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  1. Earliest Hint of Priesthood Restoration by Angels

    And a quasi-final update: A few doors opened suddenly, and I ended up relocating to a different ward/stake/county the Friday after GC, so didn't encounter the RM again. (You have a PM.)
  2. Is this a Mormon board anymore?

    I second the motion. *Clearly* a troublemaker / boatrocker / habitual thread-derailer.
  3. In defense of the City Creek Center

    And how would Jesus of Nazareth have taught the apostles to feed them? For a day? (Give them a fish?) Or for a lifetime? (Teach them how to fish?) In other words, if he was teaching a congregation to be self-sufficient, they would have bounty - baskets of leftovers...for those less fortunate. That outcome seems much more along the lines of compassion taught in the NT....and elsewhere. Teaching his followers not just to receive...but to also have sufficient to give.
  4. In defense of the City Creek Center

    I do. As I alluded to above with Jesus teaching the disciples effective fishing...partnered with things like this verse: https://www.lds.org/scriptures/nt/john/21.25?lang=eng#p24 Essentially, the NT is like the small plates. Reserved largely for recording spiritual, rather than temporal teachings (assuming one can actually divide the two)...and I have considerable cause to believe that the primitive church taught quite a bit of both...including during Jesus of Nazareth's mortal ministry.
  5. The 17 Threats To The True Church

    ? ? (Perhaps the t-shirt could equally read software engineer...etc.)
  6. Egyptian, Abraham, and Joseph

    ? Yet is that not precisely what happened with reformed Egyptian among the Nephites? And is that not precisely what God was apparently very OK with happening? 32 And now, behold, we have written this record according to our knowledge, in the characters which are called among us the reformed Egyptian, being handed down and altered by us, according to our manner of speech.... 34 But the Lord knoweth...that none other people knoweth our language;...therefore he hath prepared means for the interpretation thereof. Then, if you're comfortable rejecting that notion, perhaps I occasionally post to discomfit the comfortable. ;0) (When no one knows your language, any ideogram *could* mean virtually anything.)
  7. I know almost nothing about Egyptian, or PofGP translation discussions. Just curious whether there's been any discussion in all of that of Abraham perhaps having used/adapted Egyptian similar to how Japanese and Koreans used/use Han/Chinese characters. If so, I would imagine some have already suggested that such a utilization/adaptation might explain some divergences between translations by Egyptologists and Joseph's translation of Abraham. In short, did Abraham himself begin, among his people, a reform of Egyptian writing for Semitic use, a reform continued among his great-grandson Joseph? Two main ancestral prophets of Lehi's people. If so, does that help explain passages such as these? https://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/mosiah/1.2?lang=eng#p1 Are Abraham and Joseph two of the main prophetic "fathers" hereby referred to? (Things like 2 Nephi 3 would suggest so.) Thoughts?
  8. Because their form of writing appears to have been preserved only among the relatively few trained up in the Nephite scribal tradition. Consider the sons of King Benjamin, who, centuries after Nephi, had to be taught the language of their fathers to be able to even read the plates. Very similar to the demise of Tironian notes/shorthand in Europe: Was introduced into Europe contemporary with Hagoth and the stripling warriors, roughly a century after King Benjamin. Was used by scribes in Europe for centuries (although the general European public couldn't discern Tironian). Became a lost art generations ago, with the meaning of many TIronian characters now unknown. You wouldn't know modern shorthand without extensive training. Ditto with reformed Egyptian/Tironian. Fair 'nuf?
  9. The 17 Threats To The True Church

    Is Steve responsible for the "worlds without number" verbiage in the early portions of the film? If so, is he LDS?
  10. Yep. Contemporary with (a few years after) Hagoth's northbound sailing ship(s) that vanished from Nephite history....supposedly.
  11. Book of Abraham Preface is Misleading

    Listening. Retract what?
  12. On further reflection, the law of witnesses suggests the need for at least one more...where they and their neighbors had learned from the lessons/mistakes of the previous generation:
  13. IMNSHO, Nephites were involved with this city/battle/battlefield. There is considerable reason to believe that it was the execution of one of their own, early ringleader among ancient-European freedom fighters, which led to this climactic battle. A battle of 12 Roman legions that Jesus apparently alluded to decades later in Palestine. Could point to several more battlefields where Nephites engaged. But don't see the need. As I recall, the key of history is to learn from the mistakes of the past...so we don't repeat them. Fair 'nuf?
  14. Book of Abraham Preface is Misleading

    Here's a recent comment that mentions Greek references of *kolob**...a language which clearly predates 300 BC. The ancient world, fitting nicely within the window of time you've requested, on various occasions referred to stars (and the like) as God's children/servants. https://www.lds.org/scriptures/ot/job/38.7?lang=eng#p6 https://www.lds.org/scriptures/ot/dan/12.3?lang=eng#p2 See, by way of comparison, the "Metaphorical exegisis" section here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kolob Thoughts?
  15. Book of Abraham Preface is Misleading

    ? I have made no retraction. I stand by every word I have said in this thread. K. Sounds enjoyable, if time/resources/tech access allow. Would you prefer that discussion here in this thread (since such does weigh into the OP's assertion that the BofA preface was somehow misleading)? Or would you prefer a separate thread(s)?