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    I like to listen to others that share different beliefs than me. I try to respect those differences, but will also challenge those beliefs to sort out truth from dogma. I feel that people have often let religious dogma overshadow the basic message of Christ. I adhere to simple truths. Love God, love others, let God judge and worry about my own faults.

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  1. First Amendment protects God-given moral agency

    Yet another photographer has lost the right to discriminate against gay couples The bold is mine. I hope this adds some clarity to this discussion. To my knowledge I don't think a single one of these "right todiscriminate" cases have won in any court in the country.
  2. BYU Caffeine is APPROVED - Breaking news!

    Did you know that the name Mountain Dew is slang for moonshine?
  3. First Amendment protects God-given moral agency

    I am pretty sure there are a lot of bakeries that do just fine not making wedding cakes. And besides, it was the bakers choice to not sell wedding cakes. He could have just quit discriminating and started treating people in a more Christ like manner.
  4. First Amendment protects God-given moral agency

    Refusing to sell a cake to a gay couple is not going to do anything to "preserve the traditional family." Perhaps calling those that divorce apostates and refusing to baptizing their children would have a much bigger impact on keeping traditional families together.
  5. First Amendment protects God-given moral agency

    Great explanation. Unfortunately this has been explained to Scott time and time again. He knows by now how the public accommodation laws work in this country. Scott doesn't have much of an argument to make. So he writes these kinds of posts knowing full well what he is doing is a distortion of the way the law works. There is really no logical reason for a baker to not sell a wedding cake to every customer that walks in the door. I can't think of another business open to the public that wants to continue to control the product that they sell once it leaves the store. Can you imagine a grocer deciding if they should sell you bread on the basis of what you are going to use that bread for? What if they are Evangelic. Would they want their bread used for sacrament in a Mormon church? Or a shoe shop deciding on whether they should sell you their shoes based on where you are going to walk in them.
  6. The Church is growing so fast...

    I don't find polygamy to be that controversial either. I don't think it is a great idea, but I don't find it all that disturbing that it gets practiced in different parts of the world. Like I said, it is more the way the church has handled it. I don't like distorting things just because you can.
  7. BYU Caffeine is APPROVED - Breaking news!

    Now the next line to be crossed is letting the students drink caffeinated beverages in public.
  8. CNN article on Mormon dating issues

    Got it. I thought i was reading that wrong.
  9. The Church is growing so fast...

    I can understand not everyone is interested in history, but aren't you interested in whether the church is being honest about what happened? For me, it is not the history that is the problem, it is the covering up. The white washing. It shows a lack of integrity, which seems to be pretty important if you are a church that constantly expects its members to be honest and live with integrity.
  10. The Church is growing so fast...

    The message I am hearing is that the church is embarrassed that polygamy was such a central element in the early days of the church. By saying a few rather than 30, they are trying to spin it as if it is no big deal. Did anyone mention that some wives were as young as 14 and some were married to other husbands? Is this going to be yet again, another claim that polygamy was taught but no one remembers the facts? (because the facts never were stated). And then blame members for not knowing? It seems like the same cycle is occurring, just leaking out as much as they think they have to tell the members without being fully honest about it. Sometimes the church is it's own worse enemy.
  11. First Amendment protects God-given moral agency

    So you think that it is ok for religion to have a sense of entitlement when it comes to expecting a tax exemption but for someone who thinks they are entitled to not be discriminated against, then they are mistaken?? How do you navigate through this? I think it is perfectly acceptable to start to question the tax exempt entitlement religion has decided it deserves when religion starts to assault people's right to not be discriminated against, which is also in the Constitution. Religion has never had the right to discriminate against someone when it comes to public accommodation laws. This is a new right they are trying to establish. The more I hear your arguments and the church's arguments pushing for this right, the less I am inclined to think the Supreme Court will rule in favor of the baker. They don't have much of a case. And relying on the artistic merits of frosting when no special frosting was asked for seems to be a bit flimsy. The ramifications for allowing discrimination based on personal feelings is just way too big of door to open against all of those protected classes. It would effectively wipe out all the discrimination laws instituted 50 years ago. And something that the Supreme Court already ruled were constitutional.
  12. I think it is totally worth the money. Now the church has control of this important manuscript and can perhaps better safeguard it for future generations. What is 35 million to the church. Cheaper than a shopping mall.
  13. First Amendment protects God-given moral agency

    I didn't say anything about me wanting to eliminate church tax exemptions. This is what I really asked.
  14. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    Can you honestly say this is the first time you have heard or experienced someone hijacking a Fast and Testimony meeting? I don't support what the 12 year old did. I think it was inappropriate for a Fast and Testimony meeting. But I also don't support people dumping all over her and claiming that they know the motives for what she did and they know she was involved in some master plot to embarrass the church. The church seems to do a pretty good job of doing that all by themselves. Nor do I support the idea that what this 12 year old girl was such an act of apostasy she should be demeaned further by those who were not there and don't know anything about her. You have castigated her long enough. It is not some gay masterplan to take over the Mormon church. No one is sending in 12 year olds to infuse the youth with rainbows. She is 12 years old for heavens sake. Take a breath for just one second and ponder for a moment what Christ might do. How He would treat this young girl. And furthermore, I had nothing to do with it. So I have no idea what you are talking about when you say I have virtually unlimited fora on the outside.
  15. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    I love these accusations of a publicity stunt. The 12 year old did write out what she wanted to say. And she did ask her friends to tape it so that she could show it to her other friends in the LGBT club. But she did not have control on how the church leader would freak out, cut the mike and ask her to sit down. What if she had continued to say that she planned to have a happy and productive life even if she was gay? That would definitely collapse the entire meeting into a whirlwind of apostasy. All kidding aside, I think it was pretty predictable how the church leaders would react given their attitude towards gays and perhaps it was a publicity stunt to record exactly what the reaction would be. But wouldn't the publicity be the same for both groups? Didn't the church get to show how it is going to handle anyone else who might think it is a good idea to announce they are gay in Fast and Testimony meeting?