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  1. I like to believe they were all super happy in the end! Abraham super happy with Keturah: Hagar super happy as the esteemed matriarch of Ishmael's clan! Having babies into your 70's is hardly a way for a woman to be happy.
  2. Well, by the time Sarah was dead, Hagar would have been at least 65 years old. That's assuming she gave birth to Ishmael at the age of 14. Of course you are free to believe as you like but, as a woman, I just don't see it from any angle. 🤷‍♀️
  3. I've noticed this as well (or at least hear reports more often). Its hard to say if it is happening more frequently or if they are just caught more often now. The majority of the cases I've seen are exposed when text messages are discovered between the teacher and student. Having been a schoolteacher, this is so appalling to me!
  4. Its some kind of farm equipment I think. Although why it would be in the temple? I'm all ears!
  5. Thanks for your reply Nehor. Just to clarify, I'm referring to abuse of an "inappropriate touching" nature. The phenomenon I've noticed (and been appalled by) in America is the Cougar syndrome. And I'm not talking BYU cougar. I still think that mothers teaching a group of children is, in general-even one on one, is one of the safest environments possible. That being said, I support the new policy and understand that the church wouldn't want to extend a privilege to the sisters that is not available to the brethren (by exempting the sisters from the policy/training). To your knowledge, has anyone in your ward had an issue with the online aspect of the training? I had a hard time with accessing it. It was stated that we need to be sure our membership number was updated (whatever that means) so I logged on and it was there with my correct name. It wouldn't let me access the training but didn't tell me what I was doing wrong. I tried for a couple of days and finally added a cell phone number and then it worked. But it was all guesswork on my part. It never said anything about a phone number. Very frustrating and I felt wasted some of my time because instructions weren't clear.
  6. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. 💜
  7. Just out of curiosity, have there ever been any legal actions taken against the church for a sister who abused a child? It seems to me that the vast majority of these abuses are committed by men and teenage boys (maybe upwards of 95%?). I'm not saying that this policy is not a good one, but I mostly hear women reporting on it. Obviously I'm not present in priesthood meetings but I'm curious to know how the men are responding to the rules and training.
  8. Ugh! Why? She was free! She had the status of a freewoman and was the mother of a very prominent man. She chose her own Egyptian daughter in law and likely enjoyed helping raise her many grandchildren. She may have had some affection for Abraham but probably had PTSD from her experience with Sarah!
  9. Lot's daughters were surely a literary device to insult Israel's enemies. I mean seriously, there were three people present. Who on earth would have admitted to such shenanigans?
  10. 1. Faith: Martha, sister of Lazarus. “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died. But I know that even now God will give you whatever you ask.” 2. Leadership: Rebekah: Intervened when her elderly husband wanted to make the wrong son his successor. 3. Knowledge: Eve: Inquiring minds want to know. She ate the fruit… 4.Wisdom: Naomi: Instructed her daughter in law to perform a really weird ritual in order to secure an awesome husband. Worked like a charm! 5. Action in a calling/mission: Jael: pretty much just a bada$$. Pounded a stake through the bad guy’s heart. Definitely a woman of action. Deborah was so impressed she wrote a song about her. 6. Strength: Sarai/Sarah. Where to start? She was amazing. 7. Testimony: Mary. Her soul magnified the Lord and her spirit rejoiced in God. 8. Diligence: Leah: Hung in there with her prettier sister and gave their husband six strapping sons and a beautiful daughter for good measure! 9. Obedience: Ruth: every woman’s dream daughter-in-law. What a sweetheart! 10. Hope: MIchal: She saved David’s life in the hope he would love and appreciate her. Instead he deserted her and married two other women. Later, he took her away from her second husband (who loved her) so that he would have a stronger claim to the throne.
  11. I agree. Whatever her motives were, her methods were irresponsible. As a mother I cannot relate to this at all.
  12. The American woman is already the mother of 5 children. If she can't afford the fees to adopt then how can she possibly afford to raise a sixth child? She sounds terribly misguided at best and plain idiotic at worst. Very sad that her stupidity may lead to life in a foreign prison. ☹️
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