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  1. katherine the great

    Who is a widow supposed to marry...?

    I won’t quote it but Eor’s comment is worth a read.
  2. katherine the great

    Bill Reel $150 Challenge to Church Newsroom

    It’s so common I think we just need to coin a new, all purpose word: ”Infly””
  3. katherine the great

    Who is a widow supposed to marry...?

    I personally only know one sealed young widow who was given permission to be sealed to a second husband. She found out she was pregnant after her first husband died (very young). She was not required to cancel her first sealing and she didn't want to since she loved him and he was the father of her first child. However, her second husband agreed to marry her without knowing (or even hoping) that he would be able to be sealed to her. He just loved her very much (and she him) and hoped God would make it right someday. I don't know how it all came about but she was able to be sealed to him as well and they had children together. This was back in the late 80's and I had never heard of that being done before (but I thought it was marvelous!) Around this same time I also knew a couple of young, very active men who married previously sealed widows. I don't know whether or not they were eventually able to be sealed to their wives or not. It's kind of mysterious and I'm not sure if there is a blanket rule.
  4. katherine the great

    Evolution and beauty

    Of course (and females for other females). But those selected genes don't get passed down in those cases.
  5. katherine the great

    Temple Sealing Changes

    I totally agree. My husband may fall into that category but I am much more reasonable after I’ve had a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, we hardly ever argue.
  6. katherine the great

    Temple Sealing Changes

    Haven't heard that but it sounds good to me. I don't remember a word of the sealer's advice. I just remember wishing he'd move on to the vows so we could be married.
  7. katherine the great

    Evolution and beauty

    One of my pet peeves: an article that opens with "______ is Making Scientists completely rethink _____ !!!!" or "_________ is rewriting history!" It's usually just hype. Darwin was a genius. He understood that natural selection's explanatory power was powerful but limited. The only real difference between his understanding of the evolution of "beautiful", non functional traits and more contemporary understanding is that some of these traits may signal actual health. However, we all can agree that runaway selection can become maladaptive and lead to extinction. So I suppose that animals are sometimes also agents in their own extinction. In this case, we will almost always have to blame the female.
  8. My rule of thumb for teaching any topic to young children is: their attention span is one minute for every year of their life. If I'm teaching 4/5 year olds, they get 4/5 minute chunks of the lesson interspersed with 4/5 minute chunks of activity or a familiar song. 20 minutes should be a piece of cake!
  9. katherine the great


    Oh geez. Okay, let's think about it in simple terms of surface area. Women have a very small pleasure center compared to men. Just leave it alone. Less is NOT more for women.
  10. katherine the great

    Accepting God's Will

    I've been observing people for a very long time and I've come to the conclusion that to most people of faith "God's will" is whatever happens to them that is out of their control--health issues, job loss, death of a loved one, etc. Granted, there are some people I know who feel that God gives them personal revelation to pursue a specific course which sometimes seems to turn out well and other times not. In the "not" cases, they usually just chalk it up to not listening properly or to some type of test of faith. (which always gives me a bit of a chuckle.) It almost seems to be a strategy for adapting healthily to all of the ups and downs of life, keeping a good attitude and pushing forward in a productive way--even when bad things happen. I certainly don't think it means that we should not try to better our lives. I've always felt that God gave me a good brain and common sense that I should use wisely however I see fit. I'm never bitter at God when things go wrong because any honest person can see that we live in a world where bad things happen to good people. If we're okay with bad things happening to other people then we can't logically be mad at God when they happen to us.
  11. katherine the great

    Love Everyone Equally?

    Oh definitely! I'm always wary of any hypothesis that has only been tested and published once. I was also the type of mom that always thought my babies were the most beautiful creatures in the universe. I was stunned when I overheard someone call my baby daughter ugly. They would eat their words if they could see her now.
  12. katherine the great

    Love Everyone Equally?

    Apparently we love the attractive ones more. Unattractive children get ripped off
  13. katherine the great

    Love Everyone Equally?

    I believe the Hebrew understanding of this word is more along the lines of giving and providing for the welfare of another rather than "feeling" all warm and cuddly towards them. If we really hate someone in our hearts (even if they deserve it) we probably are expected at least to pray for them but I don't think the Lord expects us to pay for their college.
  14. katherine the great

    The "Heartland Theory" (?)

    What does this mean?
  15. katherine the great

    Noah’s Global Flood

    I prefer a more metaphorical interpretation of these scriptures (as Clark pointed out a bit earlier in the thread.)