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  1. I think the balance to achieve in this regard is the protection of both moral agency on one hand and on the other, a system that ensures life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (which principles in the Constitution’s preamble are framed as unity, justice, tranquility, defense, welfare, and liberty). Amendments need to promote that balance. In an earlier post I suggested that secret combinations (reflected in government corruption) may promise a measure of tranquility and welfare (reflected in this topic in fewer gun deaths) in return for power and control. By compromising some principles such as justice and liberty for the sake of others, a population’s choices and sense of moral agency are undermined and erode over time, and thus we have the warnings in the Book of Mormon. This is why the constitutional protections for religious freedom, historically a key factor in a population’s sense of moral agency, are crucial. I think they enable us to strike that balance between personal agency and societal order.
  2. I grew up in New York City LOL @Calm actually I like your question so I took a closer look. I compared the rankings of countries according to corruption and gun deaths from these two sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_firearm-related_death_rate https://www.transparency.org/news/feature/corruption_perceptions_index_2016 My hypothesis is that the more corrupt the government, the less gun violence we'll see. An individual country's relative corruption (RC) score : relative gun deaths (RGD) score grater than 1 would support this hypothesis. I compared and ranked those countries appearing on both lists. Least Corrupt Nations (top half on the list, yellow) Average RC:RGV: 1.62 Most Corrupt Nations Average (bottom half on the list, blue) RC:RGV: 2.19 So it does seem that the more corrupt countries have less gun death rates. I will try to post my chart--last time I lost the connect and had to re-post this!
  3. I think the effectiveness of gun control depends largely on the other potentials for violence in any given nation. In Israel for example, the constant threat of terrorism and the resultant sophistication in security measures makes for a society more appreciative of the respective powers of safety and destruction. Hence we see there a receptivity for gun control and the attendant benefits which cannot be argued as attributable to other measures. So I think that something worse than occasional mass shootings, as bad as even one is, will have to affect enough people in the US to get the populace to support stricter gun control. A demonstrable reliability that the political system will render an effective control policy is also necessary.
  4. I think in countries with strict gun control, the criminals who have them are too disciplined to commit mass shootings. This is part of the unspoken arrangement to keep the peace, and "everybody" gets "a peice o' da action."' One problem is solved while others are created and enabled. I think the real trick is to preserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without governments getting into bed with the criminal element, which undermines these aims in a less obvious fashion.
  5. The OP is about inspired changes. The Constitution does allow for amendments, but these aren't required to be inspired, as say, when the Lord suffered the original to be established. Still, constitutional amendments do reflect the validity of the higher law in that they are they result from honoring and protecting the moral agency and accountability the Lord prioritized. As a result, out of 11,000 attempts, we have 27 amendments. As far as our canon goes, it is open in that the authoritative word of God is not contained in the Bible alone (as i understand the origin of the term). Not only does the authoritative word of God include latter-day canonized scripture, but inspired pronouncements by the Lord's servants (D&C 68:4). But just stacking up the Book of Mormon, D&C and Pearl of Great Price, I think we might find more "amendments" to the original Biblical canon than the original U.S. Constitution has for amendments. Since an open canon means we don't have to refer to canonized chapter and verse for every little thing we do to minister, the additional inspired pronouncements availed to the servants of God, including any elder in duly authorized service, are innumerable.
  6. My faith in Jesus Christ, His Gospel, His Church, etc. aren't affected by one point of view or the other, all of which I've contemplated at some point. As far as I am concerned, these genealogies might as well be accurate and the patriarchs might as well have lived this long.
  7. We have an open canon to help us deal with deviations from the Constitution, which is not an open canon. I think this is why D&C 101:77-80 aays things like: "should be maintained ...according to just and holy principles; That every man may act in doctrine and principle pertaining to futurity, according to the moral agency which I have given unto him, that every man may be accountable for his own sins in the day of judgment..."; and why Joseph Smith prayed for it (D&C 109:54-57).
  8. I’m of the understanding that opposites need not be equal in magnitude. Hence the devil can oppose God and not overthrow Him. In our relative weakness we can oppose God and even place the devil above Him, but that does not knock Him out for others. From the perspective you offered, how would I know there was nothing preventing you from saving my child’s life? For all I know, there was and you are no monster. So when I think about how viruses and cancers came to be, I see them as products of the fallen world, a world having deviated from the one God actually designed, not by His choice and actions but through Adam and Eve’s (ours). Viruses and cancers are the natural and expected fruits of the laws governing this sphere, and not of those governing Eden. The thing that I think “prevented” God from adjusting these viral and cancer-enabling laws so that we have them in our midst was His duty to preserve and protect the gift of Adam and Eve’s agency, the laws it acts upon, and the consequences of those actions (every one of which He personally suffered in Gethsemane so that a better world can be obtained for those who choose to receive better). He no more “allows” suffering than He “prevents” or "causes" it, for the exact same reason. Ouch! I hope you have small fingers!
  9. I’ve thought much about this as well. In doing so, it occurred to me that while eternity’s opportunity to make amends offers hope for a future spiritual redemption, the Atonement of Christ also makes it possible for the offended to be restored and forgive us, completely unbeknownst to us in this life, and in this there is also hope that they are taken of and effectively undisturbed by us. So as you pointed out, I think the key is our willingness to make good, expending every effort in the process without becoming obsessed (which I see as the antithesis of faith in Christ). Just as those who forgive “let it go,” so do those who have accounts beyond their ability to settle at some point need to "let it go." Of course we have to go through that very accounting process to arrive at that realization. There is another thread about the value of pain, and I think this is one example of it. I believe it applies in all situations, religious and social, professional, etc. The Lord will provide a way to live a better life despite unjust or false accusations or old accusations that resurface if we are willing to observe Him, even if we have to change careers, expectations, whatever may be affected. And I believe He will similarly provide a way to live a better life despite unresolved offenses that have been committed against we are willing to observe Him. That doesn’t prevent us from pursuing legal action where warranted and practical!
  10. Does He design them, or is He one of the opposing principles? I think He is the latter.
  11. Happy Pancake Day!

    I often explain the Word of Wisdom as being like a permanent Lent, when people want to get into the weeds about "why this/ no that"
  12. Happy Pancake Day!

  13. Elder Uchtdorf: Progressive?

    Picking up from my question yesterday, what does the D&C say that you think the current leadership is not doing? That question was intended to be treated as a CFR for some information such as a specific required order for sustaining, setting apart, and obtaining common consent spelled out (I can't find it).
  14. The double command - don't eat

    That’s certainly one way of looking at it! The product of partaking of the tree of knowledge was becoming aware of their nudity as children do is symbolic of an advancing appreciation of our vulnerability (the more we know, the more we realize we don’t know; Moses went through this per Moses 1:10). Only the humble can experience this kind of realization and obtain this kind of knowledge. Recognizing the liturgy is metaphor, what can be understood today as knowledge in terms of biochemical and genetic code was understood in days of yore in terms of becoming one with your mate and knowing life in general by making and teaching generations of posterity together, before being gathered to your people. The greater knowledge that comes to a couple becoming “one flesh” goes beyond the “beast with two backs” only when children are born and are cared for in the covenant per the principles set forth in the Family Proclamation, which principles Adam lived by and taught his posterity. That is the only way, this mortal stage of the path of eternal progression. Hence the etiology from innocent but physically and spiritually unproductive sex in the garden to chaste (also innocent in its own context) procreation and the attendant advancing physical and spiritual knowledge in the fallen world, and the exaltation that these are designed to lead to. This is clearly reflected in the history of virginal couples who get married in the temple and end up in the Church News “Married for 80 Years” column. They had at least a few months of paradisiacal sex before the children came along! It is even reflected in converted couples who get their temple marriage and have their children sealed to them -- their eyes have been opened as to what was really going on all along. It may sound like overthinking it, but it's what we actually live ourselves as everyday Adams an Eves. There really is no other way, is there?