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  1. Mark 9:23-25. This is so much greater than any other. I don't know what to recognize. There are more questions than there are answers.
  2. I like how your comment is posed as a question. I can't say I hope this is a fluke. It was memorable and enjoyable. Well...until the end. That was bad. But overall, I wouldn't trade it for anything. It was a unique day.
  3. Day 1... I began my day with a trip to the gym. I know...day of rest...whatever. I enjoyed my protein shake, vegan I might add. I did some laundry and put dishes away. I decided that reading Mosiah, the best book in the BoM, was in order. Be quiet all you who protest my bias and favor...this is my MDDB blog entry. Get your own. Later, upon exiting my home, I was blasted by the blessed, infernal heat that is customary in the Valley of the Sun. I began to dutifully sweat upon entering my humble Chrysler whose AC went out a mere 36 hours earlier. At least that is what my heat delirium would allow me to think. Sweat trickled elegantly yet with fervor as I seek out the place of worship designated by the Church website. What were the authorities thinking? My oasis of solace was a grand 25 minutes from my home. There is literally another meeting house less than 10 minutes away! Fast forward to stepping into professed oasis. I am greeted by beautiful decor, a beautiful sofa and the stench of a recently soiled diaper. All reminders of a past love. Sacrament passes uneventfully with talks of fatherhood considering the day. Gospel Principles, mostly uneventful, was awash with discussion on the necessity of a Restoration. After closing prayer, a missionary from Highland, UT instigated a discussion on the Promised Land. A land he poorly asserts to be the entire state of Utah. I humbly rebuked his naivete by confessing that the Promised Land of Utah is solely limited to the Eden that is the University of Utah. Said missionary arrogantly attempts to rebuke my humble and divinely inspired proclamation. Said proclamation will be later found in the D&C as Section 287. You're welcome! We move on to Elder's Quorum. The occasion is one of celebration as a new EQ presidency is set apart. We begin with song and prayer...all in under 7 minutes. The Stake Presidency and Branch Presidency continue on with blessings longer than my Patriarchal Blessing...and my current Master's Thesis, I might add. Though forced to politely remain seated on metal chairs designed for torturing heretics of centuries long passed, I enjoy the kind, loving, astute (even if long winded) blessings pronounced upon these young men. Unfortunately, nearing close, I am overcome with the need to vomit. Initially, I thought it the lingering odor of the diaper upon arrival. However, searching my thoughts while knelt before a porcelain waste receptical, I am drawn to thoughts of luke warm sushi from my previous eve's antics. I made a haste exit to my loyal chariot. While en route to home, I am required by my stomach to relieve myself of further disease. No amount of a woman's morning sickness could compare to the heavy projectile waste I deposited. The demon in The Exorcist would have been impressed if not so jealous. I make it home to my air conditioner, water and comfortable bed. I indulge in the three so much so I do not wake until the next day's morn.
  4. That makes this situation more annoying.
  5. The LDS church. I don't have faith but I have an idea. I'm not sure there is a God. I guess I'm hoping. I feel like my conscience is dragging me back to the church and I've been fighting it kicking and screaming. For real though...how does a person without faith feel the need to go back? I'm writing this here so I can get it out and stop thinking about it so much. I'm so angry and confused by these feelings but I can't help but also feel elation and a sense of calm. I'm really pissed off. I need a therapist.
  6. ... rejoining the church is going to take soooo long.
  7. My experience on this board, and I'm very guilty of this, is that we have knee jerk reactions to comments concerning issues near to our hearts. I believe we're naturally defensive and we need to learn ways to temper that.
  8. Let's leave finding a church out of this discussion and stay focused on the message Megan is presenting.
  9. I completely agree. Her presentation is quite compelling.
  10. This message packs a punch. This is a punch that I accept that I need to embrace. Considering her background, she is definitely an authority on this subject matter.
  11. I got that after the fact. Lol. Hence why I edited my post.
  12. Possibly. I am rather fond of Russia.
  13. You mean Greek Orthodoxy Lite! or is it Diet Greek Orthodoxy?
  14. I get that. But a loss is a loss and the church should move on. If the product being sold isn't being bought then no harm, no foul. It's not worth stressing over. Be ambitious all you want but please do back off when a person says no or has a change of heart.