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  1. Isn't that the result of your logic too, though. Someone thinks someone is attractive while someone else doesn't think so. It can't be both true and false, according to you, can it? Or can it? pogi, my friend, you need to become a better student and articulator of language. You do realize there must needs be opposition in all things, don't you? It is common and routine for people to not agree with each other, depending on their own subjective perspectives. And on issues which are largely a result of subjective perspectives, like whether or not someone is considered to be sexually attractive, you should expect to hear both Yes and No answers instead of everyone agreeing with each other, with the objective perspective in those situations indicating that not everyone is in agreement. Thus, you should expect both Yes and No answers, rather than only one or the other.
  2. You may be considering situations only when the man hasn't died. My wife was sealed to her first husband who had died before we met and she wasn't required to cancel her first sealing before being sealed to me as her husband. Our bishop told us a cancellation is not required in those situations, and that it was good for her to remain sealed to both of us for now. I suspect the 3 of us will work it all out beyond the veil, with the Lord to help us. Her first husband has been dead for a while and I'm thinking he probably has another woman he would like to be sealed to now. I'm thinking she may remain sealed to him though to help us all stay linked together because of their children which I will continue to want to know.
  3. No, I accept both positions, although I usually only mention the issue from my subjective perspective. I'm usually aware that not everybody shares my subjective perspective.. Articulating ideas should be a consideration. Sometimes we don't use enough words. For example, someone who says mustard on hamburgers is yucky should realize that other people think it is good. And after receiving a reminder from someone who likes mustard on hamburgers he could articulate objective truth more completely by saying something like, "Okay, I think mustard on hamburgers is yucky, although I realize you think it is good". And then we could both appreciate the objective perspective. I can like mustard on hamburgers while he thinks it is yucky , knowing it is both good and yucky depending on the subjective perspectives. There would be no need to argue that it is only one way or the other. It is both, objectively, and subjectively it is a matter of preference.
  4. I am also validating their experience by saying it is part of objective reality. That their subjective experience matters and is included in the overall objective perspective. You don't seem to be doing that, invalidating that part of reality. No, I get what you're saying. You're just not considering that subjective reality to be a part of objective reality. You agree in part, but you do not agree on the whole.
  5. I think if you clearly understood what I refer to as the objective viewpoint then you probably would agree with me. It's simple for me to understand but perhaps I'm not explaining it well when I say it is the collective perspective without limits from particular subjective perspectives. The overall view. I am saying someone can and should be considered categorically attractive only when there is at least one person who sees that person as being attractive. That is what makes that person someone who is considered to be attractive. The fact that someone sees them as an attractive person. Even if other people do not see that person that way, the fact that one person does clinches it. One subjective viewpoint added to the collective viewpoint with the subjective viewpoint not being tossed out or rejected or cancelled out by any dissent. Yeah, I know, some people do not see what some other people can see, but nevertheless, whatever can be seen should not be rejected or tossed out just because some other people can't see it. Maybe it would help if you made it more personal, or less personal, maybe. Suppose you consider your spouse to be an attractive person, and you do regardless of whether or not anyone else does. I am right here with you saying she must be attractive, even if only because you (and I) think so, because your subjective opinion is then included in the collective assessment and objective viewpoint about whether or not she is attractive. And those who don't agree with us do not alter that objective reality. She is, even if other people don't think so.
  6. Yes, our Church leaders would require some explanation from her to help them determine if there is a just reason to cancel the sealing. The fact that she is asking for a cancellation is not enough of a reason,, and the fact that she wants to marry another man is also not enough of a reason for them to cancel her first sealing. The sealing is treated as a contract in contract law, and the husband has a contract with the wife even if the wife decides she would like to be loosed from that contract. The first husband has the right to decide for himself whether or not he wants to terminate that contract, so he will have his day in court, so to speak, to make his will known.
  7. It's not necessary that her sealing be cancelled before she can be sealed to the man she wants to be sealed to now, and I suspect the First Presidency would probably not cancel it while approving her for this other new sealing. It's up to them, though. Our Lord and those involved would work out the details among themselves on the other side of the veil.
  8. No interest at all in trying to understand my view that everybody is a person and that as a person either a male or a female and thus every person is a sexual person and also sexually attractive to at least somebody, huh. Well, okay. I think I can relate a little bit. I don't care to reduce everyone down to a P or a V with any sexual attraction meaning that I want to have sexual relations with everybody just because I consider everybody to be sexually attractive, either. And that's not something I have ever had a problem with, personally, either, unlike some people who seem to think that is what it means to be sexually attracted to someone. I usually don't even see a person's P or V when I look at them, and yet I consider everyone to be sexually attractive in some way despite that..
  9. Nope, what I said is still the current view now. People today are simply more tolerant of other people having sexual relations with people of the same sex. The majority still considers opposite sex relations to be the right way for them to do it. I think the majority of Church members will always believe there is a right way to do things while being tolerant of people who don't know the difference. We try to teach others that we know the right way and that others can learn the right way through prayer and study, but pretty much the only right thing we can do until others learn the difference is tolerate it when others haven't figured out what is right yet. And even people in Asia and Russia have people who really want to learn the right way, even when people around them do the wrong things.
  10. I am trying to teach him that he doesn't speak for everybody when he asserts his subjective opinion. And it bothers me a bit because he will say it while knowing that I like mustard on my hamburger. And yet his only comment is that it is yucky. He won't acknowledge that I don't think it is yucky. Okay, finally, now we seem to begetting somewhere. I hope you are ready for this. As I've been saying or at least hinting at already, objective reality is all about how something is from every perspective, not limited by particular subjective perspective. So while it is true that everybody is sexually attractive if at least one person thinks so, so too is everybody not sexually attractive if at least one person doesn't think so. But the agreements and dissents do not cancel each other out. One can say someone is sexually attractive with that being true on the objective level, and one can also say someone is not sexually attractive with that also being true on the objective level. So I am not invalidating anyone's experiences or observations, unlike you are when you suggest someone is not sexually attractive just because everybody doesn't think so. I'll give you some time to rethink and retract your nonsensical comments. You may now see that you agree with me more than you thought you did before now.
  11. Attempt # 137: What I am saying is not what you are saying, and I will illustrate with your sushi example. What I am saying is like saying that because one person thinks that sushi is delicious that sushi is therefore delicious, Not delicious to everyone on the subjective level, but delicious on the objective level based on the fact that it is considered to be delicious by at least one person. That is what that means in objective reality. And the same is true with sexual attraction as well. If a person is considered to be sexually attractive by anyone, then that person is considered sexually attractive in objective reality, regardless of the fact that not everybody thinks so on a subjective level. And I think everyone should be able to acknowledge that on an objective level. If someone is sexually attractive, according to the spiritual awareness of at least one person, then than person is sexually attractive even though not everybody can see that.
  12. Goodbye, then. Arevaderche! Have fun elsewhere wherever you go!
  13. I suggest that you start over, again, without getting defensive, personally, when people here do not immediately accept your ideas. When people don't agree they sometimes will throw in a personal jab and it's best to just ignore that personal jab while responding to the substance of their objection, or just letting it be if you don't see much of a chance at convincing them of your assertions. Very few people here or anywhere else will instantaneously jump on your bandwagon when you make an assertion, even when your assertion is backed up by what appears to you to be clear evidence in your favor. It usually takes at least a little time for people to absorb an idea that is new to them and seems to go against what they already believe. So you have to be patient while maintaining confidence in what you know when you know you know what is true. After all, you probably don't just instantaneously accept what other people tell you, either, and it probably took you a while for you to learn what you know now.
  14. Wow! So much of this reminds me of what I think a lot of people on this board this about me and what I have said while I have posted here! I am SOOOOOOOO misunderstood. And a lot of people who post here do not like me. And yet I keep coming back to post here. Oh well. I've kinda gotten used to it now, and I think maybe this is the way that things have to be here. Can you imagine if everybody liked me, though? That would be fantastic! I often dream of being liked as much as the Nehor, and Calm, and Robert F. Smith. Ah, but I dream very big dream, sometimes. Time to come back to reality now.
  15. What I said didn't help you to understand and agree with me, apparently, but if it maybe helps somebody else then I will say it was helpful. You remind me of my 34 year old son. When he doesn't like something, particularly in regard to food, he will say it is yucky. Regardless of the fact that other people like it. Like mustard on hamburgers. He says it is yucky. Period. As if his subjective opinion is objective reality. I keep trying to straighten him out but so far it hasn't helped him to understand, or at least it doesn't seem to have helped him to understand. The word "object" when used as a noun doesn't necessarily have any negative connotations. Even when referring to people as sexual objects. Consult a dictionary and seek professional help as needed. I agree that what you said doesn't make any sense, but what you said is not what I said. Try to read it again. Maybe what I said will be more helpful to you the more you read what I wrote. Read it 3 times a time for 3 days and then get back to me for your report. Individuals are of one sex or another. Male or female. Therefore, if a person is attractive, the are thus sexually attractive because of the fact that they are either male or female.
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