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  1. Traela

    Utah Highest Sex Abuse Rate

    And once again it raises the question, what if it’s the parents who are the abusers?
  2. Traela

    New topic for the next 6 months?

    Yesterday I happened across a memo in Gospel Library (I think under RS Come Follow Me 2018) that said we are to discuss individual and family scripture study on fourthSundays for the rest of the year. Predictable, I suppose, considering how the new curriculum will work.
  3. Traela

    12 New Temples!

    It keeps us awake. My husband's reaction to the announcement: "When I was in Mendoza (early 1980s) church was in a house."
  4. Traela

    Women's Session

    No, some people just like to complain.
  5. Traela

    LDS DOCTRINE VS LDS CULTURE: Prelude to Conference

    The loss of Boy Scouts in North America certainly seems to be part of the change in culture. It's astonishing how many members seem to forget that Scouts is not the activity arm of the Aaronic Priesthood in most of the world. The change in (doing away with?) Personal Progress is part of that, too.
  6. Traela

    Problem with the 2 hour block speculation

    Even if FHE is not officially rebooted, I suspect the new home study manual will morph into an FHE manual for many families.
  7. Traela

    Flushing a Central Line

    Central lines are stressful. You'll get the hang of it, though. Will you have to change the dressing? That's the part I really hated.
  8. Traela

    Emergency Preparedness

    At one point, we had a list of ward members with skills that would be useful in an emergency. First aid obviously, but also things like ham radio and outdoor cooking. I think the list also included those who had alternate heat and power sources and could take people in- our ward boundaries include a trailer park whose residents would be in real trouble quickly if we lost power in the winter.
  9. Actually, Orthodox Christianity is far closer to First Century Christianity than Catholicism.
  10. Traela

    Anyone still watch cartoons?

    I absolutely love the new version of Voltron. Trollhunters is also excellent.
  11. Traela

    Educated...Tara Westover

    No, he's the one who got her into college.
  12. Traela

    Educated...Tara Westover

    Her brother is in my ward. He and his family seem to be on reasonably good terms with her.
  13. Traela

    Death during church activities

    Darby is also known for the girls who died in a freak lightning strike in 1951.
  14. Traela

    Questions about Excommunication

    You have every right to call him out on his behavior, maybe even a responsibility. He's a predator, and will probably do anything he can get away with.
  15. Maybe in your ward, but the current Come Follow Me curriculum is for specified for youth 12-18.