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  1. They work just like families in this life with knowledge and compassion squared.
  2. It's ok right now. One day at a time. I'm not depressed just tired but I still have work to do so I'll suck it up and carry on. Thanks for your concern.
  3. Thanks, we are doing alright. We are sailing out of Stockton, CA this September. I'm trying to finish 2 boats and get my own boat ready to sail. We don't know where we are going except we will turn left going out the Golden Gate and go south until the butter melts. Then when it's hurricane season we have to be back north. So our boat has to be sea ready 24/7
  4. I think about committing suicide quite frequently. The main thing that keeps me from doing it are the teachings of the church. knowing that I would have to face my parents, God, my inlaws, relatives etc is the one thing that keeps me from doing it. I attempted suicide when I was 19 and in fact I did die but for a short period. I was not a member of the Church at the time but I got a good look at the outer Darkness. It's very lonely there.
  5. Knoxville Tennessee is lying.
  6. And I apologize for the members of my church who actually believe this.
  7. rodheadlee

    Varying Valiantness of Plants and Animals?

    Sorry to get back to the OP, does this mean my boat has a soul? A couple of Teak trees gave up their lives so that we may have a home? A dinosaur probably gave its life to that we might have a home. Perhaps one of you chemist can tell me what grp is made out of? All of our boats are female, we are pretty sure they have a spirit.
  8. rodheadlee

    The Church has $32 Billion in the Stock Market

    For how long? How long did he save their lives for? A year? 10 years? 50 years? We save their lives for all eternity.
  9. rodheadlee

    Joseph F. Smith and the End of Tithing

    It makes me feel like I am a part of something great.
  10. rodheadlee

    The Church has $32 Billion in the Stock Market

    Very Cool, that makes me happy.
  11. rodheadlee

    1st Pres. and NAACP

    You are confusing is with was. It was a sign of a curse but no longer is. See the difference.?
  12. rodheadlee

    No charges to be filed for LDS judge

    Because 2 liars can put grandpa away for 15 years with no evidence what so ever except their word.
  13. This thread reminds me of this song.
  14. rodheadlee

    New 4 volume history "transparent, honest, faithful"

    My behavior has already been modified.