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  1. When Jesus was on the earth, he remained a member of the Godhead. He was perfection before he came to earth and he reflected this perfection throughout his life on earth. How wide the divide between the rest of us, God's children, and a member of the Godhead? It is the difference between a seed and an eternal oak tree - or better yet, it is not describable. Through Christ we might become like God, but it is only through Christ that this is possible; it is God's plan that we become one with him, but in common language - all the heavy lifting is done by the Godhead.
  2. No, you are confusing personal choice to obey and not having a choice and being forced to obey. They have nothing in common.
  3. I had to laugh simply because as I read this thread I could see the same type of strategies that close friends have done to my wife and I. The last one was the bishop's son-in-law who asked to see us. I did not have a good feeling about it, asked him why; he said it was a good business opportunity; I clarified that it was not Amway; he said no. Comes to the home and in 15 minutes of talking we finally press him to admit it is amway. Thank you, but no thank you. I have a dear friend that lives in Utah, drives around in a Mercedes and his entire career has been in these types of businesses. I agree with others - I find them immoral and unethical. Saying "no" to another does not need to be accompanied by an explanation. "I love you and want the best for you, but I am not interested." She will push and then you say, this is not for me and I know you will respect my position. Sorry we could not get together last time we drove our of our way to see you. Let's talk again soon.
  4. In the book of Acts 18:5-6, Paul is firm in his testimony to the Jews: 5 And when Silas and Timotheus were come from Macedonia, Paul was pressed in the spirit, and testified to the Jews that Jesus was Christ. 6 And when they opposed themselves, and blasphemed, he shook his raiment, and said unto them, Your blood be upon your own heads; I am clean: from henceforth I will go unto the Gentiles. It is my opinion that all acceleration is focused on bearing witness of Jesus Christ and his gospel. How many times do we talk of Christ? How many times do prophets and apostles tell the world of the teachings of Christ? How often are they rejected by the world. How often are their warnings rejected on this board? How many things do you think I or any faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ could list? It would be endless. Do those with hardened hearts hear? No, their ears are closed, their hearts have long become as stone, and they never see what is front of their nose. There is no obligation, nor has there ever been, that the Church must baptize the world. The intent of the Great Commission is that we warn our neighbor; that we preach Christ and his gospel; that we find the pure in heart and assist in baptizing them. However, their being baptized is by their choice.
  5. I don't think "work" equates to increase in members, rather increase in testifying to the world. The Church, nor any of its missionaries, has a responsibility to force others to join; however, they are under obligation to warn them. This is supported by several comments in the NT about not having the blood of this generation upon me. We are compelled, due to our desire for obedience and love of Christ, to warn and testify of Christ and his gospel to others.
  6. You keep that axe pretty sharp, but unfortunately it is misdirected. What context is Pres. McKay talking? Is he talking about the individual's life or the life of a priesthood leader? Please go back and read it again. It has nothing to do with being a leader and having the power of discernment in making callings.
  7. God discriminates. I guess accepting all things is not his idea of perfection, holiness, righteousness, etc. But, hey, who am I to argue with God. I will just keep my hand on the Iron Rod and ignore the Big House full of nondiscrimination.
  8. I thought last sentence was of value - "Some scientists are even reconsidering the very definition of pheromone, as the original one was based on how some chemicals trigger unequivocal behaviours in insects, and this might not be applicable to humans. Perhaps pheromones can affect our physiological state or mood in more subtle ways that are not easy to identify in a simple scientific test." Semantics and strictness of the scientific definition affects the conversation.
  9. Never really thought of it before. Some talk about pheromones seems to a biological response influencing attraction between those of the opposite sex. Is that not biologic? If it is all cognitive acknowledgement, then is not all forms of sexual attraction a choice?
  10. I am not sure what you are saying here - are you separating gender from one's sex? I tend to reject the I "feel" like this gender thus I am. That seems to be more the product of a mind out of sync, disturbed, etc. The mind left without any guidance can convince itself of anything from being God to being an ant.
  11. That position is as old as the religion of Baal or any other religion of your choice. It is not surprising; it is not novel. It exists and will continue to exist. Some are sincere as the driven snow and we know of others that were fooled by the Evil One to do his bidding. Some individuals say God is over there; others say god is here. I am not sure of the value of their message. Like you, we follow the dictates of what we hear God to say and proclaim. Where we stand is on the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, Peter, Joseph, and Brigham. In scripture can be found what God thinks of those with contrary positions and false positions. I just hope we each can be found in his Grace at the Last Day.
  12. I think you are stretching a very long way. This is a simple example of someone that has different beliefs than you, more than happy to sell you cookies, but does not want to participate directly in anything that they find morally repugnant, wrong, and against their religion. The other was a religion taking a stand to prevent an action of state. I know in your view of the world religions should be seen, but not heard in the public square. Also, you mistake the purpose of Christ. He invited all to follow him, but first each individual had to repent. They had to repent because they had to become a new person. In the multi-millenia old refrain, they had to die to self in order to take on new life in Christ. While the message is for all, membership is not for those who will not repent and align their will with God. It is not a win for religion; it is a win that those with religious convictions are not forced by the government to bow down, stop talking, stop having ideas of their own, and be forced to accept that which they hold to be wrong. I think some religions, Christian ones, are changing and are desperate to be remade in the image of man. Their God has long since been set aside for a milk toast gospel of love where all sin does not exist. It will be interesting if they continue to exist. Judeo-Christian religion has been around for thousands of years. I seriously doubt homosexuality will kill it now.
  13. I don't think it matters. Individuals go up and sees 15 wedding cakes already pre-made and asks for one. Boom - they walk out with a cake. In this circumstance there is no demand or request to be involved in the wedding. Same a selling a box of cookies, or a fountain drink. Those situations are not the issue and not being incidences of conflict. Not surprisingly, not a single case has been in the media about a gay couple just buying off the shelf. Rather, Christian businesses have been targeted specifically to force them to ignore their beliefs and freedoms. There are a plethora of other sources for gay couples; it amazes me that feel compelled to force the Christian to celebrate an activity they are morally against. Alternatively, businesses will lose the gay market for their behavior. It may mean they shut their doors due to their business practices. The strongest solution is not the courts, but in refusing to shop in stores where individuals feel unwelcome.
  14. The court disagrees with you - some services involve freedom of speech and of religion. The wholesale attack on those rights is rejected by the court.
  15. Her comment on popcorn seemed way off base and out of touch with the thread. If one is human, one has a dark side. Cheers
  16. It would not make for good "journalism" if the truth were actually known about High Councilmen - broader influence? Gads, for the most part, when the HC comes, I read my scriptures. Jeanne, you are way out over your skies on this and your dark side is showing. The individual is in the legal system now and they will handle it. As if it should be said again, we should never trust anyone due to their position, membership, calling, etc. We are human and we deal with humans. Humans can be completely, morally shattered while other humans can be found to be holy by God's grace. We should be wary at all times and allow time to afford confidence of others by their actions.
  17. It is shocking what Francis has gotten away with on the Macro level, but there is a ground swell among the Catholic faithful that bit at the bit as you well demonstrate. I think those who actually read scripture and strive to understand the will of the Lord also stand on tradition and/or Tradition to understand that God does not change on a social whims of the faithless. We are too often backed into corners on topics that have for millia been condemned while discussions on the more important topics of drawing closer to Christ go begging for lack of discussion. Lately I have been reading some of the works of Venerable Bruno Lanteri on the Lord's mercy. We each are in need of his merciful love and forgiveness. It would be far better to talk on that than the those topics that are so obviously the work of the Evil One.
  18. Dear Friend, it was not hubris, but rather a prophetic announcement of reality. I think there are a number of reasons why this exists. It is difficult to discuss because it is so multifaceted and layered in reasons depending upon the individual. What is most sad to me is that so many of those who claim a faith crisis are those who doubt their own spiritual experiences. They have forgotten the times their hearts burned within them as the ancient disciples described on their road to Emmaus. They have forgotten all of the things that Joseph and so many of the prophets have accomplished by the hand of God firmly guiding them. Most fundamentally, I think two things have occurred: they have closed themselves off from the Holy Spirit to work in areas of truth and focused on that which comforts them. Too many humans find comfort in protest, comfort in problems, and comfort being a victim. On another note, this experience among the Latter-day Saints has not occurred unilaterally, but can be found in most Christian religions. Catholicism has undergone a sea change, but it started much earlier and though many members have identified it, the Catholic Church as a whole still has not. The Protestants are still befuddled and striving to find their own answers. None of this is new, novel, or unexpected. These days were prophesied of old. As an aside, I have come to intensely dislike the use of the word "love". Far too often those that have no understanding of the term use it to dress up those things, actions, and thoughts that are anything but love. Love is not about personal or mutual satisfaction, but about what brings man closer to God.
  19. The path of discipleship must also lead through the discipline of self-mastery. It does not matter if it is the individual is a leader or not - what is evident is that no individual should be assumed to be in control of their passions. Trust should only be given through proof and never assumptions based on position, age, etc. This fellow has damned himself and though we may talk about it here, we will forget him and his family in a very short time. However, they will have to live with this for years and years. If anything, I pity him and his wife. How crushingly sad. I pray that he may come to know, through sincere repentance, the joy of embracing Jesus Christ. May His mercy be upon this poor individual and his spouse.
  20. When I think of the topic of problems with policies, I think of two: the priesthood and the WofW. Both were implemented without any obvious revelation and both had consequences that affected individuals from attending the temple. The priesthood issue was the impetus for trying to understand the role of prophets, revelation, and policies. Long story short - I concluded that men called as prophets remained human; that scripture was vitally important to guide both the Church and its members; and the importance of revelation in guiding the Church. I have never understood why more scripture has not been added to the D&C. I have always believed in prophets, seers, and revelators, yet their functioning in such capacities appears to be more highly....restricted or limited versus the time of Joseph. I have some ideas on that, but no need to further derail the main thought. When prophets create polices that conflict with scripture we have problems. The priesthood ban was a poor decision and done without proclaiming any revelation. It not only directly harmed our black saints, but it created a gigantic disconnect for many members. The W of W was just that and nothing more. Unfortunately, it has been used in direct contradiction to the 89th Section to compel obedience or the temple was closed for those individuals. I have zero qualms with the WofW, what I have a problem with is a prophet, without proclaiming a revelation, creating a policy. Every time that is done, imo, I believe we step away from Christ and create problems unnecessarily. If the prophet wants to talk about vaping, I have no problems with it. If vaping is tobacco then the foundation is clearly within the WofW. However, if not, then don't water down the WofW by including it when the context is so easily covered in other areas. The body is the temple of our spirit and should be treated with care. Avoid addictive substances in the same way we avoid poisons. If he wants to create a policy about it, I don't really have a problem....but, I wish he wouldn't. Just counsel the saints and be done with it. No need t create a new law to abide by when counseling the saints would be just as effective. The women talking thing is a non-starter. In my life, I have talked in church several times and I would be just as happy to never have been asked to speak. I already know the arguments around it. However, fundamentally it is a personal issue outside of gender regardless of how humans like to force things to be about gender, race, etc. If you are prevented from doing something, some folks will fight to get it. Others are capable of looking and saying, "You know, I did want to anyway" and moving forward peacefully and never seeking it. Church is not my end-all and be-all. My social groups have a lot in common with church membership, but it has never limited them.
  21. I agree with your position. Certain topics, which you have brought up, appear to have the support of mods and thus take a decidedly more liberal bent than I appreciate. Consequently, and strong defense of exact doctrinal positions can get you banned from a thread. Would I leave? Like you, I have dropped my participation level considerably. I step back in and participate when I choose to do so, but I don't read most threads and the topics discussed have lost their interest to me. I don't know of an alternative site affiliated with LDS. I have started to participate with Crises, a conservative Catholic ezine that allows comments. There is no real discussion, but I appreciate the articles and I read some of the comments and participate when I feel like it. Nothing like this site used to be.
  22. We just disagree. I think participating or receiving temple ordinances is infinitely more important to eternal salvation then having an opportunity to speak in church. Any individual can go a lifetime and never speak in church and still enter into God's presence in the highest degree of the Celestial kingdom. You apparently think that speaking in church is much more important. No, again, we disagree. You are discounting what I view as vitally important - to have prophets and act like prophets. I reject the concept of thinking scripture should direct our every action - what I actually have stated is that prophets cannot willy-nilly add to scripture. That prevents what you are accusing I have stated. We don't appear to be communicating well; you don't seem to have a grasp of what I have stated and you are projecting positions that are contrary my beliefs and thoughts.
  23. I think the ideal is to have revelation for actions. Also, it is a matter of degree of problems. For example, an issue that affects eternal salvation is a major issue. Creating a policy that affects the eternal salvation of individuals is a major problem. Preventing individuals from attending the temple over a teaching that specifically states obedience is not compelled is a problem. This is contrasted with those issues that don't affect eternal salvation, such as women speaking in church. Do I think conflicting with scripture on non salvific issues is a problem? Again, the ideal is to have God guide us through revelation in order to demonstrate clear, unarguable guidance on topics that some individuals will think is a big deal.
  24. I was trying to stop a line of questions about the simple conflicts found in the NT that are commonly known. However, to answer you: Yes, scripture conflicts with itself in various areas and various levels.
  25. I don't understand your point. Could you be more explicit about the OT? I don't sense you are snarky, just opaque. My position is the opposite of what you stated above. I actually think policy does contradict scripture - in other words, I think policy is generally the ideas of men doing what they think is best in a given situation. The majority of the conflicts between Peter and Paul are relatively easy to explain and understand. I am not saying that scripture does, as we know it, does not conflict with itself.
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