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  1. I was pretty sure that the answer to the topic line would be "sex". Glad I was wrong! I personally don't believe we will be resurrected with the same matter our earthly bodies are composed of. If so we will be fighting with other animals and people over the components unless we are resurrected immediately upon death. Our decomposed bodies will be shared with many other life forms through time and space.
  2. If even a tenth of these reports are true then BYU is now almost unrecognizable from the BYU I attended in the 80's. They were waaaayyyyyyyy more lenient back then. Heck I knew a guy who got another student pregnant one semester and the Bishop just encouraged them to get married (which they reluctantly did) and they were right back at school the next semester. The HCO usually only intervened when reports of gross violations were made but not when someone voluntarily confessed. Those things were generally just handled by the Bishop. Maybe I was just completely oblivious but I never heard of any shenanigans like many of these.
  3. I think his method was atrocious and other people suffered so that he could feel more spiritual. My comment was really more about this particular person (or type). I'm quite sure there are those people who go about it in a much more productive and unselfish way.
  4. The only person I have ever known who even attempted this drove everyone else crazy. Mission papers sat on his desk for weeks while he waited for a definite prompting from the Holy Ghost to send them in. Temple recommends went unsigned until he had the time to pray and ponder over it. Important ward business took a backseat to his own spirituality. People were inconvenienced right and left while he was in preparation to have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. And in the meantime, life happens.
  5. I think some people hope this will be the case. I personally don't see the church EVER condoning gay marriage, much less ever extending a temple marriage option to them. It is just too far outside the religious ideology. I think this is a problem for the church that will never go away and I feel very badly for gay people who are raised LDS who wish to remain in full fellowship but also wish to have a life partner.
  6. I agree with you on this Tacenda. I didn't used to think this way but life can change a person's viewpoint.
  7. Try being a woman in a room with all men. I'm pretty sure testosterone is responsible for exponentially more homicides than PMS.
  8. Thanks for the info. My first question when I read the abstract was: Who are the subjects of the study? I can't get the link to work but it sounds like it is a very narrow sample. Lack of cooperation in polygynous families is no surprise to me. Research shows that women, by nature prefer monogamy. Polygyny will usually be preferred by women only an environment where few men control most of the resources. Of course women may not always have a choice to be in the marriage. If a woman doesn't want to be there and then has to compete with other wives to be sure her children are getting what they need then of course there will be competition and not cooperation. Making it a religious principle could increase cooperation. Having women believe that they are "called by God" to participate in the practice is very different than a woman who just doesn't have much of a choice. If I truly believed that God asked me to do this and promised me a special place in heaven if I did, I might be motivated to make it work and be more cooperative than I normally would be.
  9. Okay I'm a woman so I'll chime in. Even though I'm part of the oldest generation interviewed, I feel much, much less discriminated against in the workplace now than I did thirty years ago. The church experience is somewhat better now than then, but I have to agree that simply by virtue of my sex, I am very limited in the type of leadership I can qualify for (fortunately I don't really desire that kind of responsibility at church). In my field, I'm accepted as an equal in every way to my male coworkers and my sex does not and cannot prevent me from advancing to the highest status my education and work history qualify me for. I'm not that bothered by my inability to be a true decision maker at church; partly because of my age and partly because I'm just not that ambitious. I can see why it might greatly bother younger women who are raised in a world where they are taught that qualified women can have any career they want, including traditionally male jobs.
  10. Ha! I love this! It reminds me of my mission in Korea where there were always thousands of people around you everywhere...always.. The crammed full buses and the trains made me a little bit crazy. I looked forward to the nearly empty chapel on Sundays!
  11. "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." -Benjamin Disraeli
  12. Possibly. Possibly not. My response was to the OP’s “what if” scenario.
  13. More likely if neither mother interceded, Solomon would have declared them both unfit and given the child to someone else to raise. That would have been a powerful example of his wisdom as well.
  14. I take the sacrament with my right hand because I’m right handed—its simply more comfortable. It isn’t scriptural. It isn’t doctrinal. It’s just a tradition. If it is to be made doctrinal then everyone at the top needs to get on the same page. Otherwise it is just very confusing. (stuff like this annoys me. Can you tell?)
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