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  1. Tell your bishop that I said that that is NOT cool.
  2. To show that even in the 21st century it's okay for men to dress in drag.
  3. Apparently, I didn't get my gay startup kit in the mail as a child and therefore I don't qualify for such feats as I am subgay and found less than. Thankfully we have straight people to fill in for me.
  4. I'm just saying it's perfectly fine for members to do it today.
  5. B. Morris Young should definitely be a more prominent figure in LDS history. Too bad he never spoke as Madam Patterini while acting as Young Men's Mutual founder. Even Mormonism has an important place in American Draq Queen History!! This needs to be embraced today.
  6. Not at all. They are not inferior or subhuman. The line of reasoning to justify or rationalize racism or racial discrimination is, itself, logically inferior and is ignorantly asserted and employed.
  7. Racism and racial discrimination are the vessels by which an individual or a collective group determines that another person(s) are in some way inferior or at worse subhuman. Such persons who entertain, approve of in any small or great portion are what I like to call troglodytes.
  8. Still, #2 doesn't seem applicable either. In fact, it seems to be a stretch to consider #2 as the logical or rational explanation in this case.
  9. Who took the pictures in order to illustrate the story? Was a media outlet given permission to photograph? If the photographer was an outsider were they just sitting in another room or in the same room waiting for the alarm to go off? Did the elders tell them what time the alarm was to go off so they could be ready for the photo to be taken? Seems creepy and stalkerish to me.
  10. Even if UT legalized polygamy the church would not practice it. If the church even tried to practice polygamy within any short amount of time after legalization then problems arise. First, allowing the practice to continue in the church would allow for OD1 to be recognized as political rather than revelation. Growing up I remember a faith promoting rumor that, like the United Order, "the Saints just weren't ready to live polygamy." Thankfully, most members I've come into contact with over the last 5-6 years disregard such an excuse. Secondly, it would seem as though the Lord was waiting on UT to finally legalize polygamy.
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