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    I like to listen to others that share different beliefs than me. I try to respect those differences, but will also challenge those beliefs to sort out truth from dogma. I feel that people have often let religious dogma overshadow the basic message of Christ. I adhere to simple truths. Love God, love others, let God judge and worry about my own faults.

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  1. Should BYU Drop its Football Program?

    You got to be kidding me. How does bombing another country, killing more young soldiers actually solve the problem?
  2. Should BYU Drop its Football Program?

    I f that was what war was about, then you might have a point. Can you tell me how our religion, and freedom and our peace our wives and our children were in danger that was solved by the Vietnam war? or the war in Iraq? Or the people of Pakistan? I have heard the platitudes. I have yet to hear what they are based upon. None of those countries were attacking any of what was written on the flag of liberty.
  3. Should BYU Drop its Football Program?

    No I don't. But I am interested in how she feels about it.
  4. You will have to ask Robert as I did. I was asking him his view on the subject.
  5. That wasn't the question was it. The question was about whether the portrayal of the missionaries as being a bit naive. Pointing out that missionaries have a very similar view of new missionaries is a valid point in this particular discussion. That is what I was addressing.
  6. Should BYU Drop its Football Program?

    You have a lot more confidence in the value of war than I do. I have yet to see a war fought by the United States that I would be willing to have my son even participate in. It is the motivation behind the risk that matters to me as well. Death is a pretty big risk. And the lives of thousands is a pretty big reality. And just who is being helped? Is Vietnam better off today because of all of those that are now dead? Is Iraq better off because of all those that are now dead? Tell that to all the mothers who have lost their children to the glories of war. Ask them if it is worth the cost. Football injury vs death, maimed bodies, children dying, homes destroyed, And you think getting rid of football is a better idea than getting rid of the ROTC? For me, not such a big decision. I will gladly watch a football game any day than see coffins draped in American flags coming off of transporter planes.
  7. Should BYU Drop its Football Program?

    So are you saying that every war the U.S. had fought in your lifetime you would be ok with your son dying for? If not, what wars in your lifetime has been worth the sacrifice of your sons life?
  8. Should BYU Drop its Football Program?

    But we are talking about the risk factors of BYU sponsored activities
  9. Should BYU Drop its Football Program?

    So what war in your lifetime are you willing to loose your son over? Do you think it is Nobel killing some other mothers son? This is the reality of war. Not so Nobel in my opinion
  10. Well there evidently one group that revelation is flowing constantly over. 3 revelations in the last 2 years alone. I feel so special.
  11. Should BYU Drop its Football Program?

    So I am curious. What war in your lifetime would you give the life of your son for to defend our country? Do you think it is nobel killing other mothers sons? This is what’s war is about. Not so nobel in my opinion
  12. I also find this supposed conceit condemnation of the BoM play to be casting stones at glass houses. Mormon themselves make fun of the same qualities that is being condemned by this thread. Anyone ever heard of the derogatory term "greenie" applied to a new missionary? Not really a word associated with sophication and intellectual preparedness. I certainly didn't enter the mission field filled with wisdom and understanding. I have certainly seen my share of stupid things from missionaries, especially those new to their mission. I have also seen my share of missionaries who think they know everything and this new wet behind the ears companion right off the farm has no idea how to connect with people, only to find out that perhaps his way of doing things differently than has been done in the past might be a better approach. Of course those that are most criticizing this play have not seen it, so they. have no idea what I am talking about. Vulgar? Yes. Misrepresenting missionaries? Not so much.
  13. So what does receiving a revelation from God mean? What are the members of the church suppose to do when they hear the brethren have received a revelation? Has it just become a term church leaders use to prop up the importance of the decisions they have made? And if so, how shameful is that.
  14. Should BYU Drop its Football Program?

    See my response to Bluebell. Maybe you can justify the killing of thousands upon thousands of lives but balk at sport injuries. I can not.
  15. Should BYU Drop its Football Program?

    I find little justification in the Plan of Salvation that justifies war. We spend billions upon billions of dollars and taking thousands upon thousands of lives with this game of war. How many mothers have lost their sons to war. How many wives have lost their husbands. How many children have lost their husbands. How many innocent lives have been taken simply because they were in the wrong place. And for what? Yet BYU and church leaders glory in the training of teenagers to teach them how to kill. While worrying about injuries from playing sports. For some reason mankind has decided that war is justified and even noble. I do not. What would happen if instead of the mass destruction the entire power of the world only focused on any leader that declares war. Hunt them down. Pursue that individual until there is no place for them to hide. I think that would be the end of this stupid killing and destroying of families, of lives that never got their fair shot at the experience of earth. No, I most definitely do not think that playing a game is the same as training young men to kill other humans. Defending our country is only the justification. Name one war in your lifetime that was fought defending our actual country. Which is far different than defending our economic interests and maintaining our political control over others. And justify to me why anyone except the leader that declares war should be hunted down and killed. Because history has shown over and over again, that when the leader dies, the war usually ends shortly.