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  1. If Jews wanted to have a company that was strictly for Jews it would not be a problem. If Muslims wanted a company that was strictly for Muslims it would not be a problem. If this Christian groups wants a company strictly for their form of Christianity, it is not a problem. Jesus practiced exclusion also - if you did not repent and be baptized then you were not a part of him. That is as exclusionary as it can get.
  2. I agree with you - the organization can set whatever rules they want regarding their membership. It is unfortunate that Baker has paid into the system for two years before the system decided Mormons are not really acceptable participants, but they make the rules. I checked out a similar organization. I would have had to contribute for one year (due to a pre-existing condition) before I would be able to have any expenses covered. If that is similar to this organization, it would seem appropriate that they reimburse Baker for his contributions that are not longer acceptable from Mormons.
  3. Shut your mouth. It is not appropriate to use the logic of thousands of years to rebut the proposal of the last 30 years! I am bringing out the wet noodle for your sins; be afraid, be very afraid.
  4. Are you saying that Paul did not record his experience? You know the Paul that carried the gospel of Christ to the gentiles, the individual that God used to almost single-handedly was spread Christianity? You might want to rethink that position.
  5. Paul's vision was only seen and heard by him - a single person. Stephen looked into the heavens when he was stoned and saw Jesus on the right hand of God. Jonah was swallowed by a whale - no one else was there. Jesus bled from every pore - no one else was present. What culture of the Apostles and Jesus are you talking about? The gospel of Jesus Christ is taught and we either believe its truths or not. You can believe anything you want, but if you are not seeking to know truth or discover truth, what is the purpose?
  6. The Church is a congregation of believers - it is not a self-help groups, without boundaries, beliefs, or structure. The Church of Jesus Christ is exactly like the ancient church - Come, follow Christ, repent and be baptized. What you are proposing has nothing in common with the Church set up by Jesus Christ or his ancient followers. It is little surprise that it has little to do with the Church of Jesus Christ today.
  7. It does not appear these individuals were actively Mormon. Did I read it wrong - they left the Church when young.
  8. I guess I walked across this topic bridge so long ago that I have lost interest in it. I get that it is a problem for you; I understand your position. I just disagree with you. Cheers,
  9. Yeah....no. It is not difficult at all. What did Joseph say about the Godhead? Look at the simple statement of the 1st Article of Faith - no mystery, no challenge to understand, simple. It is when you try to use a specific scripture, out of context of all other scripture that you run into problems. If you want to find a problem, that is a sure way to do it. No, harmonizing scripture is what leads to wisdom.
  10. Jar, it is a matter of interpretation. I understand your position on those versus when taken in alone; however, when taken in the context of other versus in the Book of Mormon, I simply see a different interpretation. Cherry picking is seldom a successful process to understand scripture of any kind.
  11. The early apostles after the resurrection of Jesus certainly had no problem with sending a piece of their clothing to heal others. I don't see Protestants or Catholics doing backflips or being facetious about that either. Of course, I typically find Evangelists to be those of low brow level of Biblical understanding or knowledge.
  12. Perspective has an amazing impact on the individual. Reality does not move, but the individual changes their position and all of a sudden, all is right. The process of discipleship directly affects our individual perspective of God, the Savior, and the Holy Spirit. They are solid, they remain fixed and sure as a foundation, but it is we who change. We are called to change. It is not about God, the Church, or anything else - it is about you and your change of perspective. As an aside, my aunt and uncle are members of the CofC. She is one of the best Christians I know and she is in disagreement with what has happened to her church. Her perspective of the Savior has not changed.
  13. An example, "Hey, you want to come over to the house on Friday night?" "I will have to talk to my spouse." That is the essence of acting in unison - action is not taken until communication is achieved.
  14. I have met a lot of leaders in my lifetime. It never depended upon what position they held, what walk of life, what education level - when they spoke, people listened. I have also met a number of individuals who were in positions of leadership who were not leaders. I tire of those who whine, sitting back in life demanding that others treat them as if they were something else. A position does not make anyone a leader. Authority does not make you a leader. Gender does not make you a leader. This thread is such a waste - "I" want is the real issue. Let me have power - really, let women have power is the feminist whine. I have yet to meet a single, successful marriage where it was not immediately identified that the couple acted in unison in almost all things because they respected one another. The rest of this is just claptrap.
  15. Again, no, no, and no. Callings to a position does not make one a leader; it makes them fulfill a calling. Ask any husband in a successful marriage if he listens to his wife - or even ask his wife - and you will know for a fact he listens. In fact, he can answer almost any question about the family's ability to do anything after he talks to his wife. This is drivel!!!
  16. Seldom do I read such utterly stupid nonsense posing as intelligent thought. She lost me on the first first two paragraphs for its sheer misandrist drivel and Feminist code words. Next...
  17. This sounds a lot like a group of Liberals hating anyone and anything that does not bow down to their current gods of thought and label "them" as white nationalists. From what I have read on this thread I wonder what the problem is? Never heard of them before and don't expect to hear of them again except on this thread.
  18. I am jaded about these things also. It is just a touch too much, "Praise to the Man" for my taste and takes the focus away from the Savior. Just makes me uncomfortable and causes me to begin to squirm in my seat.
  19. I am jaded about these things also. It is just a touch too much, "Praise to the Man" for my taste and takes the focus away from the Savior. Just makes me uncomfortable and causes me to begin to squirm in my seat.
  20. Exaltation, perfection, is a work of grace from our Savior to us. We are human creatures, frail and weak fundamentally. Learn to forgive yourself and know that you each are capable of moments of greatness. Those are times when the Spirit actively leads you in choices of holiness and righteousness. At other times, you will fail due to your human condition and the conditions of this mortal existence. Do not berate yourself, but learn to forgive yourself as quickly as the Lord forgives you.
  21. Be at peace. A testimony is a gift of the Spirit; it is a reflection of your individual love of the Savior, your relationship with him, and your understanding of his role as your Lord, Savior, Master, and King. Testimony meetings are public events where individuals have the ability to speak to the ward and say almost anything. Unfortunately, this time can be misspent. We can hear about vacations and other travel logs, about daily problems - rather than testimony it may just people talking about their lives, problems, thoughts, etc. Fundamentally, a testimony is centered on Christ. A testimony can be one sentence and be quite powerful; it can also be longer - the length of the testimony is not the issue or the objective. Focus on Christ and let the Spirit guide you. You will be fine.
  22. When Jesus was on the earth, he remained a member of the Godhead. He was perfection before he came to earth and he reflected this perfection throughout his life on earth. How wide the divide between the rest of us, God's children, and a member of the Godhead? It is the difference between a seed and an eternal oak tree - or better yet, it is not describable. Through Christ we might become like God, but it is only through Christ that this is possible; it is God's plan that we become one with him, but in common language - all the heavy lifting is done by the Godhead.
  23. No, you are confusing personal choice to obey and not having a choice and being forced to obey. They have nothing in common.
  24. I had to laugh simply because as I read this thread I could see the same type of strategies that close friends have done to my wife and I. The last one was the bishop's son-in-law who asked to see us. I did not have a good feeling about it, asked him why; he said it was a good business opportunity; I clarified that it was not Amway; he said no. Comes to the home and in 15 minutes of talking we finally press him to admit it is amway. Thank you, but no thank you. I have a dear friend that lives in Utah, drives around in a Mercedes and his entire career has been in these types of businesses. I agree with others - I find them immoral and unethical. Saying "no" to another does not need to be accompanied by an explanation. "I love you and want the best for you, but I am not interested." She will push and then you say, this is not for me and I know you will respect my position. Sorry we could not get together last time we drove our of our way to see you. Let's talk again soon.
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