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  1. I was taught by an EV preacher that this was so because these people practiced human sacrifice, child sacrifice . Perhaps Robert Smith could chime in here.
  2. Because it was an in your face revelation. It was proof that God still talks to man. It was the catalyst to re- start the Church of Jesus Christ. As an EV convert it gave me a clear picture of where the United States place was in the end time prophecies This was something that had bothered me for two years while studying the Old Testament I could not figure out where we fit. I'd like to add that I think everyone that was born in the church doesn't understand how it feels to be boxed in with only the Old Testament and the New Testament with no other scriptures. I truly do treasure the Pearl of Great Price, The Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants but the Book of Mormon was the catalyst to bring these others about.
  3. My mistake. I should have read the thread better. I thought they were talking about someone belonging to the Tribe of Benjamin.
  4. Cool story but you left out the whole Barbary Coast Pirates thing. You know where a million-and-a-half Europeans were taken as Slaves by the Ottomans and the Maghrebi. They are the ones that disrupted shipping in the Mediterranean during 16th century.
  5. But that wasn't his point. His point was: was it legal by the constitution for a state to pull out of the union regardless of the reason.
  6. Because it took the Supreme Court to decide an election? Do I have that right?
  7. Thanks for posting I understand your position.
  8. This is what I was trying to figure out. Exactly what part of the Constitution was being voided and how would members of the church save it.
  9. Thank you for that reply. My main question is in what Manner is the Constitution hanging by a thread? I should have stated this in my first post.
  10. Numerous people in the New York Times comments sections have stated that the constitution is hanging by a thread. Could we have a civics class here to explain this and keep politics out of it.
  11. I agree with this but sometimes it's hard to find a good independent mechanic. Make sure they are certified in your type of vehicle. Word of mouth is good if he has a good reputation it will be on the internet reviews. If you have a warranty you may be required to take it to the dealer or one certified by your warranty company. I had 2 BMW dealers misdiagnose a problem 4 times and my independent BMW guy found it the first try.
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