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  1. Unwise Christian charity? Thats what my sister calls it. Utah is wonderful at helping people who actually need it, but sometimes we help everyone...and not everyone has the best intentions when taking advantage of the welfare system. I read an article a few years back that said Salt Lake was the destination for many homeless outside the state because the welfare net was so generous. I believe that's why they've just been slammed with the homeless population lately. I guess that's the risk that you take, but it is infuriating to see able bodied persons panhandeling after driving a couple blocks that had "help wanted" signs at nearly every other place of business. The economy in the valley is doing too well to have that many able bodied people asking for money.
  2. You said in the OP: "something sparked my memory of it over on the thread about the City Creek Mall." What am I supposed to think? Why is it beyond the pale to arrive at the conclusion you are suggesting a link between the study and the church?
  3. So the point of the OP is that: A study suggests the rich are more willing to lie more than the poor--> The church is extremely wealthy and prosperous--> The church is probably lying about its financial investments--> We really shouldn't believe what the church tells us That sound about right? Tacenda, I used to like your posts in the past...now all I hear is the grinding of an ax
  4. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/3248510 Yeah, how silly of those missionaries...Mormonism is clearly too ridiculous to investigate...
  5. Nah, I'm not going to read it. Somebody else can explain correlation and causation to you. I have to go to class.
  6. Hey bro, That's not how it works. Sincerely, SteveO
  7. Bytheway...Ben Shapiro has a nice analysis of the study: "[The] study itself acknowledges, “our analysis does not allow us to understand the mechanisms through which implementation of same-sex marriage policies reduced adolescent suicide attempts.” In other words, they say that they know that same-sex marriage policies impacted suicide attempts, but they didn’t know how. Well, then. They also fail to rule out some of the most basic confounds for any sociological study like this: socioeconomic status of the students themselves. Is it possible that the students are committing suicide at a lower rate because their parents are making more money, for example? Is it possible that socioeconomic status also has outsized impact on particular areas? Or how about the social acceptance of gays and lesbians without the legislative question? The study says they couldn’t check either of those confounds out: Also, the study fails to explain why non-LGBT students would see their suicide rates decline in states that approve same-sex marriage. How exactly does that work?" Link if you want to read all of it: http://www.dailywire.com/news/13751/media-say-same-sex-marriage-will-save-134000-teens-ben-shapiro Basically, the study I guess is interesting, but the conclusions being drawn from it are garbage. Whatever helps the narrative apparently.
  8. ...where's "White Salamander Letter v.2.0"??? You suppose they're ever going to start thinking this whole "leaks" thing kind of backfired? There's nothing here.
  9. I imagine this thread is going to get shut down soon...but for anyone interested, History Channel ran a really good documentary on Trump that is totally changing the way I view the man--he actually did some pretty incredible/admirable things. He's also on record in his 20's saying how he wished he could be president and how he'd dedicate his life for the opportunity to serve the country. Maybe the guy will do some good after all? Better to hope for that outcome than despair...
  10. I have...SO many questions about all your posts. Very interesting stuff. But I'm wondering your opinion on one: A while ago, someone here had posted a first presidency message from way back when (late 70's early 80's??), that stated their position on oral sex within the confines of marriage. In short, they disapproved and equated it as an "impure and unholy practice" Based on what you've said so far, I would imagine that you would disagree with that, of course assuming both partners were comfortable with, and consenting to. My question is, within an LDS temple marriage, and assuming both partners are consenting, is there "a boundary" with regards to their sexual intimacy that you would agree to? I don't want specifics, but do you think the church should just stay silent on setting boundaries with regard to sexual intimacy within marriage? Between the couple and the Lord only? Or are there things you've seen that lead you to believe boundaries should be in place? Hope that makes sense
  11. Fair enough. But why assign such a high level of credibility to anonymous smiley faces?
  12. You mean the reason she told my wife personally during a visit? Or an anonymous smiley giving a generic historical reason? You must place more *faith* than me in the latter. Its human nature to place the best foot forward, in just about everything that's in the public record. Can you give me a reason why you're willing to believe anonymous smiley faces at, *ahem* face value?
  13. Nah. You know one thing in common with websites like this? The disclaimer up front. Making sure myself and others understand that the "whys" of leaving the church are legitimate and have nothing to do with anything other than the church's truth claims, history, lies, corruptions, etc. You know why their motivations are generally called into question by myself and others? Because every single instance of those who left the church, who I know personally, have left for reasons that fall outside those stated in the disclaimer. Even my next door neighbor, who is on this website, didn't leave for their stated reason: The claims are false. The organization is harmful and corrupt. No, actually, their faith started to go when they decided to get divorced after five years of a temple marriage. My wife is her visiting teacher. She started to doubt the truth claims because her temple marriage was promised to be forever. If that failed, what else couldn't be true? Painful yes, but it's not the church's fault. The historical reasons are more ad hoc than the initial crack in the faith. And it goes on and on. Nobody I have ever known personally, has ever gone on the internet, read some negative version of church history, and went down the road of disillusionment and doubt. Do some people leave as per the disclaimer's stated reasons? I imagine so. But I don't know any personally. I know one person who has legitimate, serious doubts and is struggling with the history. She's in my ward, is very open and frank about it, and shares it with friends at church (my wife). She also has a calling, attends the temple, and is an absolutely wonderful member of the church. People like her are the ones you should be interested in.
  14. Why do you hope it grows?