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  1. Huh? The elaborate cave paintings of Lascaux? The Venus figurines and other symbolic totems? The ritual burials of Paleolithic people don't indicate populations of people with free will?
  2. Inappropriate behavior is spanking Sister Jones on the bottom in jest. This is perverse criminal behavior. If this guy just wanted his jollies he would just buy some porn but he created his own by invading the privacy of an innocent and unwilling woman in a dressing room- turning her into his own porn. It’s sick. Most men can’t imagine how humiliating that would be for a woman. 😡
  3. Interesting. We now are thinking ( in anthropology) that our modern human species benefited from some of the physical adaptations of the archaic Homo sapiens. For instance interbreeding with Neanderthals helped us adapt to the colder, harsher climate of Europe and Denisovan DNA helped us adapt to higher altitudes. So are you proposing that Adam and Eve did not have the DNA of other modern humans but were compatible enough to interbreed with them and their offspring had characteristics of both?
  4. I don't have a problem at all with the belief that Adam and Eve were the first "covenant" people. It's really the only way I can believe that they were literal people (which I see as actual doctrine). I can't, however believe that 1. They were the first human beings on the planet. 2. Their children married each other. or 3. the millions of human beings that lived on the planet before them were some sort of sub human and did not have the same type of spirit the rest of us had. If Ted Bundy is a spirit child of God then so we the people of Cro Magnon. 😊 Besides, I really don't think that Elder Holland believes anything less than the traditional view of Adam and Eve as first parents of all earthlings; no birth and no death before them.
  5. He may have been. But he also says, "There were no spirit children of Heavenly Father on the earth before Adam and Eve were created." I don't see any room at all for human evolution there (and I think human evolution is the biggest issue for most of our church members). Unless he doesn't consider anyone born before, say, 10,000 b.c. fully human.
  6. I have serious doubts about the Proverbs quote on your list. Well raised children often depart from their parents' teachings. (Starting with Cain)
  7. It also begs the question: What, exactly, does it mean to be human? I'm a biological anthropologist so my thoughts on that may be more broad than the non anthropologist. I noticed that your article specifically said "anatomically" modern humans. Since we have almost exactly the same body plan as Homo erectus, then I assume "anatomically modern" refers to differences in our skulls (we all have to have chins, vertical foreheads and appropriate brain size with globular braincase, and some other less obvious differences.) Since we all have some DNA from earlier forms of humans, maybe we should think in terms of modern behavior rather than anatomy when we think about Adam and Eve--especially in light of the fact that they grew their own food and had domesticated animals. 🤔
  8. Have faith in Jesus Christ. The kind of faith that is written in our hearts and results in good works. Of course. Study it out in our minds and use those minds to come to our own conclusion. Then we ask if our conclusion is correct. However, I don't think God chooses to disclose the mysteries of the universe to people very often (except for maybe astrophysicists who probably skip that last step). No. God looks on our hearts. In this life? Yes. God did not heal my daughter from her type one diabetes or her bipolar disorder. Raising her has been the most challenging and painful experience of my life so I look for the blessing associated with this intense and persistent trial (like Bluebell said). Just to clarify, I have never asked the Lord to heal her from these conditions because I know that there is not one documented case of a faith healing for type one diabetes. In fact I almost never ask the Lord to bless me (and yet still He does). I guess I really believe in going out and getting our own blessings within the realm of where God has put us and thanking Him just the same. Like Jimmy Stewart in Shenandoah: Lord, We cleared this land; We plowed it, sowed it, and harvested it. We cooked the harvest. It wouldn't be here—we wouldn't be eating it—if we hadn't done it all ourselves. We worked dog-bone hard for every crumb and morsel But we thank you just the same anyway, Lord, for this food we're about to eat. Amen.
  9. So, by that logic, if they had demanded sexual intercourse and depravity with female exalted beings, thus heterosexual lifestyle is rejected? 🤔
  10. How we love our wacky neighbors to the North! In other northern news... Birth of a Canadian
  11. I plan to be cremated so anyone or no one is welcome to remove my veil. (IMO, this is all highly symbolic/cultural and absolutely not required by God of anyone)
  12. I think most experts accept that people traveled back and forth across Beringia for thousands of years. This is a good recap of current science. I especially like the last paragraph. No. It would be looked at in context and tests would be performed to determine the age of the skeleton and where the skeleton lived as a child. At a minimum they would know that this person was too recent to be the ancestor of Europeans and that he did not grow up where he died.
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