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  1. Vanguard


    How much of a stretch is it to believe the earth underwent a spiritual transformation after eons of development - a transformation that represented the final preparation for receiving spiritual mankind after eons of his own development? Much as Calm has suggested the beginning of "covenant man[kind]" (the story of Adam & Eve) why couldn't we view a covenant earth in this way? Don't we already believe the earth has a spiritual essence about it?
  2. Vanguard

    Member family escapes fire in California

    My wife and I had put together "dream boards" several years ago. One of the pictures on mine was of a house in the mountains surrounded by pine trees. A couple years later I found myself interviewing for a clinical supervisory position with Butte Co. Mental Health down in Chico. After the interview I had occasion to travel up the hill to see what Paradise looked like. Once there, I immediately called my wife to tell her I had found the community where we should live as it was a carbon copy of my dream board picture. Long story short, that job opportunity never worked out and I never got that home in Paradise. Thank God for unanswered prayers. God bless all who are caught up in this tragedy. : (
  3. Vanguard

    Modesty issues...again

    I'm probably hooked for life here to be mostly a lookie - lou - I could never leave. You happened to step into a thread that has been acrimonious from the get-go and particularly from one camp. My first post a few days ago was answered in that sarcastic, mean-spirited way which turned me off considerably. What that camp does not understand is that they are eating their own on this thread as we try to discuss the issue of modesty and they don't seem to even see it... Bernard & pogi have been officers and a gentlemen throughout - it is unfortunate that BG must now take long cold shower from this forum. Our great loss... : (
  4. Vanguard

    Modesty issues...again

    That's fine. If you can't point me to your post that answers this or simply type out what would probably require some 53 seconds of your time then I'm not interested in combing through the 24 pages finding it. It's unfortunate you were somehow able to find what must have taken a similar amount of time taking a snarky pot shot at my honest question but then again, your priorities are your priorities. No thanks for your contribution to a productive exchange. ; ( Anyone else?
  5. Vanguard

    Modesty issues...again

    Slow down. Can you answer my question? And I didn't know it was a ladies vs. gentlemem thing? : (
  6. Vanguard

    Modesty issues...again

    I've been following this thread loosely over the last several days. Has anyone commented on whether modesty in dress is something to be enforced at all? The prevailing consensus seems there should be no enforcement.
  7. So you think a person has to be a TBM to appreciate or even feel the offense? What about offense at something you once held sacred? It should all be erased away? : (
  8. Vanguard

    Dan Reynolds - Prophet

    Again, if there are millions who would fit the definition of "prophet" (according to the definition you proffered) then what's the point of making a public claim about Reynold's being one? My Christian neighbor also fits the definition. And so what? I'm sure you're probably right - I would be one of them. There are many instances of those in leadership positions that I believe have carried more inspiring messages than Reynolds. There are also some on this site who would say negative things about the church leaders and their lack of any ability to prophesy. Did you notice the OP? What say you? And how is Reynolds' teachings "unique, new, and [able to] foretell the future? By the way, I love the phrase "dollars to donuts" and use it almost on a daily basis. I don't think I've ever stumbled upon another who also uses it! Regardless of where this exchange may lead, you now have my undying devotion. ; )
  9. Vanguard

    Dan Reynolds - Prophet

    If it's anyone who has a "testimony of Jesus Christ by the Holy Ghost" then it's interesting Reynolds is given the title considering there must be millions who are also deserving of said title, that is, unless the poster intends to convey something else? ; ) Who made the claim the church leaders words are better? I believe the comment was an opinion that most Mormons would disagree with HFT's assessment. Did someone judge Reynolds' message? Or are you referring to the Opie's claim that prophesy seems "completely absent" from church leadership? Hmmmm...
  10. But unwarranted accusations (and I suspect there are many) almost without exception favor the accuser. Putting my son through this eventuality would unnecessarily laden him with additional distress - distress that this 17 yro does not need right now.
  11. Vanguard

    So Now For Something *Totally* Unexpected...

    Wow. That is very cool. : )
  12. Vanguard

    The cost of being Mormon, and the loss.

    Papa - I have not read any of the responses on your thread. The following - 1. I haven't experienced anything like that. Folks eventually find out I am Mormon though I haven't received any obvious backlash. I am very careful not to go into matters of religion out of fear I may be pegged in a negative way. I work in a field that has me working with several gay men (this has been the case my entire professional career). I have crafted close working relationships with them and we have never brought up Mormonism. And probably for good reason... 2. I would go back and make it clear that it isn't because I am Mormon that makes me care more but that you have an innate drive to love. Your faith leads you in this direction much as other faiths do. Though I doubt you meant it this way, your response strikes me as agenda-driven. It dumbs down the more meaningful reason why you care and makes it sound like this is simply about where you hang your hat on Sundays.
  13. Some of these critical responses are almost trollish! I believe smac listed several reasonable scenarios that might prompt the leadership not to announce the details behind why the MP was released. If none of them were relevant then I would agree it would have been better to give the full truth to the missionaries. But in the absence of this additional info what purpose is served - other than to stir the pot - in continuing to question the decision not to divulge the details? How will we ever know? And not to be outdone, we are now contemplating the unjust nature of divulging the reality behind the GA's excommunication?! Good grief... : (
  14. Vanguard

    Is Hollywood Anti-Religion?

    I think the "biggest load" that is peddled is this idea of Hollywood merely reflecting our realities. Rather, I see them actively shaping and distorting these realities by pushing them toward our most prurient desires - desires that were once latent but now openly sought out after and glamorized. As the "unsuspecting public" we seek to push our realities toward these fantasized, idealized caricatures and although we might not quite get there, we can always fantasize and pine for the next installment of reality distorting images. Hollywood continually pushes this new reality & ideal. And collectively we lap it up. Mr. Paul suggests conservative Christianity treats Hollywood way too simplistically. I would suggest his defense of Hollywood and his critique of conservative religious concerns is doing the exact same thing.
  15. Vanguard

    Utah good place for Muslims

    Are you claiming it is an "acceptable plank within the Republican Party to demonize Muslims" and are you in agreement with all the other accusations against the Republican Party found in the article? I've already stated my position on it. How about you confirm yours and we'll go from there?