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  1. Oh, the ol' cherry pick the scriptures in desperation to make them say what you think. You see, here is the problem with that approach. It can only grasp what the individual desires to hear - a itching ears approach. It is obvious that you have not read the scriptures nor attempted to understand them. Worse, you haven't listened to the prophets and the apostles teach the scriptures - heck, you haven't even listened to theologians from all the major Christian churches. I am not going to waste my time or my effort to list the plethora of scriptures that would round out your stunted understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The reason - you are not teachable and you have no desire to listen to the Spirit when he speaks to you.
  2. I believe that we are called to tithe by scripture and commandment from God. When I send my tithes to the Church of Jesus Christ I am fulfilling God's command and my obligation to him as both one of his children and as a disciple of Jesus Christ. How that money is spent is irrelevant. If God's tithes are not spent in accordance to God's will then those individuals responsible will be held accountable to God. It does not affect me or my obedience. What is apparent to me is that there is a degree of pride in your reasoning. You are letting your pride get in the way of obedience and submitting your will to God. The way of discipleship is submission to God's will for you. If you hate the way the leaders of the Church are running things, it may be time to step back and ask God if they are really his prophets and apostles.
  3. I am beginning to distrust you and your comments because they are reflective of having a specific agenda rather than just sharing your opinions or thoughts in a sincere manner.
  4. Oh, got it. Damned if you do and then damned if you don't. Think about it.
  5. Hmm, not produced by the Church; now what do you say?
  6. I am not a fan of making everyone study the same thing at the same time for all things. I agree that it may easily become redundant and boring for some individuals. I acknowledge that Sunday school lessons cannot come close to covering all the material and so it does leave areas where other classes/meetings can cover new material. It is an approach that has some merit - to ensure the saints are taught the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ in a consistent manner throughout the Church. I am willing to support it without much grumbling....except here.
  7. You are bending over so far to create your proposal that it strains credulity. There are just so many accounts on these topics and none of them support your position being possible. I am one of the first that will admit that the accounts of the translation process are not significant, but you seem to ignore the accounts we do have in order to build your hypothesis out of whole cloth.
  8. Eating crow is humbling and for those with an aggressive nature (I know :)), it is a difficult dish to chew. However, it is strange that he would run from it.
  9. I must be missing something - this seems to be relying on the same logic of the proposition of opposites. The concept of an object/environment being cold does not exist unless we also know that hot also exists. When the context of the conversation is belief in God, then making a statement that the good in the world is God or his influence, then it makes sense to me. The concept of both good and evil with their relative divine gods is rather common in world religions. Seems like we are straining at gnats here.
  10. Wow, an emotionally disturbed individual, rather than working on his personal anxiety issues, casts aspersions on all of Mormon masculinity. It is a good job of projecting one's own problem on others. It is fortunate that he found a wife that could ring his bell and point out where his thinking was wrong, which helped some of his anxiety. The role of being a provider is not toxic; the distorted projection that everything in marriage is on one's own shoulders is toxic. Having distorted perceptions of anything is unhealthy or, at least, significantly impacts an individual's perception of reality, doctrines, teachings, etc. It is interesting how some individuals so easily carry things to extreme and then blame the "thing" for their own distortion.
  11. I went back and read the article; whole lot of deductions and opinions using the studies of other people. This is an opinion piece; it is NOT science and NOT proven.
  12. I understand. When you are completely wrong, when there is no basis for your position - then change the topic so that you are not forced to admit the that your position has no foundation except - "Sin is okay if i call it love; I want it and therefore it is good for me".
  13. I think I understood your point; however, what is so significant is that the Right is standing on thousands of years of religious moral history. The Left is choosing to think they actually know better than all of humanity and now are calling what was evil to be good. It takes an overwhelming degree of moxy to go against all of history and conclude they know better.
  14. No, it has become a very common meme - the Left that wants to teach the world that everyone is an idiot if they don't think like they do. As a disciple of Jesus Christ, I may represent him at times, but what I am saying on this topic is and has been Judeo-Christian moral teaching for thousands of years. I fail to see how the humans of today, with absolutely no direction from God, can now claim everyone was wrong; it is okay to let our passions run wild. This position is very old and has always been used by those who want to revel in sin without consequences.
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