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  1. rodheadlee

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    LostinDC ask for scripture about a middleman so I gave it to him
  2. rodheadlee

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    D&C 42:80 80 And if any man or woman shall commit aadultery, he or she shall be tried before two elders of the church, or more, and every word shall be established against him or her by two bwitnesses of the church, and not of the enemy; but if there are more than two witnesses it is better. 81 But he or she shall be condemned by the mouth of two witnesses; and the elders shall lay the case before the achurch, and the church shall lift up their hands against him or her, that they may be dealt with according to the blaw of God. 82 And if it can be, it is necessary that the abishop be present also. 83 And thus ye shall do in all cases which shall come before you.
  3. rodheadlee

    The "Heartland Theory" (?)

    North America runs all the way down to the Guatemalan border and includes all of Mexico.
  4. rodheadlee

    Here We Go Again

  5. rodheadlee

    1 Hour with the 1st Presidency

    Bernie Sanders is 76 Hillary Clinton is 70 these people could have been your president of the entire nation, the president is 72 years old.
  6. rodheadlee

    Bill Reel announces he faces impending Bishop's Court

    We reap what we sow.
  7. rodheadlee

    Free Tacenda

    Has anyone ever been removed from limited status? I think Tacenda has been a good girl and it's time to remove her from that status.
  8. rodheadlee

    Ammon Bundy, socialists in the church?

    one point for you Tacenda.
  9. rodheadlee

    Sacrament shooting

    Matthew 10: 28 And afear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather bfear him which is able to cdestroy both dsoul and body in ehell.
  10. rodheadlee

    Sacrament shooting

    You're not serious, I hope. What kind of statement is that?
  11. rodheadlee

    The Devil controls the water?

    I don't know why but the veil is very thin in the sea of Cortez. She can be a mean Sea to those who are not prepared and do not sail with the Lord.
  12. rodheadlee

    The Church and Social Justice

    That already happened back in the 1980s. It's come full circle and they want the same money everyone else gets.
  13. rodheadlee

    The Church and Social Justice

    Like being a carpenter, plumber etc. there are many decent paying jobs out there for those willing to put their phones and computers down long enough to learn a trade.
  14. My last trip to Mexico (April 2018) included a trip to the Port Captain, Immigration, customs and the Mexican army came aboard our vessel to inspect for drugs, guns and people. We had to have 4 copies of our passports, previous port papers, and crew lists Then we had to go to the border to get a Temporary Import Permit for the boat.. Then we had to do it all in reverse when we departed even though we we're going to another Mexican port.