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  1. So are you going to just continue pretending that the NYT and just about every other news source didn’t spent most of 2017 stepping on rakes when it came to their reporting of “facts”? I take you at your word that not everything is “painfully obvious to everyone”. But trust me, if you think the news media of 2018 doesn’t face serious doubt concerning their journalistic integrity...well, you weren’t paying attention in 2016 or 2017.
  2. At least when Obama let Hezbollah run cocaine into the country to score a political win, he at least tried to keep it on the DL. And Bill at least tried to keep the fact he was holding Monica’s hair in the Oval Office a secret from the general population. Look, I get most of you are probably respectable, professional white collar successes in your personal lives, and that Trump’s twitter feed has you all clutching your pearls. But stop embarrassing yourselves here by pretending Trump has plumbed the new low in “presidential conduct” and just enjoy your tax breaks in 2018.
  3. If you're not married by 25?

    Anywhere in Provo, Utah. Come to the promised land brother
  4. If you're not married by 25?

    Only joking...although that was the way I thought leadership seemed to view them while I was still in YSA. It was always the misfits in the priesthood who needed to get their act together.
  5. If you're not married by 25?

    Sisters are already perfect...
  6. If you're not married by 25?

    Maybe try working on yourself and make sure you're someone somebody else would want to marry...
  7. Too Sacred to Share?

    I have found that spiritual experiences are shared over the pulpit from leadership--but mostly it is during a time where the onus was on the members to be in the right place-- i.e. sitting in the pews present at the meeting, and not at home watching TV wondering why God doesn't speak through his prophets. I've shared in another thread that one of my last memories of President Faust in this life was at a regional conference on my mission--where he very directly and very forcefully shared his testimony of the Savior. I don't go into detail because as has been mentioned, it's a very sacred memory I have. It was a testimony so powerful I've sometimes have been able to recall it and lean on in my moments of doubt. And no, I'm not over exaggerating. You just had to be there. And that experience was available to all who gave up their Saturday night to attend. But don't expect to go find the video recording on the internet. Elder Ballard also spoke two years ago here in Utah at a regional conference that I attended. He shared a truly remarkable personal experience of his exercising the sealing power of the priesthood. A tremendous modern day miracle--shared over the pulpit and blessing those in attendance. Be where you're supposed to be, do what you're supposed to do, and live worthily of the spirit--and you'll find that the Lord is very much involved personally in our affairs today.
  8. I think that we need to be prepared both spiritually and materially--so waiting for an "announcement" is definitely too late to repent and/or get some emergency supplies (that we've been counseled to have for years). Two things. Will there be a physical gathering? I've always grown up with the idea that we'd be building a physical city of Zion in Missouri. The second is my grandfather before he passed told me on several occasions that the records of the church would show who were tithe payers, and that if you weren't found in the records, you be basically barred from the refuge the church offered...whatever that was. I dunno if it was true or not, but even during my most rebellious points in life, I always paid my tithing--I guess it's served me well
  9. Mormon Newsroom and Suicide

    Its a good thing for those girls that stress peaks in the teenage years, and decreases as you age... These kids are going to be wholly unfit for adulthood, take away those damn phones for starters
  10. What exactly are we to look for within the church? Is there an actual announcement that is going to be made over the pulpit giving specific directions as to what we should be doing? I've heard different people say there will be either a physical gathering in Missouri, a conference, a spiritual gathering, and then some that say nothing will happen and everyone will stay where they are? To those more knowledgeable on the matter, what is it that you are expecting the brethren to say that will make it clear we are getting close?
  11. God probably won't allow us to find Nahom

    This needs a little something at the end...