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  1. So let's turn him into a slave and force him to do it against his will. How did the Baker know that the customer was homosexual? It wasn't because the customer insisted on bringing that fact into the discussion and rubbing the Bakers face in it. Your claims aren't holding water here. Perhaps this is this is the first time that a homosexual announced his sexual orientation and tried to rub the bakers nose in it. Just like someone announcing their homosexuality at a family gathering and then insisting the family abandon their long held mores. No, I am sure abortion is objected to.
  2. I regret that I can only "like" this once.
  3. I am just pointing out the HYPOCRISY of the homosexual/liberal agenda.
  4. The people spoke and his side LOST!!!! The fact that is was illegally overturned by a homosexual judge won't make it a win in the end.
  5. Let us not forget where we started. Exactly who is trying to force who to conform?
  6. His complaint was Prop 8, which they LOST!!! The fact that they were able to thwart the will of the American people through judicial tyranny is not what I would call a good thing.
  7. So I guess now liberals are going to have to decide if this kind of behavior is acceptable. If it's acceptable for gay coffee shop owners, it's acceptable for "fundamentalist" cake bakers (sans the vulgar offensive hate filled language).
  8. HELLO. The topic is Prop 8. You know the one you were whining about the Churches involvement in helping to pass. The one that was overturned by a gay judge. Talk about MOVING THE GOAL POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Yes, they lost the vote. Your snide remark not withstanding.
  10. Oh, the tolerance of the gay's. ā€œIā€™m gay. You have to leave,ā€ I would post a link to the facebook video but it has some VERY OFFENSIVE language by gay Ben Borgman. The old "liberty for me but not for thee". Edited to add link to story. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/oct/6/christian-activists-booted-from-seattle-coffee-sho/
  11. I do know the distortions you are attempting to foist upon us here. Judge Vaughn Walker The San Francisco Chronicle said the judge being gay is "the biggest open secret" in a column, although Walker himself hasn't addressed the speculation about his sexual orientation. Walker told reporters that he is gay and has been in a relationship with a male doctor for about ten years.[8] He was the first known gay person to serve as a United States federal judge,[9] though he did not publicly confirm his sexual orientation until after retiring from the federal bench.[10] The fact that you would make such a statement tells me that you have no grasp of history. When you are willing to acknowledge the truth and stop spewing lies, then let me know. Do not accuse others of lying.
  12. Vance

    Evangelical Creation Movie

    "mostly right" clearly means partially WRONG. Do you grasp logic?
  13. Vance

    Evangelical Creation Movie

    Darwin was wrong. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/24/darwin-wrong-evolution_n_692502.html http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/14/reef-darwin-coral-evolution_n_3272962.html
  14. No, you didn't say anything about it. You simply ignored it, because it doesn't support your agenda. They simply exercised their rights as Americans. Something that you and your ilk are willing and wanting to take away. Yes, it is. I am not pretending anything. What you are forgetting is that the membership of the church is a minority in California. They did NOT prevent any group from their own advocacy nor did they prevent anyone from voting. Your side simply LOST. And because of your hate, you can't live with it. You are not even satisfied with the minority in black robes thwarting the will of the people and by judicial fiat moving forward the devils agenda to destroy the family.