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  1. Hi there Bob. It was so nice to see you at the FairMormon conference last week. Just some factual clarifications and then I'll be out. I was never on staff at Melodyland School of Theology or associated with it in any way. I worked at the Christian Research Institute, where Martin was the president, from April 1984 until January 1992. CRI was based in the Lake Forest area and later in Irvine, California (it much later relocated to North Carolina). Martin passed away in 1989, while I was in Philadelphia going to school full time and working remotely for CRI part time from 1988 to 1990. I then returned to full-time work at CRI from mid-1990 to January 1992 under Martin's successor Hank Hanegraaff. I was terminated without warning and without cause; they called it a "layoff" but it was a layoff of just one person and was demonstrably just a way of getting rid of me. I disagreed with Martin on a number of issues and I didn't care for his style, but that is about as much as I would say about him personally. For the record, Martin had absolutely no influence on my views about or my approach to the subject of Mormonism. On the other hand, I have made known publicly my opinion that Hanegraaff was a plagiarist (actually, that judgment goes beyond opinion) and a self-serving opportunist who used CRI to enrich himself.