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  1. Oh, got it. Damned if you do and then damned if you don't. Think about it.
  2. Hmm, not produced by the Church; now what do you say?
  3. I am not a fan of making everyone study the same thing at the same time for all things. I agree that it may easily become redundant and boring for some individuals. I acknowledge that Sunday school lessons cannot come close to covering all the material and so it does leave areas where other classes/meetings can cover new material. It is an approach that has some merit - to ensure the saints are taught the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ in a consistent manner throughout the Church. I am willing to support it without much grumbling....except here.
  4. You are bending over so far to create your proposal that it strains credulity. There are just so many accounts on these topics and none of them support your position being possible. I am one of the first that will admit that the accounts of the translation process are not significant, but you seem to ignore the accounts we do have in order to build your hypothesis out of whole cloth.
  5. Eating crow is humbling and for those with an aggressive nature (I know :)), it is a difficult dish to chew. However, it is strange that he would run from it.
  6. I must be missing something - this seems to be relying on the same logic of the proposition of opposites. The concept of an object/environment being cold does not exist unless we also know that hot also exists. When the context of the conversation is belief in God, then making a statement that the good in the world is God or his influence, then it makes sense to me. The concept of both good and evil with their relative divine gods is rather common in world religions. Seems like we are straining at gnats here.
  7. Wow, an emotionally disturbed individual, rather than working on his personal anxiety issues, casts aspersions on all of Mormon masculinity. It is a good job of projecting one's own problem on others. It is fortunate that he found a wife that could ring his bell and point out where his thinking was wrong, which helped some of his anxiety. The role of being a provider is not toxic; the distorted projection that everything in marriage is on one's own shoulders is toxic. Having distorted perceptions of anything is unhealthy or, at least, significantly impacts an individual's perception of reality, doctrines, teachings, etc. It is interesting how some individuals so easily carry things to extreme and then blame the "thing" for their own distortion.
  8. I went back and read the article; whole lot of deductions and opinions using the studies of other people. This is an opinion piece; it is NOT science and NOT proven.
  9. I understand. When you are completely wrong, when there is no basis for your position - then change the topic so that you are not forced to admit the that your position has no foundation except - "Sin is okay if i call it love; I want it and therefore it is good for me".
  10. I think I understood your point; however, what is so significant is that the Right is standing on thousands of years of religious moral history. The Left is choosing to think they actually know better than all of humanity and now are calling what was evil to be good. It takes an overwhelming degree of moxy to go against all of history and conclude they know better.
  11. No, it has become a very common meme - the Left that wants to teach the world that everyone is an idiot if they don't think like they do. As a disciple of Jesus Christ, I may represent him at times, but what I am saying on this topic is and has been Judeo-Christian moral teaching for thousands of years. I fail to see how the humans of today, with absolutely no direction from God, can now claim everyone was wrong; it is okay to let our passions run wild. This position is very old and has always been used by those who want to revel in sin without consequences.
  12. Okay, I got it. I think they are right today and God's people have been right for thousands of years. What changed? It certainly was not God's moral teaching, but humans who want to be right in their sin - they want to call evil good. It has happened before and it will happen for other sins as well.
  13. That is not the quote I read. I will look for it again or if you have a reference to a reputable site that indicates they never had more than 250000 members, that might save time.
  14. Julie, I don't have a clue about the gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed in the scriptural text or the proclamation of prophets from the beginning of time until today. I think you are terribly, ignorantly wrong about what is and what is not in accord with the teachings of the Church. I am glad you know individuals with SSA who are Christlike. And? Do you really think you have a unique experience than me or anyone else? How naive can you be in your understanding of humanity. I know sinners who are also Christlike. So what! Does that mean they stop following Jesus Christ? When any child comes to you and says, "I don't want to follow the teachings of the Church and I am going to choose this path over here." That is a time to listen to what motivates their new choice and discuss what makes that choice viable for them. It is also a time to clearly demarcate what is and what is not in keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the challenges or difficulties abandoning them are. Yes, and UGH, I am just as tired of that constant, incessant moral superiority we get from the Left.
  15. I am glad that this was brought up in a stake conference. A child, a friend, an associate telling a parent, family member or loved one is NOT an invitation to kick them out of the family or to cease having a relationship. There may be a conversation about how that choice does not fit well within the gospel of Jesus Christ, but then showing forth an increased love of them as an individual and valued member of the family.
  16. I took his point completely differently than you. I did not think he was saying that being gay and living an active gay life style and being a son working in the porn industry were equivalent choices or actions. I thought he was saying that a parent could be disappointed with the choices a child makes, but still love them regardless.
  17. I was shut out all day yesterday.
  18. The reformation of the last quarter century within the Reorganized church has produced a distinctly Protestant religion. Given the product of the this reformation, it was completely necessary to abandon the truth claims of the Book of Mormon and the claims of a restoration of by Jesus Christ through Joseph Smith. The obvious problem is if Joseph Smith's claims of a restoration or abandoned then the claims of Joseph Smith III, their church's founder, are necessarily false and without merit. If that is so, then what is the value of their new Protestant church? This reformation cost this church dearly in membership. They went from some 650,000 members to less than 250,000 members. My father's sister-in-law is a member of the Community of Christ. My uncle joined their church in the early 1980s. They maintain a relationship with their local congregations in southern Alabama, but have abandoned any interest in the workings of the church leadership in Independence. The actions of that group are viewed as having become contaminated and no longer are worthy of being followed. Launius's position is reflective of an individual that remains conflicted and see the dissonance in his church's position.
  19. Yup, and I see how meritocracy is so false in sports such as basketball, baseball, football, soccer, etc. This vein of philosophy is often forced and exaggerated to meet a social agenda and objective. When sports stop being a meritocracy, then I might begin to think that path you propose has any potential.
  20. I don't think we disagree with one another about this life. It is not fair; it is not just. Each of us needs to understand that this carnal world is driven by passions that are in conflict with the sweeter, divine guidance of the Holy Spirit. Yet, we do find episodes, moments, of justice in the world when it comes to the individual. We speak in broad generalizations about specific races, genders, etc., but on an individual basis there are moments filled with grace and the greater qualities carry individuals to acts of genuine kindness and justice.
  21. You mind showing me where all those mentors of young boys are? I would like to meet them and thank them for doing so. No, it is not encouraging children (females) to follow their dream; rather, they are actively trying to enroll females in a fields that few have interest in. That is a wholly different approach then encouraging children to follow their dream.
  22. There is no disagreement between us. My point was that there is some drive that gives a person the desire to overcome challenges. I labeled it passion, but I could use a lot of different synonyms with the intent of calling it the same thing. We agree completely that there is never a single thing that defeats any individual regardless of race, gender, etc. Yes, we also agree that almost everyone has challenges. Some of us have more extreme challenges than others, but the challenges are there for almost everyone. A poor white boy can have gigantic challenges in the same white any other boy of any other race could have. What I reject is saying that because you are white then you have the golden path before you without any problems and jobs just fall out of the sky because you are white. I reject that in the same way that I reject because someone is a member of any other race the cards are stacked against them and they will fail. When you have passion, desire, hunger for success, then through the grace of God, you will win the race.
  23. I think if we look back at history, we will find other examples. However, I find that the gender politics of the last forty years has come to its strongest fruition now. To focus the issue on women, you have talked about the past. Do you think the last few hundred years there was less abortion? Do you think the secular world paid more attention to the importance of the family unit? To having children? What value was there to a family unit where the children were cared for and one of the parents worked? Did it ever make sense to have roles based on gender? What was gained by such a system? What was lost? Today's economic world is based on consumption and luxury. In the first world, it demands both parents to work and for the majority they do. What is the cost of such a situation? What is the cost to raising children? What is the value of a child? I recognize your story and I would expect this to be the standard. Yet, there were also women that excelled in their field of passion. Madame Curie comes to mind. I don't' think she was alone, but throughout history we see these examples of women that led nations, countries, kingdoms, and empires. I also think there are women who made impacts on many areas of trade and manufacturing whether in the home or professionally. For me at university, I also found some peers that were takers. I would tolerate it and if it continued, I cut the individual off. I don't think takers are germane to gender; rather they are germane to selfish individuals regardless gender.
  24. Cal, you misunderstood what I was saying. As the owner of the company, I paid large bonuses to my staff. When I worked in a company as a portfolio manager I was given bonuses based strictly on a formula built on my return performance to clients and the additional monies I brought to the firm as a result of my performance. The rest of your comments escape me. This seems more of an issue that you have than the intention of the topic.
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