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  1. Do you have to show ID or prove your identity in order to be baptized? I honestly dont remember
  2. It is a complicated process. I'm with you. I wish it could be simplified for everyone's sake. You shouldn't have to spin your wheels on non-productive work either.
  3. There are plenty of stories of resignation letters direct to the church not being processed for a variety of reasons (church wants one last contact, Bishop delays because he hopes they will change their mind). I haven't been through the process so can't speak from experience but I can understand why some people don't want to deal with the resignation request directly
  4. Do we accept the law firm at their word?
  5. How does the mormon church verify that I am who I say I am if I send a letter directly?
  6. Do we have any indications that this took place?
  7. Why should people be doing them on their own? My understanding, which could be incorrect, is that people were using the lawyer because in many cases the church was insisting on some contact with local leaders prior to processing resignation requests even when people explicitly requested no future contact in their resignation request.
  8. You have more confidence in Bishops than I do
  9. It seems crazy to me that this wasn't already the case
  10. I think it should be acceptable
  11. I think representation would help in getting the honor code office to apply the code consistently and in accordance with their own policies.
  12. from the anecdotes that I have heard it almost seems as though they are already prejudiced from the start. I get what you are saying but student vs. institution is not exactly a level playing field.
  13. I think having a lawyer to articulate your position and defend you would not be unreasonable when your possibly facing expulsion and severe consequences. I can't say whether or not it is currently allowed but I think it should be if the student wants it. Anecdotally it seems the Honor code offices have a history of misleading or even bullying students. A lawyer might level the playing field and keep the process honest.
  14. I serve in 93-95 and we were definitely coached to invite people to be baptized during the first discussion (even if it was an abbreviated discussion on the street)
  15. I liked it in the middle east but you are correct. This gives mormonism a chance to be more visible in the public eye in Kuwait. They have a building currently (I think it is out of a house) but I suspect we will see more openly visible service projects.
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