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  1. Okay I'm a woman so I'll chime in. Even though I'm part of the oldest generation interviewed, I feel much, much less discriminated against in the workplace now than I did thirty years ago. The church experience is somewhat better now than then, but I have to agree that simply by virtue of my sex, I am very limited in the type of leadership I can qualify for (fortunately I don't really desire that kind of responsibility at church). In my field, I'm accepted as an equal in every way to my male coworkers and my sex does not and cannot prevent me from advancing to the highest status my education and work history qualify me for. I'm not that bothered by my inability to be a true decision maker at church; partly because of my age and partly because I'm just not that ambitious. I can see why it might greatly bother younger women who are raised in a world where they are taught that qualified women can have any career they want, including traditionally male jobs.
  2. Ha! I love this! It reminds me of my mission in Korea where there were always thousands of people around you everywhere...always.. The crammed full buses and the trains made me a little bit crazy. I looked forward to the nearly empty chapel on Sundays!
  3. "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." -Benjamin Disraeli
  4. Possibly. Possibly not. My response was to the OP’s “what if” scenario.
  5. More likely if neither mother interceded, Solomon would have declared them both unfit and given the child to someone else to raise. That would have been a powerful example of his wisdom as well.
  6. I take the sacrament with my right hand because I’m right handed—its simply more comfortable. It isn’t scriptural. It isn’t doctrinal. It’s just a tradition. If it is to be made doctrinal then everyone at the top needs to get on the same page. Otherwise it is just very confusing. (stuff like this annoys me. Can you tell?)
  7. This apparently happens a lot. So heartbreaking for the adoptive couple!
  8. Lol! I agree. My husband often says "I'm sorry" to me and I KNOW he loves me. He just has his dad's Danish temper and he yells sometimes which he knows I hate. I actually kind of like it now because then he shows the "increase of love" we hear about (usually in the form of Ben Franklin) 🙊
  9. Yah. You’ve said it’s our “chance to shine” ad nauseum. 😊 As to what Jesus would do, maybe he would take the same approach he took with the Samaritan woman at the well. He knew she was living with a man outside of marriage but he didn’t condemn her for it. He just proceeded to teach her about who He is and then continued to teach her friends.
  10. I much prefer the thought of cremation to being buried and decomposition. However, once the spirit moves on, I doubt many fret over what happens to their body. My family will probably choose to bury me. But I do not want an open casket. Yuck. A closed (inexpensive) casket with a lifesize pop up of me in my prime standing next to it. Yes. 😁
  11. I'm astonished. Have the people saying this ever met a woman? That's truly one of the most lame, antediluvian things I've ever heard. (no offense if these were people you love) 💕
  12. This man embodies almost everything I dislike about church culture. If he were to say "this is my opinion on why some people leave the church", I would be all ears. But he speaks authoritatively as if he has some special knowledge and even his website name: "truthwillprevail..." Barf. This is my favorite "We see the works of false Christs when women and homosexuals are ordained to the priesthood, as it is supposed. . . ." As if women and homosexuals should aspire to serve God according to their own understanding--Oh the horror! You don't believe in the legitimacy of their priesthood anyway so why do you even care? It isn't enough to preach to members of the church, he needs to slam other religions as well.
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