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  1. 1) The consensus on Hill Cumorah is that it is actually in central park. 2) The BoM was originally written in Coptic and not reformed Egyptian. 3) Alma 30 is the best apologia in the entire book. 4) Jacob 5 needs sub headings and notes for dummies (like myself). 5) JS spirit has been seen lurking at Church of the Holy Sepulchre and taking communion. 6) Jesus affirms that partaking of pneumatic presence communion is a mortal sin. 7) Sidney Rigdon has been reinstated to the College of Past LDS Apostles. 8. Lucy Mack Smith still makes the best pies. Eat your heart out Marie Calender. You're welcome, Scott!!
  2. Come on! I'm not even well liked around here. Surely I can get a punch!?!
  3. That is putting it lightly. They are even peeved that there are churches that choose to move on and not wait around for the Lord to restore His reorganization.
  4. I wish I could just save this woman and the church some time and let her punch me in the face a few times on behalf of the church so we can continue to focus on more important issues. Good grief! I appreciate your post, Smac. How exhausting was it to have to rebut that?
  5. I've glossed over their work. I see their honorable passion.
  6. It's probably because not only can I not make sense of what I believe but I'm not sure I know what I believe. Perhaps I should ask nothing of God and simply let Him be Him whatever that means and exorcise myself of any expectations.
  7. If God is not the author of sin then what truly is sin?
  8. I think this is the best post anyone has provided me with about how God communicates with them. Beautiful response and thank you, Nehor.
  9. I don't believe anyone in this thread has advocated for hedonism. Creating that which has the ability to sin makes that creator the author of sin. The tempter is just that and people of faith give the tempter too much credit. "The devil made me do it!" is scapegoating, petulant, irrational, unreasonable and juvenile.
  10. I'm not sure where this foreign concept of be something you're not came from. Does die to ourselves mean that all we know, believe and love should die as well? There is this false idea of "put off the natural man" or "be in the world but not of the world". Who created the world? The world is literally of God. God is the author of agency and sin. Perhaps we should reject God for putting us in this position in the first place.
  11. Probably because Jesus cares zero about heterosexuality or homosexuality.
  12. I figured out a long time ago, despite reluctance to accept it, that the church doesn't want nor need me to be a part of it.
  13. Then perhaps we should ask Jesus exactly what he meant by perfect rather than attempting to project a 21st century understanding of a word.
  14. I demand nothing of God. God doesn't care about my sexual orientation or who I choose to faithfully commit to. He is simply concerned that I'm my best self and use the gifts he's given me to His glory.
  15. I honestly don't have any hope for the LDS church which also means I'm probably wasting my time discussing a subject that will never have peace and also will never provide a solution. Perhaps I'll soften my critique when the church humbles itself and softens its heart. The church can keep its standards and I'll keep my humanity and dignity.
  16. Then let me clarify. I am a child of God divinely created to be attracted to men.
  17. I figured this would come up. Jesus is not unrealistically expecting us to be perfect like God. He's telling us to strive for more and better and to be the very best of ourselves that glorifies the Father.
  18. Just the same...eternally straight should be equally cringe worthy.
  19. No. It's frustrating that policy does not allow for the church to look at itself critically from the perspective of those who do not feel welcomed or those who feel marginalized or ostracized. Therefore, because the leadership of the church is more like protectors of a corporation rather than a college of prophets in a traditional sense this perspective can never fully be grasped or understood by the church. Jesus's words "they know not what they do" emphatically resounds concerning the church and this subject.
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