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  1. In Moses' day, not eating lamb was also safe during the Passover.
  2. I think that denying the services bulleted above could contribute to suicide.
  3. I think it is fair to say that BYU very much reflects the Church’s view of the world and approaches to solving problems for individuals, communities, societies, etc. These approaches naturally change over time, and in this case, over 35 years. In connection with this, President Nelsons’ comment on ecclesiastical procedure applies to secular matters as well: “adjustments made to [recommendations for therapeutic] procedures do not change the sacred nature of [individual agency]. Adjustments allow for [problem-solving to honor] the [agency] of people living in different times and circumstances…” This was true when conversion therapy was acceptable, just as true today.
  4. Thank you, even though that was my poor attempt at a joke...
  5. To the second question, "No." To the first question, it seems too polemic to warrant a response. But I'm all for the laws in place against parents pushing their children to commit suicide.
  6. It is to protect everyone's freedom of religious expression, which includes obtaining goods and services not everyone agrees with on religious or moral grounds, and not forcing anyone to provide or not provide them.
  7. In consideration of the topic, what about transgendered states?
  8. "Celestial" seems to legitimately mean all kinds of things (context). I think as long as a spirit is in the presence of God in an un-quickened state, that is one type of celestial kingdom. In the quickened state, another type. Moses and other prophets, when quickened, were in a celestial kingdom when speaking with the Lord. just not The Celestial Kingdom of D&C 76, which is a post-resurrection kingdom.
  9. Thank you, I hope your next few days go well. As noted above, I am just using the science as a metaphor or comparison. Some people prefer Bilbo Baggins but I'm not so sure what a hobbit's gender is, especially that closing shot of Frodo in the last movie:
  10. I was kind of joking too... Yes, I am just using the science as a metaphor but I guess that doesn't float too well for everyone.
  11. Oh yes, thank you! By correcting this oversight, we can clearly see that: (Between Second and Third) An exalted Couple would cease to be an exalted Couple by one of them changed gender thus breaking and invalidating the marriage covenant. Even the two consensually swapping genders would require a dissolution and reinstatement of the covenant and its terms, which would be taboo. (Fourth) The resurrection carries the best of that which has been added upon from the beginning in each sub-estate and stage of eternal progression, including gender from the point at which it was first expressed. The successive proper and perfect frames in the primordial “sub-estates” are retained going forward, and the resurrection answers to all the proper and perfect stages upon which the final proper and perfect frame is built upon and where covenant and other essential characteristics, including gender, are fixed.
  12. I don't know why people aren't up in arms over the Equality Act on the same grounds.
  13. Agreed--but to conceptualize a model (such as I am doing) does not require uniform agreement on a theory; the concept of quantum gravity, whether you agree with it or not, and its application to the topic of the thread, is the same. I wanted to discuss it that way rather than come across as picking apart and refuting your ideas directly, since I took it to be a theoretical discussion. I don't like to approach another's ideas that way. So, I'll try something new: how about instead we go with. "Your ideas need refining!" So regardless of whether you want to consider the idea of quantum gravity or not: First, you have parsed eternal progression into four stages with gender assigned (whether through mutual agreement with heavenly parents or by their divine decree) in stage 2. But eternal progression falls along a continuum, allowing for gender characteristics to be added upon the individual at any point before stage 2, between stage 1 and stage 2, sometime during stage 2, or even at some point between stage 2 and birth. Alma 13 (the premortal foreordaining of high priests) allows for that. Second, "Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose." It is not an eternal principle. As such, its basis is matter/material whether one holds that eternal principles can be comprised of pure and fine matter or not. The qualitative attributes you mentioned in the first bullets are not essential. How often are we encouraged to arrive at perfection by ensuring we prioritize and have the essentials in place -- as God does completely. I would not place gender in this more qualitative ancillary category to an essential characteristic. Third, one feature of an essential characteristic is that you have one side of the opposition or you don't. The opposite of gendered in not "non-gendered" once you have it, but it is each of the two opposing sexes. The opposite of covenant is not-covenant; baptism is not-baptism; there are no gradients or continua. This is reserved for the afterlife kingdoms of glory, where the glory is not related to getting none, some or all of the covenants.
  14. He wasn't the only one to say similar things, and Booker appealed to a Bible verse to justify it!
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