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  1. SteveO

    Shrinking pains

    We had a guy get up today who had recently broken both his wrists...guess where he went with it... ...compared his suffering to the Savior’s I can’t stand people sometimes.
  2. SteveO

    Stirred up with Hatred

    Sure she isn’t talking about the people of Ammon being taken in by the Nephites to protect them?
  3. SteveO

    Mormon Stories trying to expand its market.

    Everyone you’ve ever met huh? Everyone I’ve ever met has either never paid or stopped paying. And no, I have about as much confidence in Dehlin’s good intentions as you do in Joseph Smith’s
  4. SteveO

    Mormon Stories trying to expand its market.

    That IS a good point isn’t it?
  5. SteveO

    Mormon Stories trying to expand its market.

    Well no, but they should still probably spend more money on charity. It’s a big concern of mine. I don’t actually DO anything about it, but I do like pointing out where other people fail in their Christlike actions.
  6. SteveO

    Mormon Stories trying to expand its market.

    I want to know why he isn’t donating enough to charity and the poor
  7. SteveO

    Mormon Stories trying to expand its market.

    Right...how could I possibly care if I don’t donate...
  8. SteveO

    Mormon Stories trying to expand its market.

    Meh. How can I trust that those are accurate records though? I need to have personal access and see for myself
  9. SteveO

    Mormon Stories trying to expand its market.

    Lots of “donate” boxes on there...think he’ll be 100% open and transparent with his finances? You know, show the church how it’s done?
  10. “sure sure - everyone believes adulterous pedophiles are rewarded with the highest degree of glory, while those who refuse to be eternally victimized are condemned to outer darkness - if that is who God is, I do not want to spend eternity with that. I choose outer darkness over eternal abuse/disloyalty/adultery/hypocrisy/patriarchal horror. I'll have none of it.” I guess we disagree on what constitutes inflammatory language then
  11. Man, some of the above comments didn’t really back you up here did they?
  12. Alright, what could they have said that would’ve changed minds? What could they have said that would’ve erased all your doubts? What are these “answers” that seem to be so readily available, but they’re just refusing to say out loud in public? I’m dead serious. What should he have said that would’ve made people who have left the church come back?
  13. They need to read this: http://oneclimbs.com/2013/07/03/let-them-govern-themselves-by-boyd-k-packer/ I heard it quoted listening to an ebook this past week. One quote I think is very relevant: The most dangerous side effect of all we have prescribed in the way of programming and instructions and all is the over regimentation of the Church. This over regimentation is a direct result of too many programmed instructions. If we would compare the handbooks of today with those of a generation ago you would quickly see what I mean. And Brother Hanks mentioned that the Melchizedek Priesthood Handbook is an amalgamation of several handbooks and a reduction of them all with, I think, nothing lost; much gained. “Teach them correct principles,” the prophet said, “and then let,” let–a big word, “them govern themselves.” (See messages of the Firsts Presidency, p. 54.) Our members should not, according to the scriptures, need to be commanded in all things. (See D&C 58:26) Local leaders have been effectively conditioned to hold back until programmed as to what to do, how, to whom, when, and for how long. Can you see that when we overemphasize programs at the expense of principles, we are in danger of losing the inspiration, the resourcefulness, that which should characterize Latter-day Saints. Then the very principle of individual revelation is in jeopardy and we drift from a fundamental gospel principle!
  14. Bro, it’s a thread about pants, not about your bitterness and insecurities over leaving the LDS church