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  1. rodheadlee


    To me it means that God placed Adam on Earth 7000 years ago. We are Sons and Daughters of Adam and Eve. It doesn't mean no one was here on Earth when God placed them here. PS it seems like I read somewhere that Joseph Smith thought the world was 4.5 billion years old. Does anybody else have knowledge of this?
  2. rodheadlee

    Life span on the decline.

    What to do? In my opinion it starts by treating the homeless and the poor like human beings. On a one-to-one basis look them in the eye have a conversation don't just hand out a dollar and move on. We have done a lot of cruising in our sailboat and in the USA we get along better with the homeless then with the locals. All the institutional help is a great thing but getting personal helps too. In my humble opinion.
  3. rodheadlee

    Sam Young’s Next Actio

    I'm sorry i can't get past the first paragraph.Next Big Act is more like it.
  4. rodheadlee

    Bill Reel Invited to Disciplinary Council

    I've been on this board for around 10 years, I've read plenty of his words and watched his disconnection unfold. I like Bill, there was a time I wished he was my bishop because i knew he would have given me a temple rec in spite of my failure to quit smoking. Perhaps you can respond to Nehor's comments on Bill's questions here http://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/71271-bill-reel-invited-to-disciplinary-council/?page=17 you'll have to scroll down a bit, I'm a bit of a barbarian with a computer. Now I have to go move my boat to it's new slip, perhaps you can pray for me not to hit other boats or ram the docks with mine, the tide is wicked here.
  5. rodheadlee

    Bill Reel Invited to Disciplinary Council

    I'm sorry I said anything I really don't have time do any study right now. I spend my whole day crying to Heavenly Father to help me with my life. To help my friends whose brother has passed away and to help the homeless that are around me. I made that post sitting on a bus stop in a foreign country that I'm forced to live in because of rules and regulations in my home country. Do not choose to live on a boat with two cats you will never find a place to keep your boat. Then I find out I'm sitting at the wrong bus stop but it's too late in the day to change buses. I had a really good rant post made up and the internet ate it . So I'm tired and I'm going to bed. The one thing I don't understand is how all of you folks have so much time for dissension. And yes you know who I mean.
  6. rodheadlee

    Bill Reel Invited to Disciplinary Council

    Any particular article you want me to read?
  7. rodheadlee

    Bill Reel Invited to Disciplinary Council

    I modified my statement just so I don't have to listen to a podcast. That's still my opinion it's just his opinion I don't have to modify my opinion. If Bill has something important to say perhaps he could write it down
  8. rodheadlee

    Bill Reel Invited to Disciplinary Council

    No matter what's on his podcast they are from Bill's point of view from his reality. If I were to view them and argue them they would be from my point of view and my reality to me it's a pointless waste of time.
  9. rodheadlee

    Bill Reel Invited to Disciplinary Council

    The problem is it's not his place to do so. The prophet and apostles do not fall under his stewardship.
  10. No, I don't think so. But the problem is it's not very descriptive of what the Church is. I grew up Holiday Protestant and had traveled with my family through Utah several times on our way to Montana from So Cali. and I had no clue what the Church really was until I went to an exhibit at the World's fair in Spokane, Wa.
  11. rodheadlee

    I need some more prayers

    I want to give you an update on Benny. He still limps but he has a happy disposition and he goes around with his tail up now. And he has gotten somewhat better. I think he'll do better when we get our slip in Mexico. Thank you all for your prayers.
  12. rodheadlee

    LDS Personal Faith Crisis- 2013 study

    I think the whole history thing is over blown. What you do right now is tomorrow's history. Oh yeah from whose point of view? Hope for Things ?, Calm? Me? I love that Chinese proverb - History is a handmaiden, you can dress her up any way you like.
  13. rodheadlee

    NDEs and no singularly true faith

    I've told the story here before. I was 19 years old and I committed suicide. I was not a member of the church. I wasn't even aware of its existence. Upon reflection where I went was the outer Darkness. I was the only one there and I thought I would be all alone for all eternity. I got a second chance and I'm trying to make the most of it. I'm stuck at quitting smoking because I can't quit smoking I cannot progress any further then the aaronic priesthood that I now hold. Which means I can't be sealed to my wife yet. So it's true what they say a smoking stunt your growth.
  14. rodheadlee

    NDEs and no singularly true faith

    Just 1.
  15. rodheadlee

    Bill Reel Invited to Disciplinary Council

    Why does that matter?