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  1. Resurrection Question

  2. Resurrection Question

    HappyJackWagon - by his every comment he demonstrates that he long ago left the church and enjoys attacking it at every opportunity. I would be pretty stupid if I could not make that deduction from another's behavior. Sometimes we bend so far over that is gets beyond silly in the exaggerated effort to be perceived as "open-minded", "tolerant" and every other buzz word of choice of the modern day. We have lost being honest, frank, and forthright. If you want to continue to drink that Kool-Aid then have at it; but as for me, I choose to look at things honestly. You ought to try it some time. It is amazing how refreshing it is to stand up straight and speak honestly with others. poster removed
  3. Resurrection Question

    Funny, you may have been raised LDS, but you are certainly not LDS any longer. Are you saying that you do not belong to any other church now? You seem to have the same style of attack/comments consistently. Where does that come from and what is the purpose?
  4. Resurrection Question

    Ah, yes. Now we look at the Protestant description of the afterlife and the resurrection - no bodies, just spirits - yeah, this one comes from those that haven't a clue about that perfect Word of God they talk about. Then there is the flying around in heaven with wings - I always liked that fanciful bit of mythology coming into play. Then it gets better - the purpose of the resurrection is to wake everyone up so they can be judged. Then what? Not a clue. Yup, we are riding high on the big idea of the Protestantism now.
  5. Resurrection Question

    It is my understanding that our resurrected bodies will appear as we are i.e. we will be recognized as ourselves. However, it is not my understanding that our actual remains, the actual atoms that make up my body today will be used in this resurrected body. We are splitting hairs and seeking a mystery without a degree of benefit. We will be perfected through Jesus Christ - we cannot really define how that happens, but we have faith that we will. When people say that not one hair will be lost (joyful for those who have already lost most of their hair) I tend to interpret that as saying we will be in the prime of mortal existence. Said another way, we will each be at the peak of health and physical fitness. I still am not comfortable with how I am describing this because the words are only defining a physical appearance when the spiritual is so much greater and more significant. There will be a perfect union between body and spirit.
  6. Circumcision

    Yeah, well just look around at this generation and tell me they are well balanced and have a healthy understanding of their bodies and the differences between when their bodies are just being bodies and when they are being used in a sexual manner. I think Americans, most of the time, have not got a clue. "Rights" in this context does not apply. It is nice spin, but there are no "rights" being violated or observed.
  7. Circumcision

    I don't think it has anything to do with being pathological, but I don't think it is healthy. It is simply being overly modest and shy. Just because I am shy does not entitle me to avoid everything. I think it is healthy to face our fears sometimes and overcome them. There is nothing wrong with the human body and we each need to learn that regardless of our similarities and differences we are all just humans. It is okay to look different just as it is to look similar. It is okay that we disagree sometimes also.
  8. Circumcision

    This dichotomy is what I was trying to communicate in part. They think that a picture of their genitals is sexy only because it is a picture of their genitals. Genitals are not sexy - they are just a part of the body that are used during sexual intercourse. This perverse interest in sex organs, I think, is a direct result of a few things 1) the objective of trying to keep children from not seeing one another's bodies, and 2) the constant barrage of marketing sex in all things. I played sports in high school. We always showered together and it was not a "deal". I remember as 7th grader walking into gym the first time and knowing I needed to shower. I was nervous, but then quickly got over the nervousness because everyone else showered also and everyone needed to get to their next class. It teaches us that the nude body is not sexual at all times - sometimes it is just our bodies. We are "doing this" to this generation. Our heart may be in the right place, but we are creating a bunch of sexually perverse individuals who only see the human body as sexual.
  9. Circumcision

    Scott, I think Americans are prudish to the extreme and their own prudishness makes nudity something verboten, evil, and sensual when nothing is meant by it i.e. it is the furthest thing from being sensual/sexual, etc. Nudity is often just nudity. This idea that children going to gym and having to shower in a communal shower is a form of "child abuse" is just plain odd. It feeds into the idea that boys and girls should hide themselves, never have self-confidence, and certainly not ever conclude that they have bodies and sexual organs just like every other human of their own gender. I would prefer that teenagers were taught good physical hygiene and that they showered together. This would allow them to get over the fear of their own bodies. We seem to support and promote the lowest common denominator rather than stretch individuals to become better, more well-adjusted humans.
  10. Be ye therefore perfect.

    In perfection our goal on this earth is to learn to love as the Father loves. In this context the elitist projection of living perfectly is removed and replaced with the humility and work of learning to love our enemy and those who themselves feel beyond love.
  11. jospeh the con man?

    And the Word of God, that thing you say you believe in, says that prophets are REQUIRED in the Body of Christ. That is a problem for you and your church - you have no prophets, no priesthood, no apostles....but you have a book which you do not appear to understand. See, we all can do "drive-by" snipping about the other's faith. It is not productive or helpful. Most of us, if not all of us, have seen your kind for decades and we are not impressed. You deal in third rate anti-Mormon attacks which on tells us you are not interested in a discussion or learning or even teaching. You want to tell us - which does not work. It has been my opinion that we all can learn from one another. Your approach conflicts with that premise - seen it, heard it, and it misses the point and denies the teachings of scripture.
  12. jospeh the con man?

    You are not playing fair. Shame on you. He was a con man, period. Why? Because critics say so and by golly that is good enough. Sexual exploits coming out his ears but no posterity - doesn't matter. Lies, all lies is all he told I tell ya. Gads, do I get tired of the broken record. As long as they can close their eyes and ears they can always scream he was a con man without ever looking, seeing or hearing the man.
  13. Another splinter group appears.

    It is not self-evident that this supports your proposition that baptism is even remotely just a symbol for other Christians. To the contrary, Peter states, repent...then be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ..why? for the forgiveness of sins... and then receive the Holy Spirit. Incidentally, that is the same process today. If anything, I would use this scripture along with several others to support the position I have stated, which directly supports the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
  14. Another splinter group appears.

    Yeah, actually you have read your scriptures or at least you have not understood them. Prior to the baptism of fire or the baptism of the Holy Ghost Jesus commanded the apostles and his disciples to go and baptize for the remission of sins. No where in the NT does it teach or insinuate that the followers of Jesus Christ should do a specific act so that other Christians will know they are saved. It does not exist - what does exist is teachings that all need to be baptized. I think that Protestants developed this concept that baptism is only a testimonial to other Christians to denigrate the priesthood of Jesus Christ. It allowed them to break away from Catholicism. Protestants have no divine claim because they deny the power of the priesthood or denigrate to the point that if you want it you got it. This completely negates the scriptures teaching. In the NT individuals offered to buy the priesthood and were rejected by the apostles. Strange that these things are so often ignored by those who rely on a perfect scripture.
  15. Jim Crow; well, let me see. Hmmmmm, nope! Don't have a clue what you are talking about. History is what separates us from despots - well, as I look at the world around us no one must have any history because it is a joke of a world for the most part. We have small places that seem peaceful, but for the most part not so much. It is a trite phrase with little relation to valuable meaning - need another shtick to get your point across. Special classes are, by their very nature, a cause for disunity and inequality. They guarantee that some people will get better benefits than all others. These special classes are elevated over all others. If you want equality in a society then create laws that guarantee equality; laws that ensure that there are no special classes just citizens with the same rights.