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  1. Is There Really More Than One Way to Mormon?

    Not to be narcissistic, but I suppose I am one way to Mormon. I'm not a member and I do not believe in a traditional sense. However, my communing with a community of saints each Sunday (not to be understood as partaking of the Sacrament) and providing help, love and encouragement is my way to Mormon.
  2. Solid reasoning. There is definitely a surplus of priests. Well, there is in the ward I attend. I believe we currently have 15-17 priests. I've personally never seen such a large priest quorum in a ward until this one.
  3. I'm wondering if the church is, in its own way, an extension of the progressed nature of God. We hear "true and living" all the time. Is the church a living and breathing entity that cannot be considered mutually exclusive from the being of God? Am I over thinking this?
  4. This is what I was thinking also, Scott. I'd be curious to know why the priests weren't doing this since the beginning of the ordinance. I don't think anything malicious but it is curious.
  5. Our Heideggerian Gospel via Daniel Peterson.

    I just had a brain orgasm! This is probably my most favorite post you've ever written.
  6. This is a solid argument. Thank you for sharing, Smac. I admire your ability to recognize valid reasoning despite having fundamental disagreement. When did being socially and theologically conservative become grounds for "shaming" and ostracizing people? Are their opinions, popular or not, not valid as well? The "juggernaut" that Scott has spoken of in the past is alive and well. I'll admit that I abhorred the term, but is that not what it is? It is frustrating.
  7. I no longer hold to the ideals and fantasies of a governed people. My former Communist beliefs included. I politically commune with theists and atheists in our distaste for the never ending injustices enacted by the state. In any hierarchy, money is the rule of law. The placating of authority to the public merely furthers the agenda of those who holds the power and attempt to distract us from the dirt and blood on their hands.
  8. Advice to apologists from a critic

    He even has a podcast called Apologia Radio. I even remember a podcast about Protestants still being under the condemnation of the Council of Trent. I've been attending the LDS church for almost 6 months and I do so silently. The stake president doesn't think I should seek rebaptism as I still do not believe in the same way as the majority of LDS members. I go to Sacrament meeting and then I leave. Always good to hear from you, Rory.
  9. I'm a fan of anti-establishment anarchist atheists. I'm also a fan of anti-establishment anarchist theists.
  10. Advice to apologists from a critic

    I've known Jeff for a few years. He is head pastor of Apologia Church in Tempe, AZ. He is an adherent to the Westminster Reformed theology. This video is reasonable. I'm not a fan of his presuppositional apologetics. Every year, he and some of his flock try witnessing to visitors and missionaries at the Mesa Temple during Advent and at Easter. He once claimed at a local apologetics conference that the good morals and principles held by atheists assume his Christian worldview. Overall, I'm not impressed with him.
  11. Interesting picture

    I have several tattoos already. I love studying Judaism and ANE. I'm currently looking for a Byzantine heretic branding to have as a tattoo.
  12. Interesting picture

    I think I'd like to get the pic I posted and the Vedic Anahata chakra tattooed on me. Thanks @Robert F. Smith!
  13. Interesting picture

    A Jewish friend of mine has this picture in his signature for his emails. Anyone know its origins?
  14. Why Three, then Eight Witnesses?

    No. Seed of Abraham is in SLC. Provo is the equivalent of Babylon. Logan is just one of those places I'm not visiting...like Texas or San Francisco.
  15. Ministering to the FLDS

    He sold out quicker than the iPhone by making that BYU abomination. 😂