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  1. What keeps you from doing service?

    Just strike up a conversation with him. They like to be treated like people, not invisible. Give him your old clothes , they freeze in the winter. Give him a couple of bucks. You used to be able to shower at a truck stop for 3 bucks, I heard it's up to 12. When I was younger I would bring them home and offer them a job.
  2. Northern California Fires

    Praying for rain.
  3. Northern California Fires

    How large is the family? Do they have a place to stay?
  4. Northern California Fires

    19 O Lord, to thee will I cry: for the afire hath devoured the pastures of the wilderness, and the flame hath burned all the trees of the field. 20 The abeasts of the field cry also unto thee: for the rivers of waters are dried up, and the fire hath devoured the pastures of the wilderness
  5. Las Vegas shooting

    Thanks for posting that. I tried to buy tickets to that show and they were sold out. We saw Jason Aldean Friday night in Wheatland, CA. my prayers go out to the whole Aldean Army.. They are an Army of farmers.
  6. Unique Circumstances in Filling Apostle Vacancy

    Ok, I was just checking.
  7. Unique Circumstances in Filling Apostle Vacancy

    Jesus Christ's
  8. Sports are supposed to teach discipline and teamwork. In football the 11 become one. There is no I in team.
  9. Step off of the ledge, let Him catch you. The next time you'll know he will catch you. I don't think your post was a rant.
  10. It can't be the end of the world I have tickets for Jason Aldean on September 29th.
  11. Secret Combinations

    The drug cartels of Mexico and El Salvador fit perfectly.
  12. Ethics, A.I and sexual orientation

    I doubt it. My gaydar works pretty good.
  13. Come on everybody Pray for Irma

    Thank you to everybody that prayed with me. All my friends and family are safe. To the best of my knowledge no one had their home destroyed. Some of them I haven't been in touch with yet.