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  1. I guess it's a cultural thing. When I first came up on the Book of Mormon I never once thought it did not take place in mesoamerica. There was no internet at the time but from my study of various ancient histories I just assumed it took place in mesoamerica. I had been studying the lost 10 tribes with some EVs at the time I discovered the Book of Mormon. I was told that Israel meant governed by God so I looked for a similar situation in the Americas and decided that El Salvador was the Israel of America. Long before I came across this message board I had decided that the Olmec were the jaredites. I also decided that the Nephites and lamanites were among the Mayans. Trying to find Nephites and lamanites among the Mayans would be like trying to find Mormons among Americans.
  2. Thank you for reminding me of that scripture.
  3. Well we have fond memories we had more than enough to tide us over until our bodies are made perfect again.
  4. I have a follow-up visit Tuesday and then they will assign me PT
  5. Thank you for your prayers and comments they always cheer me up.
  6. It can go away as soon as two weeks with no surgery or I could take two years and require surgery.
  7. Being dead isn't so bad it's dying that's a real pain
  8. Everything you say is true. These things keep me somewhat focused. But there can still be no flirting or hope of a physical relationship until after the resurrection and healing.
  9. Haha yes I have one of those hammers. Fortunately the job I am on they appreciate my knowledge. I basically give Carpenter lessons and they roll out my tools and roll them up for me. Thank you for your prayers.
  10. My left shoulder has given up the ability to lift my arm. I think a one armed Carpenter/ captain of small sailboats is pretty useless. If you feel like saying prayers for me I will really appreciate it.
  11. I think you are wrong. I have been celibate for over 10 years due to physical problems with my spouse. There can be no flirting or hope for a physical relationship until the healing of the resurrection. I think each of us thinks our own path is the most difficult and painful.
  12. It gave me the patience to be who I am now.
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