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  1. I need a cheap laptop, stat

    The problem is I don't have a clue what to get. Will windows 10 be compatible with my windows 7 weather program? It's zyGrib. win-6.1.1 I'll use it for weather, internet/banking, a burner is a plus but not necessary. Long battery life and lightweight are pluses. I hate learning new programs.
  2. The First Vision and "Hiding History"

    This thread reminds me of a song.
  3. I talk in tongues when I have a fever. If it gets 2 be 104 or up
  4. Peopling of the Americas by Boat, Not Land

    Yes and all of the people in this thread should look at these currents, particularly the North Pacific Current as regards to crossing the ocean from Japan to the west coast of North America. This is the track that the debris from the last tsunami in Japan .took. The currents further north argue against coastal cruising in an easterly direction.
  5. Peopling of the Americas by Boat, Not Land

    Coastal cruising or island hopping is more dangerous than offshore sailing, there is nothing to run into offshore. The technology is the same unless you're talking sheltered water like the Chesapeake Bay. The big difference between coastal and offshore is the ability to take enough provisions of the voyage or acquire them along the way. i prefer offshore sailing, it's more relaxing.
  6. Should BYU Drop its Football Program?

    Can't modern science develop a helmet that works ?
  7. Gospel Fruit

    The fruit of this board taste wonderful. Many people here were instrumental in my wife winning her first battle with cancer., saving her life.
  8. The parents refusal to obey an Eternal law is preventing these children from coming onto Christ. Not the church.
  9. So hey let's try to change eternal laws because 60k people don't like it. We don't care what God wants, what the will of the Father or Son is.
  10. I chose to be hetrosexual after being molested by a male homosexual at the age of 10. It wasn't a hard decision.
  11. It's interesting that you chose red hair. Do you realize that the tribe of Dan is left out of the 144,000 sealed in Revelation 7? Is God a racist?
  12. What keeps you from doing service?

    Just strike up a conversation with him. They like to be treated like people, not invisible. Give him your old clothes , they freeze in the winter. Give him a couple of bucks. You used to be able to shower at a truck stop for 3 bucks, I heard it's up to 12. When I was younger I would bring them home and offer them a job.
  13. Northern California Fires

    Praying for rain.
  14. Northern California Fires

    How large is the family? Do they have a place to stay?