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  1. There are a lot of words that could have been used. There is only a few words that could imply that the gay activists will somehow try and stop temple building. Guess which word was chosen. And as was pointed out in the thread that talked about "dog whistles", this is the exact reasons hy dog whistles are used, to allow for denied prejudice, an argument you are now in fact using. Come on Calm. You don't think there was a prejudice purpose in using the word baked?
  2. To a large extent, this has already happened. As religion has moved away from being focused on charitable activity to political agendas. There are many non religious organizations who have stepped up to fill that gap. IMO political activism is one of the main reasons why the fastest growing religion in America is non-religion. People are simply loosing respect for what religion now stands for. Things like strong support for immoral candidates and supporting discrimination is fueling those attitudes.
  3. And here folks is an example of a 'Dog Whistle" that was talked about in another thread. Watch out for "the gays". They are going to take away your right to build temples.
  4. Just curious what you think Trump has done that has expanded the economy? i don’t plan to respond, but since you seem to think a great deal of Trumps economic policies, I am curious what you are referring to
  5. Shocked and sorry to hear. I am sure we will all miss his insight
  6. There is a painting of Christ being baptized by John the Baptist in the Los Angeles temple baptismal room. I don't know if this is Mormon folklore or not, but I was told that David O McKay once said that painting looks the most like Christ than any other painting. Of course I had to check it out the first time I was in the Los Angeles temple. The one thing I will say about the painting is Christ does not look so white as most paintings of him. Can anyone verify that David O McKay actually made such a statement?
  7. A venue refuses to rent their facility to an inter racial couple because of their "closely held religious beliefs" Citing ‘Christian Belief,’ Mississippi Event Hall Refuses Service To Interracial Couple And so it continues....
  8. I personally am at the far end of not wanting a gun. But in all fairness a general authority is at a much higher risk of being a target than a regular member. They might not be recognized walking down the street for the general public. But if someone wanted to attack the Church shooting a high profile leader would be a possibility. And a person wanting to do that would know who their target was. So yeah. There is a difference
  9. If the clerk insists on women covering their heads before he will do business with them, can the employer fire the worker for their personally held religious beliefs?
  10. If the clerk insists on women covering their heads before he will do business with them, can the employer fire the worker for their personally held religious beliefs?
  11. I think they might be asking if a person has the "personally held religious belief" that women should have their heads covered, should a woman be compelled to cover her head before the clerk at the store is willing to ring her up?
  12. Not everything someone bakes is a work of art. Sometimes it is just a generic cake
  13. Except we have been talking about a totally generic wedding cake, with no speech or topper on it, not specifically about any one case. I at least never brought up Philips. I wanted to know how far this “personally held religious beliefs” extended. I have in fact stated that speech should not be forced. (See answer to Provo) I do believe that a person should not be compelled on issues of speech.
  14. Just what public accommodation law in the entire country wouldn't be trumped by"personally held religious belief"? What employment laws or housing laws in the entire country wouldn't "personally held religious beliefs" not be able to trump? What laws regarding medical treatment of individuals could not be trumped by "personally held religious beliefs"? Or what about this guy who refuses to use his Social Security number "because of personally held religious beliefs" Or how about these guys who work in a health care facility. but refuse to have a flu shot "because of personally held public beliefs" Or how about this guy who refused to cut his hair "because of "closely held religious beliefs"
  15. Not sure why this is directed at me I wasn’t the one that said discrimination is a good thing I thought the church was past that kind of thinking Evidently not. There seems to be plenty of members that still support discrimination Actually the person I was responding to said exactly that No. I am saying that legalizing discrimination is a two edge sword When you legalize discrimination you don’t control who gets discriminated against But when you make discrimination legal that is exactly what can happen I should have never waded into this thread. I should know by now that members of the Church believe religious beliefs trump all other laws of the land and gives them license to behave any way they want. I will leave you to your religious certainty of superiority over anyone else’s beliefs
  16. The exact type of member of the Church that is justifying discrimination as being a good thing. I just don't think the majority of people in the world agree with this idea. If discrimination is a good thing, maybe the Church should bring back banning blacks from the priesthood. That worked out so well.
  17. I do believe that a person should not be compelled on issues of speech. I just don't think a generic wedding cake that has no speech on it should still be considered speech. Like I said, where does that line end? Is a sandwich a work of art and should be considered speech? Is a floral arrangement a political statement? In any event, the courts will make their decision. And if they rule contrary to what I believe to be a just ruling, these things have a way of working themselves out over time. If the Supreme Court does make discrimination legal due to personal beliefs, people will start to come up with all types of scenarios to justify discrimination in the market place even against religion. "Christians" that justify discrimination because of religious beliefs will only push more people away from religion. It is a spiral that has already begun.
  18. Well hey, if you believe that Christianity is thriving and more and more people are being attracted to organized religion because of its embracing and support of discrimination, then hey, who am I to convince you otherwise. I will just step aside and watch.
  19. Thanks for posting this. I found it fascinating to read how Jews have managed to figure out a way to walk more steps on the sabbath. The Jews definitely have stricter food rules than members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But given the WoW and how much it has expanded to include countless items of what is not allowed, certainly the concept is very similar. What started out as a guideline for smart health has turned into a litany of items that have been added since the original words of wisdom. I am willing to admit that the Jews have more rules and regulations than members of the Church. But certainly the principle of having a whole laundry list of do's and don't is present in both religions. Not dating until you reach the age of 16. Not watching R rated movies. The type of music you listen to. Whether you can have a tattoo or not. How many piercings, Whether your shoulders show. How long your shorts and dresses can be. No gambling or playing the lottery. No ponography. No same sex dating. No same sex marriage. 10% tithing. Serve a mission. Fast once a month. Discourages inter racial marriages. What activities are appropriate for Sunday. Have a year's supply. What your neckline looks like. And then there are all the rules that Church colleges impose such as no beards. No long hair. Spy on your fellow students and report them if you see any violation. If you look at the link you sent on Mitzvoth, most of those commandments listed apply to both religions. It is still safe to say IMO that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints still has a slew of rules and regulations that they expect the member to follow. The Church's view of God is certainly one of a helicopter father. It would be really hard to not agree with that.
  20. In your opinion. One I don't share. It would be an interesting exercise to list all the rules the Pharisees had the Jews following and a list of all the rules Church leaders have proclaimed and see which one is longer. So here is a challenge. If you list all the things the Pharisees did to control the behavior of the Jews not found in the scriptures, I will list all the things Church leaders have done to control members behavior not found in scriptures. We can see which one is longer. Maybe you will prove me wrong.
  21. I do sell art in galleries. Maybe I am weird, but the art I create is almost a driving need to create. Personally, I don't care what someone does with one of my pieces once I create it. I barely care if it sells. That is not why I do my art. Maybe if I thought I was going to run out of creative ideas, I would feel differently. But once I create a piece, I am done with it. I am anxious to create the next, which I always believe is going to be better than the last. If every single piece of art I ever created was destroyed, I would still look to creating the next piece that would be better than anything I have ever created before. It is a consuming drive to always have something more important to say and to say it better. I don't speak for all artists, of course. Maybe your point would apply to someone else. But that is how I would personally feel. I would probably feel the same if I was a baker. If someone asked me to bake them a wedding cake for a straight marriage, I would look at it only as an opportunity to do something I had never done before and it would be better than any cake I had ever made before. I would not care one bit who ate it. It is not some sacred work of art between me and God. What I would hope most for the customer to see is the love that went into it. Maybe you should have asked someone else. I am sure others feel differently about art.
  22. So let's not serve sandwiches to blacks at the counter. Each sandwich is a work of art. Or let's just admit that you don't have a problem with discrimination.
  23. This is a pretty insulting post. You know darn good and well, this is not the kind of discrimination we are talking about. If you don't want to answer the question then fine, don't. But at least let's see some integrity from you.
  24. Personally, I don't think a baker has any rights to what happens to his cake after it leaves their shop. When you go to a grocery store, does the clerk worry about what you are going to do with the tomato you buy? Or a shoe store worry about where you are going to wear their shoes?
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