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  1. I have read this thread with great interest, and I confess..with much sadness as well. I am 62 yrs old...our family was baptized in 1964. My father never darkened the Church door since that day. For the most part, neither did my two older brothers. My mother did her very best, and she strived to be as faithful as she could be. I also...for the most part was not active in the Church..up until I got married....very young. From that moment on....my Bride and I did our best as "kids raising kids"...my wife was baptized shortly before her 17th BD. We strived to be as engaged and faithful as we could be. We had many struggles as one would expect under those circumstances. My Father committed suicide when I was 19. My mother died when I was 24. My brother was killed in an accident at home when I was 31. All this to say...that I gained my testimony of the truthfulness and divinity of this gospel by and through my lifes experiences and trials, by the power of the Holy Ghost. ( I know i'm not unique in this). But, as I've shared on this forum before, my personal "mountain top" spiritual confirmation from the HG came when my wife and I met with Pres. Kimball, just the three of us....at about 1045pm, standing outside the Missouri Independence Mission home...and we visited for all of about 240 seconds, and my life was totally changed. I received my personal witness that there was a Prophet on the earth...and he stood there in front of me, and then spoke to me. He said to me...as he lovingly yet firmly admonished and challenged me...as he pointed his finger at me, he said "You always cherish her". I said "I will President". That was it. I received my "I knew it, and I knew that God knew it, and I could not deny it" confirmation. All this to say...I'm simple minded. I received a witness that this gospel is true. So the question is...Am I stupid for believing in my witness of the spirit given to me in that experience I shared above? Should I doubt that revelatory experience based upon the "doubts" being shared here? My answer to that is a resounding "NO"! Again....I tend to be very simple in how I approach these types of things. I will not as the scriptures say "cast not away my confidence". If it was true in 1976, it's still true in 2019.
  2. My understanding is this...If my uncle who is a nonmember died in PA...and I travelled to PA for the funeral with the anticipation that I would be asked to dedicate the grave, upon arrival I would contact the Bishop under whom my Uncles stewardship fell, and I would explain the situation and get his approval and/or arrange a time to meet to present him my TR in order to satisfy that requirement.
  3. Correct. A MP PH holder when authorized by his Bishop can dedicate any grave. I have dedicated a half dozen of my family members graves...all non-members.
  4. He might need to make a new plan Stan!
  5. I lived for 15 yrs about 3 blocks away from their bookstore on 23rd st in Independence, Mo. I have had the pleasure to visit with them on many occasions. I must say...I really found them to be honorable and understood and respected their passion regarding this particular subject.
  6. 10th....I have worked in Transportation my entire career...first as an Air Traffic Controller....and now as a Train Dispatcher for a Class One Carrier. I have several thoughts on this subject. First, as has been said...there are some jobs that are necessary to work on Sunday. We know that they are critical services for our country. I suppose the argument can be made that "whatever" job we choose..it obviously is a choice, but that is an over simplification in my opinion. I have had members...even a Bishop basically tell me that working on Sunday regardless of the nature of the job was not good, that the Lord expected me to exercise greater faith, that the Lord would provide a job for me that would not take me away on the Sunday. From my experience in the Military...and the other jobs I mentioned....I can truly say that the Lord has blessed me and my family. To be clear....there are significant sacrifices that are made by those who necessarily have to work on Sunday....but, there are ways to mitigate the "cons". Obviously....we have all known those members who have never worked on Sundays...and who are on the front pew every Sunday....and it has not done anything more for them...than for those who have sacrificed...but who attend as they're able...and they're just as faithful and stalwart as any other member. FYI...I wasn't able to attend church this morning because of a horrendous night and I was exhausted. Socially speaking....I have had to sacrifice a LOT of fun activities both in the family and at Church. That has been VERY difficult for me. I have had to strictly protect my "sleep and rest" so I'm always on my "A"game. So whether it's Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve...I'm in bed at 5:30pm without fail (I work nights now). Bottom line...I work to serve and protect my community. I'm proud of the work I do. I believe the Lord supports me and my family in that effort.
  7. Well, I hope you have a wonderful Easter this coming Sunday! Take care!
  8. put another way....If I were given two gifts...one a picture of Christ on the Cross, or a picture of the Garden Tomb...and I could only choose one to display....I personally would choose the picture of the Garden Tomb.
  9. Hey there! Hope today finds you having a GREAT day! I have thought about this topic many times. I do not have anything "against" the cross per se'. But..I think if you ask most Christans what they think of when they say the word "cross" most would respond to "Jesus Christ died for us". Is that a bad thing? Of course not...he certainly did! But....as we approach this coming Easter Sunday...my personal focus is on the living the Christ. His resurrection....his overcoming death. So, in that respect...I feel the symbolism of the Cross diverts our focus away from the fact that Christ lives. I want to focus on, and celebrate the living Christ....not his death. But, if someone were to give me a gift of a Cross...I would certainly keep it and cherish it. Just my thoughts.....
  10. AMEN!! This reminds me of a poem I learned a while back...it goes like this "Plod on Plod on....Plod on, Plod on Plod on....plod on"
  11. My hope and prayer is that as members of the CofJCofLDS….we all can simply become converted to what our Leaders have been preaching to us....and that is for us to simplify our lives, just wake up each morning and turn toward the light, extend forgiveness and ask for forgiveness....and love one another as the Savior loves us. I hope we can stop with heaping guilt upon ourselves for not being the perfect member, stop comparing our efforts or successes with anyone else. Pres. Hinckley taught us to just "be a little better each day". In 1977 when my Wife and I (19yrs old) ...at 1045pm on a Tuesday night...in front of the Mission home in Indep. Mo...had our own personal moment with Pres. Kimball.....just the three of us....standing on the sidewalk...in the lamplight, he went straight to my wife...cupped her face with his hands....and gently kissed her on the cheek, then he turned to me and lovingly pointed his finger at me and said "you always cherish her!".....and I said..."I will President". He didn't ask about my marriage, my family, my church activity...etc. The most important thing the Prophet of the Lord wanted me to do, the one thing that he wanted to have the spirit witness deep into my heart and soul at that moment in time....was to always love and cherish my wife. It will be 47yrs this coming August 4th. The Holy Ghost bore witness to me in that sacred moment....that there was a Prophet on the earth. I knew it, and I knew that God knew it...and I could not deny it. I needed, and had asked God for my witness and for the strength to face what was headed my way. I remember that moment like it was a second ago. It wasn't about celebrity....it wasn't about be caught up in the moment...or just being normally overwhelmed with the sacred moment the Lord had given my wife and I. It was none of that. It was a solid and unmistakable witness from the Holy Ghost that even a 19yr old Father of three could not mistake or deny. All of these many decades later...that gift I was given then.....is still with me to this very moment. My father committed suicide a few months later, my mother died 5yrs later, my brother was killed in an accident at home..more kids came....and through it all....I remember that moment when the Prophet of the Lord lovingly looked at me...just me...and gave me my lifes commission "you always cherish her!" 120 seconds...my life was forever changed. So....yes, we're not perfect people...but we have a loving HF and Savior that knows each of us personally...and knows our heart and our desires and our needs. I'm convinced now more than ever that all we need to do is our best or even our not so best (on any given day) and that is sufficient. The Lord...through his infinite Atonement and grace will make up the difference. Lets stop trying to mark every box....and rather.... start to just love one another more fully each day and give thanks for all our blessings!
  12. Seems like every time we see the two words of "work" and "through" in the same sentence, we can rest assured that somehow..and for some wise purpose, pain is involved....
  13. Rain, I hear what you're saying! My Wife and I discuss this topic quite a bit. All I know is this...my Wife and I are doing our best. Like you...it was very difficult for me not to compare my "faithfulness" to that of others. But, looking back on my life...my Wife and I met in 5th grade, got married the summer of our Sophmore year..she didn't finish HS, I barely did. We had 3 kids before we were 19 (I know I know! haha)….I had no education....and seemingly no future, at least not financially. We were the "Ward project", and I say that lovingly and with gratitude. But, we kept fighting the good fight...and as kids raising kids....I was a mess. I made SO MANY HUGE mistakes....but my wife was patient with me for the next 24 yrs until the Lord blessed me with a job that I could finally pay the bills. So, although I wasn't the best at many things...I tried to do be good at the two most important things....loving my wife, and loving my children. I suppose that is what I want that Sister above to always remember. She IS a wonderful Mom in all the most important ways. She may not be a scriptorian, or have 100 percent attendance at all activities etc....but, I've come to learn and understand (finally)...that is not what the Lord was expecting of me. He expects me to love my family, provide for my family, be the best Priesthood man I can be (not comparing myself to anyone else) strive to be a good Husband and Father. The rest is "as I am able". Watching our kids make choices that we know will bring serious repurcussions….brings such heartache. Then Satan of course is right there ready to convince us that it's OUR FAULT! Yes..TRUST IN GOD!! That's it...it's all right there in those two words! Thank you!
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