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  1. I know many men (my dh is one) who absolutely do not want to ever be a bishop, but will put their whole heart and soul into the calling should they receive it.
  2. Hopefully he is absolutely thrilled at the idea that he may be disqualified from being a bishop.
  3. Is teaching adults an option? They would probably be more motivated, plus you would have more flexibility with lesson times since you wouldn't have to work around school schedules.
  4. Agreed. I would hate to see the number of weekday meetings cut back. Also, logistically, planning on every week is better. The one thing I hated about doing Activity Days was the "no more than twice a month" mandate. There was constant questioning on whether we had a meeting this week, people were more likely to forget there was a meeting, and anyone who missed a meeting missed a full half, or even all, the meetings for the month. Plus longer-term projects were not feasible because there was too much time between meetings.
  5. There's an old saying, if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day but if you teach him to fish he'll have food every day. Handing out fish is good for short term disasters, but in the long run is expensive, destroys initiative, and can ruin local economies. Wherever and whenever possible, the Church tries to teach its members to fish. It's cheaper and doesn't look like humanitarian work, but it's better in the long run.
  6. Donating to a symphony also is considered charitable giving, if if it doesn't feed a single person. Only looking at humanitarian aid as a measure of what good the Church does is very narrow-minded, IMHO. Tithing covers the overhead for humanitarian and fast offering funds, as well as the Perpetual Education Fund. I assume it in some measure supports TCATS. It covers the materials for self-reliance classes and helps support the Church educational system, which is trying to make higher education available to all members regardless of their income. Both of these are far more beneficial in the long run than just throwing money at people. And it is a church trying to turn its members into the kind of people who go out and good on their own, instead of expect an institution to do it for them.
  7. Their Sunday School teachers need to up their game, then. The SS manual takes discussion of the material in a different direction from the home study manual.
  8. Apples and oranges. Parents who are shacking up can get married. A non-member parent can join the Church. But just like polygamous parents, there is simply no way for a gay couple to adhere to Church standards without breaking up the family.
  9. For miscarriage, the answer seems to be very individual, and possibly based on the age of the fetus. My sister-in-law very strongly felt that her last pregnancy was a child that is another member of her family. My niece has no such feelings about her numerous, very early miscarriages.
  10. Fast Sunday gets moved to the last Sunday in March or the second Sunday in April, either of which can be Easter Sunday.
  11. I seem to remember the pioneers fasted during the week- on Thursdays maybe? I think it was changed to Sundays for convenience. Personally, I love the idea of the Sabbath being a time to celebrate. And Easter should never ever coincide with Fast Sunday.
  12. Our stake presidency has specifically requested that all Church-related meetings be done by 4:00 on Sundays.
  13. The story I heard was that FEMA suggested/requested the vests. Seems they kept running into groups that were well-organized, knew what they were doing, and were actually helpful. The vests save time by preventing officials from having to stop and question yet another group that has already been proven trustworthy.
  14. If you call or email your temple, they could tell you what's needed. Email might be better, simply because you would only have to explain the situation once.
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