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  1. I believe it's due to the prophets of Doom with the climate change people. Look at the protest of school-age children . They demand that something be done now before the Earth gets killed by the previous generation. Every generation blames the one before. There is a group that refuses to have children until climate change is stopped. Instead of protesting and becoming politicians and demanding we fall back our power consumption I wish they would concentrate on becoming scientists and develop solar stations in orbit to beam power down to earth. We could develop fusion reactors among other methods of power generation . I believe there is a sense of hopelessness among the youngest Generations.
  2. Probably get a whole solar system.
  3. I think it means He set them up to be an example on how He treats people.
  4. Lol, have you seen God's face? Me neither. I doubt he is Nordic white too. But I know one thing, that is not the face of God, the eyes are all wrong.
  5. Jesus Christ was not of the local people. His DNA was from God the Father and Mary. I invite you to listen to the Pentatonix Sing Mary Did You Know. I'm sorry I can't post a link.
  6. Thank you so much for supplying this scripture. This says to me that anybody that came here we're brought by the hand of the Lord and there could be many groups from Israel. Perhaps this causes some of the confusion . For me when I speak of where the Book of Mormon took place I mean where Christ appeared in the Americas.
  7. Isn't there scripture in the Book of Mormon that says that everyone sent to the new world was sent by God? I haven't had a chance to look for scripture up but from memory everyone sent here was sent by God and must obey the God of the land to receive the blessings of the land. That's would include the Jaredites the Mulekites the Nephites and the Lamanites among others who may have been sent that we are not aware of.
  8. The group W bench is from the Movie/ album of Alice's Restaurant. It's the bench for weirdos at the draft board during the Vietnam war era.
  9. Just don't be addicted to cigarettes cuz you will be branded. Not only are you not going to get a Temple recommend but they will all move away from you on the group W bench.
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