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  1. One of my sisters couldn’t renew her recommend because her husband was sure the best cure for being on the brink of financial ruin due to his complete incompetence was to have another baby (she had epic nausea and fatigue with each pregnancy). She said no and he tattled to the bishop who berated her for not obeying his priesthood authority but she wouldn’t submit so she sat outside the temple for my wedding. She was devastated and can’t handle confrontation and had no reason to believe the Stake President (the Bishop’s decades long friend and neighbor) would help her so why risk going to him? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to safely contest a bishop’s decision that wasn’t just Stake President roulette? Maybe involving an actual woman or a group of women (and men)? I think some men truly listen to women in spite of everything they internalize because they are genuinely empathetic men and would do so if they never were Mormon. Giving credit to church or priesthood is mistaken attribution of causation.
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