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  1. Doctrine 612

    Stake disciplinary council

    When my older son was going to be interviewed by the bishop he asked me if I wanted to be there. I said yes of course. he laughed and said really? i said point blank “I don’t trust you” the meeting went by and I baptized my son then a few days later I was talking to the stake president and he asked why I don’t trust my bishop? I said because i don’t know him, and would you let a stranger talk to your child alone? He said no then all was good.
  2. Doctrine 612

    President Nelson Comes to Seattle and Vancouver

    My family and I were there, we sat near 3rd base. it was awesome. the parking was good, only two blocks away. stood in line for about two hours, but made some new friends. one person who was not LDS asked if I knew another LDS person, I said their are about 17 million members how could I know them. they said I thought all members knew each other, then asked if I knew the people. and of course I DID, only reaffirming their preconceived notions.
  3. Doctrine 612

    Notations on Records about Callings

    I have wondered that myself. i was moved to another ward because my bishopric had done a witch hunt on me. and the stake president had to step in. i was found innocent and the bishopric was released.
  4. Tonight I was talking in the hall at church and one of the high council members told me that the elders quorum President is going to get more responsibilities. example: ward mission leader ? thats all he said and tried to show me a diagram of some sort but was unable to. have any others heard of this?
  5. Doctrine 612

    Speculations for General Conference

    In a lot of wards I attended, this has been true. my last ward we made it a priority and twisted a lot of leadership arms and become one of the best wards in the mission, it was very cool because the mission president was visiting our ward a lot to find out what we were doing. (the secret was having people do the work) the truth about missionary work is that it’s supposed to be a priority per the chi 2. 5.1.1. “The bishop and his counselors give priority to member missionary work.” pri·or·i·ty n the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important. "the safety of the country takes priority overany other matter" synonyms: prime concern, most important consideration, primary issue More a thing that is regarded as more important than another. plural noun: priorities "housework didn't figure high on her list of priorities" the right to take precedence or to proceed before others. "priority is given to those with press passes"
  6. Doctrine 612

    Speculations for General Conference

    Independent Baptist College I work as a Professor of New Testament Studies.
  7. Doctrine 612

    Speculations for General Conference

    Because of my Job I spend 6hours every Sunday at some type of church activity and leadership. lds 4 hours IBC 2 hours I spend 4 hours every week going out with the missionary for less active and investigator. I have two boys under 10 who are very active and wiggly, at the LDS Church they are very respectful and play. at the IBC they do the same. but Iam also very blessed to have a wife that is understanding and supportive. We are not a typical lds family, my wife was raised in a have member home and served a mission. i am convert as well as a RM. we spend a lot of time reading scriptures as well as games. we have a unusual sleep schedule where we practice second sleep, it has allowed us to spend time together and work on individual talents.
  8. Doctrine 612

    Speculations for General Conference

    Why would you want to have two hour church, what are you going to do, it’s the sabbath a day to learn about the Lord, pray, meditate etc.. i for one would love a 4 hour
  9. Doctrine 612

    Speculations for General Conference

    Yes and a bit more. they serve as a ward missionary and as a leader to help guide the work in the ward.
  10. Doctrine 612

    Speculations for General Conference

    More missionary or I should say morevward missionaries.
  11. Doctrine 612

    Speculations for General Conference

    I find this a great experience, also some of the rumors are not rumors. example 6 months ago I read on here about the high priest change and that came true.
  12. Doctrine 612

    Speculations for General Conference

    I also would like to hear more about the new Sunday school program
  13. Doctrine 612

    Speculations for General Conference

    When I was at the mtc on Sundays we were told to eat breakfast from the vending machines. I got a breakfast burrito. what I would like to see at this conference more scripture doctrines taught, not personal stories that I am unable to relate too. if women receive the priesthood it would not matter because they are already doing the work and the priesthood is not something to keep to yourself it’s a tool in order to help others. i would love to see a better way to find local church leaders that actually have the training and knowledge ( create a bishop training course ) it’s getting really tiring seeing only a select few get the top jobs because of who there friends are and pass it off as revelation. to be honest my church leadership callings came because of my associates.
  14. Doctrine 612

    Do we "need" tradition?

    Before Joseph f Smith the church policy was the most senior apostle was the next president then then changed it to the most senior apostle in the quorum of the 12 is the next president.
  15. Doctrine 612

    JST as the Brass Plates

    I read about five comments then posted. 😋 joseph Smith had a lot of study books to help him in his scriptures study but the most important was the Holy Ghost. for his translation of the hindercook plates he used a study guide not revelation.