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  1. Here come the reviews. http://associationmormonletters.org/blog/reviews/current-reviews/melonakos-secret-combinations-evidence-of-early-mormon-counterfeiting-1800-1847-reviewed-by-cheryl-l-bruno/
  2. I already am debating much of this with her, and she has this habit of throwing a bunch of irrelevant shockers out there when her argument doesn't stick.
  3. Based on recent interaction with Melonakos, I think that the only way you could tell that she studied philosophy at Stanford is if she told you (and she will). Very primitive and narrow understanding of the correspondence theory of truth; odd arguments (Joseph was a prophet of Calvinism because he preached from the same Bible that a Caalvinist majority in the US read); poor grasp of Mormon history even in areas - like the Kirtland Safety Society - which are central to her thesis; use of non-credible secondary sources like Eidemose's book on Christianity and the constitution; uncritical acceptance of primary sources such as the one accusing Joseph, Sr. of bigamy in Canada, anything that taints by innuendo; and her historical conclusions are entirely theologically driven. I am very curious to read her thesis on James now, to see if it suffers from the same issues.