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  1. End times doom and gloom

    If Christ came in the meridian of time, wouldn't it be about 4000AD when He returns? I do be believe that we are living in the last time but I'm just curious about that saying.
  2. Billy Graham (1918 - 2018)

    I miss Dr Gene Scott. It's because of his teachings that we were ready for our discovery of the Church.
  3. Rob Porter, and Mormonism's #MeToo Moment

    My wife got a black eye playing with our dog when we had one. Every person she worked with blamed it on me even though they had never met me.
  4. Does Baptism Make You a Christian?

    Does wearing an NFL jersey make you an NFL player?
  5. Science sometimes contradicts the Gospel

    Sorry I nipped my post somehow. I'm talking about the whole Sol Solar System. We could probably build a generation ship that could take generations to reach a new earth. We have nuclear submarines, we could have a nuclear powered starship by now.
  6. Science sometimes contradicts the Gospel

    I think the Earth has already been replenished. And we spent all our money on space travel instead of weapons of war we would already have other to spread out onto
  7. The Destruction of God?

    To me that means if there were no opposition to God, there would be no need for a God.
  8. Scientists find massive society

    Where you at in California? I'll loan you the book Mormons Codex. Do they give a location for the new find? I believe they're keeping it secret to keep looters out. But yes to the best of my knowledge Sorensen nails it time and place. Map 10 shows. Zarahemla right in Guatemala.
  9. Scientists find massive society

    That is a false assumption. Perhaps you should look at the maps in Mormon's Codex .Sorenson nails it
  10. 'fess up – who keeps & uses face cards?

    Canasta, International rummy these are the games I played with my in-laws many moons ago, it gave us something to have in common. They are all dead now so I don't play card games.
  11. super blue blood moon on Wed. January 31, 2018

    What it means is the Moon is really really close to the Earth and the Earth is blocking the light of the Sun to the Moon and it looks really really cool as a sunset and sunrise flashes across the face of the Moon.
  12. How was your lesson about Sabbath observance?

    Yeah we have a good morning prayer session before we leave and we usually have a great trip.
  13. How was your lesson about Sabbath observance?

    I frequently Drive 400 miles one way to visit my parents on the Sabbath. I take great pleasure in doing it. I enjoy the drive and I enjoy the visit.