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  1. I saw the quote “If you think the Church has been fully restored, you're just seeing the beginning. There is much more to come. … Wait till next year. And then the next year. Eat your vitamin pills. Get your rest. It's going to be exciting.” From https://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/latter-day-saint-prophet-wife-apostle-share-insights-global-ministry If he would have said the "gospel" I would have had a big question about the Book of Mormon containing, as does not the Bible apparently, the fullness of the gospel.
  2. Verse 4 can be interpreted as talking about the end of the Soviet Union when the Republics (Slavic countries, slav is the origin of the word slave) split out while their masters were marshaled for war (Cold War) Verse 5 can mean that the remnant of the descendants of scattered Israel in the middle east will vex the gentiles (Terror, War on Terror etc.)
  3. Section 87 doesn't just predict the US "Civil War", but also the first and second World Wars, the Cold War, the War on Terror and the ever escalating, US interventionism.
  4. So if Somalia just instituted taxes they would be honky dory then. That's a strange assertion to make. I think they would tell you they have too much theft over there as it is. God does condemn taxes. "Thou shalt not steal". He also does not condone threats, violence and oppression.
  5. Your altered definition renders the word meaningless since the law can be changed when a majority wants it to. If you don't pay your car payments you are the one guilty of theft and breach of contract. Ahh, the old everything legal is moral fallacy. Killing Jews was legal in 1940's Germany, but it was still murder. Changing the law didn't change what it was. Taxation is supported by threats and violence and is thus, at it's very core, evil. This evil brings with it all kinds of other evil things like what we see in the OP. A system built upon evil cannot be supported by those who wish to be found on the side of good.
  6. You can assert that all day. That doesn't make it true. Here's the math: Taxation = taking money from someone else against their will Theft = taking anything from someone against their will Taxation is theft. It is the root of the whole problem in the OP since without the funds being stolen in the first place, there would be no contention as to what the recipient of the stolen funds has to do.
  7. How is it not theft? Is it not the root of the whole problem in the OP?
  8. Every president is put there by the electoral college. (unless someone gets assassinated or something)
  9. Where will we get awesome stuff like this?: That said, the word "pageant" needs to go away.
  10. Here's how I see it laid out plain and simple: Step 1 - Group B steals money from Group A as a whole Step 2 - Group B offers extorted funds to Group C Step 3 - Group C receives extorted funds Step 4 - Group B says Group C must put children in situation that Group C views as unhealthy by including all of Group A as candidates Step 5 -Group C cries foul, even though they are the recipient of extorted funds Don't be surprised when you make a deal with the mafia and they change the terms of your contract on you.
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