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  1. Topic: In which ways did the Nephites sin? Why is it , when they fell, so did everything other nearby civilization? How does that relate to us now?
  2. I'm actually grateful for it. Right along with Christopher Hitchens. Even South Park! Nothing has made it clear that those of faith had to step up their explanations and rebuttals, which were notoriously weak at the time.
  3. Yeah, I've been busy as heck. Good response though. I think we are on the same page.
  4. I would say I have only ever heard of this in deeply entrenched LDS communities. Sure, people are always cautious of who their kids hang with, but it doesn't go as over the top.
  5. The key word here is "some". I am sure there are kids that are great. Never said that there weren't. And these are the kids that should be going. Not the others on the fence or who are doing it only because of pressure. Those numbers are not small.
  6. Too many of these kids are making this commitment without truly being committed. But what do you expect from a 18 year old-ish kid? That's the simple answer.
  7. A lot of this seems to be talking about what is legal and lawful, not about what is right. I know we want to protect this idea of priest/penitent privilegie, but what good is it if it harms people? People can repent in a jail cell. As sinners, we are to make restitution for what we have done, if we can. Some crimes are just paid for by time in jail.
  8. I would say the perfect answer comes from the Laminates that were so converted that they buried their weapons and refused to even defend themselves rather than shed the blood of anyone...and the enemies weren't even of the church.
  9. You are right. There probably is a risk of desensitization from over saturation. Erring on the side of aggression is better here though I think.
  10. The reason there are 70+ videos is just like having so many talks at General Conference. No one really captures everything that was said...it's too much. However, throughout all the styles and stories, one or two will reach you. With pornography being such a problem, it is important that we reach those who wish to recover. We gotta throw a million dodgeballs at it. Anyone can dodge one.
  11. I think returning to sin, in this case, is akin to "going back to your old ways" and not a strand of hiccups. It is not about sinning because someone is weak at times. It about starting to abandon the light on a consistent basis because they are starting to give up as if it doesn;t matter anymore.
  12. Tenth, I understand what you are saying. But consider this; The church is playing the long game... The emphasis on spending (or in this case, saving) is when the world finally goes kaput. Imagine the world in Revelation looking like something out of any dystopian sci-fi film. The world will be a wild place and I think that the church is gearing up for that world. In other words, think of the church's stance of self-sufficiency, only instead of on a personal level, think of it on a global scale for an organization. I would say not only is the church playing the long game...it is looking at the big picture too.
  13. The first question would be if she is generally a good person in other ways past her toxicity; I've known many people that are pretty decent past the way they treat people sometimes. Why this is important leads us to Gospel Principles; Most people that I have ever found to be toxic, do so as a defense mechanism to things that have happened to them in their past. The righteous are at rest from their troubles, which should mean her soul may be healed (and even understand why she acted that way) to the point where you may not even recognize her attitude. Also, for you to see her in Paradise or the Celestial Kingdom, you have to forgive her anyway. I don't say that lightly, I've had to forgive loved ones myself knowing how they screwed me up. Isn't an easy process, but healing happens when you put effort into understanding. BTW, I would say now would be a better time to learn forgiveness than waiting for the Celestial Kingdom. Like I said, not going to be easy. You are going to have to shelf some heavy items. Just go at it a little at a time.
  14. I think the pain that he suffered is symbolic of the spiritual and mental pain of despair and hopelessness of every living being that existed, which could be considered worse. I mean, something that makes you bleed from every pore unforced is bound to be pretty bad. Also, the fact that Gethsemane was they part where he actually made the decision to go through with it all. I imagine he was pretty resigned with everything else from that point. Certainly not to take away anything from the action on the cross. Actually, it's the follow through on the decision. How many of us make a decision to be better, just to weaken later or when the test finally arrives?
  15. Consider why you are asking us for? All you are going to get is other's peoples opinions on something that is between you and God. Don't use someone else's barometer for your personal connection with the Holy Spirit. (Not that anyone is trying to steer you wrong...)
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