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  1. I think back to the children of Israel brought out of bondage from Egypt. They consistently saw great miracles: manna from heaven, water gushing out of a rock, flocks of quail, etc. The miracles were then much less often. As we see the time of the Savior he performed great miracles. During the time of the Restoration there were miracles also. After each epic period of great spiritual manifestations the great miracles performed before the eyes of many became much less often or rare. I don't think that this means that humanity entered a period of a loss of faith, but rather the opposite. Humanity was to learn to live by their faith without great miracles. You will see even during times of great miracles, when people are compelled to be obedient, they were not people of great faith. It was afterwards that great faith was evident out of necessity, imo. I believe that miracles still occur. They are found in very personal discoveries of faith to the healing of individuals; however, they are quiet, private experiences that are not seen by the world. This follows after the examples we see in history.
  2. Another Open Letter

    Gads you are bending over backwards to make your position work. Okay, let's assume the author of this little diatribe actually talked to the accuser. Now what? Does she now know the facts? Heck no, wake up! The most she would have is the accuser's assertions. She does not know the facts anymore than you do. This is not rocket science, folks. You seriously are alleging she actually knows the facts?
  3. Another Open Letter

    I started to respond to your response, but you are neither objective or rational. You have your mind made up and it does matter what anyone else says. YOU KNOW THE REAL TRUTH. Okay, good for you. No need for further discussion because you know. Cheers
  4. The Savior paid the price of sin which has two levels - his blood was the ransom price that broke the bonds of death. Second, though we have enslaved ourselves to sin he paid the price that we were washed clean. Though some might use other words I think they would all boil down to these to things.
  5. Another Open Letter

    I should let Marginal speak for himself, but I think those that use the rational argument do not believe that people of faith have any experience - it is either made up or a hallucination. Thus, they say that people of faith are not rational following after the unseen, unprovable god. I don't think there is any disagreement between us and we both see it in the same manner. For me, reason - or rational thought - does not exist without faith. I don't think atheism is rational or reasonable. To have faith is the highest product of reason.
  6. Another Open Letter

    Hello Bluebell, I don't think faith or spirituality is rational. For those that have experienced a manifestation of the Spirit then it can be easy to understand why they choose to have faith in an unseen god. But, such is not rational. It is operating beyond rational thought. This tension between faith and reason is seen by as some as untenable, but I think for most people of faith we see faith and reason as eternal companions. The one does not exist without the other.
  7. Another Open Letter

    I don't know how this applies to the topic, but if it is just a coincidence about things that make you roll your eyes, then I get it. Spirituality is not rational and as someone who is apparently highly rational then I suspect spirituality is just a humorous, if not annoying, stupidity that non-rational, lowly individuals delve into. We each have to learn to deal with others different from ourselves. Yeah, it is a burden and can be a pain the backside, but it helps for a civil society to exist. I promise it will not stop you from rolling eyes over the things other people do and say, but it helps to get along. You get to be rational and those other stupid people get to be people of faith. And for me, I have to deal with twits that whine about the Mormon Patriarchy ad nauseum.
  8. Another Open Letter

    Thinking, was the letter writer the individual involved in the lawsuit? If not, she does not know what happened. If you are saying they do know, please tell me how they know all the facts? What part of waiting for the judicial system to function makes no sense?
  9. Another Open Letter

    Marginal Gains, The actions of Greg Bishop and his efforts to protect his 85 year old father, imo, can be overlooked as protecting his father. What would you do if your father was 85 years old and a person lies about who she is, interviews your dad under false pretenses, threatens to kill him, and then alleges a horrible rape that your father did some 30 years prior? How would you respond? Would you immediately go out and put up a stake to burn your father or do you think you might try and defend him? I don't know what was in these records. If there is anything that could be pertinent to the lawsuit against the Church then the release of the documents is appropriate. If the details of these documents have no bearing the lawsuit then their release is inappropriate. I get the impression that you have never been in a lawsuit of any kind, which is the norm for most Americans. I have been involved in a few lawsuits while serving as an investment manager for institutional clients in order to protect their assets. The moment that a lawsuit begins your attorney controls what is and what is not needed or required for them to do their job to the best of their ability. If the attorney asks for information are you capable of knowing what is and what is not needed? What I believe is best is that those who committed wrong are punished. I don't care if they are a church, a leader in a church, or a member of any church. I also think that if anyone that brings a lawsuit against another person or entity and is found to be lying in any degree they also should be punished in equal manner. The objective of a legal system, imo, is to find and obtain justice - I don't think our system always does that, but it is the best we have at present.
  10. Another Open Letter

    LOL - it is good to have a sense of humor during these things that generate so much emotional response. At least I hope you have a good sense of humor. I am not sure I understand what you mean. To me facts matter deeply. If someone has done something wrong they should be punished. However, if one is accused falsely should they still be punished? Of course not. The fact that there is not a single person on this board; not a single person writing silly "open" letters to the LDS Church; not a single individual knows the full story except for the individuals directly involved. Why do you think there is this need to rush to judgment? Do you really think you know enough to condemn anyone in the matter? If so, how do you know? If not, and you are as ignorant as the rest of us, why do you find it so easy to condemn the LDS Church and its leaders?
  11. Another Open Letter

    I did not intend to slam you. I just disagree with your position. How could she be spot on when she does not know the facts? How could she possibly be able to make a judgment when she is ignorant of the facts? See, that is the problem with her entire post. First, she is angry. Second, she is already predisposed to a position - nothing needed to happen and she was already angry at the "Patriarchy" of the Church of Jesus Christ. I did not need to do anything to motivate her response. Bishop did not have to do anything. Not a single leader needed to do anything because she had already made her decision about how terrible the Mormon Patriarchy is. What is wrong with just sitting back and letting the judicial system work? What if the victim is totally vindicated - Bishop is found guilty and the Mormon Church ends up paying this woman $28 Billion dollars? Would it change the author of the letter? Not one bit. She would still be angry, still hate the Mormon Patriarchy and the world would go on. I personally have too much going on in my life to expend energy hating and being angry at people that I have no control over. I will not be enrolled in her anger or her ignorance.
  12. Another Open Letter

    Hello Jeanne, I really dislike this kind of letter. First, this individual does not know jack from shine-ola about what has happened. She has set herself up as judge and jury and knowing nothing of the facts. She read the newspaper and now has a knee-jerk response and has created an echo chamber for her own anger. My advice to thinking humans - how about you sit back and wait for the legal system to function. I know that many think that they are overly enlightened and want to make a rush to judgment, but just wait. Oh, and the moment you mention "Patriarchy" as if it is a slur, my eyes roll back, my head goes to one side, and I realize there is not going to be a lot of rational thought to follow....and there wasn't. She now has a five seconds of fame, please let's move on and let those in the judicial system say what did and did not happen after they have been given the opportunity to review facts rather than hearsay.
  13. Church Statement on Medical Marijuana

    I absolutely agree that it is not a cure-all and that many will treat it as the new snake oil. But, it seems like that is pretty typical with a lot of different things. Though I am no longer living in Seattle I do get back regularly and they apparently highly regulate their hemp products - everything from food, to a throat losange type thing/candy, to all kinds of smoking products - really, the variation is countless. My wife recently was going to pick up some shaving gel that I use. The store was out so she picked up another product. It wasn't a gel, but a light shaving cream. What was so strange was that as I read the ingredients I noticed there was hemp oil in it. I was stunned. I live in Virginia and hemp is not legal here. However, I guess that by-products of hemp is expanding far beyond just those that are looking for a high or relief from pain or other aliment.
  14. Church Statement on Medical Marijuana

    Bernard, this is an issue of semantics. If someone takes hemp oil and their seizures cease; they then stop taking the oil their seizures recommence; so they choose to take hemp oil. Is it medicine? Is it effective? I remember hearing the old saying, "If it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck"....we don't need to call it a dog until some doctors do tests to confirm it is a duck. Let's assume that it is strictly psychosomatic - so what. If the seizures stop and they feel better let them take the hemp oil.
  15. Church Statement on Medical Marijuana

    I appreciate your position, but all of those things are known with opioids medications and yet we have an epidemic of death....which is something we don't have with pot use - medicinal or otherwise. Testing - sure, test away. However, let's not be ignorant of the decades and decades of use just like aspirin and other over-the-counter medications.