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    I like to listen to others that share different beliefs than me. I try to respect those differences, but will also challenge those beliefs to sort out truth from dogma. I feel that people have often let religious dogma overshadow the basic message of Christ. I adhere to simple truths. Love God, love others, let God judge and worry about my own faults.

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  1. So minor? A tempest in a teapot? You haven't had to live thorough one of their blunders.
  2. You honestly can't see the difference in unwieldiness between Seventh Day Adventists and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? There is a reason why one works and the other one doesn't
  3. If you say "The Church" in Italy, everyone assumes you are referring to the Catholic Church. Things are a bit different outside of Utah. Few people know what LDS means. No one knows what "the Church of Jesus Christ" refers to. This is all going to fade away after President Nelson leaves office. Not because he doesn't have a valid point, but because the name of the Church is unworkable in so many instances. The AP will go back to using the full name of the Church in its first usage and then Mormon after that. When the Church can't provide workable usages such as Mormonism, or what to call members, then what do Church leaders expect will happen? I think the moderators of this web site along with all the other "Mormon" websites using that name agree. You can't just magically take out the word Mormon and slip in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Ask Prince how his symbol worked out. It was just as unworkable. How about the church formally known as the Mormon church.
  4. I would say what the Church now says "Marriage is not therapy." Too bad they didn't start with hat advice before pushing thousands of gay men into marriages they never should have entered into.
  5. I love it. I wonder how everyone on this board would feel if we changed the way we address members every time and used that phrase? Surely there would be no offense.
  6. Sad that the Church wants to decide for themselves what others want to be called. It just makes the divide between the two groups even wider. And what is gained other than some word game. It doesn't change their orientation. It just causes resentment. I guess it goes along with the other policies the Church institutes against gays. I always wonder, what next.
  7. Whatever. For a Church that strongly wants to be called a certain way, that is obviously not a two way street of respect. And yet I did. Yeah well, I had a very similar thought process when I followed that counsel along with thousands of other gay men. I gave them a presumption of good faith. I gave them the benefit of a doubt. We are still seeing the fallout of such thinking. In other words, I think your thinking on this issue can lead to so much sadness, heartache, and unhappiness that I would never, ever, again make the assumptions you now still make. When the actual testing of your theory goes into the reality of decisions made giving the assumptions you advocate, what follows is so tragic, your assumptions need to be rethought. I stand as a witness against everything you are advocating. If this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then it is severely flawed.
  8. You seem to have all of this figured out. I wonder though how the practical application of all of this works in your mind. Let me ask you a simple question. if you were gay and you went to church leaders to ask them what you should do, and they told you that if you just marry a woman, you will become straight and no long be gay. You ask them if this is their opinion and they say no, it is the will of God. What would you do? Remember the implications of what this decision will mean in your life. Use your above rational to show me what points would lead you to the right decision.
  9. Or don't always look to the Federal Government to solve state problems would be a little more accurate. This last one is interesting. Even when the people of Utah cast a ballot on a measure the Church does not support, when the Church looses an election they STILL try to get the people of Utah to submit to their will by finding an excuse to not implement the LAW. Why am I so thrilled to not be living in the church controlled state of Utah.
  10. Wow. This says a lot. You had to go back 100 years to find a dream that was finally canonized. And the other, correcting an error that happened over 150 years ago that every prophet supported as a revelation from God since BY. I don't know what to say.
  11. I agree. ^this^ When I was a young missionary, I had a pamphlet with a picture of David O McKay on the cover. I would knock on the door and ask the person if they knew who this man was. Then I would tell them, he claims to be a prophet of God, just like Moses, just like Abraham, but living in our day. He communes with God and guides God's Church on earth. I was in love with the idea of such a claim. Such a man living amongst us. Until I found out that while the claim was made, actual results of that claim didn't bear out. They may claim to speak for God, but, I found out that what they promised me in the name of God was just their opinion. Things started to unravel for me in a big way. What else have they said came from God but ended up being just their opinion. Did polygamy come from God, or was that just their opinion. Was the Hill Cumorah. located in Northern New York? Or was that just their opinion. Were the American Indians Lamonites, or was that just their opinion. Did Joseph Smith translate the Book of Abraham from scrolls written by the hand of Abraham himself? Or was that just their opinion. Is God offended when we use the name Mormon? Or is that just their opinion. Does God care if I drink coffee occasionally? Or is that just their opinion. Should I never look for love while on this mortal earth? Or is that just their opinion. I guess this is what SMAC refers to as "cascading crisis". My shift away from believing the words of those claiming to speak for God to trusting God Himself to guide me has been life changing. I believe Happy Jack is right. It was a necessary step to spiritual progression for me. I met David O McKay briefly at the dedication of the Oakland Temple. A kind and gentle man. One filled with much love and wisdom. Was he a prophet of God as the Church claimed? Well the Priesthood Ban was still in affect after he died. I couldn't actually point to anything he ever said that would indicate he was nothing more than a man, leading a church.
  12. Do you think the president of the Church has ever acted as a Prophet in your lifetime? If so, can you list 3 or 4 times and what they were about? Or is this all just theory?
  13. I think the point is, if the majority of states make medical marijuana legal even if the federal government does not, seems like a flimsy excuse. Someone just doesn't want medical marijuana legal in Utah and is trying to use the federal government as an excuse.
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