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  1. 1: No tax exemption is not a guarentee to any church or other tax exempt entity. 2: Tax exempt entities file a Form 990 annually to demonstrate they are meeting the requirements for tax exemption. These are available for public review. Tax exempt entities that receive contributions over a certain amount must also be audited by a CPA firm and the audited financial statements must be available for public review. It used to be if you receive more then $250k of contributions per year but I believe that has increased. Interestingly churches are exempted from both of these requirements though many voluntarily comply or will publicly disclose their finances. Of course the LDS Church does neither of these. 3: To become a tax exempt organization the corporation must submit a lengthy and cumbersome application with IRS using either Form 1023 or 1024. Typically the IRS will grant a provisional tax exempt status based on these Forms assuming an organizatoin appears to qualify and then review the organizations activities five years later to make sure there is continued compliance.
  2. With this and the gun issue, and likely even without these, Beto has no chance in getting the nomination let alone elected as president. And as a Republic I think the majority of Americans would oppose such action.
  3. Not when they seem to get so much wrong even to the point of contradicting prior LDS leaders and even themselves.
  4. That is a fairly blatant dismissal of substantive scholarship on the subject.
  5. If he is trying he is failing miserably especially after that recent BYU talk.
  6. My point is that LDS members pat themselves on the back for not drinking coffee, tea, a glass of wine or a beer or two. Yet so many are obese, consume far to much foods, sugar, sweets.... yet their health may be far worse then those who consume moderately the things I list above.
  7. Well let me see... The WoW talks about eating meat sparingly. How many TR holders do that. My guess is not many. Is that worse than drinking a beer or two, or a glass of wine a day health wise? Yes it is. Is lots of sugar and for you? Worse than coffee and tea? Yes. In fact coffee and tea have been shown to be good for you. Yet look at the amount of sugar Mormons consume. As well as meat. Look at obesity rates among LDS people. I thing a few cups of coffee a day, a cup of tea or two, a beer or two, a glass of wine is far better for you health wise than all the garbage LDS people consume to their detriment. If the WoW is a health guide, then why prohibit temple attendance for some things but not others? And don't tell me the WoW is an obedience thing rather than a health thing.
  8. How about sugar, too much meat, eating to much and becoming obese?
  9. Ahab, I know the drill as well if not better than you do. I was a full active believing latter day saint for 55 years. I had what Latter-day Saints term as a testimony and promote that as knowing. Now on the other side I believe I see things more clearly now with objectivity I don't think I ever had when I operated from dogma and full on indoctrination.You may think you know and if that works for you fine. But don't expect the majority of the world to agree or be surprised when you promote your alleged truth as the ultimate truth on which all things should be judges is met with skepticism. Now that said thinking this through a bit more I do understand why you with your world view may not want to be congratulatory to someone who is entering a homosexual marriage. There was a time I felt the same way so I do understand. But I do feel it is a sad way to live your life and a poor way to view the world and the human experience.
  10. 1: No you and the LDS Church don't. You think you do. You think you know. But you really don't. And if you are really right the Church is doing a poor job at convincing the masses of humanity. But I understand. I used to believe like you do. 2: Yea you are shoving. 3: Your forever marriage in a beautiful wish. But that is it.
  11. This is a great demonstration of the hubris that dogmatic conservative religions create in their true believers. Newsflash-you and the LDS Church do not have the only prescriptions for happiness. If it works for you great. Stop trying to shove your dogma down the rest of the worlds's throat. and oh by the way, your marriage likely isn't lasting forever either.
  12. I live on planet earth. It is decent to support people I may disagree with as long as their behavior is not a threat to me or society in general.I does not just apply to homosexual behavior. Your definition of "sin" is formed by your belief that the people who define it as such are speaking with some supernatural power for which we have little solid evidence for existing. Thus you definition of "sin" is not a good way to to judge people by nor withhold at least your supprt that they may be happy. Keep in mind there are millions of people who are Muslim who believe you are an infidel because their prophet said so and killing you is a good thing. This is how religion can ruin humanity.
  13. Nope he didn't. But general human decency does.
  14. I agree. For me though it made me realize that practice in the LDS Church is more important than belief as long as you are not vocal about the unorthodox belief. For example at that time I said I did not know whether God,Jesus and the Holy Ghost were real. I had doubts but I hoped they were real and I hoped that the atonement was real because it is a wonderful message. For the restoration I said I doubted the BoM was historical but I loved the message. As for Joseph Smith I said I did not view him as a prophet in the traditional sense and I think he got a lot of things wrong but he started off on the right track. I viewed him as a religious leader with no more or no less inspiration than any other historical prophet or religous leader. For the current LDS leaders I said I sustained them in their role to lead and run the LDS church but that was it. I said I view the pope as having as much authority for Catholics as President Monson did for the Latter-day Saints. Even if I did not agree with them I accepted that it was their place to lead the church and not mine. I was shocked really that two times I was granted a temple recommend. Late last year my recommend expired. I have not tried to have an interview with our current bishop. I would likely answer very much the same with a few modifications. But on the obedience side I no longer do a full tithe. I do some tithing and I give a generous fast offering and to the humanitarian aid fund. But I figure I cannot say yes to the tithing question. Oh and I drink green tea now.
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