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  1. I think that we need to be prepared both spiritually and materially--so waiting for an "announcement" is definitely too late to repent and/or get some emergency supplies (that we've been counseled to have for years). Two things. Will there be a physical gathering? I've always grown up with the idea that we'd be building a physical city of Zion in Missouri. The second is my grandfather before he passed told me on several occasions that the records of the church would show who were tithe payers, and that if you weren't found in the records, you be basically barred from the refuge the church offered...whatever that was. I dunno if it was true or not, but even during my most rebellious points in life, I always paid my tithing--I guess it's served me well
  2. Mormon Newsroom and Suicide

    Its a good thing for those girls that stress peaks in the teenage years, and decreases as you age... These kids are going to be wholly unfit for adulthood, take away those damn phones for starters
  3. What exactly are we to look for within the church? Is there an actual announcement that is going to be made over the pulpit giving specific directions as to what we should be doing? I've heard different people say there will be either a physical gathering in Missouri, a conference, a spiritual gathering, and then some that say nothing will happen and everyone will stay where they are? To those more knowledgeable on the matter, what is it that you are expecting the brethren to say that will make it clear we are getting close?
  4. God probably won't allow us to find Nahom

    This needs a little something at the end...
  5. I think it's important to note that there's nothing wrong with trying to look nice. I love when my wife dresses up and we go out. We both hit the gym and watch what we eat. She's a "thriver", as is my sister, both are fanatics about it, and it's eye rollingly stupid and obnoxious sometimes--but I've never really given it a second thought as to doing anything wrong. I guess you'd have to identify where it becomes an issue. and that's pretty subjective. How is getting a tummy tuck any worse than eating nothing but boiled chicken and doing 1000 ab crunches a day? Is it the method or more the obsession with having a flat stomach? How is a boob job any dumber than guys driving around the valley in their ridiculously expensive and obnoxious trucks? You'd have to identify the "baseline" for what an LDS woman is supposed to be, and I don't think anyone knows what that is.
  6. The "Thrive" lifestyle thing is getting stupid ridiculous... "Gonna change the world by crushing this 300lb bench press..."
  7. Moroni's Promise

    My sister in law claimed she spoke with God and was convinced that she received an answer to stay with her boyfriend. The same boyfriend with no education, no job, and no real future prospects. Her family, including myself, warned her that it wasn't the right decision. But she was certain the spirit confirmed her decision. Later on he got her to loosen her standards and it went downhill from there. Point is I don't put a whole lot of stock in people's feelings. I felt good during Al Pacino's speech at the end of, "Scent of a Woman" this past week (amazing movie, watch it), but I don't really attach any divinity to the sentiment. Elder Holland's story was a feel good story, as any good story is--fictional or not. So are Paul Dunn's stories. I like Joseph Smith's description of the spirit as being "pure intelligence". Studying it out in our minds, and then applying the principles in our own lives, and following Alma's counsel on whether the fruit is good, AND THEN asking whether these things are true, probably will get you further than having warm fuzzies after an engaging and interesting story.
  8. This video begins with the story of a gay Mormon who left the church to pursue a relationship--and how that ended with her returning to church, and her wife being baptized. This is the ultimate feel good video of the day. I didn't want to post this in the general discussion, as I didn't want it bogged down with debate and disagreements. Its 17 minutes long, but watch the entire thing. One of the most insanely awesome things I have ever seen. I think that when it comes to the issue of homosexuality and the church, love is the only way to go about it--this video shows perfectly why that's the case.
  9. You also have this https://www.google.com/amp/amp.dailycaller.com/2017/06/16/canada-passes-law-criminalizing-use-of-wrong-gender-pronouns/
  10. We do, and it's the same court that ruled that Westboro Baptist Church had a right to picket the funerals of dead American soldiers...but that's not what you're advocating--you want courts that tell people what they can and cannot say, what they can and cannot believe. Dont confuse my defense of free speech with a defense of what is being said by these white supremacists, but far more dangerous is a government that gets into the action of regulation speech and thought
  11. I want all shirts of Che Guevara banned. Sickle and hammer banned. Socialism and Communism have killed more than Nazism after all. I also want any mention of having had an "abortion and being proud of it" banned. Bill Mahr, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Richard Dawkins, Dave Cheppelle, and Louis CK need to be banned too just for starters in the comedy sector. We'll also need to create a department to edit movies, music, books that may be offensive and/or damaging to young impressionable minds. Don't even get me started on people who refuse to use correct pronouns. On a personal level, I want any protesters of the Mormon Church arrested as well--especially those gathered outside during General Conference. Of course this is just my personal opinion. It may vary from person to person who is harmed or affected. We may just have to install a special court that deal exclusively with offensive speech and its definition...
  12. There's more endowment?

    While I agree with the idea of the account of Genesis being a temple drama, I believe Joseph reported seeing both the personages of Adam and Eve in vision? So they were actual people, but their account is a metaphor? How do we reconcile the two?
  13. I've tried tuning out the news lately, but from what I understand, this group has been having this demonstration for the past 17 years...they've been largely ignored and rightly so. In fact the DailyShow a number of years ago covered a KKK rally and devoted an entire segment to ridiculing it and making light of the entire thing. I think the church's statement is more for anyone reading the online comments from racist members (a very small number IMO) and thinking there is any basis for their claims
  14. Nobody needs to hear it, and I think we should denounce it in anyway we can. But I think it's of vital importance that they be allowed to speak and demonstrate--without violence or threats of violence. You don't get to "punch a nazi" in a free democracy. Are you sure that's not what members of your stake were trying to say?
  15. So now "common beliefs" dictate how society should act moving forward? I don't think that's a good measuring stick.