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  1. Date-onomics

    Lol! Less is more?
  2. Date-onomics

    I think most highly educated women would consider marrying a man who is less educated providing he is intelligent and has a good job. (I'm speaking from experience )
  3. BYU Researchers: 1st 3-D Printed Microfluidic Device @ <100 µ

    I think that technology is on the horizon, but I think it will be several years before it becomes available. I just had my ankle rebuilt using my own genetic material and cleansed cadaver tissue for a scaffold. There was no need for 3-D printing because the surrounding bone was still in tact. A hip, of course is much more complex but just the fact that I am growing my own bone back with zero chance of rejection makes me think that we will be able to eventually grow entire bones, organs, etc. I'm as pleased as punch with my surgery! You might consider the best prosthesis available in the mean time but I think there is good evidence to hope!
  4. Building mortal into God

    As I stated, in my field I see very little of that.
  5. Building mortal into God

    I'm just pointing out my own observations. In my particular field, I don't encounter many professional women who are involved in community or religion.
  6. Building mortal into God

    I think the church does produce many very fine, strong women. I see strong women in all walks of life; in church, in the community, in the workforce and in academia. The difference I see in many religious and community minded women is that they tend to put that strength into helping others and consciously try to make the world a better place. I see a woeful lack of that quality in the women I encounter in the workforce and in academia (in general). I don't think this strength is unique to LDS women. I think its more connected to wanting to live a very purposeful life and viewing adversity as a learning opportunity. I do wonder though how much of this has to do with basic personality. Maybe certain types of personalities find joy in church and community and so we find more of those types in those places. The chicken or the egg?
  7. Is excommunication enough sometimes?

    It sounds to me like this is a severely mentally ill woman. She probably needs some serious psychotherapy before baptism is even considered.
  8. Songs that Best Represent an Era

    Vincent was a beautiful song! So bittersweet.
  9. Songs that Best Represent an Era

    Perfect! (ours was "Dust in the wind"-- pretty depressing!
  10. This is totally unacceptable. I would contact the department chair. If you're worried about repercussions for your daughter, do it anonymously. If that doesn't get results, I would seriously call the local news station and let them investigate it. Universities cannot require students to participate in illegal activities. Privacy laws are tricky when they involve discussing your child. If you get flack for interfering as a parent then point out that THEY got you involved by requiring your underage student to purchase alcohol. Having an online chemistry lab is a stupid idea but I'm sure there are plenty of safe and legal substances they can use without resorting to this.
  11. Mesopotamians on the Pacific Coast

    That Chinese location seems very out of the way for a Jaredite settlement. We know that Iranian type people were present in many locations throughout western, central and eastern Asia for thousands of years so it seems more parsimonious to believe that this is a group who migrated there over time on foot, mixing with local people along the way. This study is from 2006 and it sounds like they used ancient DNA in addition to modern DNA (which is good) but with the improvements in autosomal DNA technology, they may be able to get much more information if they rerun the ancient samples now. They should send them to the Max Planck institute. I found this portion very interesting: "Note that the diversity indices for the ancient populations fall within the range of those of modern populations, which indicates that they are comparable to modern populations in terms of variation." For those who embrace a global flood model, this cannot refer to the Jaredites. The variation in their DNA would have been very, very small.
  12. Songs that Best Represent an Era

    American Pie by Don McLean. It represents the death of carefree 50's pop culture and the transition to the turbulent 60's. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ih7N9_VUU4U
  13. How to be a tolerant parent?

    You are more faithful than I am. Maybe because of my background in biology I am constantly worried about her health and I don't believe God would intervene for her anymore than the next diabetic kid who doesn't take care of themselves. My husband deals with it much better than I do. Just out of curiosity, are you mom or dad?
  14. Elder Holland pulls story due to being false

    I'm reporting back to say that I have nothing to report at this time. Mom has a situation she is dealing with and there hasn't been an opportunity to discuss this.
  15. How to be a tolerant parent?

    You just described my daughter to a T--except ours hasn't gone to college. We had to take her out of high school when we became aware of the types of activities she was involved in and it was clear she wasn't going to graduate anyway. I think your strategy of disengaging from our LDS world view and treating her like any other non LDS person is key to sanity in these situations. I have had to do the same thing. Its very difficult, but it causes unending pain if we continue to hold them to that standard. Also, no one who doesn't have a child with type 1 Diabetes can ever understand the extra worry. We have become heavily involved with JDRF to try to raise money for research and hopefully someday a cure. In the meantime, it keeps us connected to her in an additional way.