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  1. So, I missed one line it the OP. That doesn't negate my points in any way. And since you aren't engaging with my points, I will just ignore you snide remark.
  2. Sorry, but an unwed mother didn't make a covenant before God, angels, family and community to cleave to a spouse and none else.
  3. Well, let's see, he came out as gay, and you said Sounds to me like it is YOU that went to sex first. Does he love her any less or differently just because he came out of the closet? Absolutely not, and no where have I expressed nor implied it.
  4. That doesn't sound like a covenant to me. More like an unrighteous oath. What did Jesus say about oaths? Marriage, especially in the Temple, is a covenant with God. But then, you know that.
  5. HELLO!!! There are MANY illegitimate (in the eyes of God) reasons for getting a divorce.
  6. So she is the one filing for divorce? So it is all about sex with her? If he has not broken his covenants, then she has no business dissolving their marriage.
  7. So, making and keeping covenants with God are unhealthy? Making and keeping covenants with God leads to self-destructive thoughts and behaviors? Making and keeping covenants with God leads to destabilized mental health? You need to contact the prophet and let him know. Part of adulthood is taking responsibility for you commitments and actions and sacrificing your desires for the good of others. Part of compassion is making righteous judgments and condemnations when appropriate. ALL: Posters who want to rail at the people involved or bash the church over two individuals' choices will have their posts removed or be suspended.
  8. Part of "integrity" is the maintenance of the covenants and promises one has made.
  9. I doubt it was their "marriage" that was destroying everything but rather their behavior being inconsistent with Christ's simple admonition to treat others they way you would like to be treated.
  10. It needed to be said. If Smart is leaving his marriage to somehow satisfy his own sexual proclivities, then his soul is in danger for God will hold him accountable. The fact that he has willingly and openly elevated his "gay"ness to be a major portion of his identity, clearly indicates which direction those proclivities point, if indeed this whole sordid and sad affair is driven by them.
  11. What is ironic is YOUR focus entirely on the gay part of my statement and totally ignoring the non gay portion. Like I said, Divorcing is not consistent with a healthy relationship. ANY one engaging in a sexual relations outside of God's approved bonds of marriage between a man and a woman IS THE CULPABLE SINNER!.
  12. Divorce is always associated with unhappiness. It is either the cause or the result. So no, divorcing is NOT consistent with a healthy relationship.
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