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  1. Ahab

    The Church has $32 Billion in the Stock Market

    Snarky, huh. I used to watch a show about him. Snarky and Hutch.
  2. I know enough to know AI is about making something that appears to be intelligent, able to make intelligent choices. Doing that with computers is about programming them with if/then and if not/then statements for various situations. Many scientists consider our "brains" to operate like very complex computers, analyzing situations and making choices very quickly. What they don't seem to realize is that our spirit is what gives us our intelligence, our mind is our spirit, not our brain. And bees have spirits too, intelligent spirits, just not nearly as intelligent as the spirits of our kind of being.
  3. IF they had simply avoided using the word "zero" and instead talked about how bees can tell the difference between nothing and something and how much of something when there is something, then I wouldn't have made my focus on whether or not the used the term "zero" correctly., AI can be supported with if/then and if not/then statements. There is no need to understand the concept of zero to create long lists of what-to-do situations in various circumstances which would result in what could look like intelligence. I don't understand why those scientists seem to think it's necessary or even helpful to do something with bees to make a case for AI, though. I suppose training bees to do such and such in various circumstances could look like AI, too, but I would say the bees are already intelligent, with no AI involved, and the studies would simply show that the bees can be trained to do things depending on circumstances.
  4. Ahab

    The Maxwell Institute and the Honor Code

    Romper Room! YaY! I wanna watch Captain Kangaroo next, with Mr. Green Jeans!
  5. If you haven't noticed, our Lord's Church today has apostles and prophets and all of those other officers and positions you mentioned.... + a lot more because we are a bigger organization now with millions and millions of members. Don't you have secretaries and youth ministers and song leaders and other people in various positions in your own church? Same kinda thing as that, except that our church is also the true church of Jesus Christ.
  6. Ahab

    The Maxwell Institute and the Honor Code

    No it doesn't. When you can't tell the difference between the utterings of a man and the utterings of a prophet, your inability to tell the difference doesn't require you to treat that mans' words as if they are coming from a prophet. You may choose to do so if you want to, but you aren't required to do that. What I do, personally, is find out from God if he approves of that man's message, and not until then do I accept what that man says as if he is speaking as a prophet who is proclaiming a law of God, or something God would want me to follow. Until then it's just what that man says, as that man's personal opinion and belief, and if that man has a leadership position in the Church I acknowledge his position in the Church organization just as I acknowledge the position of a supervisor or manager or CEO in another organization. I don't accept the Church as God's organization for his believers just because some man has said so either, even if that man has the office of a President of the Church. I found out from God that it is, and only when God told me did I accept it. Why are you even calling them "prophets"? If you don't believe they are, you should refer to them simply as "men". When you suggest they are prophets, and speaking as prophets, you should recognize which part of their message was inspired by God, and if you don't know, you just don't know then whether they are speaking as a fallible man or as a prophet who is speaking for God. Yes, and each person makes up their own mind and comes to their own understanding, either with God's help or without it. It is your job to find out for yourself. I'm reminded now of this statement in one of my favorite talks: http://www.zionsbest.com/amateur.html
  7. When I said "their own" children I was talking about how a man and woman are able to create their own children biologically using their own seed and sperm. I wasn't talking about adoption where they take a child created by the child's biological parents, or something else from another person. A child is always the child of both a mother and a father, regardless of whether or not that child is adopted by some other people.
  8. It is not a loving thing to do, even for men or women who think it is. It is a fact that it is nether a good thing or a loving thing to do. Some people just don't know the difference between good and bad anymore, thinking it is all about personal preference or inclination. I won't keep saying this to you because all you will likely do is disagree with me, but I am saying it now, again, one more time, to put it to you as clearly as I know how to say it.
  9. Ahab

    The Maxwell Institute and the Honor Code

    So that explains why the burka dress was invented. Except it still reveals the woman's face. Which explains why women's veils were invented to cover their face. I did notice while reading through that this time that the counsel was directed at young women. And I've seen how some young women let their tops drop way down very low off their shoulders. It doesn't look very modest to me. Maybe with older women who don't let their tops drop down so low it isn't such a big deal.
  10. Ahab

    The Maxwell Institute and the Honor Code

    Be that as it may be, someone said something indicating grooming standards are based on generalized principles of modesty and we have been talking about beards here. I'm fine with the idea that wearing a beard is not immodest, but some people seem to think they are, and to anyone who thinks that, I ask why?
  11. SSM is not an act of love. It may be what each of them wants, and they may think they're doing a good thing for each other, but it is not a good thing and therefore love is not what motivates it. When someone loves another person they want to do what is good for that person, something that will help them to fulfill the full measure of their creation happily wed to someone of the opposite sex so they can have their own family together.
  12. Rigged Rigged! The test was rigged! It was a rigged test, I say! Fascinating! How much food were they able to get from the lights? Zero, or more than zero?
  13. I get it . If he had authority to wed a man to more than one woman and he didn't get that authority from the state then he must have received that authority from God. State authority was then limited to wedding one man to only one woman, unless that woman was dead, and then he could marry that man to another woman. I don't know much about that. I don't think we teach that. We don't talk much about that and I don't concern myself with how another man was wed to his wife.
  14. Probably not zero nectar. Yeah, probably just to the point where the bee feels it shouldn't' take any more. Kinda like me maybe when I leave a little bit of drink in my glass without taking it all.
  15. The concept of zero involves more than just the concept of nothing. It also involves the concept that anything multiplied by zero is also and always nothing. Now I'm not even convinced that study shows that the scientists who did that study understand the concept of zero. Blank images do not convey the concept of zero.