Ancient Egyptian Literature, I:34 n. 2 (on Pyramid Text Utterance 263); III:127 (from Book of the Dead 125). ## Budge, An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, 782b, 783a; Budge, Book of the Dead, p. 247, n. 1. + Faulkner, Ancient Egyptian Coffin Texts, 86 (II, 53).
  8. We are not going to be able to train the average Latter-day Saint in theology, nor in hermeneutical techniques. Even the Brethren avoid that like the plague. No Islamic Ulema for us. However, I have spent a lifetime in mainstream biblical scholarship, and have never found it a threat to LDS interpretation. In fact, it seems to me that LDS theology and Scripture can withstand close scholarly examination. For the average Latter-day Saint, emphasis on lifestyle (including ministering), temple attendance, Sacrament meetings, and a straightforward Sunday School approach is probably best. The Jews likewise emphasize three things to sustain their religious community: study of Torah, temple work, and charitable acts. This has helped them survive for thousands of years. The LDS Church is more successful than most, but there are problems of retention -- especially of men. I think we need to follow the general advice of Dr Jordan Peterson, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFLPIaJydYs .
  9. This Easter Sunday morning was especially interesting in that we had a baby blessing and then three female speakers (one youth and two women). All were brilliant and meaningful sermons. No one seemed to notice that we had no male speaker (except the father of the baby girl who was blessed). Reminds me of the first followers of Christ to show up and find an empty tomb -- women.
  10. O.K., then how do you like the notion of the Garden of Eden as a temple?
  11. What worried me more were some of the streets covered in grease early in the morning. Very dangerous.
  12. I have been wondering where the First Presidency and Twelve will meet each week while the SLC Temple is undergoing renovation. There are other temples in the SL Valley, but that could be an inconvenience. Of course, they could simply meet in the LDS HQ bldg. Just wondering. ETA: I see that Okrahomer and Scott have already addressed that. Still, there are occasions when they feel they must meet under holier circumstances. What then?
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