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  1. I think it is rather quaint when critics of the church attempt to hang the cause for suicide is because of the Mormon Church. I am forced to assume they have an ax to grind or they entirely ignorant of the causes of suicide. It is multifaceted and complex and it begins and ends with some degree of mental illness most often identified as depression or clinical depression. The process of healing is just as multifaceted and just as complex. It is not easy and I dare say that the desire, the thoughts, etc., are ever permanently extinguished.
  2. Storm Rider

    Sugar addictions prominent in Mormon culture

    This would seem more like an assessment of American culture/society rather than limited to just the Mormon community.
  3. Storm Rider

    500 Albums Essential to a Happy Life

    Great list - fun to peruse and recognize things I have with which I am familiar and those I wasn't. Enjoy learning and being exposed to new things.
  4. Storm Rider

    Utah's favorite cookie

    My favorite cookies will always have nuts in them: my wife's carrot cookies are my most favorite, then her chocolate chip with either walnuts or pecans, my one exception to my nut rule is her ginger snaps. Through the roof; each of them.
  5. The term "social science" is a misnomer - it is anything but science and it has become the scourge of university-level education for the last several decades. It reeks of left-wing politics seeking the cover "science" to prove identity politics value. I think, almost, that if each Sociology department at every university were shut down for the next 50 years we would be in a far greater place academically and socially....I take it back, I am sure we would be. Just my opinion.
  6. Storm Rider

    New Ministering w/youth

    When humans get together things fall through the cracks. My business partner's wife set the best example I have ever seen when it came to never taking anything personally. She just never let the actions or inactions of others affect her. I tried to learn from her, but I have never come close to how she interacted and responded to people. She was blind to their actions and always seem to choose the reflect the Savior in all that she did. I am glad the RS president responded and it does not surprise me that this was one of those things that just had fallen through the cracks. I think it is further evidence that our perceptions of others are often wholly inaccurate. The problem is that we use our inaccurate perceptions to make judgments about things that are not based on reality - just what is in our head. Don't you think that is weird? Regardless, you will do a great job now that you have a little direction. Lastly, you are in control of your actions and your actions only. Ignore the actions of others (or their inactions) and chose to act like the Savior. Reinhold Niebuhr's Serenity prayer is worth a review.
  7. Storm Rider

    New Ministering w/youth

    Hello Tacenda, Each ward has their own unique character. There are always little idiosyncrasies that belong to each ward that result for the individuals that create the ward family. I have learned that the old saying is true - there are three kinds of people: those who sit around and wait for something to happen, those who make something happen, and those who ask what happened. In your situation, it seems to me the calling fits you wonderfully. Don't wait for direction, rather meet everyone in the ward and anticipate needs and then inform the RS president what you are doing and is there anyone else that needs service. I wish we had more individuals in the ward that just did little things for everyone - send a postcard, sent get well card, a birthday card, send flowers from your garden or the garden of another member that wants to assist. I don't know if one person that has a perfect life and does not need a helping, compassionate hand of love. There are those who express their needs easily and often, but the majority don't do that yet they stand in need of more love, more acceptance, more hope.
  8. Storm Rider

    New Ministering w/youth

    For those individuals who have had their innocence ripped from them, they will react differently to these types of situations. For those with no first hand or family experience with abuse, innocence continues to exist and they are more willing to engage in social situations that may cause the first group to sense a high degree of comfort. One of our grandchildren, when first born, the parents dreamed of having a child that was curious and interested in exploring the world. However, I have noticed they are raising this child to be fearful of all strange situations and to not take risks of any kind. I think the modern term is hovering or helicopter parenting. Given the dangers in the world of today - or at least the perception of such - I cannot easily counsel against their style of parenting and how it conflicts with their stated desires when the child was born. I am sorry for those youths who grow up with a constant fear that all strangers are out to abuse or attack them. I feel sorry for youths that don't know the simple pleasure of going outdoors to play with their friends without the need to first being slathered in bug spray, sun block, and cautioned to not go out of sight of the front door as their mother hovers over their every move terrified should they fall down or seek to jump off of anything higher than a foot off the ground. For too many children there is a loss of innocence because of our perceptions of the world and not the reality. One last story to further illustrate my point: when our daughter was about four or five we were visiting my cousin who lives on a 100-acre ranch on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. We were walking out in the field in the valley behind their home and our daughter asked my cousin, "Can I really just yell as loud as I want?" "She said sure" - our daughter spent the next fifteen minutes periodically yelling at the top of her lungs as she ran about the field. She felt completely free from needing to use an inside voice - we lived in a condominium complex. We were grateful that she felt that freedom rather than the restrictive way she lived at home.
  9. I never enjoyed the last update to the Hymnal they did back in the....was it the 80's? It just seemed to lose some really good hymns and added some hymns that were not as meaningful to sing to me personally. I do appreciate the idea of having a unified hymnal that includes hymns from other cultures brought into the worldwide church to sing together.
  10. Storm Rider

    Maybe a mission isn't for everyone

    I don't think a mission is for everyone - and I sense the stigma has lost some of its sting. My wife's cousin went out on his mission only to return after a few months; emotionally he was capable of serving and he was released honorably from serving and was told that he had fulfilled his calling. I think there are some youths that will have fulfilled their calling without ever having left home. I believe that God knows and understands our abilities and he has many within in gardens that serve in a wide range of capacities. The one that digs a hole is compensated just as well, if not more, than the trained botanist that directs the work crews. The problem is not with the worker that some perceive as doing menial labor; the problem is with those who perceive and demean others based on their role in our Father's garden.
  11. Storm Rider

    Blessing the name of God after transgression

    Of course, your proposition makes the assumption that you cannot sin unless you have full knowledge. At what age do you think humans have achieved full knowledge? The logic does not make sense to me. We each make a choice based on our current circumstances. Sin is choosing to abandon God and his commandments and teachings - not whether we have a full understanding of the consequences of sin.
  12. Storm Rider

    Blessing the name of God after transgression

    Hi, Jim - just some initial thoughts. In the context of verse 10, I understand blessing the name of God is the same as praising or worshipping God. Repentance is the process that leads us back to God and to sense that forgiveness that he offers in his mercy towards us. I don't praise him that I have sinned, but I praise him that he has forgiven me. I think this is the same context Adam is speaking about. Verse 11 may be more problematic because of the distinction between a transgression and a sin. As a result of their transgression - which was God's desire and plan - Adam and Eve were given specific additional blessings that they did not enjoy in the Garden of Eden. Both Adam and Eve recognized these blessings and were grateful to God for his continued mercy and blessings. God's plan required them to leave the Garden, but it had to be by Adam and Eve's own choice to leave....which was through transgressing his directive. I think this is the only time where their choice was not a sin, but a transgression.
  13. I don't know if you are right or not - it sounds a little bit of seeking out an echo chamber for your own opinion. Think about it - you talked to two friends that were quoted in a documentary. Both friends indicate that their statements were taken out of context and presented in such a way that it was not a reflection of their real-life experiences, but were used to further the agenda of a documentary. Just being honest about this - you have yet to see the documentary - do you think, "Oh yeah, this will be great and an honest, accurate representation!" or maybe, is it at all possible, you just might have a negative impression? Assuming that you had the natural inclination to doubt the veracity and integrity of the documentary - if you were attacked as just being a shill for the Church and never being able to view anything, particularly the sacred cow of LGBTQ, in a neutral manner - what would you think of the criticism? Yeah, I thought so. That is about how I feel about these types of mindless, self-serving attacks. I don't live to fulfill someone's agenda. No, I will not be manipulated by the social bandwagon. Yes, I actually do try and study this issue and I have concluded that the homosexual lifestyle is not healthy for the individual and it is not healthy for the community/society. How often do I need to rethink that conclusion?
  14. Yes, as long as they are direct relatives i.e. you would be able to do work for your father and mother, grands, etc. I don't think you could do work for the other wives unless it has been over the time limit since they were dead.
  15. That is getting way too legal for this Board. We are not a court of law nor do we use such standards. I was just rejecting Hope's position. You are not hearsay and it was your own conversation with the actual people involved. You clarified that and yet he still wanted to act like it was meaningless gibberish. It wasn't.