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  1. No, I don't think the mormon church believes they were wrong.
  2. I'm not struggling to be happy but I dont see anything to celebrate. Just another instance of the church being late to the party
  3. You are right. Suspect we will never see an explanation. The cynic in me would suggest that mormonism is under pressure from feminists and equal rights advocates but that can't be the reasoning. The church would never give in under pressure
  4. I'm glad you are excited and I hope you find the change to be positive and beneficial for you personally. For me I'm struggling to get too excited about a change made to what was a nonsensical policy.
  5. Women even have the vote these days. What amazing times we live in.
  6. I hate seeing these criteria used as any measurement of spirituality or righteousness. I know is a a part of mormon dogma but I struggle to believe these play any role when God determines who is living a good life and who isn't.
  7. I'm not convinced there has been an "assault" on the civil liberties of the religious. I do agree there is a limited group of people who have pushed the envelope too far in pursuing their interpretation of equality. Did you consider religions fighting against gay marriage rights to be assaulting civil liberties of homosexual people.? I believe these lawsuits are helpful in identifying the lines between the rights of various groups holding differing beliefs
  8. I have a hard time believing in a God who cares whether or not men have foreskins.
  9. Thank you. My comment did come across as condescending and I apologize to any who found it offensive.
  10. I am thrilled that I no longer have to go through the mental gymnastics required to justify believing in all that Mormonism offers
  11. Mormon Prophets are only fallible in theory. In practice, it is almost treason for Mormons to admit to any mistakes from Prophets
  12. I believe that with this most recent directive the Church President is signaling that he is addressing a personal pet peeve of his
  13. I'd like to invest 10% of my future income in Higher Calling Investments.
  14. You don't think the wishes of the deceased should be more important that the guests? That is one of my fears. If I were to pass somehow I want my funeral to have nothing to do with mormonism. My fear is that my wife would be under huge family pressure to have a mormon based funeral and it might just be easier for her to go along than to fight it.
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