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  1. Of course, because the Saints named a patch of prairie Zarahemla, it must be the real Zarahemla!!
  2. bipolar

    If you're prescribed medicine, take it. Life will be much easier and steadier for you and everyone around you. Best of luck!
  3. Finland protects children from Christianity

    How is force-feeding people agnosticism and/or atheism any different than force-feeding them religion? If they can choose religion on their own when they reach maturity, can they not also choose to not be religious?
  4. Finland protects children from Christianity

    Why teach children anything at all? Shouldn't they be allowed to choose? Let their tiny, still-forming minds make all their own life decisions. "We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control..."
  5. A New Look at Genesis by Scientists

    This is of course assuming that God personally wrote the Book Of Genesis in His own hand, and that nobody made any editorial changes throughout all later editions and translations, which I personally doubt.
  6. A New Look at Genesis by Scientists

    Nobody has ever seen complex life transported from one planetary system to another, either.
  7. A New Look at Genesis by Scientists

    Here are some questions for the Biblical literalists on here--how long did Adam live in the Garden of Eden? What or who lived in the rest of the world? Was it devoid of life, or did other things live out there? How do you decide which pats of the Bible are the literal truth, and which parts are not?
  8. A New Look at Genesis by Scientists

    This sounds like the old notion that all those dinosaur fossils come from whatever planet was smashed up to create this one. Here's a couple of ideas to mull over--how did those fossils and human-like artifacts survive intact after their original planet was smashed to bits and reformed into another planet, and what happened to those earlier animals/people?
  9. A New Look at Genesis by Scientists

    Making this planet out of existing matter, and making it habitable for the life that exists on it today, sounds to me just like what the scientists as well as the creationists are saying. The only difference is the time frame (billions of years vs. 6000 years.) Plus the issue of whether it was just cosmic luck or an intentional act by a divine Actor, of course.
  10. This is the issue. Few reasonable people doubt that warming is occuring, but the issue at hand is whether it is natural, which has happened many times in the geological past, or whether it is manmade, which in the eyes of many calls for draconian social engineering to stop it. Of course there are partisan politics involved--the progressives want to use GW as an excuse to completely restructure society more to their liking, while the other side wants to stick it to the progressives by doing nothing. Poor planet is in for a heck of a ride.
  11. The Origins of Captain/Angel Maroni

    Moroni may also be a shortened version of Moronihah, which appears elsewhere in the Book of Mormon.
  12. Spike in Utah suicides

    I am not offended, it's just that you come across as a bit of a conspiracy theorist, and what I said refers to one of the biggies.
  13. Spike in Utah suicides

    Besides most vaccines are given to children, who have no knowledge or interest in what the vaccine is made of. And they don't get a choice whether to get a shot or not. They are as innocent of any wrongdoing as those babies you claim the vaccines are made from. If a just God were to call down vengeance for those vaccines, it wouldn't be on those toddlers who got vaccinated, but those who invented the vaccines. BTW, I'm pro-immunization. As for the increased rate of suicides being murders to shut up the victims of some vast conspiracy, that sounds like the rash of Satanic cult ritual abuse rumors of a few years ago, absoutely zero of which were found to be true. There, I just triggered notHagoth7 again.
  14. Guidelines for Trek Reinactments

    To gain an appreciation of what our pioneer ancestors went through to build Zion, and the sacrifices they made. But in a safe way, not freezing to death in Wyoming, or dying of dysentary or whatever.
  15. YSA dating and relationship survey

    I wonder how much of this survey applies to us old farts?