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  1. It is intended to help us live healthier lives when evidence shows that what it prohibits is bad for us (excluding sugar, lots of meat, ice cream and being to darn fat) but when a substance like coffee or green tea is shown to be good for us, as well as a bit of wine or a glass of beer once a day, well then it is about obedience and something that sets us apart. Nice how that works.
  2. It would be wonderful if the Church would also be as legalistic and controlling about other substances that are not forbidden that have tragic health consequences. Maybe limiting sugar, meat consumption (oh wait there is something about that but you can eat prime rib and bacon all day long and not be restricted from the temple) and how about obesity, etc. Yet green tea and coffee, both which are proven to have tremendous health benefits will keep you out of the temple. Who was it who said we should be concerned more about what comes out of the mouth than what goes in?
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denver_Snuffer_Jr.
  4. It is fairly humerous to me that a Latter-day Saint calls someone nutty who claims revelation regarding how a religion is in apostasy. I imagine that is how many viewed Joseph Smith.
  5. Yes I an not surprised you have not seen a "groundswell" in critical thinking and you likely disparage anyone who leaves as doing so because of immorality. That is rather typical and helps avoid cognitive dissonance.
  6. As an active LDS and a missionary when the church was growing rapidly we always used that data as a sign of truth. As for slow growth yes I have argued that people who have access to the full information and picture are less likely to join and many are leaving because of that very thing.
  7. haha! So when the LDS Church was growing very rapidly it was expected because it was in fulfillment of the interpretation by Daniel of the Babylonian king's dream. And the LDS Church was to stone cut from the mountain and was to fill the entire earth. Now it's well according the Book of Mormon the True Church would have few numbers. It is sure convenient to use conflicting positions to make sure you are safe either way.
  8. Or it might be that people are using critical thinking and also checking into all that is available about the questionable truth claims and history of the LDS Church. I think this is more likely.
  9. Really who cares? Would you ask this if you were prescribed an opioid for pain or Xanax for anti-anxiety and depression? Nope. So why ask it about this?
  10. Well first off I do not hate the church. Second, I came to the conclusion that I posted after a long and thoughtful process. Among this was looking at various topics and things that have changed in the church and the backpedaling and brushing under the rug teachings and policy that was once doctrinal and enforced not being along the line of "I don't know that we teach or taught that." And yes gas-lighting does occur. Last of all is a study of more fundamental religions and bad characteristics and methods they use. There is a term for this but I was scolded last time I used it. I am sorry you don't like my comments.
  11. If it was before being a member I believe it is dismissed.
  12. It is progress that people are critically thinking and realizing the shackles and control that so called "revealed religion" places on them. They see the so called "revalators" get so much wrong and contradict themselves time after time. In other words we are seeing a revolution in free thinkers and it is liberating since its pretty clear that living a life of submission to dogma that is fallacious if not false is no good way to live.
  13. Or it may be the realization that LGBTQ person are not immoral.
  14. God may have been willing to take Saul, but there are certain things you can do and the LDS Church doesn't forgive you of it really since they will restrict you from certain things. Generally someone that has been divorced and remarried is not likely to be called as a bishop. Exceptions can be made when there may not be a lot of good candidates in a ward for bishop other than someone who went through a divorce. A man who has been divorced cannot be called to be a temple sealer. There are other oddities like this as well.
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