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  1. And the other shoe drops...
  2. I think treating them would make them feel better
  3. When someone hears voices coming out of electrical sockets telling them to keeping cutting up all the fabric in the room or their blood will freeze (a real case my RN mother related to me)--nobody would ever assume to tell that person that what they are hearing isn't reality. It does no good. To the person experiencing the voices, it's reality and their actions responding to the voices' commands is perfectly normal. However, no mental health professional would ever attempt to reinforce the delusion. They would suggest therapy, medication, and observed care. I don't understand why when a man physically born as such decides he's a woman, the response is for everyone to go along with it? If I recall, John Hopkins stopped doing sex reassignment surgeries because the suicide rate for recovering patients was through the roof. It wasn't helping them, and not targeting the real problem--that of mental illness
  4. Probably...if not for being told otherwise, they most likely would've come away feeling unhappy, miserable, and cynical...amirite?
  5. Has anyone here listened to You ever listen to Dr. Jordan Peterson? I'm convinced that he is your real life counterpart...
  6. When I first joined, there was a large number of topics where I was exposed to some new material, new ideas and commentary, new ways of looking at the church and the gospel it teaches. There was, and continues to be some very educated posters from a variety of backgrounds that have the ability to offer unique angles on a given topic. It just seems that lately, the "talent" is wasted on the same topics, the same criticism, the same concerns. For example, I never see Dan Peterson around here anymore, and I can't help but wonder if he just got tired of it. It's a shame.
  7. This may be a little off topic...but a very sincere question: Forget for a moment everything else about the church. What do you believe Joseph Smith saw in that grove in 1820?
  8. I've mentioned before that there are a lot of members in my ward (young married student) that struggle with depression. There are a few testimonies where I can't bear to even look at the person out of the sheer akwardness of it all--but I've found that it seems to be therapeutic for those who are struggling. And as my wife has said, maybe struggling along with them and being a group of people who listen to their problems--might be one of the more Christian things we do during our 3 hour block. It's not ideal, but we get through it fine.
  9. The comments section in the huffpo article is depressing me...we're gonna have another two week rage fest against the church once this starts trending on FB...
  10. I know in Spanish Fork they've started building those New York City style homes, ie. a single room on each floor totaling 5-6 floors in all. I went and looked at them, they're nice, but I can't believe we're at that point where they're necessary...
  11. KSL says the only way to get a house is to overbid by $20-60,000 the asking price. We put in 8 offers before we decided the only way to get out of an apartment was to build in Spanish Fork...great for sellers, but it's awful if you're a buyer
  12. I'm going to make a prediction--let me know if I'm right: They already know about the priesthood ban
  13. Calm gave you an example in the form of Kenya that showed your statement wasn't "self evident". All anyone is doing is giving opinions...you're the only one blowing off other's opinions because you deem them "broad generalizations" and calling for CFR's.
  14. It's a point of view to say "Am I only one here that has noticed that the church is growing only in areas of the world were they can still control their narrative?"? Am I the only person to notice that atheism grows in areas of the world that has no morality and rule of law? Does that sound like something I could say without backing it up?
  15. Its just rich that you're asking for CFR's, and accusing others of making broad generalizations, when you've provided no references for your more inflammatory opinions and sweeping generalizations