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  1. That's an odd example. Muscular development and weight loss have nothing to do with faith but everything to do with will and discipline. I guess this answers your question. Faith, for me, does not exist.
  2. Both. When I reflect on my past as a person of faith, I find myself confused by the person I once was. My attempts to rationalize or justify my past fail. I have no excuse sufficient enough to justify my reasoning for believing the way I did.
  3. I'm fascinated by Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. At one time I thought I could find a spiritual home in either. Yes, I have separated myself from all religious communities. I don't know if I'll ever go back to faith. My objective is merely to observe the complex human experience of walking in faith. Faith has little to no meaning to me but it means something to others and I want to understand why without being drawn in. I hope that makes sense.
  4. I was LDS. However, I'm trying to understand religious teaching as outsider looking in. I'm trying to be objective and disregard emotional ties, sentimentality and nostalgia. I've spent the better part of the last couple of years distancing myself from religious community because my former faith is no longer part of my identity but a closed book.
  5. So there is a sanctification element that is placed on the person partaking?
  6. I'm enjoying the diversity of perspectives thus far. Spammer, has Patriarch Bartholomew I taught anything specific concerning the Eucharist? Or would Bishop Kalistos Ware be a good source for information from an Eastern perspective? For my LDS friends, does your Sacrament hold any deeper meaning other than a remembrance of covenants?
  7. Partaking in the Eucharist is an important part of the Christian experience and it's significance should be not be lost to any believer. I am curious as to other's thoughts on pneumatic presence Eucharist. I'm also interested in thoughts concerning consubstantiation and transubstantiation purposes in the Eucharist. Thanks.
  8. A Catholic friend shared these with me and thought I'd do the same.
  9. That is our crappy education system. I refuse to endorse it either. My 11th grade US history textbook demonstrates the corruption and indoctrination. It glorifies a nation unworthy of praise.
  10. Slippery slope...Again.
  11. Don't force feed them anything!
  12. Also true. The govt is a tool for manipulation.
  13. And every child has the right to call their parent's mysticism hogwash.