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  1. Why Three, then Eight Witnesses?

    No. Seed of Abraham is in SLC. Provo is the equivalent of Babylon. Logan is just one of those places I'm not visiting...like Texas or San Francisco.
  2. Ministering to the FLDS

    He sold out quicker than the iPhone by making that BYU abomination. 😂
  3. Why Three, then Eight Witnesses?

    You're one to talk. The idiot from that stupid princess movie? Really!?! The octo-mom would have been a better avatar choice for you. I don't hate the Aggies. BYU? It is the great and spacious building of Utah. University of Utah? It is the highest level of the celestial kingdom graced and embraced by God.
  4. Why Three, then Eight Witnesses?

    3 and 7 are symbolic for completeness. The 8th witness snuck into the room just to throw the Joseph and the Lord off. What a jerk!!
  5. Ministering to the FLDS

    I believe they use the hyphen for these particular people. From what I understand, it is a bridge for healing. Don't use "The" in front of Community of Christ. They don't seek to be THE Community of Christ but to be A Community of Christ. There is no exclusivity. Sections 161 and 162 of the D&C help explain this.
  6. Ministering to the FLDS

    There must be precedence. Hindu polygamous families have been baptized and confirmed but under the condition that no further spouses were taken. The same applies for fundamentalists leaving oppression. I'm going to contact Apostle Robin Linkhart who specializes in Restoration movements and directs the Latter-day Seekers program for people seeking a spiritual home in Community of Christ.
  7. Ministering to the FLDS

    It is a jab at Garden Girl. She and her vile Cougars...bleh! Eventually, I find something fun again. I'm rather fond of this one:
  8. Ministering to the FLDS

    RLDS or Community of Christ? If CoC, I can contact a friend who is a Seventy or maybe the field apostle.
  9. Isaiah 42:8

    Yes. Given the texts we have from 3 different authors, there is nothing that leads me to believe he was a Christian and never would be.
  10. Isaiah 42:8

    The audiences of Isaiah and Romans are not the same. To understand Isaiah, we must set aside christology and examine the text from a Jewish perspective. I hate trying to read the Hebrew Bible through a lense that is not Jewish. It makes little to no sense to me.
  11. Alleged Mormon rudeness about homosexuality

    I love you too, Mark. I just hate being thrown in to the same crowd as those students whose professors babied them after the election. I'd rather have herpes.
  12. Alleged Mormon rudeness about homosexuality

    It is one thing to offend but an entirely different thing to seek to offend. I don't talk to my family. I don't have a relationship with them. No one coddles me. And I don't need, nor seek, comfort from persons in either socially conservative or liberal camps. I'm probably making a huge mistake labeling any camp as socially conservative or liberal. It is equally wrong for me to assert that any person is naive or deluded enough to consider themselves socially conservative or liberal. I've been called an apostate, anti-american, a faggot, a worthless son and brother. Do you think I give a damn about all those silly, audaciously ridiculous and irrelevant labels? Clue: I don't. I'm better than such nonsense. And to more than a few who've called me any of the above have received a smile and a middle finger for their childish efforts.
  13. Alleged Mormon rudeness about homosexuality

    I don't disagree with you, Mark. But when one's disapproval overshadows another's human dignity? That's not refusal to be politically correct. It's being a d-bag just because one can. I didn't bring up political correctness. You did. Having empathy for and respecting a person whose life is not like yours is not being PC. It's being human.
  14. Alleged Mormon rudeness about homosexuality

    I get that, Scott, and I see where you're coming from and I appreciate your explanation. However, the quotation marks could be seen as insulting. Referring to a marital bond as a "marriage" is no less insulting than saying the LDS "church". Marriage has been redefined long before the SCOTUS decision. Cain and Eve. Abraham and Sarah and then the help. A woman and her rapist. The redefinition argument doesn't logically stand. Religion doesn't have a monopoly on a word and it's definition. I'm not saying that you should be accepting of such marriages but be mindful of how your disapproval can spark emotive responses and backlash. Gay marriage isn't going to end civilization. Not by a long shot. Nuclear war, greed, corruption, lies, etc will destroy civilization.
  15. Alleged Mormon rudeness about homosexuality

    Just to be clear, usage of quotes in such a manner shows how degenerate a person is and consequently shows the person to be a troglodyte.