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  1. Thomas S Monson cars

    I would NEVER buy a Mercedes. However, I would definitely buy a Tesla if I had the money. I totally believe that a good car is a good investment.
  2. Peggy Stack Reports Missionary Numbers Are Still Declining

    Honoring women and the priesthood are cultural practices, not biological instincts. An LDS woman who is taught to value those qualities is perfectly situated to follow the scientific prediction that she will likely marry Jimmy Stewart. She just needs to be careful to not cheat with Marlon Brando or James Dean (no matter how tempting). I'm personally not on board with the theory that women marry their fathers and men marry their mothers. Too Freudian for my taste.
  3. Peggy Stack Reports Missionary Numbers Are Still Declining

    The article was really just a summary of current research. When they say "good genes" they are really referring to behaviors that signal evolutionary fitness. In addition to a good physique (a signal of good health) these would be things like ambition, aggressiveness, risk taking behavior, etc. However, these are not shown to be traits that most women choose a long term mate for--only for a fling. Most family minded women will choose a man who signals "good father and provider" material. They may be attracted to the "cad" but they'll marry the "dad". So I'm not really sure why he linked to that article or how it could inspire young men to serve a mission.
  4. Peggy Stack Reports Missionary Numbers Are Still Declining

    Um. Did you read the first article? In a nutshell, women prefer the "dad" to mate with and the "cad" to cheat with.
  5. Former Mormon Becomes PM of New Zealand

    That doesn't make any sense. I know people who have left the church for diverse reasons, none of which have anything to do with furthering their careers.
  6. Former Mormon Becomes PM of New Zealand

    Mitt Romney managed to be elected as governor of Massachusetts as a Mormon. Besides, that's not the point of my question. Americans may have a different view of the church than people in other countries. My question is regarding evidence that the people of New Zealand would place their religious biases over their common sense in politics.
  7. Former Mormon Becomes PM of New Zealand

    I think that's a completely unfair thing to say. You are implying that: 1. She left the church in order to further her career and 2. Kiwi's care more about a candidate's religious affiliation than their leadership skills. I'm not super familiar with New Zealand politics. Is there any evidence to support either one of those things?
  8. Reeeeeeally? So while my husband is off working very hard to carry out his priesthood duties, I'm doing nothing? I would argue that without my support and WORK, he would not be able to do a fraction of the church work he does. Just because he gets the credit doesn't mean I get it for free.
  9. Yes. All human bloodlines go back to Africa.
  10. Evangelical Creation Movie

    So do I. I also see a creation that was set into motion in such a way that every living thing in the natural world is connected in a literal and physical way. Humans are part of the natural world and our bodies are subject to the same forces that formed every other living creature.
  11. Evangelical Creation Movie

    I think you are looking too narrowly. The forces that drive evolution are being understood more fully now. There is no doubt that our understanding will be greater in ten years than it is at this moment. The first force to be understood was natural selection. Then we learned about genes and how inheritance works. Later we learned about DNA, etc. Junk DNA was called Junk DNA because nobody understood what it was and why it didn't seem to do anything useful. We are just in the very beginning phases of learning the potential functions and potentials of these stretches of genetic material. All of these things are adding to our understanding of how evolution works. It is incredibly complex and we are always learning more. Science is a process, not a result.
  12. Evangelical Creation Movie

    It is ironic. 😊
  13. Evangelical Creation Movie

    Because it is evidence for evolution. And yes, over time, these small changes can create new genes--insertion mutations can cause new proteins to be synthesized. They can be harmful, neutral or beneficial. And if they occur in a gamete (sex cell), they can be passed on to the next generation. Alone, however, they can't account for the type of macroevolutionary changes we see when we look back on the fossil record. The number of changes we see to actually produce another species couldn't happen nearly as fast as they do if this were the only way evolution happens. I'm going to link to a short, fun video that gives a quick overview of how regulatory genes can cause traits to appear or disappear very quickly (in geologic time). Regulatory genes Epigenetics is a completely different thing that can help explain why closely related species can be so similar at the DNA level, but look and behave so differently at the phenotypic level.
  14. Mountain Meadows, and Las Vegas. It is a fair comparison?

    MMM and Las Vegas is a fair comparison in the sense that they were both slaughters of innocent people and guns were involved (as was the Wounded knee massacre). Why people want to quantify and say, "this was worse than that" just seems like people with too much time on their hands. They were all atrocities, all unjustified and all horrific.