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  1. To some you come off as a brown-noser. I am sure we all look different in different eyes. JMS
  2. Anyways, I said my thing. I am done with this discussion. JMS
  3. How am I making myself look bad? I was voicing my opinion and some anonymous mod jumped in and banned me because they disagree with my opinion. That ISN'T moderation, that's censorship. Big difference. And this board should have a method for people to post their grievances when there is a possibility some rouge moderator did something wrong. JMS
  4. Because I don't understand people like you that consider daring to disagree a form of whining. If the government put up a law you think violates your rights, and you stand up against it, is that whining? Or is that letting people know you disagree with the law? JMS
  5. Kinda hard when the Mod doesn't even have the courage to announce who they are that did the activity.
  6. Wow, that attitude is a lot like Obama. He doesn't like his healthcare being criticized. Is that how you feel Doc? That any counter opinion to yours is simply crying?
  7. *Sigh*
  8. One of the moderators here is out of line. Banning people from topics because they say something you do not like or have an opinion you don't agree with is extreme and does not make for open dialogue. I did nothing wrong, and now comments can be made without me defending what I have to say. Someone has a happy trigger finger and I noticed it is more focused on me than others who have made very opinionated comments. JMS
  9. That's like the poor response of "they are doing to do it anyways so......."... It's like hey, they are doing to do drugs anyways, so lets make it legal. Or people are going to kill each other anyways, so lets make wild west duels legal. Opening to sexual deviancy based solely on the idea that it will be done worse if we don't change the definition of marriage IMHO is a bad argument that will lead to more bad arguments. JMS
  10. Yes, then we can allow even more non-standard sexual lifestyles access just because someone wants it. Pedophilia, Incest... I mean, they can't CONTROL it, so the Church should just stop making it a sin! Alcoholism too. That's just not fair. They can't CONTROL their alchoholism, so the Word of Wisdom makes them feel bad and unloved. Time to ditch it.. JMS JMS has left the building.
  11. There is a difference between thinking for yourself and assuming God will always do something you will agree with. One is filled with a lot of arrogance. JMS
  12. Do we as a species understand that we should be picking truth, not what we think we want God to be like? If God runs the Church, then God theoretically told the Church to get involved with Prop 8. But there are people that were faithful members up until that point, basically taking the stance seemingly that "God ran the thing until I didn't agree". The flaw here is the assumption that God is going to tell the Church to do things you will always agree with, and if the Church does something you don't, it isn't because you and God disagree, but because the Church must be wrong. But that logically doesn't work. God can not push the Church to do everything YOU agree with, or theoretically He would push the Church to do something someone ELSE disagrees with. Doesn't that create arrogance? That the Church should do everything YOU want it to do, screw everyone else? For example, one might not agree with polygamy, but could simply disagree with God rather than the Church. In other words, "God, I don't agree with you on polygamy" rather than "Oh, I don't agree with Polygamy, so the Church must be wrong". Does anyone understand my point? JMS
  13. I love Scientology. It's entertaining. Especially packed with entertainers. JMS
  14. 58%, but yes. However, theoretically Utah County has the highest as LDS families go south to avoid the antagonism in SLC area. JMS