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  1. The Polynesians on Facebook are taking credit for the warning needing to be issued:
  2. Yes... Despite the conference being pretty awesome with a lot of good stuff to think about, I just couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed about no announcements Revelation Withdrawal?
  3. Hey now! New Temples!!! That’s not a total let down!!!
  4. That was a fail...😑 Well, the guy said they were bringing in a new camera to get audience reactions... Could’ve been just a replacement...😂
  5. I can't say how I know...But absolutely watch next session, gonna be big
  6. She’s 14, I was such a punk when I was that age. She’ll figure it out eventually.
  7. He gets it. And he said what people “that do not want to do this” needed to hear. You may not like it, but that’s the job of the prophet. Pay the price.
  8. “Time is running out” Is it me, or are they really focusing on the last days?
  9. But I don't think its the same. If/when the day comes that gay marriage is accepted, the brethren will have to essentially say that what once was a sin, is no longer. Edit: Unless you're saying it never was a "sin".
  10. Just out of curiosity, how would you reconcile such a change? I just don’t know how it would be possible...I’d probably be troubled more than anything—not because I’m insistent on gays “bearing their cross” no matter what, but more because it would be such a radical shift in theology. I get the priesthood ban, I get ordain women, I can reconcile all that. I just don’t know how one could reconcile gay marriage in the church.
  11. https://www-m.cnn.com/2019/03/22/us/mormon-lds-name-change-revelation/index.html I don’t know if this has been posted elsewhere, or if it really warrants its own thread. But a pretty good article from CNN a week before conference (I know, I know, from time to time I DO read CNN). Anyways, I’ll just share a little experience with the name change. It just so happened that a few weeks before the conference President Nelson made the name change, I was reading in 3 Nephi about the Lord’s remarks on what his church be called by. I had read the BoM numerous times before, but for some reason, THIS time I was somewhat disturbed by the fact that we were primarily known as “Mormons”. It made sense to me that if we’re called after Mormon, then it would/should be Mormon’s church. I know some here have questioned whether or not this was a pressing issue given so many "bigger problems". But it was a point of small contention in the ancient American church, it was a point the Lord felt needed to be addressed extensively (a number of versus in fact), and it was something Mormon felt needed to be included in a record that contained only a 100th part. It honestly bothered me for a while after. And then, GC happened, and President Nelson made the announcement. It wasn’t so much that I was “vindicated” in my belief, so much as I felt I had been receiving those impressions so I would be able to sustain President Nelson and his revelation. It’s little things like that, (not earth shattering I know) where I’m made comfortable in participating in this work and help building the kingdom.
  12. So now you’re going to be angry that the temple worker didn’t realize his mistake sooner? The original post is the “wow” factor of a stake conference talk given in 2019 that shows more compassion and understanding in the church...and you pick an interview from 2006 to show how that isn’t the case? You’re absolutely determined to be unhappy aren’t you? Not just this post, but all your posts drip with negativity.
  13. You know, you don’t sound much different from a critic of the church who is dissatisfied that the church isn’t changing enough...you’re just on the other end of the spectrum dissatisfied that it is changing too much. Both come from the same place of criticism of leadership...what gives?
  14. Right, “TBM’s” never experience that crisis of faith...you’re a heroic pilgrim treading new ground... There are solutions to problems—much like the ones the church already has. Counseling for addictions, finances, job training, grieving, etc. What more do you want? It sounds like you want therapy sessions to unload your resentment at the church. Well, the church most likely isn’t going to train counselors in that endeavor anytime soon. I understand that abuse has happened. I’m sorry for that. We can and are doing better. But I’m not going into my CTR 5’s and explain the difference between a good touch and a bad touch. I’m not going to explain the difference between following the counsel of a bishop with regards to doing better at tithing or WoW, and his suggestion to take your pants off in his office. If you can’t figure out how to teach your kids where to draw the line between obeying one, and refusing the other, I’m not sure what more could be said in the church’s curriculum. If, In the year 2019, you as a parent can’t see that a bishop picking your 16 year daughter up for ice cream is inappropriate, I don’t know how many ways the brethren can say to not blindly trust others for the simple fact of being fellow members of the church. What you can do is spend the extra hour each Sunday and teach your kids your expectations and your concerns. But I don’t think we need instruction at church. Parents need to take the initiative and instruct their kids and have a plan in place to protect them. Nobody will do it better than you.
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