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  1. And they will send your letter to your Bishop because they don't respond to lowly members
  2. I didnt aee that one in my search. I only checked out about the top 10 results. Haven't looked too closely to tell if it is scientific or not. Will do so. Thanks for the link
  3. Is it really a clinical term? Genuinely asking. I did a quick google search for the exact term "same sex attraction" and the top sites using the term were christian sites. LDS.org showed up 3rd on my search, mormon news rooms was #4, focusonthefamily.com showed up 6th. I didn't search hard but at a quick glance didn't see any "clinical" type of sites using the term.
  4. Strange word choice if we are trying to learn how not to offend each other.
  5. Does this include civil disobedience as a form of protest?
  6. Ok. Let's do nothing and see what happens.
  7. What happens when a multi-billion dollar religion makes a deliberate decision not to run background checks for youth workers even when it is a common best practice in youth groups around the world? Does that increase liability? I think it does. Doing nothing can't be the answer. Turning a blind eye can't be an answer. I'm not sure there is a perfect solution but the status quo is problematic.
  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one. To me it seems like a complete no-brainer so I'm surprised so many are against it.
  9. I'm perfectly fine denying people who have previous abuse convictions access to my children or anyone else's children in the name of safety. I don't think that is unreasonable
  10. I think a similar program would be a great start.
  11. I willing to sacrifice anyone's personal embarrassment to prevent abuse of children. If you don't want the church to run the background check then don't accept the calling and don't consent to the report. It seems pretty simple to me.
  12. except nursery right? It feels a lot like a day care
  13. I've seen no suggestion that a background check is required for anyone to attend church but it doesn't seem unreasonable for people in certain roles to undergo a basic check (such as those asked to serve with vulnerable children).
  14. I think some of the court cases churches have lost around the world suggest that religions do have a role to play in preventing abuse among their congregations and volunteers. The role becomes even more exaggerated when the religion itself has put the victim in the abusers path.
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