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  1. Lexical Duplicity and Trust in Communication

    I think you have unfortunately hit on what the future might hold for those on the fringe. Upon reading you post I clearly saw individuals doing exactly what you have stated. They have found their new drug and are very unwilling to see anything that conflicts with their path. And they accuse us of the same thing over and over and over again without ever looking in the mirror. They are so concerned about us they have forgotten to see their own selves.
  2. Lexical Duplicity and Trust in Communication

    We all mislead, misdirect, or hide truth from others. Dehlin, being human, has not done anything that we each have not done in other venues and at other times. The difference I see is that he teaches people to withhold the truth and encourages them to stop growing in order that they can continue to follow after him and his gospel of "dead end" rather than actually engaging in a pursuit for the truth. That sin lies on his head and it is not one that I have committed....yet. I pray I never follow after that course of action.
  3. Active on the outside, inactive on the inside

    Welcome to the Board and thank you for sharing your personal feelings and trials. Honestly, you are just human and you are dealing with living a life of faith. These are serious matters, but they are not unique. I would respond similar to Robert F. Smith's comments above. Briefly, your understanding of history is inaccurate and they have only helped in distorting your image of Joseph, Brigham and the Restoration. I would also echo the several comments that focus on being a true disciple of Jesus Christ. The Church is not our goal or objective for this life, but it is the vehicle that teaches truths and performs ordinances in a more direct way and with authority and power not found in any other church. It would not be hard to argue each of your points - being a skeptic at heart they are not new to me and I have dealt with them myself - but the truth is that the answers I could give or any other will not soften your heart to the God and his desires for you as father, husband, brother, son, and as a child of God. This is between you and your Father in Heaven. Stop, take a breath, and start at the beginning as others have said. Focus solely on being a true disciple of Jesus Christ in word and deed. The history questions will be answered in time because you will be led by the Spirit to answers that make the questions fade away. Stop expending energy in destroying things and begin to focus on fulfilling God's desires for you and your family. May his Peace fill your heart and home.
  4. Church Policy on Harassment, Stalking, etc.

    Yup, as a married man this guy needs a "come to Jesus meeting" with the bishop. I don't see it ending well because he will not listen - he is crazy and I suspect highly unteachable. Regardless, he is not some sweet old man overstepping social boundaries, but he is a whack job that could lose it and do some real harm if allowed to continue. Individuals can have problem, all kinds of problems, but this is one that affects others and he needs to learn the difference between what is acceptable and what is not. The moment he says "Hey, Jane, did you know your breasts jiggle when you walk?" Is when he needs to slapped and told how stupid the question is. That may be the best way to teach him rather than the organization leader trying to get through his thick head. In that it is a volunteer organization he needs to be disinvited, told why, and told not to return.
  5. Church Policy on Harassment, Stalking, etc.

    First, never ignore a message that is uncomfortable or too forward. You should respond: I am not interested in being FB pals; I don't want another message from you; this type of communication makes me very uncomfortable and it must stop immediately. A "thick-headed" man will interpret silence as he still has a chance of a date, to engender your interest, etc. This is not a time to avoid hurting his feelings by not communicating. I think the definitions stalking and harassement have lost all meaning. The current national conversation has conflated boorish behavior with rape and/or harassement. My advice is don't use them unless they fit a legal definition - also, this advice can be completely ignored. I am a man and may be just as stupid as every other human. It would be extremely helpful if each person studied the legal definitions of these words before they are used and correct others when they are used inappropriately. Based upon what was said I am seeing a wide margin between the definitions and the way you are using them. Yes, I would talk to the bishop. It would be better if you and another individual or a group of you went to him and recounted the behavior exhibited by this individual and that each of you has told him to stop immediately; you are each talking to him, the bishop, in order that should the fellow not stop that you wanted him, the bishop, dialed in to what was going on and that it is highly discomforting to each of you. If he is a single person - he just might be clueless on how to interact with other single women. However, if this is a married man then I suspect the crap is about to hit the fan big time and that is how the bishop will handle it and should handle it. Lastly, when communicating with this poor soul that has no clue on how to talk to a member of the opposite sex, and if you felt like it is appropriate and comfortable, tell him, "Look, John, don't comment on a woman's body until such time as you are in an close or intimate relationship. Making such comments are not appropriate and make women feel that you are way too creepy. Do you understand? Also, if a woman does not want to be friends on social media and does not respond to your invitations, it means they are not interested. You need to move on and stop asking them about it. The only reason they don't immediately shut you down is that are trying to save your feelings. I am telling you this because it has gone past a level of decency between LDS an/or humans. Please stop doing these things and you will be happier and the women around you will stop feeling uncomfortable around you." I think some men need remedial help - you are not responsible for providing it. However, IF this fellow has been a friend, it may be worth helping him see the light.
  6. Church Policy on Harassment, Stalking, etc.

    Morning Star, I am not aware of any specific policy that strictly addresses instances of harassement. If this is a situation where the legal definition of harassement is occurring among the congregation then call the police. However, if this is something else then immediately talk to the bishop, explain what is happening and agree upon an immediate solution that will prevent any further instances. If this includes a Mel. priesthood holder - talk to the stake president. If this is happening in your neighborhood, but a church member is the perpetrator then call the police. If not, my advice applies above. For me the first solution is the police unless the actions do not meet the legal definition of harassement - however, let the police decide if it doesn't meet that standard. Regardless, they should be involved immediately to prevent any degree of escalation that would be harmful to you, your family, or your loved ones.
  7. I think that answer does well when we talk about children, but it begins to get very grey when it turns to young adults. Who judges and why? If all we need is the consent of society then the door is open for what was verboten yesterday becoming perfectly acceptable today. We have seen this in human societies before. Ancient Sparta being only one example where a society agreed that sexual relationships between children and men was acceptable. Sparta was the exception in human societies, but they still existed. The slippery slope of just needing society to declare something good and wholesome, like gay marriage, does not actually result in gay marriage being good and wholesome. All it means is that humans have accepted this lifestyle at the present time. Spiritual morality no longer plays a role and our society; it has been shackled by the enlightened Left and their secular agenda. They have long since instructed us that God has no place in the public square.
  8. Tacenda, I think you are wrong about my sense of empathy. However, I have found very few voices that clearly respond to the rather mundane arguments offered by those that are sensitive to the Gay agenda. I think you might want to spend some time studying the gay lifestyle and their views on monogamy. Monogamy is the exception and not the rule and there is a whole range of additional behaviors that you will begin to understand as destructive personally and societally. My intention was not to conflate those who choose a gay lifestyle and those who choose to have relationships with young people or children. I think what I said is that humans are capable of all kinds of perversions and are only limited by the imaginations of humans. I think you are off base and not even rational to accuse Joseph of preferring young people. Their ages ran the gamut in the same way that Brigham's did. Regardless, why are you bringing up Joseph when the topic was LGBTQs? This approach in a discussion tends to throw the entire discussion to the wind thinking that if we accuse one then we accuse all. The rightness or wrongness of Joseph's teachings on eternal marriages has nothing in common with those who choose to live a gay lifestyle. Tacenda, you can run hot and cold on church topics and, at times, on God it seems. You are not unique and we all have those adventures and struggles of faith. However, on this gay topic I encourage you to spend more time studying it. Come to understand their chosen lifestyles - those that appear wholesome, monogamous relationships to the other end of the spectrum. Review the health challenges that are directly related to their sexual activities. Spend time studying their thought process and ideas about what is a good society and what is not. Study the activists - they are the ones guiding the movement. Then let's talk again on what you have found and if you have changed your mind.
  9. The commandments and God's teachings have been taught from the beginning. Prophets have always been God's mouthpieces upon the earth. First of all, the question of being gay or not is not black or white. Said another way, human sexuality is malleable; there is a range of feelings, attractions, etc. Based upon your hypothesis what are we to do with those individuals attracted to young people? children? non-human entities? The perversions of humanity as are wide and deep as the mind can chance to dream up. Nothing is off limits and, based on your hypothesis, we should allow each and every one to experience their chosen relationships as long as "love' is present. That is the very problem with this entire issue - it is strictly, totally, and completely carnal. I believe that God has demanded self-discipline and self-control. Some things are completely verboten. Is it easy for those that desire what has been forbidden? Of course not! Should we as individuals and society simply make allowances for anyone that is challenged by what is difficult. "Oh, Johnny, this looks hard for you - okay, you get a pass and can ignore any of God's teachings that cause you a problem. After all, mortal man has always known better than God what is best for mankind." You stated, "no marriage, family nothing." First, there may be no marriage and I promise you that a gay single person would not be the first single person to have lived their life in such a manner. Why are gays given the pass? Because, because, well because they are gay and they need to have their sexual outlets? Oh please, Tacenda, surely there must be a better argument! They are not unique and never have been. "They won't have a family" Well, duh! Two men cannot make kids together any better than two women can. Homosexual relationships are sterile; they have never been anything but sterile. The gay relationship is nothing but a shadow of a relationship between a man and a woman. It is an imitation, a fake placebo of what has always been intended from the beginning. What your recommendation does is tell us to not only accept the counterfeit, but support it. Why? The test for all of humanity is to treat others as we would want to be treated - it does not matter what kinds of obstacles or challenges the individual has. The gay issue if irrevelant in this - they are not a special challenge for God's people. Trying to make it sound like a gay person has it uniquely more difficult than every other human that has ever lived or ever will live is patently false. That argument has been created to engender pity based on a lie. They are not unique and their challenges are not unique. They were not the first humans to have it be difficult and they will certainly not be the last. Facile arguments do not work because they are based on lies and half-truths. I only know of one being that has ever fought against God and taught humans that we should indulge in our carnal desires, let loose our commitments to obedience to God's commandments, and to do whatever feels good. That being will live eternity in his own hell just as we humans will live in our own hell if we base our lives on a commitment to the arm of flesh. The road is narrow - but it is not hidden. It is clear for all to see, but many will fall away for a whole range of reasons.....and none of them unique and each of them spawned by Satan.
  10. Alas, Nehor, these kinds of conversations take place in the privacy of one's own mind and never shared. Then we can look with bemused enlightenment at the frailties of others as we privately step on them to ever higher realms of perfection.
  11. I hope you are right and that a simple, direct response would have sufficed. However, the entire LGBT issue has become a cause celebre. If a few of the local newspapers had not followed up with a series of questions, then the national newspaper certainly would have. I just think that their response - one that demanded that the listener connect the dots - clearly kept the common follow-up questions to a minimum. I am positive that they knew the question was coming and they discussed how best to handle it and remain in control of the discussion.
  12. I suspect that many of us would have like to have heard a direct response to the question. However, I have found that most humans don't really enjoy a direct answer to questions and absolutely never does a politician answer with a straight answer because they have learned that people don't want that type of response. It is my guess that the Brethren were not interested in having the event turned into a monotonous, unending pursuit by the press on why the evil Mormon empire does not "love" the poor LGBT community. What they gave the LGBT community and the press is an unequivocal response that God loves them, the prophet and his apostles love them and that God has provided the path of happiness for each of his children to follow. Not surprisingly, there was no argument, no rebuttal unending, just a nod of the head and moved along.
  13. Yet, people do come back to the same Church that they left. Who changed - the Church or the individual? For those who leave due to choosing the ways of the world - sin - then their heart changes, they change and return to the Light they once knew well. For those who leave for reasons of intellectual disagreements due to history, etc., they come to realize what is important and what is not or they find answers to their questions that make things clear again. God forbid that the Church one day chooses to run after every tinkling cymbal of complaint and whine. The Holy Spirit is a remarkable teacher - seldom does it bust into one's life, grab your heart and force you to see the Light. Rather, it waits patiently until an individual is ready to answer the door where God has been waiting to be re-invited in to one's heart.
  14. I think the MLK's greatest message of the value of each human life and the need for members of society to primarily look upon one another by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin has become a bedrock principle of our nation. Without him we would be less than we are today. His private life more often than not goes unreviewed by society - or at least forgotten. In this time of irreligious sexual puritanism I wonder if MLK can continue to teach us that the humanity of a man should never negate the value of the individual. That we must look at the entire human being rather than use subjective tests to determine if a man can be respected or valued for their life's contributions.
  15. The article stated, "Over the course of middle childhood, sharing approaches equality in distribution [4]." How do you interpret this statement? I have already stated how I interpreted, but you seem to have another conclusion.