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  1. I just got the 403 Error message when responding to your post and rather than writing it again I'm just going to say I was saying pretty much what has already been said before and since it apparently doesn't register with you I won't bother to say it again.
  2. I don't think it is the Church that is struggling, except maybe to get the point across that acting on LBGTQ impulses is not okay. People generally understand that sex outside of marriage is not okay, either. But for some reason a lot of people in the world think acting on LGBTQ impulses is okay. They used to hide it but now they don't. They are OUT IN THE OPEN now and I suppose they want people to think that because they are open about it that everyone else should think it is okay. Even the fact that it is legal now doesn't mean that it is okay. Porn is legal now, too and has been for quire a while now, but we all still know that isn't okay. I don't know what happened, really. Where did people get the idea that it is okay? Why do LGBTQ people think it is okay? It isn't, but yet for some reason they think so and they want everyone else to think it is okay too.
  3. Yes, and I think what seems wrong to most people in the Church is that the world seems to be accepting it as okay more and more while the Church still feels it is wrong. So we get more and more people of the world saying it is okay while the Church still feels it is wrong. And the people of the world don't even seem to care that most members of the Church feel it is wrong and just want to go on as if it is okay. Or they try to get members of the Church to agree with them so that members of the Church will start to think it is okay, too. So we just keep going around and around and don't seem to be getting anywhere with each other. Those who feel it is wrong are pretty much ignored or told they are wrong for thinking it is wrong while more and more people in the world feel that it is okay.
  4. Huh? Does that sentence make sense where you live?
  5. Interesting. My icon on my phone just says "Library" and I didn't change it. I'm pretty sure the icon said Gospel Library before. I do see that it is called Gospel Library on the Play Store though. Very interesting.
  6. After much pondering I have concluded that the sisters wanted to wear sweaters and they just needed some man to say they should wear one. And that they looked good while they wore them. The sisters are obviously happy wearing the sweaters. Just look at their faces.
  7. I suppose Keven L. Barney could be considered an LDS scholar: https://www.fairmormon.org/testimonies/scholars/kevin-l-barney He said in his footnote for 1 Corinthians 6:9 in this paper http://feastupontheword.org/images/1/1b/Footnotes_Volume_2.pdf gr ἀρσενοκοῖται arsenokoitai, from ἄρσην arsēn male (specifically a mature male, this word is sometimes translated as “husband”); and κοίτη koitē a sexual relationship (cf. eng “coitus”). The term “sodomite,” sometimes used as a euphemism, exists only in modern language and is not a gr or heb term. Both here and in Lev. 18:22 more straightforward terms are used. While male homosexuality in general is condemned, the specific practice Paul was referring to was relations between an older man and young boys. The pairing of these two together is probably not coincidental. Sex between an older, established man, and a much younger man--even boys--was fairly common in the Graeco-Roman world. Ganymede, the cupbearer of the Gods, was the archetype of the younger passive partner (in Latin his name was Catamitus, whence “catamite” in eng). In Graeco-Roman culture there was relatively little shame attached to an older man who engaged in homosexual relations as an older partner in the active role; more shame accrued to the younger, passive partners. To Jews—and early Saints—the whole practice was abhorrent.
  8. Okay. Do the young Elders wear sweaters too when they are around sister missionaries? And what country is this in? Maybe they all have a thing about sweaters.
  9. When you say Elders are you talking about old people who grew up with a more modest dress standard and just feel more comfortable around people who dress modestly by their own standards? Or are you talking about young men who usually have high levels of testosterone and can easily get excited by seeing young women who are showing some skin?
  10. I don't dispute that. I'd be interested in hearing how an IRS representative would respond to that question and argument. It is an advantage the IRS offers and I think anyone who is able to avoid paying taxes should make proper use of it.
  11. I understand how people can be sincere in their beliefs and still be wrong. And still trying to share their false beliefs with other people. Like people who teach how they understand Mormonism to be of the devil and that anyone who accepts it has been deceived. People like my Dad and grand Dad who taught things like that. Deceived, themselves, sharing what they sincerely believed with other people. People practicing priestcraft without realizing there was anything wrong with that. People who think it's okay to share whatever they think God believes and wants others to believe even when they have been deceived and are spreading false teachings to anyone who will listen to them while making it generally more difficult to find the truth, thinking they have the truth but really do not. Deceiving and misleading people isn't necessarily intentional. Some people probably do have the best of intentions. But what they are saying is wrong and it ends up deceiving a lot of people who may not know where they can find out what is true. Tested, yes. And how do you suppose people will be able to pass the test? What is it that we all need to be able to know what is true? Why do you think we are taught so much about how we all need to have our own testimony from God to be able to know what is true?
  12. Yes, come on now, The Nehor. Haven't you learned yet that all people are good and it's just that good people sometimes make bad and even stupid choices? Where did I go wrong? I thought I had taught you that already.
  13. You. Discovering you are alive. Wonder how you can be happy. And then God tells you what you need to do to be happy. And then you either believe him and do what he says, or you don't. That is your choice. That is the choice we all must make. Discovering we are alive. Wondering how we can be happy. Need someone to tell us how that is accomplished. And then we either do it, or we don't.
  14. Reasonable to those of us who believe what we believe is reasonable to believe. If that were true that would mean pretty much everybody would qualify for the celestial glory level of intelligence and nobody would fit the Terrestrial glory description of people who were honorable but deceived by the craftiness of men. The craftiness of men, our Lord said. Satan isn't the only person who says and believes things that has the effect of misleading other people. See D&C 76 and visualize the various levels of intelligence our Lord was talking about. Nice to hope for and I hope my Dad and Granddad do someday want to hear more of what we believe while being willing to pray to know if all that we know is true.
  15. Actually, mister stickler for details, the Gospel Library app is now called just the Library app. But I take your point that LDS Tools has now been renamed to only Tools now. I'll get accustomed to the change in short time. Okay, yeah, I can see how that might be more helpful. I'll download it soon and try it. I knew about it earlier but just stuck with what I already was using. Yeah I can see how it would be if you didn't already know it. For some reason I retain the melody and bass line in my memory but just can't remember all of the words. Maybe because the words change on every line.
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