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  1. Storm Rider

    Who is a widow supposed to marry...?

    You reject the answer that God will work it out; or in other words, you want knowledge now without any need for faith, patience, etc. I don't know if there is one. I think if you were dead you could be sealed to more than one husband - in fact, you could be sealed to all your husbands that had similarly passed on. One answer may be to die and have these sealings done by your family members. Of course, that still leaves you in the position of having to "work it out" at some point in the future. As far as being alive and being sealed to more than one husband - the easy answer is that it does not happen. However, if your potential partner is only interested in being sealed immediately in the temple then that partner is not a viable candidate for marriage for you - he does not want to marry you. If someone loves you and you love him and have been married for a while and you would like to be sealed to him - and your first husband, the one you originally were sealed to, is dead - you may want to petition for the permission to be sealed to your living husband. I don't have an example that this has happened, but my memory tells me I have heard of this happening before and I just cannot remember the parties involved. As far as being a disciple of Jesus Christ goes, we all must learn to live by faith. I suggest you continue to do so and put things in God's hands knowing that he loves you and will take care of each of his children.
  2. Storm Rider

    Matthew 2 & Luke 2

    In this context, the definition most members know and use frequently is not applicable. There are a few different definitions for the term.
  3. If Staley, a gay man, continues to demonstrate that the data does not support the gay activist agenda then I project he will lose his gay card and be pushed out of the group and labeled a straight man or at least a wanna be. This type of thing is just not acceptable to the gay agenda.
  4. Storm Rider

    The Latter-day Saint view of God

    In response to the bold type above - you are confusing personal opposition versus opposition on a macro level. The temptation to choose evil is eternally beyond choice for God; he is complete and total righteousness. Those children that surround him will reflect that same holiness.
  5. Storm Rider

    Mormon Helping Hands

    I think the t-shirt serves many purposes. The first, for me, is to identify those wearing them that they are there to serve - not to pilfer and raid homes. Second, to identify the group performing the work. This is a two-edged sword. My cousins received assistance from those members willing to serve the needy but continued to be real mouthy about the evils of Mormonism. I am not sure the purpose is to gain blessings; not sure if I have ever met a member that went to serve that did it out of a desire to gain blessings or renown.
  6. Storm Rider


    This seems to be a point - the fact parents make a choice on behalf of their son - to be harped on as if it has meaning. I don't know a child alive - as in since the beginning of time - that has had parents make decisions on their behalf. The fact that it is harped on does not make it valid; it just means it is harped on. I find it a completely ineffective point.
  7. Storm Rider


    CB, no. I act as if it does not really matter. I accept that it may have a function. However, I also accept that its absence does not reduce the efficacy and functioning of the organ itself. I just don't feel strongly about it either way. On this issue, I have more of a live and let live position. I am glad for those that are proud to be uncircumcised as I am for those that are circumcised. I remain ambivalent.
  8. Storm Rider


    I guess Jesus and I will hop on over to see if there is really anything to discuss. I am sure he has an opinion as one being circumcised.
  9. Storm Rider


    Tacenda, please go back and read the thread, review the allegations, view the material cited - my complaint is that it is slanted, biased, and exaggerated. As I have stated before - I am firmly, completely neutral on this topic. There is no right and there is no wrong to whatever choice is made. There is no "true" position on this topic. There are activists and that determined to convert everyone to their position; then there are those that make choices for religious reasons; then there are others that make decisions based on other criteria. I am curious - why do you think there is a true position on this topic? What is the problem with an individual being neutral?
  10. Storm Rider


    Thank you a thousand times. My point all along is the exaggeration and bias of everything that has been put up in this thread to support non-circumcision. My position is that it does not matter - do what you think is best for your sons. I just don't get excited one way or another about which choice is taken. I am firmly neutral. Unfortunately, not bowing down to this uncircumcised golden calf has earned me the slap down of being too stupid, too unenlightened to know what is good for me.
  11. Storm Rider


    LOL - and why might I think that regardless of what anyone might say contrary to your opinion you will continue to be an activist for your position. Pot, meet Kettle.
  12. Storm Rider


    LOL, this just gets more and more weird the further this goes on. You are speaking in absolutes without any supporting facts. First, we have never used lubrication of any kind. I doubt we are an exception. Second, if there is a lubrication problem then get a solution. I don't understand your desire to make men out to be individuals that blame their spouse for a lubrication problem. Third, do you have any evidence that males who are not circumcised never use lubrication? If not, then retract the fallacy you are running with above.
  13. Storm Rider


    I have always learned that when trying to convince another person of a proposition to never exaggerate. It quickly leads to distrust and once trust is lost then there is no reason for further discussion. You made two statements above that when heard by another man, particularly one that is circumcised, immediately sets off the alarm bells that someone is attempting to pull one over. I have played sports most of my early life and worked out often in the gym until I was almost 50, I promise you that being circumcised did not leave me half short. It is a gross exaggeration intended to astonish but leaves me so highly doubtful as to be angry. Your second statement, which I highlighted, also has zero merits. The proposition is false and misleading. In talking with my wife throughout our marriage this has never been a complaint for either of us. I have been dropping in to read the comments after leaving the page. The ONLY reason I make this comment is due to Calm's recent comments encouraging you to hone your message. If you continue to use these kinds of comment you lose your audience almost immediately. I think I understand what you mean to say, but the way you have stated it is just to easy to disprove and not believe. Cheers
  14. Storm Rider

    The ministry of reconciliation

    Hi Tacenda, I read the article and I appreciate the need to clarify and state where error existed or where actions were not helpful; however, I disagree with this individual's list. His very liberal interpretation of scripture is not one that works well if we are to believe that scripture exists as God's communication to his children. He seems to be one of those with itchy ears and eager to have his opinions and passions placated rather than stand as a witness to Jesus' death and resurrection and what those things mean. Hope all is well. It is a good topic.
  15. I think the Come Follow Me project fits any age. The challenge is always for the teacher to develop a teaching plan that fits the needs of their class. I don't understand the complaints; I chalk it up to typical whining when change is implemented.