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  1. It was for the sake of clarity. Over the years we've gotten better at agreeing with each other.
  2. A friend told me of a bishop in a ward where he served his mission was a Catholic convert. According to him, the bishop asked the speaking blesser to kneel on both knees. The other blesser was to stand with both hands hovering over the Holy emblems with the left palm resting on top of the back of the right hand. Sometimes Eucharistic customs blend.
  3. I am reminded of Bednar's 2006 Ensign article about being offended. A person chooses to be offended. Likewise, a person chooses to accept certain terms as pejorative. In both cases this gives the antagonist more power.
  4. Just for the sake of civil discourse let's remember that gender complimentarianism and gender egalitarianism are nowhere near in the same ballpark.
  5. ἀπολογία literally means to make a defense in 1 Peter 3:15. It's odd to me that a person would liken more to one than the other based on an unnecessary idea that one is a pejorative. I'm not accusing you of this, @Scott Lloyd. It just seems pointless.
  6. 1) The consensus on Hill Cumorah is that it is actually in central park. 2) The BoM was originally written in Coptic and not reformed Egyptian. 3) Alma 30 is the best apologia in the entire book. 4) Jacob 5 needs sub headings and notes for dummies (like myself). 5) JS spirit has been seen lurking at Church of the Holy Sepulchre and taking communion. 6) Jesus affirms that partaking of pneumatic presence communion is a mortal sin. 7) Sidney Rigdon has been reinstated to the College of Past LDS Apostles. 8. Lucy Mack Smith still makes the best pies. Eat your heart out Marie Calender. You're welcome, Scott!!
  7. Come on! I'm not even well liked around here. Surely I can get a punch!?!
  8. That is putting it lightly. They are even peeved that there are churches that choose to move on and not wait around for the Lord to restore His reorganization.
  9. I wish I could just save this woman and the church some time and let her punch me in the face a few times on behalf of the church so we can continue to focus on more important issues. Good grief! I appreciate your post, Smac. How exhausting was it to have to rebut that?
  10. I've glossed over their work. I see their honorable passion.
  11. It's probably because not only can I not make sense of what I believe but I'm not sure I know what I believe. Perhaps I should ask nothing of God and simply let Him be Him whatever that means and exorcise myself of any expectations.
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